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Din Dayal

asked On 20 October 2014 at 19:44

Executor of a will



asked On 20 October 2014 at 17:40

Indexation when property is settled through irrecovable deed

A property has been actually bought by a person in 1980. He transferred to his son in 2012 by an irrevocable deed of settlement. The property is being sold in 2014 by the son. from when can the son enjoy indexation benefit from 1981 (or) 2012 ?


asked On 20 October 2014 at 16:34

Sales deed of lands.

Dear Experts

my parents had joint property on their names.They have sells some quantum of unused land to a 3 persons(x,y and Z). The sales deed agreement details as under
with x in the year 2002.
with y in the year 2004.
with z in the year 2007.

i am having problem with party x.

The sales deed agreement of x has not be registered at Registrar Office till the date, whereas y's and z's are available in Registrar Office. from Registrar website.

In sales deed of X only my mother has been signed and my father has not signed the agreement in the cases of y and Z both my parents has signed the agreement.

we have conflict with X party on following issue

They have not paid full amount to land till the date. They have build a house living their.

My question are as follows
1. whether the land is still belonging to my parents?
2. whether i have rights on the x lands?
3. whether i can vacate them from this land?
4. whether i can litigate them?
5. whether there is any delayed in taking action from our side?

At this condition suggest me what to do.

house wife...

asked On 20 October 2014 at 16:01

Meaning of this order???

i filed dv on my husband ..after some months he filed revision petition...orders came now are as follows...i want to know its meaning in simple language
Present:- Sh.Rahul Kamboj, adv., for the revision petitioner
Sh. S.PS Verma, adv. for the respondent
Record of ld. Trial court has been received but Ld.
Counsel for petitioner requested for date for arguments. Perusal of trial
court record shows that case is fixed before ld. Trial Court for today. In
view of these circumstances, file of ld. Trial court be returned
immediately with a direction to return the same two days prior to the date
fixed. Now for arguments to come up on 18.10.2014.
(Rajnish Garg)


asked On 20 October 2014 at 15:38

Mothers property

We are 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am one of the daughters.We have one house and 2 acres of land. All the property is in mothers name and Nominee is My Father. My mother expired. Can my transfer the property in his name without no objection certificate from daughters. Can he write a will saying that 2 of his sons are legal heirs of the property.
Actually my father promised daughters that, he will give 1 acres to each of us and house will be given to sons. But now he changed his mind and want to give all to his 2 sons.

Do Daughters have any right in such case. Can my father write will saying that his sons are legal. As a Nominee, can he have all legal rights on the property.

Do my father need NOC from his daughters are not required.

Can you please help me out

karthik ramalingam

asked On 20 October 2014 at 14:26

Query on education loan


I availed 15 lakhs education loan from UCO bank pondicherry in 2009 for doing MBA in UK. My bank manager called me couple of weeks ago and said you have paid any money after that 2 lakhs you paid in 2012. So your account gone NPA. IF you don't pay five lakhs with in one month we will auction your property and take our money. I have did not have that much money, so i decided to sell half of the property and pay 10 lakhs in to the loan account and told the manager. the manager said the loan amount has come around 22 lakhs including interest. if you pay 10 ten lakhs and release you property from the bank you have to give another collateral security for the rest 12 lakhs. We both agreed for that and found a buyer to buy half of the property in bank. we made a sale agreement and got 10 lakhs in advance and paid that amount to bank as me and the bank manager agreed. after i paid the money to the bank i asked him to give me the original document and take another property as security. but unexpectedly the bank manager is not giving the original document and insisting me to pay the loan amount in full. I told him that i am selling the property only for 12 lakhs how can i pay 22 lakhs in full. but the manager said he can not do anything i have to pay the amount in full. Because he was agree to swap the document by paying 10 lakhs and made agreement to the buying party. I have to get the document from the bank and do registration for them otherwise they will take legal action against me. now what i am wondering is can i take legal against the manager for betraying me. please some one help


asked On 20 October 2014 at 13:40

Infomration commission order without direction/relief to the applicant

Sir, I am lawyer I filed the RTI Application seeking infomration on points related to 498-A case which relates to Police investigation. The Information was trnasffered to JMIC which warned te SPIO, police to be careful in sending RTI to the courts.Then I move to FAA( Fisrt Appellate Authority).The FAA too gave vague reply then I move to the state Information Commission and commission issued notices to the parties and just before 2 days of hearing the SPIO gave reply dated 10.09.2014which too are common and vague.The Commission diposed off my second appeal without considering the contesnt of vague AND COMMON reply given by the SPIO dated 10.09.2014...Now In such case since information has not been supplied to me and the commission too has given the order whether I should appraoch to the state information commission that letter dated 10.09.2014 didnot disclose the information or I should file the writ petition against the order of the State Infomration Commission??

Kindly see the contents of the order which I have pasted below

ontents of second appeal are taken for consideration. The appellant
stated that the respondent-SPIO has transferred his RTI application
under Section 6(3) of the RTI Act, 2005 to the JMIC, who vide
letter dated 4.6.2014 returned with the direction that information
sought by the appellant relates to the police authorities. The SPIO has
also been warned to the careful in sending such RTI applications which
has no relation with the trial court. The appellant agitated that there are
no provisions under the RTI Act, 2005 to reject an RTI application
merely on the ground that the matter is sub-judice. He prayed for the
Commission's directions to the respondent-SPIO to provide information
as sought vide RTI applicaqon dated 4.4.2014. He further prayed for
issue appropriate order and directions against the respondents for
denying the information.
3. SPIO-cum-Deputy Superintendent of Police
(HQ), appeared before the Commission. He submitted that he
joined as SPIO on 26.8.2014. The RTI application was received and
processed by his predecessor. As per record of the case file, the
appellant's RTI application was received in the SPIO's office on
12.4.2014. The appellant has sought nine point information relating to
FIR no. 551 dated 6.7.2012 under Section 498 A, 406, 323, 506.
Assistance was sought from the custodian of the record i.e. SHO, Police
Station . The appellant was informed that the information
could not be provided as after arresting the accused on 18.9.2012,
challan has been put in the court concerned on 1.10.2012. However,
point-wise reply was given to the appellant vide letter dated 10.9.2014.
The appellant's RTI application was transferred under Section 6(3)
to the court concerned for providing the information. The respondentSPIO regretted that the RTI application was transferred under Section
6(3) to the JMIC.
4. The FAA disposed of the appeal vide order dated 3.6.2013 by
observing that the requisite reply has been given to the appellant by the
5. The Commission heard the averments of the respondent-SPIO and
perused the record of the case file. The Commission noted that the
present SPIO has joined recently. Since the challan has been put in the
court concerned on 1.10.2012 and the appellant was informed on
15.5.2014 in response to RTI application dated 4.4.2014 that the case
file has been submitted to the court and is not available with the public
authority, hence, the information could not be furnished to the
appellant. The Commission observed that the then respondent-SPIO has
erred in transferring the RTI application under Section 6(3) of the RTI
Act, 2005 to the JMIC. The manner in which the RTI application has
been processed shows that there is complete lack of appreciation of the
provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2005. However, no malafide
intention to hide or conceal the information from the appellant has been
established on the part of the respondent-SPIO.
6. In view of the above facts, the appeal is decided with the following
i. The respondent public authority shall ensure to make
arrangements for the training of the designated SPIOs and FAAs
for the effective implementation of the RTI Act, 2005
Announced. To be communicated.

Chilamakurthy Venkat Raao

asked On 20 October 2014 at 12:09

Authority of investigation officer in a 498a caae

i m working as a state govt executive in telangana state.on 27.3.14 I gave divorce notice to my retaliation she filed 498a,sec 3 And 4 Of Dp act on me,parents,sister and sec 354 On my cousion brother on 17.4.14.
dsp called me to his office at 7pm on 17.4.14 and got arrested me there and kept me in lockup upto 11am on 19.4.14.
officially they have shown arrest on 18.4.14 at 7pm

on 19.4.14 Investigation officer who is an SI sent a letter to Head of our office that we have arrested ur employee on so n so cases and they also requested to take departmental disciplinary action against me due to my involvement in criminal cases.
my doubt is 'does the io has the authority to request for dept disciplinary action'.
if yes who has given the power n under which act.
if no what cases can be filed against him
can i get any guidelines under which he can be questined in cross ecamination

with regards


asked On 20 October 2014 at 11:41

Name mis-spelt in final divorce decree


I received the final divorce judgement and decree last week (MCD). While my name is spelt correctly in the judgement, in the decree, my name and also my father's name is mis-spelt. The spelling errors are restricted to one alphabet in each name.

Is there any way to get the spellings in the decree corrected? My lawyer said that the only way to do this would be to go through the entire MCD procedure again!

Also, if I do not get these corrected, will there be an issue if I get married again and register that wedding?

Please advise as I am puzzled as to why a clerical spelling error cannot be corrected and I will have to go through the entire proceedings again?


asked On 20 October 2014 at 11:05

Full and final settlement not paid

Respected Panelists,

Request Your Valuable Advice on the following,

I was working for a Financial Services Company and had resigned from the Job and my last working day was 31 Aug 2010 after serving 1 months notice period.

They have issued me the relieving certificate dated 23 sept 2010. its been four years and they are still not ready to settle my dues. When I started inquiring about my dues with the head office they told me that they have released the same to my regional office and the regional office is holding it back.

When I mailed them for my final settlement they wrote back saying that there is a client compliant and I have to get a satisfactory letter from the client to get my dues released.

I wrote back to the company saying that I dont agree to any of the contents raised by the client and since I was neither the relationship manager nor the dealer for the client and the client used to transact on his own, I cant be held responsible for his portfolio devaluation. I had provided only professional advice and the clients portfolio value came down because of market conditions prevailing during 2008-2010 wherein markets all over the world had collapsed.

Sir, I wanted to know what are my legal and other options and can they hold back my dues even after they have given my relieving letter.

Request your valuable feedback

Thanks a lot.

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