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Anil Kumar

asked On 01 August 2015 at 08:05

jurisdiction of court in divorce by mutual consent

I got married in May 2010 and our marriage is registered in gurgaon. I have been living in gurgaon for the past 14 years and in service in gurgaonfor the past 8 years. My wife whose parental house is in jaipur has been living in my parental house since then and also working in Gurgaon. She moved out of our hose deceitfully on the 3rd of june 2015. We have both decided to go for a divorce by mutual consent. All other issues have been settled between the families except the jurisdiction of the court. Her parents insist that the petition be filed in jaipur as per clause iii a para 19 of the section 13B as per HMA 1955.We are saying that since she was residing and working in gurgaon till 3rd june 2015 and that our marriage registration is in gurgaon the petion has to be filed in gurgaon. Are we right in insisting that the petition be filed in Gurgaon cort. Pl advice


asked On 01 August 2015 at 07:47

Partnership dispute

I'm a partner in partnership firm with A & B Partners from 13 yrs. In 2005 I came abroad by giving GPA to my father. Since then the other partners are misleading me and my father about the business and not providing true facts.It is a large scale cotton business and they are not showing any accounts. Though they are showing profits in IT returns but they are not sharing any profits to me. They have started another business(construction)and also bought lands without my consent. Now
they want me to go out of the partnership on the pretext that I'm not a active partner and not involving in day-
day activities. There is no expulsion clause in the partnership deed and it is a registered Firm. What are my legal options? Is there any legal ground for them on me? If I want to continue in the partnership and verify accounts what is the way?


asked On 01 August 2015 at 04:14

Marriage registration cancellation is legal or not

I have already done my registration. Right now We both want to cancel it. What is the way? Please suggest me.
I want re register. Please suggest me when I will be able to re-registration after cancellation.

Rashid chowdhary

asked On 01 August 2015 at 02:06

Sec 10 (26 A ) tax exemption fot ST posted at leh ladakh reg

Is Schdule tribe employees from other parts of country are exempted from tax who are posted at leh. ?

Samanth kumar

asked On 01 August 2015 at 00:52

Divorce custody

Dear experts, my cousin Hindu, got love marriage with a Christian lady in a church. after 5 days of marriage, wife left husband and living with her parents till today. (After 8 months. Male child was born) husband made many mediations, but she never back to husband. After 3years of desertion he filed divorce case in district court . after 4 years now case is at the stage of arguments. They have 1 male kid of 6 years old. Now total desertion period is 7 and half years. Now at arguments stage she is demanding a huge amount or she is telling husband to take son. Her demand is "GIVE MONEY OR TAKE SON" . Wife is a Government employee, husband is a private worker with less salary. Now wife age is 41, husband age is 42. After 5 days of marriage no relation or communication between husband and wife . Husband never visited wife's parents home in these 7 and half years period. They are living at different places of 200 km distance. Please suggest sirs


asked On 31 July 2015 at 23:33

forced child marriage


Please help me in above case. My friend got into forced marriage in 2005 with a girl in remote village on border of rajasthan and haryana. His parents had forced him into this but this marriage hasn't been consummated and neither of the parties have met after that day. Also I am aware that this marriage got legal after both of them tured major. Both the parties have never lived together. My friend had always opposed on this and have not been in contact with the girl anytime since 2005.
Now when he kept refusing for so many years that he is not interested in bringing that girl here her family is not ready to listen. They have filed a maintenance case in bhiwani court. Further that family is continuously harassing him to get the girl here. This marriage cannot be consummated but they are not ready to listen.
Further now they have filed a false complain in loharu police station for dowry. Last week the police called him for his statement and he went there. The police started warning him that they would arrest him if he doesn't take the girl along with him.
Can somebody please help my friend what should be done in such a case. Can mumbai police help us in this matter. All people in that village are so adamant and law is not getting followed. How can he get arrested for doing no crime. Also the police says that they will file section 428 against number is 9820637295. We are in urgent need of help .

Sonali Arora

asked On 31 July 2015 at 23:24


Can a lawyer practice in two different fields when in practice
Like taxation as well as handling of criminal cases.?

Gaurav kumar

asked On 31 July 2015 at 22:57

Case of bribe

Sir there is a case of bribe running between me and my branch friend against cbi for accepting Rs1000 as bribe.But the day when my friend was accepting bribe was caught on the spot by cbi and I was absent in the office due to my health problems.But my friend told cbi that he was accepting this because I had told him to accept.For this only a case was run against me.I provide all relevant medical certificate for absent of the day of incident but civil court gives result that I and my friend both are guilty and punished me as 3 year of jail and fine of Rs10000.What should I do now??what happen to my central government job ??Can I take my case to high court,will I win in high court???
Please reply ...


asked On 31 July 2015 at 22:32

Documentary evidence

What Is The Legal Value As Documentary Evidence Of An Attested Copy, By Notary, Of Notarised Original Document?


asked On 31 July 2015 at 22:03

Ipc 219 & 220

Trial is complete. Accused persons r acquitted.
trial court observes in its findings that investigating officer directly jumped to the conclusion that there are materials and submitted chargesheet.

The investigating officer in this case filed a chargesheet and thus committed the accused persons to stand a criminal trial contrary to law.
can the investigating officer be charged under s.219 and s.220 of the IPC for making a report "chargesheet" contrary to law and thus commitment to trial contrary to law.

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