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asked On 20 February 2017 at 15:55

This Query has 8 replies

Ownership of flat

My father was the owner of a flat in a co operative housing society in Mumbai.
My father had submitted an application for transfer of flat in my name.
My father died before the flat was transfered in my name.a
After his death the flat was transfered in the name of my mother by the society, disregarding the application for transfer of flat in my name which was signed nd submitted before the death of my father.
Later, my mother transfered the flat in my name 15 years ago by a registered deed
Since that time i am lIving in this flat. All documents aqqnd share certificates are in my name.
Can my brothers and sisters demand a share in the flat now?

joyce dsouza

asked On 20 February 2017 at 15:00

This Query has 4 replies

Registration, transfer and stamp duty to be paid

Respected Sir,

A flat sold in the year 2003 Sale Deed, Power of Attorney and transfer documents were done and is all with the buyer, but the buyer did not pay stamp duty, registered the sale deed or done the necessary transfers in Cidco and now the buyer wants to pay stamp duty,Registration and do the necessary Transfer in Cidco and is forcing the seller to sign on fresh agreement and that too todays valuation of flat either giving any money to the seller. Can't he register, pay stamp duty and transfer in cidco on old sale deed by paying penalty etc. why is he forcing the seller for no fault. Your reply in this matter will be highly appreciated


asked On 20 February 2017 at 14:40

This Query has 13 replies

cheating with wrong information about interest rate

dear sir/ madam i have taken personal loan from home credit india which 40k with interest rate 28.22% for 1 year .. and they r taking emi for this 4276 i search to all online emi calculator the emi value should be 3776 with all these value ... need help agaist home credit india

Mayur Lodaya

asked On 20 February 2017 at 14:38

This Query has 3 replies

Redevelopment of tenanted property

Sir I am tenant of building in Mulund west 2) Building has 2(two) landlords. 3) One landlord has ownership share of 80%. 4) Other one has acquired balance 20% share in building but has not informed the tenants about the same in writing. Also his name might not have been added in BMC records. 5) Now more thatn 70% of tenants of the building have decided to go for redevelopment of our building without involving the landlord who owns 80% share in the bldg. 6) Also there is another bldg on the same plot as our building which is regd. society. My queries are:- 1) Can 70 % tenants decide & go ahead for redevelopment of the this building without involving landlord having 80% share in building? 2) Can there be redevelopment of one building out of two buildings standing on the same plot: 3) Can new (20%) landlord who do not have his name in BMC records support & takeover as developer of our building without his name in MNC records. 7) what are the legal steps i can initiate against this 70% majority members to stop this redevelopment? Thanks Mayur Lodaya 09323374330

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asked On 20 February 2017 at 13:12

This Query has 2 replies

Water tax bill of 2008-09 demended in 2017

Dear All
one of my client recd notice for payment of water tax from Jal nigam,Aligarh . the said notice consist of demand for water tax of 2008-2009 of Rs 7000 and interset of Rs 2100 . since 2009 there were no any demand from them for collection of the same. this demand bills printed by computer and isgned and stamped by jal nigam officer also contains manual correction in figures thus making and altering figures of water tax and interest portions.
they insist to pay demand within 15 days of receiving the notice or they will send the same for recovery to tehsildar.
whether we can deny from payment on the basis of limitation period of 3 year alreay expired.
there was no water suppply for which my clinet alreay served a notice in 1994 and such connection were disconnected in non payment . my client also had news paper printed with alligations of no water supply in his area.
in 2013 my client had transferred whole such property bearing that water connection to a temple trust by making BAINAMA for no consideration.


asked On 20 February 2017 at 11:17

This Query has 11 replies


What is the status of irbm bill 2010


asked On 20 February 2017 at 11:17

This Query has 11 replies

Captured by wife's activities through video recording

Hello again respected members.

while on one hand my wife said in court that she is unemployed, on the other hand she is running a clinic ( dental) in her dads property. the clinic is not registered.

I with the help of a private detective agency conducted a sting on my wife and in that video , she is treating a patient and taking cash against it.

Now is that video recording accepted in court as an evidence.i read an article by Mr Sethi on this same platform that video recording conducted without prior authority of a authorized body is not accepted in court. plz put some light as to what i can do when i have that video recording with me & if that is of any use or not

mohit kumar

asked On 20 February 2017 at 09:54

This Query has 4 replies

Double signature in same invoice

Dear Sir,

Please have a look enclosed Scan Sales Invoices No MF1617/441-A. It was received from Sales Department on dated 30/11/2016 with proper Signature and I filed VAT and Excise Return accordingly in same month on same basis.
But I received Same Number and same date Invoice (See Scan Sales Invoice No. MF1617/441-B) from same department on dated 04/02/2017 but Authorized Signature and Date & Time of Removal are totally different.
It is clearly visible that the invoice has been modified two times i.e.
Invoice No Invoice Date Invoice Value (Rs.) Authorised Signatory Date of Removal
MF1617/441 30/11/2016 7,29,000.00 Bharat Bhusan Bhat 30/11/2016
MF1617/441 30/11/2016 7,29,000.00 Ravindra Singh 15/01/2017
Actual Removal of Goods as per ARE-3 No- 21 01/02/2017
I do not understand how can I treat it in revised VAT and Excise Return because
we never give two difference information to the taxation department.
So please suggest and guide for the same matter for maintanin record accodingly.

Rohit sengupta

asked On 20 February 2017 at 08:30

This Query has 12 replies

transfer of property

Dear respected members , i have an query , my mother had a property on her name which was purchased by my father on her name , but due to some familly dispute my mother transfer the whole property on my brother name with registered gift deed and the property is mutate on his name , before transferring the property my wife filled a dv case demanding residence share , on my mother which is on trial on lower court , now my question are..
1. As my mother is a house wife and she dont have any sources of income , how she can transfer the property?
2. During dv case Is it legal to transfer the property?
3. Is there any scope to cancel the registered gift deed?
4. What can I do in this stage?

Please advise.
Waiting for yours valuable reply.


asked On 20 February 2017 at 04:54

This Query has 7 replies

Nanchaku in Luggage


I am currently in the UK (Indian resident) for a short training. Can I bring nanchaku in my checked luggage? Is it prohibited by law or will there be any issues at the airport?

Thank you.

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