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23 October 2017 at 00:36


Hi sir,
I am a TY.LLB student from Mumbai I need help regarding 79A bye laws what does it says and mhada rule DCR 33(5) information?
illustrations- A is staying in a society where 5 buildings of mhada with different society name now society 5,4,3,2, are agreeing for Redevelopment on the plot with 10k sq.ft
Shortlisting for PMC
Society 1 is against but tenants are interested
My question can 1society can stop the redevelopment project?

Mahendar Marri


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22 October 2017 at 23:20

ticket booking fraud

Hello All,

I have booked ticket through Ticket new website. I did the payment and I got the confirmation mail but theatre staff didn't allow me inside they said my tickets confirmation did not come to theatre. When I talk to ticket new website they are saying we sent you confirmation mail you should seat in the theatre. Hence, my whole money went in vain. I want to know can I take legal action against theatre or ticket new website if yes, what kind of action and how should I proceed with this?


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22 October 2017 at 12:49


sir suit was decreed according to sec12(b) of Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 which mandated that property which vested in the adopted child before adoption shall continue to vest in such person subject to the obligations, if any, attaching to the ownership of such property, including the obligation to maintain relatives in the family of his or her birth was considered while agreeing that the property vests in a coparcener by birth and hence he gets a vested right in that property by virtue of his inheritance.
It is clearly mentioned that BEFORE ADOPTION but my father got property in 19 under 38E after giving his second son in adoption in 1942..In municipal record my name was continued from 1970-1984.the adopted son illegally entered his name with his natural father surname in municipal records with out any notice to me .The sec12(b) of Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 saying before adoption by father got property after giving his seond son in adoption. ..whether the judgment is correct r not can i go for apeel..


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I am mr.s.r.reddy, husband of mrs.s.sakuntala part owner of house along with our son in chennai RWA
Since my spuse being homemaker not aware with digital communication with Assn and society and court cases etc,I need a POA to represent her interest in all these matters immediately. Pls tell me how much time it take to complete the work and cost ?.Thanks in advance.


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22 October 2017 at 04:11

Gst on rentals

Dear All,

We have got a few residential properties given on Leave & License basis. They all are on 2 names each.

We are planning to purchase a commercial property to give on Leave & License basis.
In case the commercial property does not cross Rs. 20 lakhs a year alone but counting the residential properties combined income does cross Rs. 20 lakhs in the year, will GST apply on the combined income or will the commercial rent be income be treated separately and have nothing to do with the residential income.

Also the properties are on 2 names each. Will the income as declared in income tax as 50% each party (name) be considered. E.g. If only from commercial income the rent is crossing Rs. 20 lakhs but divided in the 2 names and coming below Rs. 20 lakhs each, then will that be considered as GST not applicable or it will be considered as a whole for the first holder of the property.

Also if the first holder is a senior citizen 85 years of age, will there be any sort of relaxation in the GST if applicable as in the case of Income Tax.



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22 October 2017 at 03:03

Dismissed case

My husband filed a guardianship case under guardians & wards act which was dismissed on wrong section. Now I want to claim litigation cost. How to apply & what is the time period to apply? Please advice.

puspendra bhadoriya

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22 October 2017 at 00:26


If a person have the criminal record likely theft and the case is undergoing during this period a person wants an noc just for a job will that possible if its what is the criteria


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22 October 2017 at 00:22

Applying for gun licence

in our area there are many strays and they are unpredictable and often violent barking and chasing passing people vendors on cycles recently a milk vendor was chased early morning and he fell from his cycle and died due to accident of falling on nearby passing lorry . municipal authorities are not able to help much as they do not have any count of strays or how to manage. if a stray threatens -even if its not rabid or is neutered or vaccinated - to protect one's life from unpredictable carnivorous animal behavior can one apply for gun license so that the stray can be shot in self defense. In fact in my friend's village in kerala the menace is very bad and people, children routinely die also. neither authorities, nor so called hypocratic animal welfare ngo are bothered but everyone says that killing an animal is against the law


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22 October 2017 at 00:16

Void gifts

are void gifts suppose to be revoked or the property would be like as if no gift is made by the doner. gift was void as no acceptance was made and gift was without knowledge of donee. but a gift deed was registered by the doner without acceptance by donee as such


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21 October 2017 at 23:13

Mortgage deed

Person X has pledge his immovable property to Y in registration office stating that he got the property from Z and he is selling (kraya kararu pathra)the property to Y for 4lakhas,now received the amount 3lakhs on 20/8/ will be under X,remaining amount of one lakh must be paid with in 3 years or on that date of vaidha(trail) then he will register the property without litigatation.

Now at present the name of Y is coming in mutation as X pledge property to Y.
My advocate told time limit is crossed as per document .
But as per mortgage deed for pledging money the time limit is 12years.


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