2nd marriage regn without 1st marriage divorce certificate


i am loving a girl and we are getting married in a month, the girl is already married and got divorsed before.

her first marriage is registered and then the divorse is also applied and cleared.

now we both are getting married, in the time of registering our marriage is it necessary to show the documents of her divorse?

i am not happy to show her as divorsed and if i have to show that to the officer will our new marriage certificate shows that she is divorsed before?

will that document of divorse of my girl be required any time in our life or can we just trash that?

note: we both belong to hindu



forgot to mension i belong to tamilnadu and the girl from maharashtra,



Dear Dragon,

Divorce decree is neither necessary to be shown nor it need be filed at the time of ur marriage registration.


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the marriage form of my state government is having a field that asks for maritial status of the bride and the groom.

will it create a problem if i say single on the girl part, i know that is a lie.


ALL fine. I just want to tell you that, "DONT be BAKRA". I know 100% that you will not like my comment....But you will remember me "One you are in trouble with that girl."


NOTE: Some people like me, gets birtth to suffer..... Sorry to sy that, you are one of them.....


PLZ perdon me.... if you realize that the your lucky { Else!!!!}


You should not conceal the true fact, and should mention the marital status if there is any such column in the application form in your state.

Victim of crime

@ Dragon

1. Please scan and attach the form you are referring to.  I am sure that you can make that effort for all the free advice.


2. My 2 paisa worth advice is not to concel any material facts about yourself or your wife. If you or your wife plan to work/ live outside India, say for e.g a country like US, you could be fined upto $10,000. 


3. In India, you can be sure that there may be civil or criminal penaties for concealing, lying, forging documents, some of which may be under oath or penalty of perjury.


4. Your rationale behind concealing your to-be wifes past states, " ...i am not happy to show her as divorsed." . 

Would you be happy if this same women tommorow blackmails you into something against your will for falsifying document. 

One need not be sick to go see a Doctor. Go see a Advocate before you fudge some document and then really need a Doctor and an Advocate. 

Good luck with your life and marriage. 


US law in part for falsifying/concealing facts in immigration documents:


PENALTIES: By law, you may be imprisoned for not more than five years or fined $250,000, or both, for entering into a marriage contract for the purpose of evading any provision of the immigration laws. In addition, you may be fined up to $10,000 and imprisoned for up to five years, or both, for knowlingly and willfully falsifying or concealing a material fact or using any false document in submitting this petition


US law, not applicable for Hindus residing in Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu.

Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com

Dear Dragon according to registration form if any party of the marriage give any false statement or sign a declaration, it is a offence. you may be prosecuted for this. forget think about fill the registration form with conceal the real fact, in future you may be comes under any problem. feel free to call
ADVOCATE HIGH COURT-criminal /civil -youract@gmail.com

Some people pan India have initiated moves for resettlement of separeted, divorced and widow, widower spouses. Newspaper reports about such moves from AHEMADABAD, NAGPUR & BHOPAL have appeared. Please send us details of these movements and contact persons about such activities.




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