My father has purchased agricultural land 25 Kms from PUNE. Registration is completed and he has applied for the 7/12 extract. He currently owns some agricultural land in Punjab. He has submitted the following documents for proof of agricultural land:

"Certificate of Agricultural land" in Punjab, signed by the Revenue department and panchayat

"Jamabandi" 7/12 extract equivalent in Punjab

The Talathi is saying that he will reject the 7/12 extract as a 7/12 approved by Maharashtra is required to purchase agricultural land in Maharashtra. My father wants to get the 7/12 extract without paying a single penny as bribe.

What are our options?

What are the grounds under which the Talathi can reject the 7/12 extract?

What is 7/12 extract useful for? If the 7/12 extract process drags on for a year, can we still proceed with a small home/cow shed construction and farming on this land?

If 7/12 extract is rejected what should be the next steps as we know everything on our end is correct and legal

Have been wondering if educated people like us face such bureaucracy/harassment what would the poor farmers be going through?

Any advice on the above matter will be appreciated.




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 Talathi cannnot reject like that.not under any ground.7/12 extract is useful representing oneself as a owner of the property.you can proceed after years together also.you can construct cow-shed.It is clearly a problem of bribe.if u give very next moment u will get 7/12 extract on ur name.poor former never purchases land, in the case .of other illeterate purchaser they go by way of bribe or small politcical contact. you may directly go to DM with papers, definately he will look in matter and u will get the things done without bribe

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Thanks this is good info.

Who is responsible for verifying the certificate of agriculture land? is it at the time of registration or during 7/12?

registration for us is already done. It is amazing how these people ripp off the poor farmers.

Who is DM? u think he will listen or he is just one of them?

Property due diligence 9422773303

DM is non other than  COLLECTOR of the district. an IAS officer. generally he is not one of them.entering name of 7/12 extract is not the only way to maake money for him. if atall he is of that mentality he will not paticipate with talathi so much lower cader to him. on the conterary he take a chance to define himself to show his clean image. and he will help u 100%.

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Bhagwat thanks again. One thing I was not very sure about is:


Who is supposed to verify the "certificate of agricultural land". Is it during Registration or During 7/12 extract?



Property due diligence 9422773303



We have agricultural land in Punjab and have proper documentation for this.

My question was, at what time of the purchase is this information verified. Is it at the time of Registration or at the time of getting the 7/12.





I want to purchase Agricultural land in Maharashtra.

My wife is from Kerala. Her grandfather (mother's father) was a farmer. He passed away a few years before, and has passed on half of the land to my mother-in-law. So, my mother-in-law now has agricultural land on her name in Kerala. Kerala does not seem to have a 7/12 extract, but they have something similar which describes the property, encumbrances if any etc. This is one a registered stamp paper with official signatures and stamps.
I have following questions:
- Can I use that document to purchase agricultural land in Maharashtra?
- If yes, Will I have to purchase it on my wife's name? OR am I also eligible since my wife is?
- The documents from kerala are in malayalam. Will they be accepted here? If not, what do I need to do?

Also, my great-grandfather (my father's mom's father) had some land in Kadus (Nr. rajgurunagar, Maharashtra). I have a few registered agreements (pre-independance era) which say that this land was given on rent to farmers for cultivation. The same document also mentions the survey number, area etc. However, I do not have a 7/12 extract for this land. I also have a plain paper will on which my great-grandfather has left everything on my grandmother's name. My grandmother passed away 10 yrs back, and my dad passed away this year. My dad never had any agricultural land on his name. I do not know what happened to this land - was it sold to someone or is it still unclaimed.
I have following questions:
- Will that document be enough to qualify me as a farmer?
- What will I have to do in this case?

Please note that the phone number i've given is not valid. Write to me at joshi_salil@yahoo.com. If you give me your number, I can drop you a call.


hi my contact no. is 9221860466 i have gone through your message if you need help you can contact me any time.


if you need  help contact me on 9221860466 any time.




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