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naresh chamarthy

asked On 17 April 2015 at 00:34

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Bank action

respected sir.iam naresh from hyderabad.i purchased a indipendent house from bank.i paid all total money .they issues sale certificate also.but the defaulter apporched drt.drt given docket order.please advice safe i'm.

docket order dt 08-01-2015.
This application is filed in -------------
for stay of all futher proceedings including the delivery of the physical possession of the sehedur property/confirmation of the e-action cum sale notice on the ground that the applicant thought obtained interim order in failed to comply the order as he could not mobilize the required amount to deposit as per the conditional order and as such the respondent bank proceededfuther andd issued the action sale notice and conducted the action of the sehedule property but without following the due process of law and as such the respondent bank canot proceed futher and hence for the grant of stay order.
but the respondent bank opposed the petition srongly by submiting throught their advocate while requesting time for filling of detail counter having filed of the material documents and contended that,it is the third round of litigation of the applicant and has no respect to the court of law and used to file number o appication for the grant of stay and later failed to comply with the conditional imposed at the time of granting the stay order since the purpose ever and similarly failed the present S.A
along with I.A seeking for the interim order.
admited the S.A filed by the applicant challenging the earlier sale notice was dismissed by the holding with the respondent bank has not commited any irregulatiesand since followed the procedure as mandated by rule 8(1)(2) and(6) of security act rules. in the said S.A the applicant obtained interim orders but on condition to deposit cretain amount.but the applicant fails to comply the same said interim orders and ultimately the said S.A was dissmissed on merlts.the applicant who failed to comply the same said orders,also filed W.Ps. before High court of judicature at Hyderabad and ultimately withdrawn the W.Ps. WHEN the respondent bank proceeded further by lssuing the E-auction sale notice dated:16.02.2015 fixing the auction of the schedule property dated:23.03.2015 and conducted the auction of the schedule property dated 23.03.2015 again the applicant filed the present S.A challenging the same said proceedings and wanted to take interim orders for the stay of futher proceedings in pursuance to the auction conducted on 23.03.2015 against the schedule property by questioning the procedure adopted by the respondent bank since not issued notice of 30 days for sale as required under rule 8 (6).but already the respondent bank issued the notice as under rule 8 (6) and was already challenged by the applicant by filling the and the said S.A was dismissed by upholding the procedure adopted by the respondent bank as correct and not found any deviations the respondent bank issued a fresh E-auction sale notice in pursuance tothe same said notice issued under rule 8 (6) and therefore it shall be deemed that the respondent bank rightly followed the procedure and there is no necessity to issue any fresh notic under rule 8 (6) in view of orders in S.A 605 of 2013. the respondent bank prima facie followed procedure as mandated by rule 8 (6) and 9 (1) and in such circumstances the respondent bank since already conducted auction of the schedule property it is also not prudent and safe to safe to stall the further proceedings including the confirmation of sale and issuing of sale certificate and if at all there are any lapses inadopting the procedure in issuing the sale certificate the same may be challenged in the main S.A and it subject to the result of the S.A therefore there is no necessity to grant any inerim stay of further proceedings to be initiated by the respondent bank in pursuance to the E-auction notice dated:16.02.2015 including the conducting of auction of the schedule property for counter and hearing call no 22.04.2015.
in case applicant ready to to pay total out standing amount at 22/04/2015.that about my sale is ready to do registation subject to S.A pending.


asked On 17 April 2015 at 00:15

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Validity of state govt. order issued



asked On 16 April 2015 at 23:57

This Query has 3 replies

Weekend law colleges


I am very new to this field and therefore need of some guidance.
I want to know whether there is any weekend law college from where one can pursue llb.
If yes, then whether these weekend colleges are recognized by bar council of india

Thank you

Ramesh Chand Bairagi

asked On 16 April 2015 at 22:51

This Query has 4 replies

Claim great grandfather's agricultural land

My father comes to Delhi from UP, 50 yrs ago and now we are resident of Delhi. After so many years later, we found our Great Grandfather had a agricultural land in UP (Fard showing that). But the problem is that we don't have any document which showing relation with our great grandfather. My Great Grandfather had only one son (my grandfather) and who had two son ( my father and my uncle only ) and my father had died in an accident and my uncle still alive. So, please show me/us the way to claim that land to register in our names.


asked On 16 April 2015 at 22:49

This Query has 3 replies

Stamp act

Dear Experts,

Land & building was purchased under a registered sale deed in Tamil Nadu. Stamp duty was paid on the valuation declared by the parties to the document. There after based on internal audit the Sub Registrar demanded additional stamp duty based on the valuation determined by the internal audit team. The Buyer paid the stamp duty without challenging the revised valuation. Now it has been 15 months since the transaction. Is there any way to challenge the valuation determined by the Sub registrar and obtain any relief. (now it transpires that the valuation determined by the Sub-Registrar was arbitrary and way above the guide line value fixed by the Government, But as the buyer was in a situation to deposit the title deeds with a financial institution, he paid the stamp duty on the value determined by the Sub-Registrar. Is there any avenue open to the Buyer now to obtain any relief,

Abhishek Gupta

asked On 16 April 2015 at 22:46

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What do you mean by "WILL has been probated or not" ?


asked On 16 April 2015 at 21:42

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Regarding finding of mhada flat

I am a law student. One of my friend come to me and ask a Question which are i m posting on front of you for your suggestions.
In or between 1997 or 1999 my friend's father has purchased a MHADA flat in MULUND at that time my friend with his family stay in Nanded. My friend doesn't know the address of the flat and before he get mature his father was dead. The problem is at that time my friends uncle entered in house and theft all documents of the flat. After the age of maturity his uncle is asking him to pay 15 lacks for the document and to give him address of the flat.
Now my Question is how can i know where the flat is ?. From where and from which authority i get such information. Should i do RTI and ask the MHADA to produce the list and also to Registration office to give information of registration done in that year. Or is there is any another way to get the information about the flat and duplicate copy of documents. Experts plz suggest and do the need full. I want to help my friend.
Thanking you.


asked On 16 April 2015 at 20:51

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Regarding job and degree

If am doing and after 1year from statrting, I got selection for a govt. job as a JE on the basis of Diploma. So my query is , What should i do so that i Continue my (which is 2 years left) and after that i join my Govt. job.


asked On 16 April 2015 at 20:47

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Construction defect in newly purchased home

Hello All,
I had brought a newly constructed house in January 2015. My complaints are as following

1. There were a lot of finishing touches to be made like tiles cleaning, Blocked Plumbing, Filling up of wall cracks ( commonly called 'air cracks' is what I was told), which I had to complete on my own expense.

2.I had been promised that two bore wells were in working condition, but after I had taken possession of the house, only one was working.

3. On 13th April 2015 when there were unseasonal rains the Side walls were seeping water from the cracks.

Before I speak to the builder I would like your esteemed advise.

Thank you



asked On 16 April 2015 at 20:44

This Query has 5 replies

Advocate being director can appear before the court

Dear Experts,

An Advocate who being a Director of the Private Limited Company can appear/defend before the court on behalf of that Company?

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