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asked On 10 July 2014 at 18:10

This Query has 1 replies

Accident claim details required reg....

Dear All,

My Cousin aged about 23 yeras having 2 child worked as a employee in private mill in chennai during his work time he met with an accident in mill machine and he had lost his right hand(below elbow)completly,after that he admitted Govt hospital and discharged after one week,In this FIR also lodged against the mill super viser.What is legal remedy for us,since this accident was happened only after 10 days he joined?if we go for legal how much of amount we can get as Compensation? pls guide me

Shiva Shankara R. Shetty

asked On 10 July 2014 at 17:51

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Joint development of area

Dear Experts,
I need expert opinion for the below queiry:

The area is appr. 3.5 acre. The 1.5 acre registered in the name of party M, 1.2 acre land registered in the name of party p and remaining portion registered in the name of party 'H.

Basically each portion of land registered in the name of concerned parties.

They entered into partnership deed and developped the entire land jointly.

Now more than 90% sites sold as on date. Each portion of land ie., there are some unsold sites. Now each party want retain the unsold site for their personal use. Now question arises that, whether separate registration required to retain such unsold sites?

In addition to that, any legal requirements to be fulfilled?

Amit Meena

asked On 10 July 2014 at 15:44

This Query has 3 replies

Result awaited ba final delh university


I am a student result awaited Ba final Delh university (correspondance). One month back my exams did not go well and I doubt i might not be able to clear all exams however this year at any cost I have to be graduated. Can any one guide me how to complete the grad within same year.
I know this question is quite irrelevant still it means alot to me.


Krishanu Majumder

asked On 10 July 2014 at 15:43

This Query has 2 replies

Capital gain

Dear sir, I have some queries about capital gain from sale of house. Those are following-
1) assessee purchased a flat with his own money but a portion of selling consideration was received in his bank and the rest was in his wife's bank, who is a housewife and was not involved at the time of purchase.

2) they booked a new flat and the payment was made from his and his wife's bank. How to show this gain? Should his wife need an it file?

3) father purchased a house that a son inherited and sold? Should it be capital gain? If Yes? What's the cost price? Is it the price his father purchased with?

4) sale deed is signed on march14 but sale considerations is received on april14. For which year it will be capital gain?

5) assessee encashed the sales considerations in normal savings account though he booked a flat within 2months of receiving the cheques. Can he get exempting u/s 54? pls reply soon.

Amit Meena

asked On 10 July 2014 at 15:39

This Query has 4 replies

Important take cares of intitiating any business

Please share what all are the things we need to take care before starting any business. I always wanted to start my own business but due to lack of knowledge i could not start it.

Thank you so much


asked On 10 July 2014 at 15:15

This Query has 13 replies

Husband not supportive

I got married 2yrs back and after marriage my mother in law started harassing me for gold and all they didnt allow my parents to come to meet me and dnt allow me to go to my house.My mother in law can do anything and say anything I should not react and even my husband never supported me.My mother in law and husband took my gold after 1 month of marriage and it was with my mother in law but she never gave me.They use to take my salary also as my husband is on ship his mother use to take my salary.They use to tell u dont support ure family at all but before marriage my husband told u go to work and support ure family.They even forced me to kill my child and they aborted it and always my mother in law use to tell me get out from my house as its mine.After 1year I had gone to my sisters marriage and even my hus and family was invited but he didnt come as he told me he will get call from ship and on Jan his father was died and my sisters wedding was in May but he didnt come for that also.They even didnt gave my gold for my sisters marriage also.After coming back from my sisters marriage with my father my mother in law was telling u go back to your house only stay there only if u cant obey us.Even his elder sister use to come for 1 mnth and tell me anything but my husband never told anything to anyone.He blames me only for everything.Atlast my mother in law starting giving me and my family very abusing words at that time also my husband was not reacting and he stop talking to me then one day night i told sumthing to my husband for that my mother in law and husband beat me like anything and his grandmother stopped them.Then they called my family to take me back he gave very bad words to my mom and even my sisters husband heard it.My mother in law told me dont take any of our things only take what is ures and get out of the house.After all this my husband made me to say sorry to my mother in law as he is having fear that the house is in his mothers name and my husband is not capable of doing things by own.So my father came and I left the house and that time my husband started pleding in from of me as he was wrong his mother was wrong so u dont go and all but I left the house.But my husband never came back to my house to take me till now.They after 1mnth he send a register as his Sister is a lawyer so her plan telling me to came back as I left the house without informing my hus and mother in law and my family is forcing me to stay me at my home.So come back.Then after 1mnth he called me from ship he told me that his mother is not allowing to take me back so u stay at ure house still i comes back but now he came back and telling he wants divorce.I know it well that his mother only made him to do so.He spoiled my life and he tells me very bad things on chat as I am sleeping with boys here my family does prostitution business and all.So please help me as I dont want to divorce him


asked On 10 July 2014 at 15:00

This Query has 1 replies

Registration of inherited leased property

Hello Sir/Mam,

I want to understand if for an industrial land , which is a lease property (given by upsidc on lease of 90 years) a fresh lease deed needs to be done by the legal heir of the deceased allotee or a mutation is enough.What are the implications of not getting the fresh lease done and what would be the stamp duty applicable if a fresh lease deed has to be done.
what is the implication of above on the construction done on the plot.


asked On 10 July 2014 at 14:55

This Query has 5 replies

Procedure to become a judge

I am Database engineer and have master in computer application(MCA) degree. Now i want to change my profession and looking to be an judge. My age is near 32 years.
Please help me by telling the procedure to be a judge without having any law degree.

Jyoti Devang Shah

asked On 10 July 2014 at 14:55

This Query has 3 replies

Dispute while selling agricultural land


My father had sell a Agricultural land in gujarat. He did MOU at Mumbai in August 2013 by mention received a deposit 10% of property. As per MOU party have to make payment before 15th Nov 2013. My father went to Gujarat in 2014 for complete the paper work & all the formality. But party created dispute for location of land. He is interest from road side area which is not belong to my father name its belongs to my uncle name. My father told that it is not possible. After that he send his brother & he told that he is interested for road side place. In future u can give us. My father told that it is not possible. After that day my father called him so many times but didn't meet him. Again my father went to gujarat in May 2014. My father told him that now we r not interested to sell. They told that in any way we will not leave this matter and interested for this land only. by hook or crook i am interested for this land. They don't want to cancel the deal. My uncle builds a wall in his area for their safety that also they broke in the night time. Now my father doesn’t want to do this deal because this type of people creates a problem in future to us.
Please advise how to solve this matter.


Subhash Rath

asked On 10 July 2014 at 14:52

This Query has 4 replies

False case under sec 498a

The husband is working in Bangalore & wife in Bhubaneswar. The wife refused to shift to Bangalore(although agreed before marriage) for inexplicable reason. When forced by her employer & transferred , she came came to Bangalore after one & half years of marriage& filed FIR in Bangalore under section 498A by concocting a story that she & her father were not allowed entry in to the house because dowry was not paid.Under the pretext, she got her transfer back to Bhubaneswar. Court case started in session court (Bangalore) in October 2011 against husband & parents. Accordingly I engaged a lawyer with agreed fees of Rs 20000. Charge sheet was issued by court against husband only in April 2012 as parents were residents of UP & were not present in Bangalore when she came.Witness called for exam in Dec 2013. Wife and her father pleaded through lawyer to reinvestigate & include parents in charge sheet. Court asked for objection from accused. The defence lawyer now asks for Rs 40000 more to proceed. Since it was a violation of what was agreed upon at the beginning , the accused requested him not to charge such exorbitant fees. The lawyer quietly told the court to allow the interim application and order for reinvestigation without disclosing to the accused. Being aggrieved when the husband as accused wanted to change lawyer, he refused to give NOC. Court has refused to accept new lawyer without NOC despite the affidavit filed by accused ..The accused has himself filed the objection stating trial has begun & magistrate court has no power to order reinvestigation. Meanwhile complainant has filed a petition in Supreme Court to transfer the 498A case to Bhubaneswar from Bangalore because she is a lady ,working in Bhubaneswar & can't travel to Bangalore to repose as witness or to pursue the case. She might have added few more concocted reasons. My query as father of the husband is a. how to progress with the new lawyer if not accepted by court b. court has not started hearing the interim application till the lawyers issue is not sorted out. What will be our action now c. Will Supreme Court agree/ order to shift the case to Bhubaneswar

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