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asked On 15 January 2017 at 01:03

This Query has 6 replies

Company law

Under a Lease Agreement, if a foreign party is Lessor and an Indian company is Lessee then in order to give any notice, intimation to the Lessee does the Lessor have to mandatorily comply with the provision of Section 20 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013 in light of Section 6?


asked On 14 January 2017 at 22:31

This Query has 12 replies

Builder asking to sign unfair clause to handover flat

My flat only ready but building will take another 6 months to be ready with occupancy certificate status, its a reputed builder, he issued take over notice to me with final installment. From promised contractual date plus six months grace period, the Project is already delayed by 1.5 years.

Our agreement says I will be paid delay penalty if all installments paid in time, which I have done. But developer says he will settle penalty at registration stage. I agreed that also and completed final installment payment.

Further in the flat take over process, in take over doc to be signed by me, he also included a clause saying "I have no construction delay claims whatsoever". I again objected here. But they say that is a standard document and I have to sign, otherwise they will not hand over flat.I am still holding take over for this reason.

Summary: He is asking me to take over a completed flat in an incomplete building, says delay penalty will be paid during registration and also not handing over saying I have to sign a no no claim clause.

Kindly guide me on following concerns.

1. Is delay penalty till flat completion or till occupancy certificate?
2. Is the delay penalty to be paid in final installment or registration?
3. He is asking me to sign at hand over that I have no delay claim. Will it absolve builder from paying penalty? What legal option I have here?
4. Can I take over flat and then file case for claim for penalty till occupancy certificate? And also include in case the forcing such unfair clauses on customers(harassment)?

Worry is that if I go for legal before take over, he may not hand over flat at saying it is under case now.

Srinivas Jerripothula

asked On 14 January 2017 at 20:23

This Query has 5 replies

Domestic violence act

Hi Everyone,

Myself J. Srinivas, Doing practice at Hyderabad. I have one small query, My client got married in the year 2015 and she resided at her matrimonial home for 8 months and in that 8 months, the respondent No.1 who is the husband, he never spoken with her and they dont even have any physical relationship. They went to honeymoon, there also he has taken alcohol and he slept alone. Now i request to everyone, how should i prove that he is having some problem. I have filed Interim Maintenance, in that the other side counsel has filed counter stating that, she never allowed him for sexual intercourse. As per my client, he use to come daily by 2:00 p.m. in the night and he use to sleep with his mother. He never came to her bedroom. The major point is he never spoken with her. Kindly help me in this issue.

If possible kindly provide me some citations. it will be a great help.

With Warm Regards,
J. Srinivas


asked On 14 January 2017 at 19:57

This Query has 8 replies

Legal heirs under payment of gratuity case

The worker Smt Janaki died after retirement without getting the benefit of gratuity from the employer. Her Husband Sri Gurusamy filed an application before the authority under payment of gratuity Act, as legal heir of deceased workman. During the pendency of the case, Sri Gurusamy also died. The legal heirs of Smt Janaki and Gurusamy are all same, being their sons and daughters. Kindly advise whether impleading petition by the legal heirs of Gurusamy & Janaki are maintainable to claim gratuity payable to Janaki. In the original application for gratuity Gurusamy alone is the applicant and no legal heirs are arrayed as applicants.


asked On 14 January 2017 at 19:11

This Query has 10 replies

Anti sexual harassment case

Dear All,

I have a clear case that I have not committed any mistake , as a colleague i wished a girl at my office for a pongal wish. She has raised as concern against me in Grievances Redressal Board (GRB). Entire team of GRB , is supportive to that girl, because she has good conduct with one of the Bigshot of the company.

Kindly advise on the following questions

1. Can i take up legally to court of Law
2. If i take this to court, will my job be lost.
3. Is there any procedure to get a stay that , nobody should terminate me till the judgement is realised.



asked On 14 January 2017 at 13:13

This Query has 5 replies

urgent response required



urgent responce required

Total Replies : 0
�on��14 January 2017
I was met an accident on september month 2016. i was on duty of company. I met with serious injury D11 fracture in spine. Right now I have so many discomfort to do company give me 2 option first I can continue my job as work from home upto march 2017. If company get satisfaction from my work then I can continue my job otherwise they will discontinue me. Second I can search other job and company can provide salary upto march 2017 month after that company will discontinue me from my job I just want to know which option I should choose bcz my family depend upon me and one more thing I want to know Is there any policy or act on that basis I can get componsasation from company because company also not provide support to me other than medical insurance. All medication expenses I am doing by myself

kuldeep keshri

asked On 14 January 2017 at 10:32

This Query has 6 replies

Tenent vacate the shop without intimation and not paid the rent read more at: http://www.lawyersclu

tenent not paying the rent since last seven months so a notice has been given but the tenent vacate the shop without telling the landlord and all the electric fitting was removed by the tenent.I contact him but he didn't replied. the shop is open and court first dete is on 23 jan.

Read more at:


asked On 14 January 2017 at 07:30

This Query has 9 replies

Issuance of process

intially magistrate has issued the direction under 202 asking the police to inquire the matter and file the report and when on number of occassions the police has not filled the report he heard the complainant and issued the process under 204 asking the accused to come and explain the allegation however this order was challlenged by the accused by way of revision on the count that this act of magistrate of not waiting police report is illegal. please advice me.


asked On 14 January 2017 at 07:22

This Query has 8 replies


Sir complaint has been filled against me for cheque bouncing by a company on the basisi of ressolution. however the said ressolution does not bear the seal of company and further the blanks in the said ressolution for cheque number and date were filled by hand written without any intial after the execution of ressolution. now my query is that can it be valid ressolution and beside this what are the requirement for valid ressolution under companies act.


asked On 14 January 2017 at 07:18

This Query has 22 replies

Perjury by accused husband and in-laws in bail petition

Accused husband guy and in-laws fellows of mine have filed anticipatory bail petition in Bangalore city civil and sessions court few months back. In our case register marriage happened first and 3 months later formal marriage happened after demands from in-laws else no cohabitation. They have mentioned traditional marriage in madurai high court but in bangalore sessions courts those criminals lied that only register marriage happened, no traditional marriage so no question of dowry like that. They have given 2 more false statements in bail petition and exact contradictory statements in Madurai high court. First judge rejected interim bail application of theirs but police didnt take any steps to arrest them. Now the judge expired and the case went to some other judge but this judge didnt record our objections of their false statements with evidence but only reiterated the false statements from their bail petition and granted them bail for their main bail petition. Now what to do?
1. Should I file perjury case? If so in high court or in the same court which gave biased judgement or with magistrate court?
2. Can I file perjury in Madurai high court for anticipatory bail perjury with Bangalore sessions court?
3. Can I directly approach the Bangalore sessions court and ask permission to talk?
4. Is it possible to file FIR for perjury?
5. Can I mention the perjury and biased order by Bangalore session court in Madurai court and file case?

Please reply. I am really hopeless about our judicial system.

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