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23 May 2018 at 14:50

Termination from the services.

I m working with a private school in haryana from past one year as tgt science.
My probation period started on 10 april '17 nd supposed to be ended by 10 april '18.
But In the last week of march 2018, i was asked to resign which i denied and asked them to terminate me.
But the school refused to terminate me and extended by probation till 31st may 2018 verbally.
Now again they are asking me to resign forcibly to which i again asked them to give me termination.
I just wish to know the cbse rules nd regulation for termination of a teacher during her probation period.

anu radhalll

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23 May 2018 at 12:43

Sec 152 cpc

Land suit case .1981 consent decree passed.we implemented court decree and got tittle deed and passbook in 1983 .1981 to till now we are cultivating that land . my grandfather is plaintiff and my uncle is defendant. In vakalth and judgement and decree in that defendant father name written wrongly.
Now plaintiff(my grandfather) and defendant (my uncle)both passed away(die) in 2004.
1) defendant sons are there present .Now defendant sons can appeal the consent decree right now???
2) what is a section 152 cpc ??
3 ) suppose if i put a application in court under section 152 cpc -- defendant sons can fight with me or not??


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23 May 2018 at 12:03

Jmfc exams

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am 2nd year LLB student. I would like to know more about JMFC Exams. Any particular website to know more details about that. Please help me.



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my fathers will has been probated and my cousin is the executor of the will. please tell the procedure my cousin should follow to transfer the property in my name( heir mentioned in the will)


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23 May 2018 at 11:13

Gift deed

Dear all,
About 4 yrs back I transferred 10 lakhs of rupees to my daughter in law through bank on her request as loan. She made gift deed on a 50 rs. Stamp paper and got me signed as donor and hand over the original to me. She explained this is only for income tax purpose. It is written that 'out of love and affection I am gifting the amount to my DOL'.However no registration was made. Now my DOL and son are in process of MCD. On first petition a mou submitted which states that the amount I gifted to my DOL to be considered as one time alumni. It is made without my consent.
My query: 1. Can I disown the gift deed and serve notice to her to refund my money.
2. The money was gifted to my DOL only but now she is not, she should pay back.
I am a retired person. The money given to her on loan to purchase a flat from my retirement benefits and now required for my treatment.
Please let me know the options.
With regards,
Dayal mathur.


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Dear Experts

May I pls seek your guidance on the below matter on what are the document required by my father to sell the land.

My late grandfather has 2 son—A & B and 4 daughters – C,D,E & F (late) all daughters married and settled in other state with grand kids.

All land is in the name of A ( he has no children & his wife died 10 years ago), he used to live with B (his younger brother).

Last month A died in the hospital, now B wants to sell the land.

What documentation is required for B to sell the land/property now ?

Do C,D,E also have rights on the property owned by A ? C,D & E doesn’t want the property as they are well settled & want their brother (B) to do that . Can B sell the property without involving C,D&E ?

May I pls request you to guide me on the documents I need to collect so that B is legally allowed to sell the property.


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Sir I am defendant in the case
There is a man who work in PNB bank, his side business is to give money on interest.
I took 10 lac rs from the man, and for formality purposes he took my signature on 2/3 blank papers including stamp paper and blank cheque and obtain my photo. As I was in desperation of money so I couldn�t doubt his intention.

After 4-5 months I received a notice from court. According to that I sold my shop to mr mangla and now I am not entertaining him for registery.

Is that enough to claim a property???
Or it�s a game of big lawyers. ????

I never went to court To sign any agreement to sell,it�s like somebody sold my property.

I was thinking how honourable court accept this type of forge case.
But still I trusted the judiciary and told my lawyer to please don�t let this case go for years and years of time, I want justice ASAP. my lawyer appreciated my thinking and tryed his level best to end the case soon. And within less than three years the court gives the verdict.

All mr manglA did is convert blank papers into agreement and a receipt.

I want to ask every lawyer and honourable judges, is it enough. To claim a property??

Surely not.
So how mr mangla will prove this.

Quoting a law- if defendant denies the execution of the sale agreement then it is the burden of plaintiff to prove The sale agreement is genuin by examine the witness
Signed in the agreement and its execution.

Mr mangla said he has 2 witnesses at the time of signing the agreement and making payment
Witness no-1. Is mr mangla real brother.
Witness no-2 is colligue of mr mangla.

As witness number one is real brother of plantiff so the credibility of this witness is doubtful
Witness number two clearly denied any type of a sale deal in front of him, Mr mangla himself bring the agreement in office and get it signed
The only reason to sign that agreement as witness just because Mr Mangla was His friend and more importantly his superior in the bank, as now witness number two took retirement from bank so he has no fear of his superior

Plaintiff said that defendant himself prepared the agreement to sell papers. Plaintiff visit court with two witnesses where agreement is already typed. Plaintiff just signed the papers hand over the payment to defendant.

But in cross his witness no1 is saying that he is sure that after reaching the court it�s mr mangla who typed the whole agreement.
Now come to payment procedure

If someone buys property he/she can show transaction by giving bank statement.
But mr mangla paid whole amount of 50,00,000 rs in one shot. As my lawyer demanded bank statement for the same transaction
Plaintiff said he can not show the transaction in bank statement because he paid rs 50 lac in CASH in one time. 50 bundle of 1000 rupee note. Not a single rs payment from bank.
The date of payment receipt and date of agreement is not same. For which plaintiff is saying this as TYPING MISTAKE.

a government approved valuer made his report which clearly states the valuation of the shop at the time of case filed was
why would I sale my shop in 50 lac rs.

In the cross of PLANTIFF when my lawyer asked him size of the shop, mr mangla stunned for few seconds and Sai I DONY KNOW THE SIZE OF SHOP.
when my lawyer ask him about per square feet rate of the property, he again stunned and said I DONT KNOW.



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23 May 2018 at 01:34

Loan on property

An mortgaged property was gift registered by a father in registration office to his daughter,without clearing the loan, After couple of years the loan was repaid and the mortgage loan was released by the father.

Now can the son who got the property can have a fresh loan in the bank.

His father was a Hindu.


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Dear Ld. Members:

My question is whether the cross-FIR can be introduced for the first time during EVIDENCE on cross-examination?

Facts are that police sent one case to court and neglected to send the cross-case. Now evidence is going on and I want to highlight the contents of the cross-FIR to the court.

How to do that? Please explain.

Chandra Bhan Shaw

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22 May 2018 at 22:07


On 23rd April 2018 my cousin got married in Uttar Pradesh and within 3-6 day he and his family got to know that the girl is mentally disturbed and she did lots of weird things like running out of the home and lots till her stay. Then they called girls family to take her back along with her all the ceremonial gifts were also taken back by both the parties.After a week the bride's party bought lawyer and told us that we need to wait for 6 months for her treatment,there lawyer forcing us to bear 50 % of her future treatment. Please advice what to do?


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