n k s prasad

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22 September 2019 at 10:05

Opening office in residence /falt

can my wife open office in her name in my residence/flat and register accordingly with Govt. authorities concerned (Govt. of AP) in her name with giving my residence/flat address as proof of office address

Banuvara Raja

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21 September 2019 at 23:12

Notice how many times

We have filed consuerm complaint for deficiency in service as fridge was not repaired brought on 20-2-2019.
We have filed it at Coonoor Consumer Cort.
Notice sent for past 9 months, nearly 14 times. Each date only notice.

Party not available. Party not take notice.
like that RPAD come back.

So our qauestion is. How many times will consumer court send notice to respondents? Is there any limit? Cant they decide csae exparte?


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21 September 2019 at 21:06

Financial maintenance of child.

Respected All,
Kindly provide your expert suggestions on a below matter related to my friend.

A couple is separated ( and not interested for legal proceedings) for 7- 8 months without divorce or judicial separation, wherein the child age of 11 living with her father as the mother is deserted both. The father lost his earning source as a need to take care of his child and mother is working but do not provide any financial support for her child even.

Please advice on below points:
1. If the mother is not supporting her child financially, Can we do something about it legally?
2. Is there any judgment which supports this condition or related to this?
3. Is there any law or guidelines which can direct the financial stable mother to support her child?

Any information and guidelines will be a great help in order to save a child's future.
Thanks in advance.



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21 September 2019 at 18:30

Termination of contract and defamation

Is defamation can be the cause for termination of contract?


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Hello, one of my employee are working with us as full time (8hours). And he have joined another job without informing us and and continue both full time job at same time. He has not resigned from our company. Can I take any legal action against that employee or not?

Sunil Kanwar

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Six years back a woman school librarian filed a false case of molestation and charged my wife (School Principal) also as co-accused for not investigating complaint and sheltering the accused (Manager School). This was done by her to pressurise school authority, not to proceed with the stock taking of the library where 4000 books were found missing.
She did all this on the advise of an lawyer who is close to her and is assisting her in court now also. She (Librarian) never complained incident to school principal or local police in writing at the time of happening. as it had never happened. Rather the case was created by sending false telegrammes/letters to CJI SC , CJ HC , CBSE, President of India , news paper and others. It is since 2012 that case is going on in the court of CJM and the complainant could not produce any witness or document in court eastablish his charge. The court is on the verge of closing case.The court has also understood that case is false. During this period previously , the complainant and her laywer has also contacted us and offered us to remove my wife's name from the complaint on the condition that we should speak false against school authorities and bocome his witness. We refused . Court is on verge of closing case, but the complainant advocate who is the kingpin of framing this case keeps filing revision applications against gimny orders of CJM to Session court. Regular efforts are made to delay the case by the complainant lawyer to the extent possible.. There is no doubt that it will be closed sooner or later.
I want to know , Is there any law under which we can file suit against this false case framed against us and what is punishment given to such people by the court. Any other detail required shall be provided.



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20 September 2019 at 17:45

Process to complain against Police officers

I would like to complain about the senior officer of a particular police station in Pune for inaction of my 2 cases of sexual assault and theft. He has received reminders from the home ministry in Mantrayala, DGPs office, Mumbai and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. I was compelled to make a personal trip to Pune recently under very stressful conditions to meet the officer. The Commissioner of Police, Pune is aware of my case. The accused is a serving naval officer, with considerable influence in Pune. I am a single woman, with no steady income, in pursuit of justice. Please advise.

Atik j.pathan

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20 September 2019 at 16:09

Benami property

Sir how can a benamidar claim benami property.


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20 September 2019 at 15:32

Modification of divorce order

Sir. I got divorse in 2017 with mutual consent where 5 year child will remain with my ex- wife. I have only visitation rights as per the joint pursis admitted by both . There are no other conditions laid down in decree about child's welfare, education and medical etc. But visitation rights is not executed by my wife. In addition I am Government servant
i want share equal responsbility for childs education, health and maintenance. My department have unique facility of medical and education which want to enhance to my child . But my wife has denied for enhancement of facility to my child. What should I do? My divorce decree can be modify?


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20 September 2019 at 15:32

U/s 379 ipc for theft

CRUX OF THE CASE: I had sent some clothes (300 grams ) to a person by speed post. The addressee took the article pilfered it took some clothes. After 8 days the postman took it and on it written “refused” with date, whereas I have a tracking record that it was delivered on 13th (sending date being : 12th ). I received the pilfered article / envelope (80 gms) back on 28th with signs of pilferage.

ACTION TAKEN: FIR was filed u/s 379 IPC for theft committed by the addressee, after I approached the court. I filed RTI application for a copy of delivery slip. I received attested copy, where it is Judicially Noticeable that a paper has been stapled to camouflage the real recipient and photocopy had been taken.

PRESENT STATUS: I am asked to file LiST OF WITNESSES. Can experts suggest any guidelines which may be useful; because I am not familiar with trial court proceedings. Thank you.


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