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11 December 2018 at 08:17


Is converting to another religion for the sake of marriage- does the law permit?


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10 December 2018 at 23:24

False fir of rape on pretext of marriage

My girlfriend (live-in partner) has filed an FIR under section 376 (rape) and section 420 (cheating). She has alleged that I have raped her for 2 months after false promise of marriage. Medical report has confirmed no sign of injury, no evidence of sex and no pregnancy. I am a government employee. I have been suspended from job on ground of moral turpitude.
1. How to proceed in this case?
2. Can I file a counter FIR? If yes, then under what sections?
3. Which one is recommended - civil defamation or criminal defamation in this case?
4. When can I file a defamation case against her?
5. She has forged her signature on rent agreement. Can I use it as a document to book her under section 468, 469 of IPC?
6. When and how can I get my suspension revoked?
7. What kind of effect will it have on my job,subsequent promotions and while filling of other government exam applications?


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We have joint property on 3 brothers name but one is missing since 6 months and also he is unsound minded now we want to sale same property so how can we sale it? Please suggest me...

Manivannan K

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09 December 2018 at 21:56

Partition the family asset

In 1990 my father and my uncle partition the asset of grandfather 50-50, in this connection one same survey number 84/14 has been written in erroneously in both schedule. But the asset belongs to my father only and land map name also in my father name only. In 2015 transferred the asset and registered in sub register office in my brother and my name (Joint patta)
After 28 years my uncle create the issue relating the same survey no and how solve the issue please guide me


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09 December 2018 at 19:43

Mutual consent divorce by nri

Please guide/advise:
She is NRI staying in Aust. He is in India.
The marriage was in Old Customs Registrar office in Mumbai in Dec 17. She left to Aust after 3 month as they could not adjust with each other. They have now mutually agreeing for divorce here in Mumbai.
1. For filing petition, does she have to be here?
2. For any further needs by court, does she have to attend personally or can have POA?
3. How long should it take to get divorce?
4. How much expenses will there be till get divorce papers?
5. Pl. suggest a lawyer Mumbai from Mulund to Gahtkopar.
Kindly guide/advise

Pawan Kumar

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Our house is under Lal Lakir (Dora). My father (deceased) were 4 brothers and one sister. The whole house was parted in portions. But one of my uncle (Deceased) who never reside with us, his half share is taken by another uncle ( Alive) and transfred the share to his Son's name in 2008. According to him no mutual partition deed is written. Now my query is that
1) The property under Lal Lakir need the partition deed or not
2) If yes then how the property is transfered to his Son's name without the signatures of others

3) Now as in this property there is no share is kept for my Uncle and bua ji. What action we can take to cancel the sale deed.

This house was allowed to my grandpa after country partition .


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09 December 2018 at 16:54

Earning online money for a PSU employe.

Dear members,please tell can a person working in a PSU sector earn online money also tell if that money is taxable then is this ok for a PSU employe


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I, sumeet , 24 years old , Resident – Raipur , Chhattisgarh - the marriage of my mother – (A) was almost done with the Hindu Rituals ,with rajim resident – (B) between 1992-93, but for the some domestic reasons my parents (A and B) socially (but not legally) Between 1998 and 2000, divorce was done .after this social divorce(sepration) me and my mother (A) lived here under the maternal grandmother's & fathers house. And my mother raised my whole care , in the year 2000 my mother had done my enrollment in the village school of enrollment in which the name of my real father (B) and mother (A) was written in the school records. During the same period between 2001 and 2002, my mother's had social remarriage (but not legally processed) happened with the resident of Raipur – (C). In which he agreed to keep me with my mom but at that time my adoption was not registered in any institutions since that time to till now me and my mother have been living with (C )since then I consider (A) as my real mother and (C) as a my real father.
The problem is that in the my school certificates of class 1st to 5th had written the name of my biological father (B) in the place of my father's name, but in my childhood due to negative image was created in my mind for my father, as a result of which when I was in class 6th marksheet scribbling (manipulate) in the grade 6th of my certificate by me, the father's name was changed to the name of the current Father (C). On this basis of which myclass 6th to graduation and all other documents have been named after the name of my father (C) and the name of mother (A), let me tell you that both of my parents are alive at present. And at present my real father is ready to give a statement of confirmation of divorce from my mother and to be ready for all formalities, but I am still in the dilemma that what I should do next now.
For me, rights claims in the property from both sides parents have no significance.
Please tell me the path ahead so that this mistake can be corrected in my childhood by accidentally.Because now I am mature, Can there be any legal solution because I am also preparing for the competitive exams in which I may have to face the difficulties in document verification ahead, I no longer want to do any illegal and unrealistic efforts and break any fact- Do not want to tinkle or hide, so that I have to suffer severe consequences in the near future. I am very upset please help me.
I would hope that my subject should be kept confidential and the response to my question be sent through my personal email.

kind regards,

Yash Mittal

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09 December 2018 at 12:05


If a criminal complaint filed u/s 156(3),has been dismissed by the magistrate on the ground of civil nature. Then can i file a complaint u/s 200 in the same court or not.
Secondly has been the above remedy as Sec 200, been pronounced in any judgment.

M Singh

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09 December 2018 at 11:17

Directions u/s 156(3) for investigations

Application allowed u/s 156(3) by CJM First Class for investigations. Police still not registering the FIR and says that court have given direction for investigations. As per citations in Mohd. Yousuf vs Afaq Jahan (SC) held that if Magistrate order for investigations than also it is duty of police officer to register FIR. Please advice.


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