T.R. Ganesan

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14 December 2017 at 02:56


Can Section 237&237 to 245 to get discharge from a notice case u/s. 91 of cr.c.


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14 December 2017 at 02:02

Gratuity related issues

Dear Sir/Madam
I,Sujit Kumar Dash, request you to guide me on the procedure/eligibility for claiming Gratuity under Gratuity Act with my following employment details:

1. Joined, M/S. Geoffpalm Limited, incorporated in Malaysia and posted in Sierra Leone ( West Africa ) on 1st March 2013 to 31st December 2015.
2. The above company, M/S. Geoffpalm, is a group company of Siva Group, Chennai.
3. Transferred to Indian operations wef from 1st January 2016 and employed under M/S. Siva Business Management Services Private Limited at its offices in Chennai and mumbai till date.

As seen above i have completed 4 years and 9 months in the group entities,Can you please let me know whether I am eligible for Gratuity as i have completed 4 years and 9 months under Siva Group as a whole.

Also requesting you to please let me know if my company can voluntarily consider my earlier employment period into consideration and pay Gratuity accordingly.

Thanks and Regards

Sujit Kumar Dash


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13 December 2017 at 22:51

Regarding police complaint

Dear experts kindly guide me about police complaint of an alleged wife who stayed less than 15days in my residence, after that complained that I drove out from my residence with demanding money.
After that police told to give the keys of my residence but that was not in my name, so I denied to give the keys of that residence.after some hours the IIC came and threatened to me and forcefully told to take that girl which I am not drove out nor demanded any money.how can I take her ?
After hours of threatening to me at last they told give the undertaking in writing that if in this case to cooperate police and also phone number.i did so .and the IIC told will call the family members and also to enquireneighbourrs.thats all.but till now more than 4months have passed no enquiry no investigation no phone calls.Now my question is WHAT IS THAT CASE STATUS/CASE REGISTERED/CASE DIARY.. that alleged wife have taken a receive copy of her fake allegation and messaged me to provide/Helpful this copy in DIVORCE CASE
Now I want to give divorce case and wirhher station DIARY copy can she prove herself in court that she also registered the case.MY question is if she had given complaint to police more than 4months why police have not sent that to police court. Kindly guide me Experts.
@ She married 2nd time to me concealed the facts about her 1st marriage and after 7years they divorced.After that she married about 9years ago and stayed at her father's house ,in this period 1girl child also she gave birth to at her hometown and stayed also her father's home and repeated requests she did not come.and after 4years I filed divorce PETITION she then files u/s 9,u/s 24, u/s croc 125.
Rcr 9 failed.Maintenance u/s 24 awarded to her after 4 years but due to telephonic calls she agreed to stay with me .at last after 8years 5months 19 days she came to my residence leaving child with her.and after 12 days her father came with a vehicle and took away her saying I am feeling iloney n my house .and she with her father gave police complaints against me .now it almost 4months have passed
Now I want to give divorce PETITION. Can u suggest me in which ground one file for divorce.

Shashi bhushan agrawal

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13 December 2017 at 22:08

Opening of Windows in others private land.

How to stop legally


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13 December 2017 at 21:40

Adiwasi land

Can I transfer Adiwasi land 36a to agriculture land pls reply me


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13 December 2017 at 21:35

About pension for an unmarried daughter

I am an unmarried daughter of class 1 officer who was drawing pension till about 2000...when he died...want to know if I am an unmarried and only daughter...what all documents do I need to get to get his pension..secondly if succession certificate is needed where can one get that in Delhi...and since his pension was getting deposited in Allahabad treasury how should I go about it to get it...and will I get it now that I am applying after 17 yrs...I did not know a daughter can get a pension...also will I get the arrears...

Dharma rao

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13 December 2017 at 20:54

Land registration

Sir, namaskar
i belongs to odisha state. I purchased a house plot 3 cents from surendar in 2014, surendar purchased the same plot 3 cents from janakrao (whose name the patta was there) in 2013, now i applied for mutation for patta transfer in my name. But the first owner janakirao is objecting and claiming that he has sold only 1.5 cents not 3 cents.
my quarry is , is it possible to object after registration the site. is there any option to go for court. plz reply to my quarry.
Thank you

Patel Jyoti

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13 December 2017 at 20:33


I got married in 2006, I have a daughter (9 years old), my husband is too greedy, Chamdi jay par damdi na jay. He becomes angry very easily. He is one year younger than me, ours is arranged marriage. As usual people suggested along with age and responsibilities of a child - will reduce the anger. But nothing like that happened, but it kept on increasing. His mental and physical torture has increased like anything, I just bearded all things due to my daughter but then there was a time it became unbearable and decided to get divorced. My father is very orthodox - one more reason for bearing all this nuisance was his non supportive nature. So without taking my family in trust I decided to take divorce, we filled mutual consent but he started spreading the words in our society that I have affair with some one and hence I am giving divorce and not he, hence in court after cooling period I denied for divorce and we are still married.
For mutual divorce he has put the condition that if I give house to him (the house was bought in 2013 owned by both of us - me and my husband) , I was not interested in Money at all, was so much frustrated that living with peace was preferred over anything else (I was confident that I could earn well for my livelihood and fortunately I got the government job as well), I did one more stupidity that my jwellery (which my father gave) which is with my father in law , I left that too, with the trust on my father in law that he will return me for sure but now he is denying, they are putting the condition that they will return me only if I will give divorce.

I want to know that - can I claim that house again as I was doing job throughout these years and gave each penny of the salary to him,( so as he doesn't fight , I never preferred money over family but he is of reverse opinion - money over family)

And can I claim the money I earned so far?
I am not interested in fetching money from him as alumni but I want my hard earned money back. I was taking care of house hold expenses and some money he used to take through cheque,
I am a teacher, my salary was paid by cheque but I don't have proof for my tuition income. So I don't have much proofs. Does this weakenes my side?

I have tried to get the matter resolved through social pressure but in vain, now those grey hairs of my community are suggesting to go through court but I am not sure how much the court will be helpful to get me the amount from such a greedy person.

Kindly suggest me the best possibility in my case


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13 December 2017 at 19:24

Gst rate



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13 December 2017 at 18:01

Termination of collaboration agreement

Hello sir, we entered into collaboration agreement with a local builder in our locality in Delhi where the builder will construct stilt parking + four floor and one floor and parking area of his share to be given to him. After we vacate the premises he litetally, force us to make the basement also in the building citing reason that this is compulsory as our road is commercially notified road.

Now he started building the basement but the quality of the foundation is very poor, he hasn't appoint any structural engg for the same nor he has the drawings for the basement. part of basement has been constructed and we call one structural engineer for inspection and he told us that even the foundation is very week and architect design has Not been follow up while construction of basement foundation.

We haven't got the agreement registered in Court or the mcd. No GPa has been signed with the builder.

Now my question are
1. How can we cancel the agreement with him
2. We just need to file the case the in court's of law for cancel the agreement or do we need to get the eviction also from the builder.

3. As father and mother both r bedridden and their last wish is they want to see the newly constructed house, if we go for litigation how long it will take to get the possession back from the builder.
4. Do we need to pay the losses incur by the builder.
5. The builder has Already book his share
of flat and pressurizing us that he will take the corrective measure nd will complete the building.

6 there is no termination clause in the agreement

But our trust on builder us shaken and we want to terminate the collaboration agreement.

Pls reply


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