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Priyanshu Goel

asked On 30 October 2014 at 12:29

This Query has 7 replies

Power of Attorney

Is it possible for me to present me on behalf of my father in the legal issues (in the court and government offices).
My father did not care about these matters.
Is it posdible with the help of power of attorney?

Priyanshu Goel

asked On 30 October 2014 at 12:21

This Query has 4 replies

Property Issue

We have a property in the name of our Grand Father's Father (The father of my Grand father). Acc. to his will, property will belong to his two sons ( my Grand father and his cousin). After his will, my grand father's cousin has separated and take his part (not land) and moved to another city.But no deed has been registered that time as he has no right in the property.

Now, They both are no anymore(grand father and his cousin).

Now, we want to get the title of the property in our name and they (grand father's consin's son and daughter) have no objection in this matter.

Kindly provide the solution as we have no knowledge regarding law. And what to do ? The procedure?


asked On 30 October 2014 at 12:07

This Query has 1 replies

correction in mother name

my mother name is harpreet kaur. but her name in my birth certificate is written as harpreet singh. how can i can change 'singh' to 'kaur'? kindly tell me the full procedure to change her name. thanks:)

Adv Simi Salooja

asked On 30 October 2014 at 11:22

This Query has 4 replies

Change of date in passport

Need urgent help in regards to change of birth date in Passport...

there is a mistake in the birth date in passport of daughter... it was done by parents and grand parents... the daughter is minor.. and passport office is asking to get orders from the court to change the birth date in passport..
what stand can i have?

matter is on argument today.


asked On 30 October 2014 at 11:06

This Query has 3 replies

7/12 papers



asked On 30 October 2014 at 10:57

This Query has 2 replies

Dda denying its own property

I live in Kotla mubarak pur New Delhi -110003 which is under MCD, the land in front of my house has been vacant and a known public passage adjacent to main road that lies vested with MCD. the DDA has charged damages for this piece of land from occupants of such open land adjacent to main road for around twenty years. Even notices have been issued for eviction of this land over number of years to the occupants of the vacant land by DDA from time to time. Now they are denying that it is not their land and it has been wrongly assessed as DDA land. This open vacant land which is right of way to my house is being encroached by land mafia and MCD and DDA are not willing to take any action on the pretext that it is a private land.. what should I do to get justice

Ritu Barve

asked On 30 October 2014 at 10:33

This Query has 6 replies


My mom is a prime owner of two flats. She passed away 5 months back. She had done nomination of both the flats in my and my brothers name. She had also given letter and form to the society 2 years back for the associate membership and putting our names in certificate. We have copy of the receipt of the same by society and the cheque for the same was also deposited by them. but inspite of regular insistence they kept on delaying in putting our names on the share certifcate. now they are neither allowing us to attend meetings, transferring flats in our names or be on the society management. what can be done


asked On 30 October 2014 at 09:34

This Query has 8 replies

How i get proof of working wife?

Hello members.
My friend wife is working as teacher in school..pls provide me ways how i get proof of her job? Wat court accept as a proof? When i went to school i ask the principal she refused that nobody is working by this name?wat should i do??


asked On 30 October 2014 at 09:23

This Query has 4 replies


would like to assist a good friend...he got married 4 years. wife promised she would stop bad habits of smoking n drinking which has not happened till date. she also physically abuses him. threatens that she will harm herself and put him and his family into problems, claim alimony, put him in jail, put allegations of extra marital affairs etc. if he separates.
been a couple of months he has started a new business and in a lot of tension due to financial problems and losses which have been accumulating as he is in no proper frame of mind to concentrate or give his 100 % due to all this.
he has decided he cannot live with her anymore and want to separate. she is working and doing well enough for herself.
she is taking advantage as the mother-in-law supports her totally just because of her name and reputation in the area they live in should not get spoilt so gives in to her and tells him he should handle her diplomatically etc. so life is just dragging on but ultimately he is dying from within and cannot take it any longer. his mom has good contacts with the local police and higher ups due to which he is hesistant to even file an nc in his interest.
kindly advise how he can come out of this situation as he cannot afford alimony etc what she keeps threatening him about.
Please reply asap


asked On 30 October 2014 at 09:11

This Query has 7 replies


husband of 25 years of marriage never earned to support me. hv 3 daughters. ME WORKING AND TAKING
taken loans, credit and put me into all sorts of liabilities over the years due to his alcoholic problem.
now past 6 months no clue where he is possible he may come back one fine day which he has been doing in the past after blowing up whatever he has got from whomever he manages to bully.
see no better way of him improving or any further chances to change being given. cannot take it anymore want a separation.
want him to have nothing to do with me and my 3 girls and he will have no claim to whatever belongs to me which i am sure he will claim in the future if he gets to know i am taking this step please help as mentally, financially and socially drained out need to live for my girls.

Kindly advise when you will be able to reply and how would i get to know my query is answered

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