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I belongs to an educated family. We live in a local colony, where people are illiterate. They have no sense of living in any society. Their grown up children play in street in front of our house. We have asked them many a time to not to play in street. They make so much of noise.

In my family everyone is engaged in some kind of educational job. My parents are teachers so they need a piece of silence at home after working whole the day. My siblings are young and this type of things disturb them so much.

Please sir advise me to what to do for avoiding this nuisance. This is such a nuisance that they make loud noise and many times there were instances of cricket balls being thrown into our house, fortunately the window glasses have so far not broken, but there is every chance of the same.

Earlier in the past also such things have happened which led to quarrel. Last time some ~2 years back we had to file a police complaint due to this nuisance and the police had given the orders to completely stop the nuisances and the outdoor games in society premises. Till some days the orders were followed but the problem again started and we had to warn the society of filing a police complaint after which it stopped. Now again since some months the problem has started. When we objected, some members of the society whose children play outdoor games are telling "Go and file a complaint to anybody. We will play cricket and other game here only in the society".

We have talked to the Secretary and the Managing Committee of the housing society and even submitted a complaint in writing. However as per our previous experience they don’t take proper action permanently as their children are also involved in this. It would be a kind help if you can advise and guide me as to what course of action I should pursue to stop this nuisance permanently.




@ Ms. manisha,

First of all, if you have started living in a society, which is not as per your mental pr=erception, that can be your own fault, not theirs, as you would not have gone there to live on their invitation.

Secondly, if you don't mind, your descripttttion can make one feel like you are a "Square peg in a round hole" in hat environment where you live, as you have stated, "We live in a local colony, where people are illiterate. They have no sense of living in any society." 

Thirdly, don't you think that instead of your society, their own society of like-minded may be sacrosanct for them, as yours society to you and your family. If you have some ideal society for you in mind, they also have society of their own, which may be ideal for them also. So, like your own thinking, they may also be thinking, as if you are misfit in their society.

Your own family members may be accustomed to obey your orders or instructions, but all others, living in the locvality, cannot be expected to follow your instructions. So, if unable to compromise with your position, better shift to some place, where you can find the people of your dream society. That will be an ideal solution for you.






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