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asked On 12 February 2016 at 18:52

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In the domestic inquiry the Enquiry Officer have favoured the management ignored my documents and evidence and same not mentioned in the Enquiry Report. The Enquiry Officer also stated in the report that I was not working properly whereas for the last 20 years my ACR reports are satisfactory and good. My query is that on what grounds Enquiry Officer have stated that I was not working properly and why he has ignored my documents and evidences in the report for which my services stands dismissed. Can I file any case against Enquiry Officer for favouring the management, please advice.

Dr Shahid Nadeem

asked On 12 February 2016 at 17:44

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Forged UPC filled by Opponent

Resected experts....
One of my opponent had filled a back dated forged documents in court regarding notice of a meeting shown to be issued to me and he also filled a receipt of Post of India "Under Certificate Of Posting " ( UPC ) ...please anyone know the exact that from which Indian Government discontinued UPC ( Under Certificate Of Posting ) ....

vasudha J

asked On 12 February 2016 at 17:23

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Murder case

Dear Experts

My husband was murdered in 2010 and the culprits has been identified by the crime branch and COD dept, my side lawyer is public prosecutor, but it has been 5 years of his death but the culprits very initially (2010) has been granted bail not even giving an information to us and the case is going very slow, In 2015 summons are given to the eye witness and they have appeared to the court for 5 times.But not even a single question is been asked to them only giving future dates.(1 or 1.5 month ahead)

I want to know what points i can ask the PP OR can I change the lawyer

What documents i have to get from PP for my personal records as I dont have any thing regarding this.

how long the case be prolonged

Harsh Agrawal

asked On 12 February 2016 at 17:17

This Query has 4 replies

Calling of documents during cross examination

In a Civil Suit for recovery can the counsel for the plaintiff ask the defendant to bring on record additional documents during cross examination at the stage of DE. Can the courts direct the defendant to produce such document after the stage of framing of issues has passed?


asked On 12 February 2016 at 16:41

This Query has 1 replies

A candate is debbared in university exams

A candidate is debbared in university examination is obstacle to get government job . He was selected for central govrnment job recently. In the appointment attestaion form there is a question have you ever been debbared in any college or unversity exams.options are Yes/No . If yes give particular details. he was debbared but what he was answered to that. Any problem to give the details.

Rajeshwar Dayal

asked On 12 February 2016 at 16:35

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Payment of Gratuity Act.1972

Whether an employee who has put in 4 years & 7 months of continuous service with the same employer is eligible to get gratuity under the Payment of Gratuity Act,1972.

Rajkumar Gutti

asked On 12 February 2016 at 16:25

This Query has 3 replies

To file a civil suit

Respected sir,

we file a civil suit for encroachment.In lower court, but we are in failure.Then make an appeal to district court,but here in also
get failure .Then file second appeal in "Mumbai High court" but at admission stage appeal is dismissed., Then again file review application ,even though review application is also dismissed.In lower court first suit is filled in the year 1995, & last review application is dismissed in the year june 2015.
From lower court to high court our law point is not fairly considered by Hon.court. For further going to supreme court our financial condition is not so good.Hence my request is are any legal provision to go to again lower court for demanding justice in same matter or any other provision in civil procedure code,criminal procedure code, limitation act,or in evidence act,etc. please guide me in positive manner.-

Thanking You,

Rajkumar Gutti

Mrinmoy Das

asked On 12 February 2016 at 14:56

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Dear Concern

I am working in a private school from 3 August, 2015. As per the appointment letter the dismissal of my job requires a one month of notice from either side.
I have given a notice on 5 February, 2015 and as per the notice I wanted to be relieved on 10 March, 2016. In this circumstances The Management wants to terminate me just to save the money (my salary).
Is it legal to terminate an employee in this above mentioned condition without any valid reason.


asked On 12 February 2016 at 14:07

This Query has 3 replies

Society is threatening to seal flats...

Hi Experts

Society monthly income rs. 5 lacs and monthly expense rs. 1 lac. Then also society is forcing to pay society maintenance.

Things to consider.

1. Two cell network tower installed on building terrace without the consent of society members.

2.Floor no 13. of the society is illegal.

3. Refugee space on 8th floor of building is in possession of builder and earning handsome rents from each flats.

4. Building is still not having OC .(Society is 5 years old and building is 13 years old)

They are threatening if we don't pay monthly maintenance they will seal flats.

Please assist us...


asked On 12 February 2016 at 13:52

This Query has 4 replies

Non disclosure of pending case at the time of appointment lead to termination??

Sir, I request the advocates (Except Sri Dhingra & Sri Rajendra Goyal) Is non disclosure of pending criminal case at the time of appointment lead to termination of government or banking sector?? I want to ask this question becasue now a days so many innocent people are falsely included in cases due to political or financial influences especially in Marriage related issues. What is the stand of our courts regarding this??

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