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asked On 26 August 2015 at 23:34

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A man in neighborhood burns car Tyre , woods etc everyday to cook food. Causing a lot of pollution
Also all the smoke enter our house from backside resulting in breathing problem
What should I do ???
My contact no- 9136747442
U can watsapp also


asked On 26 August 2015 at 22:34

This Query has 2 replies

spelling mistake in birth certificate

Hai sir.
I am Thiruvenkatam , i want to apply for the passport but in my birth certificate my name is THIRUVENKADAM just one letter mistake i want to change it. For that notary public sign will be enough or i want to change in gazette will u please hlp me sirr...


asked On 26 August 2015 at 22:18

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Need details about registertion of fans culb

Hi , I need all details about to registering a fans club of an actor all over india or tamilnadu i enquired register office but i cont get proper details or way to process pls help me


asked On 26 August 2015 at 22:15

This Query has 2 replies

Can accused escape after having compromise with plaintiff

Some of my relatives were charged under section 420,406,380,504,506 and 452 ipc after the complaint of a person(plaintiff).One of the accused was sent to jail after he failed to get a bail now he has appealed in session judge and the matter is posted after 14 days for hearing.
Now the plaintiff and accused have compromised with each other.So is their any way that the matter in the court can be disposed off.The advocate of the accused is saying that the matter can be sorted out once the trial get started and not before that.He said the remaining accusd also have to surrender before the court and have to go jail(if bail is cancelled).Is there any way by which remaining accused can get free instead of going to Jail?
Also which section of law deals with compromise part?

Dr. Rohit sakhare

asked On 26 August 2015 at 21:48

This Query has 15 replies

Nuisance caused by neighbours tree

Respected madam,
I live in maharashtra. Neighbour has a big mango tree which is on the boundary line of common wall between us. The tree has roots in their land while its entire branches in space occupies the area of my property. I am facingla problems such as leaves daily falling for which i have to clean it everyday. This has been continuous last 10 years. To neighbour lady i requested to atleast cut the branches but she makes yell of a noise and talks about misusing women laws against me if i even touched the tree. Uptill now i ignored her but when i am going to extend house by building rooms in my property which is going to take the areial space where the ladys branches hang,she is quarreling and not allowing to touch the tree. I am fed up and now want to teach her lesson this time and want to cut not only the branches but also uproot the whole tree. Pl suggest me what steps to take legally so that i can enjoy my property rights.


asked On 26 August 2015 at 21:04

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Is it right to park car out side house

first of all i want to thanks all the respected experts here for giving such useful advice.I hope you all will help me.

sir i am student of 12 class from jodhpur. humare street me 2-3 dogs he but they dont bark on every person koi tez gadi nikal ta h to bark karte he. other wise they don't harm any one but ek humare neighbour me uncel ki car jo ki ghar ke bahar rakh te h us pe chad ke so jate h jisse se unke car ki roof thodi temporally dab jati h unke pas do car h ek ghar ke andar rakh te h ek ghar ke bahar . I use to feed these dogs and even whole street feed these dogs . now this uncle is saying that he will complaint to nagar nigam for dogs to catch them . my questions are

1.Is paking the car outside house is legal ( recently rajasthan high court gave instruction to park cars on road. (im not sure about these instructions but i heard from some one)

2. those dogs are really innocent they protect our street from burglary govt. ne unke liye koi specified jagha nahi di he so their home is street only people are parking their cars at dogs place uncle are thinking in their car interest only not in interest of an animals.

please suggest me how can i secure the interest of these dogs even they also have right to live peacefully . please all experts help for humanity
" vo roti dene kabhi age nahi aae par par pathar marne jarur aae"


asked On 26 August 2015 at 20:54

This Query has 3 replies

Bank one time settlement (O T S)

I have a outstanding of 90 lac 65 principal 25 interest My account is classified Npa on 31/3/2015. My flat is mortgage against the cc loan. Bank already issue sarfesi letter. Realisation value of the property is 51 lacs market value is 64 lacs the valuation has been done by the bank from the approved valuers. What amount should be offered by me to the bank for settlement.


asked On 26 August 2015 at 17:16

This Query has 4 replies

common wall between two rooms, roofs

I am repairing my home my naibour field case against me in civil court & he will get status quo order from court.can I do not work in my home? What is the meaning of order status quo


asked On 26 August 2015 at 17:03

This Query has 7 replies

Case of absconding and legal action

can someone help me on these. i was on international assignment for almost last 3 month and recently back to India(my base location) .during my onsite assignment my client offer me job opportunity at their location so as these is being good opportunity for me so i have accepted it and when i back to India i straight-way resigned from my current company.
Now my company offered me that at least stay with us and not ready to leave me as saying there was our policy u can't leave company till next 6 month otherwise u have to payback cost of investment and other allowances charges .
so i read my policy and that they clearly mentioned that 1.cost of investment(minimum charges on visas) and other allowances only. as per these-policy i have to pay only those amount for which company-made any investment for me but my company said to me pay all money including my daily allowances as well.i stayed over there for 80 days and i totally earned 3 lakh rupee & they given me estimation of rupee 4.13lakh plus 3 month notice period salary(basic+hr) so total i have to pay apx. equals to 4.40lakh .i don't know why they asking to pay all my UK salary .these is first time i hearing that employer asking salary back from employee . "i was there to represent my company i wasn't there for personal trip".and they said will not providing any experience letter until u will not make payment.

so as i don't have any option left for me to pay such big amount so i left company very unfortunately.after working honestly more than 3 year these is how they treated me at the end .i chased many times to my boss and manager but didn't received any positive from them.

after a week only i joined the client company and recently they got to know about me so they sent me the legal action notice email.
so I'm worried now what legal action means ? & what action they can take on me?
is there is any law that mentioned if we break any policy then have to pay all money including salary as well?.

i don't want to be jobless ,i have lots of dependency over me ,can someone please help me on these it will be really appreciated sir/madam.

i have added policy file with these message please find attached file of policy

some issue with website not allowing to attach document. no issues please find below content of policy
"in case employee has travelled on onsite assignment,in the event of breach(both voluntary and involuntary resignation would be considered as breach)of employment by the employee in less than 6 month from the date of return to base location,company will entitled to recover the cost of investment. involuntary resignation would include the non performance ,fraud etc. The investment cost would minimum be the expenses incurred on visa and travel

Madhumita Majumdar

asked On 26 August 2015 at 16:59

This Query has 6 replies


Is PF applicable to contactual jobs?

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