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16 August 2017 at 17:05

Property dispute query

Hi ,
One of my co sister lost her husband in 2012. There was a property in his name. which was got transferred to her name after few months from his death. Now His Mother and sisters are filed a case and asking for their share in that property. But his sister is well settled and also she got few properties from her mother ( properties were came from her mothers mother side) but still the case is running in court. Even now My co-sister is got married and so they are saying she is not supposed to get property share only Kid can ask for it. Please clarify these confusion. Is there a way to come out of this and stop his sister not to come for share as she is well settled by collecting money from her brother while he was alive.

Naresh Kumar

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16 August 2017 at 16:47

Non payment of rent by tenant

Tenant has stopped paying rent for the last five months nor he is ready to sign the renewed lease agreement. He further threatens action against the owner. Please suggest remedy to claim the rent and get him evicted from the property.


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Sir, I would like to get some information on the case that I had joined as an LDC on 01 Sep 2000 in the AFHQ Cadre in the basic pay 3050-4590 through SSC clerical grade exam. On 24 dec 2007 I was promoted to the grade of UDC ( Basic pay 4000-6000) it was revised as 5200-20200 with GP 2400 in 6th CPC. Again on 24 hum 2015 i was promoted to the post of Assistant now ASO in Pay of (9300-34800) with GP 4600. I had applied for SSC combined graduate level exam 2013 through proper channel and was qualified for the post of Auditor . As such i have joined as Auditor in the O/o Aaccountant general on 01 April 2016 after accepatnce of technical resignation by ex employer . As i have joined as an Auditor basic pay 29200/- , but as per Last pay certificate my basic was Rs 10110 with grade pay 4600( as per 6th cpc). My lien granted in the post of UDC.
Plz provide me this information.
1. What will be my first basic in the new post ,how my fixation will be done as per 7th CPC.
2. Which Fundamental rule applicable in protection of pay in the above mentioned case. Thanking you

Rakesh Salunke

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16 August 2017 at 13:00

Room shows invalid in sra annexure ii

I bought a room in vikhroli slum area in 2014. on time of purchasing room old owner gave me all old document likes 1995 photo pass, 2000 survey pavti, old electric bills, and owner 1995 voting cards. And i was happy while time of purchasing because i was getting all legal document that will help me if room goes in sra scheme. After sra scheme started and when annexure list got that time we notice that old owner make partition in one room at 2005 and transfer old meter to his daughter and bought new meter with same name. so that on time of purchasing he gave me old meter bill paper but not actual old meter. So that on sra survery his room is show valid and its transferred to his doughter and mine showing invalid.

Can you please help.
I have all old paper with me. I`m in big problem please please help to come out of it.


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16 August 2017 at 12:57

marraige certicate

Hi i got married in april 28 2017 my age 25 but
My wife original age in marraige day is 20 but in ssc certifate age is 17 years and she adhaar date of birth is 20 years if this is any problem to make a marraige certificate in andhra pradesh


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16 August 2017 at 12:54

marraige certicate

Hi i got married in april 28 2017
My wife age in marraige day is 20 buf in ssc certifate is 17 and she adhaar date of birth is 20 years if this is any problem to make a marraige certificate in ap


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16 August 2017 at 12:22


Dear Sir
My wife has filed 498/dv to my family & 125 on me
We have got bail in 1st day itself to all family members
Till date case is pending in court & as on date no charges been filed
Also we have applied for 482 in high court for 498 quash, but we have got stay orders from high court
In 125 i court has finalized some interim maintenance & i have paid with due respect of court
all case are 6 months old
Now my question is now if wife wants to compromise with me & want to come back with me
What is the process to be followed by her & what safety precaution i should follow
Does she needs to go high court to take all her complaints back
Please suggest

Vaseem Ahmed

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With the Malafide Intention my real sister's mother in law has excluded her son ( my Jija Ji ) from her property, My sister has one son and two daughters, My Jija Ji also supports his mother, Property purchased by my sisters father;s in law ( expired) in the name his wife from the day one, they always harassed to my sister and tried to convince to leave the matrimonial house, currently the family is living in staff quarter provided by the company and property situated in another location
Marriage is completed 18 years
Family details:-
My Jija Ji has one brother (married) no children
2 sister unmarried
1 sister married ( divorce)
1 sister married ( one child)

Pls advice how can my sister can protect her rights


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16 August 2017 at 11:11

Llb after b tech

Pl advise about choosing law after doing civil engg


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15 August 2017 at 23:38

Bank cutting down interest now

Hi i have taken education loan of 4 lacs in 2012. From indian overseas bank. I was giving the interest from the same year now in 2016 i got grduated and started working from march 2017 and i was paying the interest til march 2017. Then i started my emi. Now from april my emi of rs 9000 start deducted. But in july they have cut diwn the interest i.e 9100 something. I want to kbow is this right?? Because from 2012 i am paying interest to the bank.


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