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praveen tiwari

asked On 28 September 2016 at 15:32

This Query has 2 replies

Court fee act

How to decided court fees under cancellation of agreement to sell suit


asked On 28 September 2016 at 15:32

This Query has 5 replies

lease for 30 point

Some builder is asking my land for 30 years lease,by giving monthly rent,(for construction of warehouse)my lawyer advised not to give for 30 years its so long period,my question is
1)is there any problm if i give for 30 years lease?
2)what is law point which has to be included in lease deed so as lesse should vacate immediately after 30 years?


asked On 28 September 2016 at 14:15

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Reliance bill payment

The previous conversation i had attached the payment copy acknowledgement which was received whether this one is fake or true.


asked On 28 September 2016 at 13:37

This Query has 5 replies

Payment of gratuity.

Dear Sir/s,

Greetings of the day.

I have few query as listed below in connection with the above. I hope a suitable/valuable reply shall be initiated by the learned seniors at the earliest.

a) Can an employee claim gratuity after 10 months of his resignation. The employer voluntarily didn't settle his gratuity within 1 month as prescribed in the law. In this case is the employer liable to settle the claim or can escape.
b) What would be the procedure to claim if employer refused to pay.
c) What an employee can do if his DOB and name(spelling) with EPFO is not corrected by the employer even after repeated request by the employee since last 8 years and his retirement date is around the corner.

Thanks & regards


asked On 28 September 2016 at 12:57

This Query has 6 replies

Reliance bill payment reg

Dear Sir,
Good afternoon..,
I had datacard (938066535)connction with reliance communoication past 2 years back and during Feb'15,i raised to convert it from Postpaid to prepaid with that i had paid the all outstanding amount also.But after 1.5 years later now one person called from delhi and said that we are for legal authorities and u have to pay the pending dues around 450. or otherwies we will put into lokadhalth like that.So i made a payment and ask them to give NOC for that,but not responded well and now i want know that wether this transformation is true or it will like a fraud scam.Plese help me to avoid these kind of confusions.
I am slso attached payment receipt acknowledge form reliance.I want know the reliability of that one it was attached.

Mahesh Kumawat

asked On 28 September 2016 at 12:49

This Query has 10 replies

Substantiality of neighbour's right to light and air

I would like to know about the Substantiality of Neighbour's Right to Light and Air in view of the Orrisa High Court Decision :
Orissa High Court
Krushna Kishore Bal vs Sankarsan Samal And Ors. on 28 November, 1973
Equivalent citations: AIR 1974 Ori 89
Author: G Misra
Bench: G Misra, B Patra, S Acharya

Could anybody please let me know whether there are equivalent decision of Hon'ble Supereme Court and other Hight Courts.

If the voilation is not material and there no substantial loss of light and air/injury to the neighbour can he sue me for mere violation of the Building bylawas/ Municipal Rules. Does mere violation of the Building bylawas/ Municipal Rules entail a cause of action in favour of the plaintiff/my neighbour.

My neighbour himself voilated the Building Bylaws and covered set backs but sued me in Trial court while my construcion was completed and the tial court given Temporary Injuction directing not to construct further in voilation of building Bylaws.

Kindly opine....

Ajai Kushwaha

asked On 28 September 2016 at 12:43

This Query has 4 replies

Suggest books for llb 3rd semester

Dear Sir,

I am a LLB 3rd semester student of Lucknow University. Please Suggest me books for LLB 3rd Semester.

Thanks & Regards


asked On 28 September 2016 at 12:09

This Query has 13 replies


Dear experts
I am writing on behalf of a query my aunt who is senior citizen and widow.

My grandfather had received a house post the partition of India in New Delhi.

In time he moved out of that house and rented the same to a tenant way back in the 60's.

The original rent deed is not registered.

The rent was minimal and not revised any time. However before my grandfather's death my grandfather gifted this property to my aunt in 1991.

Post that my aunt sent a termination notice to the tenants in 1993 asking the tenants to vacate the house.

On receiving the termination notice the original tenants requested my aunt for a couple of months time post which they would vacate the said property. All was
done verbally.

In good faith and compassion my aunt allowed them some time.However even after 6 months there was no communication from the tenants and on meeting them they asked for additional time.

After this my aunt decided to stop accepting the monthly rent.

Post that my aunt got married moved overseas and everybody just forgot about this said property.

Some tragic events occurred and my aunt is now back in India after 25 years and wants to sell the given house.

However there are certain facts that I would like to highlight
a)The original tenants with whom the rent agreement was done have been dead for a long time now. We understand that the given inhabitants are children of the given person with whom my grandfather had an original rent agreement.

b) There was no revised rent agreement done ever except the original rent agreement done in the 60's.

c)Nobody from my aunt's family or my aunt have received any rent after serving the termination notice in 1993.

d)There has been no follow up written notice in writing and with the tenants acknowledgement post the termination notice sent in 1993.

e)My aunt has never paid property tax on the said property till date although the given property tax has been paid by the tenants as checked online till date in her name.

My query is:
Can my aunt claim the property in a court of law as we are given to understand from our legal counsel that these tenants are now trespassers.

As the given tenants having been living without paying rent does this help or weaken our status.

Would you experts advice us to get into litigation.

Please advise




asked On 28 September 2016 at 11:14

This Query has 4 replies

Consumer court query

I had filed a consumer compliant in Delhi district forum on 15.09.2012. Final judgement order(29.09.2014) awarded a compensation of Rs 13200 plus Rs 5000 as cost of litigation with an interest of 9% per annum from the date of filing of complaint.
But the party has not complied with the order even after two years for which I filed Execution petition on 27.9.2016.
My question is what penalty can be requested with the court to be imposed on opposite party for delaying the payment ( what supporting document or judgement copies can be cited) ?
What amount of final payment can be expected at 9% per annum if It is paid by 31.12.2016.?
Please advise
With thanks

Jasbir Singh

sunil kumavat

asked On 28 September 2016 at 09:46

This Query has 4 replies

Disputed house

In my DV case court has orderd to give half my house to my wife but she is living in other city and not using it at all not even taking care of it .

what should i do to get the house back from her . please guide .

thanks .


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