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Dear Sir,

It is a federation of 25 societies registered in the year 1995. The builder has completed project in the year 1994-95. The total amount was collected by the builder at that time is Rs.70,00,000/- (Rupees Seventy Lakhs) At present builder is not paying anything to maintain the common facilities of the complex. Neither he is giving our corpus fund.

As per MOFA is there any provision to get this fund to federation?

Please advise suitable action.

Thanks in advance


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13 March 2018 at 18:50

Partnership deed

Hello Experts,
Can anyone guide me in drafting Partnership Deed.
One of my client has a partnership firm and both partners were sharing equal profit till today.
but now one partner wants to reduce his share of Profit/Loss and other partner is willing to take over his share.
in this situation what document is to be made? and those having draft for the same please give me.
Thanks in Advance...


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Dear lawyers, my Aunt has been staying with us as a guest for free, for several years now. We gave her a room in our house and allowed her to use our kitchen. Apart from this, she has also been using our electricity for free. After my marriage, we found that we were falling short of space and asked her to vacate her room. She now refuses to vacate saying that this is her house now as she has been staying for so long and there is no law that can make her leave the house.

Please suggest what suitable action I can take to evict her.


Nardim vasta

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13 March 2018 at 17:28

Private company fraud

Dear experts,

I had been working in an American MNC for 6 years, and each year I got good increment and compliments on the performance but suddenly company told me to resign but I denied. Then company created pressure on me but still I denied to resign and told to fire me if company does not retain me. I was on company role and I had a valid PAN account and PF account. But after 15 days they took my access card and given me full and final documents and told that you are fired. but I got a information through a friend in HR, he said that company did not fire you on record but they fraudly steel my signature and created a forged resignation letter. So like this company did cheat with me. Now, no dues of PF amount is pending. Can I do anything against this fraud????

Please help


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I, B. Sudhakar, Junior Accountant, F&A dept., BHPL Area would like to submit the following few lines

While in service my uncle was allotted Qr.No.D-123, Shivajinagar, Sector-I, Godavarikhani. My uncle has constructed a shed side to the quarter and after its construction the said shed is being used to an outsider. Later the said Quarter was allotted to me in year 1997 and licence is levied on the shed which is being recovered from my salary. When I was transferred to Bhupalpalli on promotion, I requested the tenant to vacate the shed so as to facilitate me to handover it to company authorities, but he/she refused and filed a petition in court on SCCL mentioning that it belongs to him. On 21.08.2017 the case is dismissed in the court of Prl. Junior Civil Judge at Godvarikhani vide Court Order No.OS.No.179 of 2010 (In the website: ecourt downloaded the Judgment copy is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.)

I had vacated the quarter and shifted my family to Bhupalpalli. After some days Penal Rent is being recovered from my salary for non vacation of quarter by transferred employee. But I had vacated the Qr.No.D-123 at Sector-I in the month of April 2010 and it is vacant since my shifting to Bhupalpalli. Till date more than Rs.3,64,500/- (Rupees three lakhs sixty four thousand five hundred only) was recovered from my salary up to 02/2018. Till date THE SCCL has no response no action in this case. my problem is continued. vacation certificate not issued to me.

In view of the dismissal of the court order, I request you to kindly advise me legally for further proceed in this regard.


Sunil Kumar

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13 March 2018 at 15:37

Request for giving advice.

Respected Sir,
It is intimated that I have purchased a flat in Zirakpur, Punjab and the dealer has demanded Rs. 3000/- for the issuance of Non-Incumbency report as certificate issued by Patwaari and 13 years property records for the purpose of valuation of property by the empaneled advoate of PNB Housing Finance Bank and I have paid all fees for valuation of property in advance by way of demand draft in favour of PNB. But I do not know why the dealer has demanded Rs. 3000/- for non-incumbancy report and 13 years property records.

Kindly advice is this type of non-incumbancy certificate issued by Patwaari or not and also intimated why 13 years records is needed for valuation of property or not.
Please note may be Incumbancy report or Non-Inbancy recport/certificate issued by Patwaari.

It is requested kindly guide me in this matter.


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13 March 2018 at 14:42

Audio cd

Some one call me many time and I abuse him and he complain against me but he is not sure about time period what should I do

sampat mane

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Dear Learned Men,

Dear Learned Men,

We are a family of 4 brothers and 2 sisters and own a property in Mumbai since 1967

I have query related to family property. Almost 20 years ago After my college days In the year 1998 I was forced upon to look after my fathers property after my elder

brother (Mr.B) met with an accident.I was working with Company during this period. The eldest brother ((Mr.A) was abroad during this period.This property was on minimal rent during that time. My Dad (MR. C) was alive during this period.On takeover it was found that brother (Mr.B) had taken Loan from various moneylenders & Co-

operative societies. to repay the loan. Also I have another elder brother (Mr. D) who was working auto dirver but was not earning enough to maintain his family. He too had created liability I had invested by savings & the rent which used to come and pay the maintenance of the property, plus the day to day household expenses required during this period. Elder brother was not bothered to give money to the family expenses.

All the data of income and expenses was shared to Father & Mother during their Lifetime (Father died in 2007 and mother died in the year 2015).
I was working & looking after the property during those days.
All the oldage expenses like Medical of parents was never shared by anyone in the family but only through my salary and rental income which was earned.

Also after the takeover in a span to 3-5 years both brother were unemployed and continue to be unemployed till date. Ther household expenses was also born from the rental expenses which we received from the Property

After the death of both Mother & Daddy, now elder brother, sisters have demanded me the all the expenses & income details since the takeover ( This was shared with them frequently during the period when parents were alive -)

What is the remedy to avoid dispute please advise


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Respected Experts, I am Loan Consultant as a Profession one of My Client want to take a Home Loan under Scheme Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. There is a missing of sales deed of that Property which is done in favor of his Grandfather in the Year 1985. He inherited property by his father. They are Two brothers and three sisters in family after his father. They make a Release deed in favor of his one brother in registrar. Now He want to take a Home Loan my question is that Release deed is a valid document for taking a Loan. I also verified that there is no charge created on that property in City Survey Office and in Nagarpalika and also in Registrar. So is He eligible to make a equitable mortgage of property on the basis of that relinquishment deed or release deed? Suggest me a way to deal with that case. Thanking You all.

Tejas Patil

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Hello experts,

Me and my cousin brother wanted exchange the agriculture land as after verifying official document we realised that he is cultivating in my lan and I'm cultivating in his land. so now we wanted to know the procedure and how much amount to be spent for this process. any stamp duty we have to pay and how much. also guide for some solution to come out of this.



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