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asked On 28 January 2015 at 22:38

Crpc 125-3

My application for rejection of crpc 125(3)is rejected by JMFC.
Now where can i appeal ?
1. Session Court
2. High Court
please reply at the earliest


asked On 28 January 2015 at 22:22

Property of my nana ji..

My NANA ji ( Haridas ji ) had two wife.
from first wife he has a son Dashrath ji.
after the death of first wife he again married and from second wife he has a son Narsingh ji and a daughter Manju ji.
i m son of Manju ji.
thus my NANA ji has 2 son and one daughter.
nana ji got died when mu mom ( manju ji ) was only 2 year old.
elder son dashrath ji also died.some time ago.
the problem is that Son of dashrath ji and my mama ji ( narsingh ji ) has divided the property between them.some property they sold.
we came to know this after 4-5 years.

can my mom claim on the property which they distributed between them and also which they sold.

What is the process and if we can claim what could be minimum time period and money required.



asked On 28 January 2015 at 22:20

Is 6yrs separation during the pendency of the case a ground for divorce?

I'm contesting the divorce petition, HMA 13(1), filed from wife's side on ground of impotency & mental cruelty. It was filed six years back, one month after marriage,and the trial is still going on.

I've almost disproved all her allegations and also produced potency certificate from Medical Board.

During my cross I admitted that I'm not ready to take her back after all those humiliations, and I just want judgement dismissing her allegations like impotency otherwise my future would be in trouble.

Now, during argument, knowing her grounds are weak and disproved, her adv. pleaded that if parties are not living together for more than six years and both parties are not willing to live together again, such a marriage can be treated as dead marriage and in such cases the family court can grand divorce even if the grounds in the petition are not proved. She cited some supreme court judgements and legal papers/articles in this regard.

1) So, do family courts have the power to grand divorce just because parties are separated for more than six years, during the pendency of the case filed on ground other than separation, and both are not ready for reunion?

2) If both grounds ie. Impotency and mental cruelty are not proved, can Judge use his own discretionary power to invoke any other ground like separation which is not mentioned in petition, to grand divorce?


asked On 28 January 2015 at 22:01

Rti act 2005

i intend to take / enquire about the case filed by anti corruption bureak against my sister's father in law. the case was disposed at apex court. but prosecution not commenced. shall i ask tahe details of
case and connected papers from acb people.


asked On 28 January 2015 at 21:55

Deserted from house

my sister daughter got married 8 years back and she was blessed with one son aged around 6 years. recently her husband dropped her retaining son at his mothers place. he promised to come and take her. but not turned up and phone calls not respnding. ours is poor family. what is the remedies available for desertion and custody of child and for dowry harassment.

anil kumar jain

asked On 28 January 2015 at 21:48

Retirement dues paid with inordinate delay

i got partial amount of retirement dues on 31 dec 2014( 4 months delay).i wrote enormous letters and emails.
i received the remaining amount on 5 jan 2015(18 months delay.)again many correspondences from my side.
the dealing official when I spoke in between used to say"Jain sahab jante ho aap to paisa kaise nikalte hain". he was asking financial benefits.
how can i pursue against this individual . he is the GM(Finance).
i want to claim interest on retirement benefits for the delayed period.??
pls tell how i go ahead??

also i have written many letters to CM UP and Chief Secretary UP Govt, Principal secretary Cane Development deptt UP but no result till date.
only one PG (Public Grievance) complaint no is given to me and whenevcer i check it on website of UPCMO it shows pending status..

ketan maniar

asked On 28 January 2015 at 21:33

Inherited property

When a childless couple dies, ,they have willed their property to some relative but this will is challenged in the court by husband brother's children.
The property was willed to one of children from wife's brother, who had 10 children. Can balance 9 children too challenge the will?
Wrost is ,after 25 years of this childless couple death, this problem has cropped up.
Please advise me where I can do research on this matter. I am worried as will lose the house in which I am staying.My lawyer are good, but very busy to do any good quality research.My lawyers inform me that since on notice was given to all aspiring near relatives therefore they can technically raise objection any time. Please advice.


asked On 28 January 2015 at 21:03

Indian christian marriage

Dear sirs namaste. I am free of doubt on the following issue.
The State Government may grant a license to
any Christian, either by name or as holding any office for the time being, authorizing him to grant certificates of marriage between indian christians. But Roman Catholics, is it sufficient to issue licence by Bishop of Roman Catholic? Please clarify my doubt sirs. thank you sirs.


asked On 28 January 2015 at 20:52

Tranfer of muncipal property tax

I have purchased property by means of sale deed from my 13 family members, The 7/12 extract is transferred in my name, The city survey record is also transferred in my name. Now when I have made application for property tax transfer to the municipal council the property tax officer is asking for legal heir document approved by court. The property I had purchased was in name of my four uncles out of which three are dead. I had got all of the legal heirs available to sign the sale deed in front of the registrar and the legal heir document in front of the district magistrate. The Transfer of 7/12 extract was also signed by all the legal heirs in front of the circle officer. Similar procedure was adopted for city survey record transfer. I am stuck in property tax transfer. Please guide


asked On 28 January 2015 at 20:10

Property dispute

my client have a plot in delhi. He got it through irrevocable power of attorney but it was neither registered nor witness there. Now, some goons sold this plot to many persons without any consent from my client through fake docs. How can I prove in the court that my client is the only real owner. The seller who have sold it to my client is ready to give his statement into the court that he had sold the property to my client.
Please guide!

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