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asked On 27 June 2015 at 16:23

This Query has 2 replies

National women commission

I have filed a case in court against a man who deceived me by marrying me in spite of his earlier married exists.
Matter is in court yet.
Can i report the matter to National Women Commission also?


asked On 27 June 2015 at 10:04

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Gift deed

Respected sir's

Myself Srikanth writing this from Tamilnadu.
I humbly submit my query as below for your advise.

We have some ancestor property's. from which my father share has alloted in the year of 1956.

My father has given one of his property to my elder brother in the year of 1989 under gift deed the same got registered.

I was minor in that occasion also we have three elder sisters. my father passed away in the year of 1994.

My question is Should we have right in the said gifted property!. If yest how to proceed with. since my brother is plan to sell the same to third party.

Kindly advise.

Srikanth ps


asked On 27 June 2015 at 00:31

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Public interest litigation

I have sent a letter each to Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Hon'ble judge Shri Vikramaditya Sen requesting them to treat the letter as public interest litigation. SBI has suspended some officials including myself for last 2 years without any charge-sheet. They have not even replied to the appeal. They were waiting for the retirement of GM who has retired now.

Can it be considered by the judge?Can I know the fate of my letter? I was inclined to fight through an advocate. But financial condition right now is not in a good shape. I had offered Rs10,000/ and another 40,000/ in case he wins the case.But he told that the minimum fee is Rs40,000/ for filing and further fee for subsequent appearance. He advised me to go to High court where fee is low

Warrior Prince

asked On 26 June 2015 at 22:46

This Query has 4 replies

Not giving Relieving Letter and Not Allowing to Leave Compan

I have been working with a software company in hyderabad since December 2006, i have got a good opportunity to part of a prestigious organization in JULY 2010.

I have submitted my resignation and offered to serve the notice period of 30 days. But the my managing director is a bit aggressive person, who was not ready to relieve me with 30-days notice period. 30-days is the usual notice period. but my MD is an arrogant person, who have not much respect for employees, he considers like "i pays him" kind of attitude. So he threaten me like, if you talk much about 30-days noticce period, He will make me stay with 90-days notice period and so that i will lost my chance to move to another company. The reason he says is he wanted me to start a new project and after finishing that project only i can leave. I was senior employee in the company, qualified good enough, and he treated me like a slave after submitting my resignation.

He didnt even replied to my resignation mail or acknowledged. Wantedly want to harass me.

So i have no other option other than taking voluntary relieving. So i submitted voluntary relieving and left.

Next day when i went to office to collect my belongings, he told me to get out. He asked me "Why did you come, came for stealing anything, what did you steal like that?". I was totally disappointed and left the office. I was been working there for 3 and half years and he didnt even respect my sincerity and how efficiently i have been working. And called me a thief... and asked whether i came for theft. it was such a disappointing experience i have.. He forgot all the work i have done for the company. How much contributions i made for the organization growth. he started treating me like an enemy...

He never replied to my resignation mails. Never answered to my calls, and mails asking for RESIGNATION and RELIEVING letter. For my future purpose, i want RESIGNATION and RELIEVING letter.

How can i obtain it. Is there any legal ways to obtain it. I was been working there for 3 and half years, how can i leave those experience behind.

How could i comfront him. Any laws or labour court where i can raise a complaint..

He is a rash person, when some body going against his will. He will consider him as an enemy and do everything to destroy their career. so many people has faced this in the past. He have wealth, so he is trying to treat every one with it.. He will bribe the police and top officials and frame up fake case against the person etc.

So is there any labour provisions, i can file a complaint against him and the organization for not providing me experience letter. I never acted against the rules of the organization or never done anything wrong about the policies of security etc. His problem is i was a milking cow for him, and he couldn't like me to moving to other organization.

please advice me.

piyush kumar

asked On 26 June 2015 at 22:16

This Query has 4 replies

i need your advice...

a news paper projected me as drunken. From where did it gathered the fact? The news was published without making any contacts to me,without knowing my views.
I'm a hearing handicap with a disability percentage of 58. Because of this reason my voice was high,this doesn't means I was drunk.could i tack any action against newspaper.


asked On 26 June 2015 at 21:44

This Query has 5 replies

Wheather working women can get a maintenance amount

She has married and without any bonafide reason staying with her parents house for which we have issued a legal notice to come and join the matrimonal home at that junction, she has filed a false dowry harassment complaint in the Concerned Police Station. And as also filed DV Act.
She has filed a domestic violence case and filed an application for maintenance under section 23/(2) of protection of women's from domestic violence act.
We have filed a suit for conjugal rights to come and join the matrimonal home and she has filed an application for maintance in the conjugal right case also.


asked On 26 June 2015 at 20:05

This Query has 8 replies

Leave travel concession

working in central govt. since over 20 years. Not a fresh recruite. Father, wholly dependent, traveled from Home town to place of working of his son i.e. head quarter where the son is employed and returned back. is the LTC claim acceptable. Is he allowed to travel from home town to headquarter and return back to home town under LTC rules. pl advice.

Awadhesh Singh

asked On 26 June 2015 at 18:27

This Query has 6 replies


Dear Sir,
One of my friend is in real estate business and constructing apartments in a partnership firm. He is having his 50% share. In that project he has offered me to join him as his partner of 25% of his share of 50%. I am willing to join him as his partner of 25%. What type of agreement I should enter with him? Is it permissible as per existing law?
Pl opine


asked On 26 June 2015 at 18:22

This Query has 3 replies


Respected Sir /s ,

I am legally divorced woman in the year 2003 on cruelty grounds.In 2004 i got remarried. By the time of divorce i had two kids who are now at the age of 23(Daughter) and 21 (Son).After my remaariage my suname is changed and all my identity documents (PAN , Ration card , AAdhar / LIC) are on changed surname only.

My son pursing B.Tech now and aspiring for higher studies in USA.But His Surname is of my first husband's surname.

Is my remarriage and change of surname will be a obstacle for obtaining a passport.

please advise me on how my son can get passport.



asked On 26 June 2015 at 17:43

This Query has 3 replies

Converting a nc complaint into cognizable

Dear Experts,

Kindly tell me whether the Police officer who has initially registered a Non Cognizable offence can himself convert it into a cognizable offence by taking a fresh complaint and register an FIR without permission form the court under section 155(2) Cr. P.C.



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