Inderpal Singh

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23 June 2017 at 15:32

Bounced cheque sec 138

I did some work with my friend as a finance but no agreement was made. I gave him a cheque as security which was to be deposited when we got the final payment for work being done.
Cheque was in his personal name. He deposited the cheque before we completed the job and in front of his name wrote proprietor Sanjay Enterprises in his own hand. Date also put by him on cheque. Then he filed case under 138 saying he has supplied goods to my firm and cheque issued to Sanjay Enterprises in settlement of that debt ( whereas I issued cheque to Sanjay Kumar and he wrote Proprietor Sanjay Enterprises in his own hand just to prove liability of my firm to his firm. He has no order from my firm, no goods received by me, no invoice or delivery challan and generally no documents whatsoever. Does this amount to cheque tampering ?
Am I liable to prosecution under 138.
Thank you.
Inderpal Singh


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23 June 2017 at 14:40

Ancestral property

We have a person who has a different name, but takes an 'alias' name of my father & tries to grab our ancestral property, stating that he got it by virtue of partion among his brothers. The person is not at all connected to our family, has no document to prove the 'alias' name, has no deed to establish the partition as claimed.He also has a property with a different survey number, with his first name in the ROR & no records of the 'alias' name.
How do we establish our ownership of our ancestral property, since ownership in the ROR's was in the name of my grandfather from 1952 & my father's name from 1989. The mutation mentioned in the 1989 ROR is "by virasat". Other than this, what documents should be provided to the courts to declare the ownership in my father's name.Identification of my father as the son of my grandfather is available by Ration Card / Voter ID / Service Records / Passport documents. Kindly advise.

Mayank Dhruv

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23 June 2017 at 14:20

Rotation of auditors

Is the provision of Rotation of Auditors under Companies Act, 2013 also applicable to Internal Auditor and Secretarial Auditor?

Jatin Suneja

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An eye surgeon is carrying out eye surgeries and he charges Rs 20,000 per patient as a package which includes charges for intra ocular lenses,some medicines during and after the surgery and his own service charges. Since medical services are exempt under GST but it is a composite service as he is also providing intra ocular lenses and medicines for the surgery . His annual receipts are about 40 Lakh rupees.Whether he has output liability under the GST for intraocular lenses and medicines provided?

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Say A & B are males. C & D are females. They were all brothers and sisters. All were the children of X. Whereas B was given away in adoption by X to his brother Y. Now A died issue less intestate leaving some assets earned by him from and out of his own income. C & D can claim those assets as the class II heirs. but they are also willing to give equal share to their other beloved brother B. what is the legal stand of B?. is a succession certificate necessary ?, for disposing those assets of A. And how B can be added in the said succession proceedings in order to transfer the said asstes legally to other innocent buyer. i.e How legally B can be made as a party to the said transfer of title of those asstes of A.

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Respected sir,
The minutes of 1st General Meeting are circulated to all society members and work has been started as per the resolutions passed in the General Meeting. Few society members are saying that without approval of minutes the provisional committee has no authority to work as per resolutions passed in the meeting.

We would like to know your advise. It is necessary to wait till next AGM to get approved minutes of last AGM and the start the work on resolutions passed in the meeting?

Please advise.


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23 June 2017 at 12:28

False Police Complaint by wife

My wife is living to her maternals for last app 2 months. I sent a legal notice to her this month to ask her to come back. She filed a false police complaint over it instead of replying.
Can police take me to custody if I visit to police station for this matter to put my views?


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23 June 2017 at 12:19

Can I marry maternal 1st cousin?

I am Hindu & I wanted to marry my maternal parallel cousin (mother's sister's daughter.)

In our community, marriage among children of brother and sister(cross cousin marriage) is valid by custom.

Though not customary, there are few eg(one living eg known to me) of maternal parallel cousin marriages (like my case)as well.

In this case, can I marry my cousin under Hindu marriage act or special marriage act?

If not, what are other options to get married?


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23 June 2017 at 11:22

can unutilised fsi be sold?

Dear All, i have recently constructed my house in pune city which is on a residential na plot within the pune municipal corporation limits,my house is nearing completion and i will be applying for the completion certificate soon.The fsi allotted on the plot was 1.2 i still have unutilised fsi of about 750sqft can that be sold as i dont need to construct any further? whats the procedure to sell balance fsi,thanks


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23 June 2017 at 10:22

D form agricultural land

Dear Sir/Madam,

My grandfather is a retired Tahsildar. He has been given an agricultural land by government while he was still in service. It has been almost 40+ years since he got this land and all the documents like pattadar passbook, adangal, pahani, ROR etc. are all in his name. In one of the columns in Pattadar pass book, it has been mentioned as D-Patta. He is now 85 years old and would like to sell this land. What options does have?

Kindly provide your valuable thoughts here.



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