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Jignesh Gandhi

asked On 29 May 2017 at 17:25

This Query has 15 replies

Affidavit format for new name after adoption of a girl child

We have adopted a girl child in June 2015 and court has given verdict in our favor in July 2016. After courts verdict we received her

birth certificate with the help of the organization and courts verdict. Problem with certificate is that it has her old name before

adoption that was given by the organization and the new name that we have given to our child. She is 7 years old and we have got

her admission in 1st standard in a school.
After looking at her birth certificate school is asking to do affidavit that the new name given by us will remain permanent and will not

change in future.
Our daughter's current name is "Priyanshi" while her previous name given by the organization was "Rani". Birth certificate has the

name as "Rani" alias "Priyanshi". School is asking for affidavit that her name "Priyanshi" will remain permanent and not change in

Please provide a format for affidavit for the above issue.
Thanks in anticipation of a positive response at the earliest.

Ahsan Ahmed Khan

asked On 29 May 2017 at 16:08

This Query has 4 replies

Deed of release

Dear All, I like to know that whether a house property which was purchase by (say for e.g.) Mr. X (Purchaser) from Mr Y (Vendor) and the consideration for the same is made by Mr X through Demand Drafts in favour of the Vendor (Mr Y) and the Deed of Registration for transfer of title was executed between Mr X and Mr Y in the year 1985.

However, after two month in the year 1985 itself Mr X (the purchaser) had entered into a convayance namely "DEED OF RELEASE" where he had released the said house property as mentioned earlier in the name of Mrs Z who has no family relation with Mr X (Purchaser) nor her name was mentioned anywhere in the Title Deed as Co-owner or an interested party in the puchase deed of transfered House property. Further, in the "DEED OF RELEASE" it is mentioned that the Releasor i.e. Mr X (Purchaser) is only a Benamidar and the consideration for Purchase of the House Property was provided by Mrs Z (Releasee, who is not a relative of Mr X and even the religion of Mr X is Hinduism and Mrs Z is Islam and no where in the Purchase deed between Mr. X and Mr Y any disclosure has been made that the property was purchased by Mr X from the money provided by Mrs Z).

Now my questions are as follows:-

Q1) Whether transfer of title can be made by executing "DEED OF RELEASE" where a property was purchased in the name of Benamidar?

Q2) Whether Mr X in the given case will be considered as Benamidar where no such mentioning is there in the Deed of Transfer of title between Mr. X and Mr Y (Vendor)?

Q3) Whether through "DEED OF RELEASE" one can release the right in the property in favour of a person who is neither his relative nor the Co-owner of the property?

Note: Please answer the above question by taking into consideration Benami Property Transactions Act of 1988 and kindly substantiate your answer with referance of relevant case laws.

Sathyanarayana A R

asked On 29 May 2017 at 15:03

This Query has 16 replies

Salary slip

Is issue of salary slip to employees mandatory under any/many statutory law/s? If so please enlighten me. If salary is paid but salary slip is not issued, what is the legal implication? Please let me know.

Rajan Shashikant Patel

asked On 29 May 2017 at 14:45

This Query has 3 replies

Co-op. housing society

respected sirs,

my house is a part of co.op.hos.soc., we(society) had taken a loan for custruction which is paid off now . there is no debts on society now and it is released by finanacial institution.
now we (i and other member ) wants to demolish our houses and wants to construct an apartment on our land . but society is refusing to give NOC ..
Q: can we resign from the society and then construct an apartment ?

Q2: how to deattach our houses from the society so that we can build an apartment ?

Q3: if society is not giving NOC ( as per the society's bylaws) for building a flat in the society can any other authority grant us a permission ? ( as our local body is municipal corporation)

NB: society is not working properly as per all the bylaws of society

plz. guide us we don't want to continue being under the rules of the said society .. what is the possible ways .

thanking you .

Harshita Patil

asked On 29 May 2017 at 13:57

This Query has 7 replies

Divorce guidelines

Hello, I got married in 2016, my husband stays in usa. After marriage I went with him. He have trust issues he placed recorded in the house and hack my mobile he recorded my calls with my family n friend. After few months he sent me back to India. Now he is saying that he don't want to. Continue this Marriage and Blackmailing me n my family that I will show ur chats n recording to everyone. Without my knowledge he was doing this, and now putting all blame on me. He Is making him self safe. I want to continue my marriage plz help me what should I do.


asked On 29 May 2017 at 13:21

This Query has 2 replies

Stay from district court

We have filed a RSA in high court and second party have also filed a caveat they are trying to execute the will.... can't we take a temporary stay from district court under order 41 rule 5,6 during the limitation period...? How we can do it?

Please respond ASAP as it is urgent...

Ashish agarwal

asked On 29 May 2017 at 13:15

This Query has 2 replies



since may.2011 joined railway shramik sahakari bank limited as a ceo as temporary status wioth fix pay .

afairs are managed by BOD ( Elected member of Railway)

under rbi and ministry of agriculture central registrar

till date no fixation and permanent servoce is not regular.

pls help


asked On 29 May 2017 at 12:27

This Query has 7 replies

Distribution of property

Sir, we are three children of parents. Sister is married. Elder brother is in business of father & me on service. Elder brother stays with father & hold a good position in family as all assets of dad is in his possession. I stay at house which is in name of my mother who stays with my brother. Now, they have asked me & my wife to vacant the house as they have made some business loss & they want to compensate same by selling this house. & they have asked me to manage my living in rent house. Here need to say that brother have possession of flat where they currently live, of village house & dads office also (including car & other valuables). But than too they are asking me to vacant house. When i refused they are forcing me & say that they will send me legal notice as house is in name of my mom. Even my mother does what is said to her by my brother. To inform I stay in this house from last 7 years & is maintained by me only.
Please advice what can i do? Do we have to vacant house?


asked On 29 May 2017 at 11:47

This Query has 3 replies

Stamp duty required after probate of getting propert

I have purchased a house in Kolkata , the owner has no more and left the will and on basis I have obtain an probate from high court with duty court fees and applied for mutation .

As stamp duty is not required on the basis of probate as per my lawyer and other feedback.

But one Freind lawyers given suggestion that stamp duty is also required and he has also given me the judgement of supreme court .

Suraj lamp and industries (p) ltd Vs state of haryana 2009 chapter7 page 363

Now I m confused and getting improper advice from the facts.

Please give the advice and proper reply with details what is correct process on which ground

Manish Agarwal

Goapl Garg

asked On 29 May 2017 at 11:46

This Query has 7 replies

Petition for commission

My father is aged 83 years old and is a witness in a criminal case towards a 07 years old property matter and is summoned to the court on 21st June,2017, but owing to his age and health condition he is not able to move out of the house and is medically unfit.I am told that if he does not attend the court, then warrant may be issued against him. what is the remedy to this problem? Can I file an application on his behalf before the court for taking his witness at home under medical ground and if yes then when should I file such application? i.e. on the designated next date only or even before that?

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