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Hello Respected members, I live in a gated community containing 165 independent villa's. I had bought this in resale option and got the NOC from the seller. But the OC is still due and also corpus fund and amenities charges. These charges are not demanded as not all is ready. Here I would like to know whether the builder has any right to collect maintainance charges from each one of us even though he has not given OC and provided basic amenities listed in their sale catalogue, like drinking water, solar fencing, CCTV security, power back up for common areas, proper roads, etc... The builder is demanding and few of of us are paying for fear of losing out on regular maintainance of property, individually and also common areas. Please guide with lust out sections under various rules.


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24 April 2018 at 21:35


Procedure to start creche


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24 April 2018 at 19:50

Bail in conviction in criminal appeal

JM court convited me under 323 IPC and ordered me jail for 1 year.
I took bail from JM court for first appeal to Session court.
If Session court again convict me again.
Can I get bail from session court for appeal to high court?

Prerana mahendra Agavekar

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24 April 2018 at 17:30

Maintainability of mou

Whether MOU should be challenge before the court after 3 yrs? the MOU is not registered it was only notarized. the Party of second part has paid 75% amount to the the party of first part but till today the party of first part avoid to make an agreement and also avoid to handover the possession of the property.

Ganesh Sakhre

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24 April 2018 at 17:28

Loss tanth sertifikate

I lost mine tanth sertifikate in fire mi home.
I done tanth in governmant schol in Amravati 1997. I go to schol for dooplikat tanth sertifikate.
schol say no record...i go to board at Malte Kadi marg booard say nahin recard.
wht i do i need dooplikat tanth sertifikate far joob.
nobody tall kay karu

help sir ji

Sunil Kumar

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It is requested kindly intimated that being a govt. employee of Haryana, I have purchased a Flat after getting sanctioned loan from PNB Housing Finance on personal interest and I have not getting any official approval from Haryana Govt. Department regarding purchase of Flat. Kindly intimate it is necessary to getting approval of purchasing house from haryana govt. or not being an employee.

I want to intimate the govt. office regarding purchase of flat. Kindly guide me.


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24 April 2018 at 15:02

Gulf loan recovery

Dear sir,
I need Accurate Legal Opinon on following :
I returned back from Gulf in 2011. Now from Feb 2018, Local recovery agent from Mumbai/Bangalore/Dubai are contacting me for recovery of Old outstanding dues to Gulf Bank. I checked with Gulf bank - as per their books of account - Loan balance is nil. Gulf bank may recovered small amount from insurance company or may sold it to recovery agents. Now recovery agent started calling me for the recovery.
My Query is as follow :
1.Whether Local agent in India are authorised to take legal action against me. It is already time bared by limitation. 2. if yes to above, What document i need to verify from Local agent- legal notice or with lawyer.
3.Whether Gulf bank has to send decree for execution in India.
4.How long it will take in india for settlement or closure of such legal case. I need lawyer for the same.
5.Whether Dubai/saudi arbia have any legal tie up with India to for recovery of old debts. I need clear legal point for these.
6.What is time line to recover old gulf debts in India.
7.Can Indian recovery agent arrest me.
8. Is it Crimal case or civil case. 9. I told agent to file case and will be seen in court. Kindly Guide to handle case legally.


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24 April 2018 at 13:02

498A, 307, 313 and DV act 3,4

Sir, fir has been filed against me and my family members u/s 498A ,307, 313 and DV act 3,4 . The case is presently in mediation can I proceed for quashing of fir as I have been falsely implicated and my wife has not been living with me for the past 4 years and she has blamed that I along with my mother and brother tried to murder her , however my mother and my brother was not even present at allahabad at that time. infact attendance of my brother is marked in his govt office where he is doing job at amritsar. I have the online attendence sheet as a proof of this ...plz guide


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Dear Sir,
Please advise me the prescribed manner in which the minutes of a charitable trust are to be maintained.

can these be maintained as soft copies on pc or do they have to be printed and filed. do they have to be signed by the chairman of the trust.

look forward to your advises

Chilamakurthy Venkat Raao

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24 April 2018 at 12:28

Vacation of Stay in all Cases

In view of the direction given by the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 28.3.2018 that "In all pending matters before the High Courts or Other courts relating to PC Act or all other Civil or Criminal cases, where stay of proceedings in a pending trial is operating,stay will automatically lapse after 6 months from today unless extended by a speaking order on above parameters".

A)Does it mean to say that the stay in all cases in any court gets vacated by 27.9.2018(6 months from 28.3.2018). Or
B)The lower court judges can immediately start trial thinking that the stay got vacated from now onwards.


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