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21 April 2019 at 13:37

Unregistered gpa

Dear all

The Unregistered and Notorised GPA (without any witness) made on 11.05.2012 in Karnataka. by son to his father and stamp duty of Rs 200/- paid.

father executed sale deed on the basis of above said GPA in favour of third party.

Subsequently, the son filed suit challenging sale deed executed by GPA holder in favour of third party. son contention is GPA is not authenticated and unregistered GPA is not valid and sale deed also not valid.

Kindly give yours opinion to me with judgement and amendments in registration act. is there is direction to subregistrar not to register deeds through unregistred GPA in karnakata. Now case is in evidence stage and how lead evidence

please provide some suitable judgements


Rakesh Kumar

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21 April 2019 at 12:57

Caste issue

My name is Rakesh. I belong to lohar community and my caste comes under obc but meanwhile state government of bihar declared in st category but in central list it is still in obc catagory.
Sir when I go to my block to obtain obc certificate they do not make my obc certificate.
I applied for railway job in group d exam and I have been selected as merit in obc category my documents verification date is 20 may 2019.
Sir please tell me where will I get obc certificate.


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I have recently joined a company, they have some Alien type conditions which i got to know when i got my appointment letter on Day 1.

Please help me how can i get out of this situation.

Please validate the below conditions if they can really impose on me as per Indian law.

1> You will not join any competitor or start your own business as mentioned in the Non Disclosure aggreement and restrictive convenant agreement. The company reserves the right to take various administrative actions (for example, withhold dues as part of the full and final settlement as well as institution of police and criminal cases)

Question : I have not been told about this point in agreement and never explaned in initial round of interviews and HR manager discussions. When i got my appointment letter, they have just ignored my concerns.
Is this point valid according to Indian Law ?

2> You will be required to give a 90 days prior notice to the company in all cases. You may not resign from the services in case the project/ work assigned to you remains incomplete. you will be relieved subject to completion of the project/assignment in hand. your account will only be settled after the completion of the project /assignment and your not coming to work or not taking efficient and suitable steps to complete the project will be treated as being willfully absent and for that you shall be liable to pay an additional sum of Rs 5,000/- per day as damages till your resignation is accepted and your accounts are settled.

Question : Is this point valid according to Indian Law to demand from their employee for such additional amount ?


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21 April 2019 at 11:19


Hi I am a New Zealander woman and am currently in India for a holiday with my new engaged partner. I am currently married but separated from my ex husband for about 2 years and 4 months. We have both agreed awhile ago to get a divorce. Are we both able to apply for a divorce here in India even though we married in NZ? If not would there be any other way for us to get a divorce.
Thank you


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Hello sir,

Few Months Back I took a hand loan from one of my friend And he transferred all the amount through Bank account to my bank account and I had signed black 100₹ Bond Paper at that time and at present I had gave his all the money back and that also through my Bank account to his bank account I transferred but now he is not returning that bond papers which I signed and also I gave him my cheques to him and now he is demanding more money which I can't give so what to do now I need a solution can you guys help me out.
Me and my family getting threating calls from that guy
He is troubling me in my working place and as well as my parents also getting a calls from that person I don't know what to do

Please help me I need a perament solution for this

Thank you


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20 April 2019 at 23:39

dv act maintenance case

DV act interim maintenance was allowed by court in 2017 sep for 9K (when I mentioned me and my son is receiving maintenance under family court 3k and 4k respectively), my husband then took this matter to higher court, session court (Kolkata), when Additional judge cancelled my whole 9K after 12 month waiting in 2018 October, saying that since I am receiving 3k per month there is no cause to allow the maintenance (before the order judge sent us to mediation, at city court Kolkata, where my husband lawyer of Session Court appeal was mediator, I rejected, and asked for another mediator). I gave already all information how much he earns, about 1lac a month, he has a land 50%, and 50% in my name, he is earning from tenants there too about 12 tenants. Now I took this matter to calcutta high court, where I requested a lawyer from legal aid, he didn't mentioned about tenants in the petition he filed, he said he will mention it later.

Any help please what should I do?

Prashant Madhav Gajre

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20 April 2019 at 10:08

Rad Case Matter

Can any legal heir can claim his right in the rented property after 50+ years. Since he has not paid a single Rent / light Bill etc.And not even visited the place in last 50+ years.
Since Redevelopment is going on every where, this problem arises.
Does legal heir's right disposes after Certain years if he does not stay there ?.


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20 April 2019 at 06:42

Expert advocate in a.p.highcourt

I want to file a w.p(C) in a.p.high court regards ancestral property through an experienced civil a.p.high court advocate.please,suggest telugu speaking advocates names.


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19 April 2019 at 18:19

Legal validity of of document

does a Notarized document have a LEGAL validity?

Kavitha SG

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Hello Experts,
I have filed an application for execution of decree U/o 21 R 10(2) of CPC for the sec 24 interim maintenance of appeal in the District court.
We have received my husband's salary certificate from his company. Now the matter for order to attach the salary.
But the lawyer of my husband is asking to adjust the maintenance with sec 125 crpc application where as in 125 interim maintenance order the Hon'ble court has already mentioned that the order of interim maintenance is passed in addition to the interim maintenance of sec 24.
Now, Please let me know ;
1) As the interim maintenance is granted by considering all the facts and in addition to the sec 125 crpc. So, in its execution, does maintenance get adjusted ?
2) I have already submitted all the facts into the court with proofs but still court is biased towards my husband and delaying to attach the salary.
(Note : in sec 125 crpc though the interim maintenance is grated but still my husband has not paid a single penny from last 6 yrs.)
3) Please help with citation, if any.
Please check and advice.
Thank you !!!


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