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asked On 24 October 2014 at 07:41

10 months delay in relieving letter & f&f

Dear Sir
This is B.Harihar from Chennai ,I was worked as CFO Chief Financial Office of Indian Company, I was targeted to resigned ,accordingly resigned in Dec 2013 .My resignation was accepted and physically relieved from the job.The problem was the full & final Settlement ,they have not issued F&F and relieving letter so for, during the month of April i have mailed to settle my account along with relieving letter having claiming salary up April 2014 since the delay is on their part. Finally they have sent me the F&F settlement purposely deducted rs.100000 advance paid ( original there was no advance due as such ) and forced me to accept the settlement and collect the relieving letter I have refused over phone.
what I want to do is I want to claim salary up to my legal Notice ( Say Dec 2014)which is going to send . Whether I can do it , some where I noticed the relieving letter has to be given on the same day of acceptance of resignation and if not the delay dates will be fetching salary .
With out my reveling letter I am not able to join any where for last 10 month ,the senior post like mine will always require relieving letter .Hence i request you to provide me some legal advice and points to fight for this .If you have any choice of advocate in Chennai who interested in labor case can also be introduced.



asked On 24 October 2014 at 07:09

Property related

Pls.forward the address of experts in property law in pune and pimpri chinchwad.
expert may be a retd. judge or an well experienced in property laws.
Let us grow stronger by mutual exchange of Knowledge.


asked On 24 October 2014 at 07:00


Dear sir, i have a flat at pune on Ground father had purchased the flat with garden area adjacent to it as mentioned in Conveyance deed (Kharedi-Khat). now the people of the apartment (society not formed)4 days ago removed my wall of garden area for connecting drainage pipe underneath thru my garden area.& quarreling for not reconstructing the broken wall.what and how to proceed for legal action. also if i dont want to be a member of the yet to form society is that ok?


asked On 24 October 2014 at 03:14

Quit job without any notice period, during probation period.

Dear Sir,
I had joined a company in july and i was on probation period(i.e. 6 months). i worked there for 3 months(22nd Oct;14) and b’coz of unprofessional working culture I asked to resign from my position. My Reporting manager said CEO will confirm what to do when it came in knowledge of CEO he shouted at me badly and use abusive language and said he will not release until they don’t hire another candidate till 1-2 month. i feel mentally disturbed due to this kind of environment I don’t want to spent one day more there ? In Diwali vacation I handedover my laptop (which was issued to me) to admin dept without any receiving and back to home now don’t want to go back so I send a mail to Reporting manager and HR that I would not be able to continue my service and m resigning from my position and inform to them that I have handed over my laptop to Admin dept and dispatched their CUG mobile number by courier. I don’t want my salary. As per HR policy no notice period under probation. Its depends on candidate how much time he wants to serve. In my offer letter no T& C for probation period. I’m affarding that can company take any legal action against me? What can I do in this case? How can I defence myself, if company take a legal action or charge fake blame?
Pls help?


asked On 24 October 2014 at 01:14

Kindly provide any hc or sc judgement for referece, if any.


unfortunately ,revenue authorities in their note did not mention any thing about noc by sisters in mutation note nor the records are available ( as under rti authrities are not bound to give records beyond 20 years.) they might have beendestroyed , lost,anything could have happend.


(c) rest of 4 the sisters later in feb.2010 executed a proper registered release deed stating and confirming the stand of the brothers that they gave an affidavit to tehsildars for mutation in favor of 4 brothers and the the 5 sisters also signed the same affidavit in the presence of their father who was alive at that time.

(d) 5th siser who is claiming her share in compensation got stay from high court on whole compensation land which was to be givven in lieu of acquisition.
4 brother are yet to file their reply.

(e) my question is why high court stayed whole land when only 1/9 was claimed, rest of the sisters have already released their rights through registered release deed.high court should have directed to stay only 1/9 part of the compensation which was claimed.

(f) kindly give suitable similar reference most similar or some landmark judgements hc/sc which could prove to be helpful in our next hearing . kindly, also provide your valuble inputs in this case !


asked On 23 October 2014 at 23:20

Termination from Job

Sir, I am an employee of SBI at Nagpur zone, working in a rural branch for the past 13 yrs, joined in May 1997. I have an excellent service record, but after marriage on 2010, we had our baby who was premature, & needed doctor's attention almost every month, My wife is from Mumbai, so we had to come for checking to Mumbai every month almost for a year, I had applied for transfer in 2010, but even after a year nothing seemed to work, Union was least. Bothered to help, always with the same reason , as per banks policy , finally I decided to go on loss of pay till I was transferred to Mumbai, now I am told that I will be terminated from job, and if I want to continue I have to continue in the same rural branch, and with no assurance that I will be transferred to Mumbai, now 24 Oct '14 is the last day, but now I fear I will be utilised in the branch as a labour with no prestige & word to express myself, plz guide urgently as to what should I do.


asked On 23 October 2014 at 20:26

Firm/company registrations .

I run a food outlet inside a college currently registered as a partnership firm with a friend .Havent registered the partnership deed yet. We have a pan card with the firm name too.
I have given my home address as my office address and i live with my parents in a rented house.
I need to apply for TIN number and food licenses. I also wish to open multiple outlets in the coming months.
i NEED A permenant address for tin and that my house owner wont give a NOC to run office from my house. What other options do i have. I have partnership agreement with the colleges for adress proof purposes. Is it wise to register the office at any one of the outlets ??

Suresh. S

asked On 23 October 2014 at 19:53

Denial of work, denial income, gross negligence, refusal to answer query - signed contract agreement


I would like to seek help regarding my company's refusal (Medical Transcription company) located in Bangalore to which employment contract agreement is signed. The company is located in Bangalore and I work from home being home based job in Kerala. I had started working since April 1, 2014.

The issue is the company does not allow me to work since Sept 12, 2014 till date for reasons unknown. The only thing they asked me during these days is PAN card no. The company also send me FORM 16A prior to this. I had send a mail to them asking for reasons to which they responded by asking me to go for training on new platform for one hour starting from 4 p.m., which I agreed to. Even then, the company refuses to conduct training and rest of the day I am kept waiting. They used to provide me work and salary until Sept 12. After this date, no work and no salary. Daily they note my presence but not responding. I asked them specifically why they not allowing me to work and no salary despite being highly successful work status. They do not reply. I tried very much, but now I am asking lawyers whether under work employment contract signed by me and the company, can the company refuse to provide me work and salary without having any reasons? The company was more than satisfied with my work and no issues on that. It is now 41 days. I feel it is a prejudice. I need to find out what is going on inside the company?

I need suggestions whether I should file a law suit against the company for not providing me work and salary and whether I should file law suit in Bangalore or in Kerala or whether I should go for RTI? Will RTI allow me to know exactly what is going on and take legal action or should I file s law suit and seek COMPENSATION. The company has no right to refuse without assigning any reasons. I need suggestions and clarifications about this labor issue.

Refusal to work and denial of income as the only source of income is against equality at work. My work was good for the company and the company was very happy with it. Suddenly something is amiss in the company. Should I seek ombudsman? I don't know whom to approach. I need a quick response from anyone.

Guide me, please. Kindly send reply to my mail: or for suitable course of action.


asked On 23 October 2014 at 19:45

Sec.138 of n.i.act

Accused borrowed some amount from father of Complainant. Both the Accused and father of Complainant did business. subsequently father of Complainant died. Later dispute arose between Complainant and Accused. Some elders heard both the Complainant and Accused and resolved that the Accused shall pay some amount to the Complainant. Accordingly the Accused issued two cheques to Complainant. On the basis of said Cheques the Complainant filed Complaint against Accused, u/Sec.138 of N.I.Act. There was no document that Accused borrowed money from the father of Complainant. No one is present at the time of giving of money by the father of complainant to the Accused. One more point is that Complainant is not sole legal heir to file complaint.His mother and younger brother are alive. There is no authorization from them to the Complainant to file Complaint.Whether Sec.138 of N.I.Act., attracts or not? since there was no consideration between Complainant and Accused.


asked On 23 October 2014 at 19:38

Deducting the watchman's proportionate amount from maintenance charges in an apartments

2nd Oct ‘2014.

Dear Secretary,
Attn: Mr.V.S.Ganesan

This letter is intended to form a written letter following up repeated verbal complaints I have made in person to you about the working and bad attitude & behavior of the watchman Ramalingam which is increasing day by day leading to the suspicions that he himself is involved in all the thefts.

The situation at KERWA Apartment has become intolerable due to the following and the worst behavior of watchman is due to the fact that he will not be removed by KERWA’s present office, the reasons are best known to him and the present office bearers in spite of the fact that he is not doing any of the work addressed in to 16 or at least 1 to 10 and theft has occurred in two flats only during his duty hours in the night.

In fact two thefts have also occurred in my flat that has lead to losing of some jewels of my daughter that is around 120 gms, and a rechargeable search Light, which are yet to be reported to the police.

Although many good watchmen who have been appointed to work in night shift alone (as Ramalingam was given special treatment to work in day shift who is neither fit to work in day nor in night) had resigned their job due to the worst attitude and behavior of Ramalingam and KERWA is forced to appoint security through Security agency for night shift due to the special treatment given to him.

I have at least on N times spoken to you as well as to the watchman about the problems like,

Ø The bastardic act of some inmates of KERWA making scratches on my vehicle.

Ø Another bastardic act of stealing petrol from my Yamaha. Almost around 3.2 litres of petrol had been stolen on 30th Sep 2014. On 11th Oct ‘2014, there was a heated exchange of words and he has tried to hit me and I would have reciprocated the same, but averted due to my daughter and some other intervention when I have indicated about the shortcomings in his work and further abused me with the word that unnaala En Mayira Kooda pudunga mudiyaathu. If you are not going to remove him from work and block his entry into Krishna Enclave and if any unpleasant incident happens, you and your office bearers are only responsible for the same.

Ø Use of Common area as well as open car park by some of the flat owners to keep scrap Tyres and other items, that is leading to increase in the Mosquito menace in the apartment causing many health problems like Dengue, Chicken Kunia, Malaria and so on. (For Corporation of Chennai to note)

Ø Parking of vehicles in such a way that it is obstructing the way of other vehicles movements.
(Photos available as proof).

Ø Drying of clothes in the vehicle movement area, that is a threat to the safety of two wheeler drivers.

Ø Allowed some of the Flat owners from the year 2005 till Jun ‘2014 to do commercial activity of cooking business that is a biggest health and safety risk for other flat owners.(For Corporation of Chennai to make the property tax to commercial tax )

Ø As every flat owner has paid for the Common area and being enjoyed by few others, rent has to be charged from those who are parking their vehicles outside (including cycles) on a daily/monthly basis and has to be added to the corpus fund.

Ø I want to know, how many cars and two wheelers per flat are allowed to be parked inside the premises, as there is an arrogant resident who doesn’t understand the difference between a talk and an argument, told me that he will keep any number of vehicles.

My attempts to make your watchman, yourself and some of your office bearers aware of this issues have become futile as all of you have turned a deaf ear and the watchman is talking nonsense and quarrelling, when I have informed him about the petrol Theft.

I request you to remove him from watchman duty and block his entry into Krishna Enclave as he is fit for nothing and a menace to KERWA and appoint a new good watchman as he is not following any of the rules that are written below:

1. To take frequent rounds to ensure safety of KERWA’s properties and of vehicles;
(The watchman is never taking rounds on any day as he is fastened to the chair).

2. Not to undertake/perform personal work of anyone while on duty.
(He is always cleaning the vehicles during his duty hours for a ransom from vehicle owners.)
(Buying vegetables and other provisions for some of the flat owners.)

3. Not to smoke/chew pan, etc. or read newspapers while on duty.
(He is reading newspapers and books most of the times during his duty hours – Photo

4. Not to allow entry/exit of vehicles of others who are not a resident of KERWA.
(He allowing the vehicles of personnel who are not the residents of KERWA & many times night parking for visitor’s vehicles are allowed by him in the building compound).

5. To ensure that vehicles are parked in the designated parking areas.

6. To ensure that all vehicles are found to be parked in their respective slot and not of another Member/resident, or improperly parked, which are causing avoidable inconvenience to others, it has to be considered to be a violation by the KERWA Rules. The vehicle will have to be immediately towed to the visitor’s parking area and a fine of Rs. 500 per day will have to be levied on the defaulting member till the vehicle is parked in its proper place.
7. Not to allow two wheelers to take exit route to go inside and take enter route to exit from the
(Watchman is allowing two wheelers to take wrong routes including to enter/Exit thro. exit
Walkway, as he is not opening the gates and is fastened to the chair during his duty hours).

8. Not to allow any unauthorized person to enter.
(Many sales personnel are being allowed inside the flat by taking money from them.)

9. All visitors to be permitted only after verification with the flat owner.

10. To attend to lift/fire alarm calls from lifts and take action thereafter.
(He has never attended to any alarm calls from the lifts).

11. To ensure that adequate details of visitors are properly entered in Visitors Register before
Permitting entry;

12. Not to accept keys or belongings of any flats from the Members/residents. If he did so,
It will be deemed to be dereliction of duties.
(He is accepting the keys and belongings from flat owners).
13. Not to allow servants and service providers to loiter unnecessarily within the Flat’s premises.
(He is allowing and service providers to loiter unnecessarily within the Flat’s premises, allowing some of the servant maids and their wards even to carry water in pots).

14. To keep a watch on children and not allow them to exit KERWA premises without adult escort
(Not keeping a watch on children and allowing them to exit without escort.)

15. Not to allow children to play any game [except in the designated play areas].

16. To check the bags or belongings of domestic help/service providers.

17. To ensure that workmen entering the building for repair work in flats stop work at the
Stipulated time and leave the building.

18. Unable to see the watchman Ramalingam for 2 to 4hrs in the day during the working hours frequently.

19. The watchman can’t even deliver the Adyar times/Adyar Talk properly in the post box as most of the weeks it was not available and when enquired he has told me that some of the resident has stolen.

20. He is creating another nuisance by routing everyone to flat no.19, if he does not know the address and strangers are ringing the calling bell at odd hours. The same ideatic act is also being done by some of the residents.
There is no discipline in parking of Vehicles, especially two wheelers. Kindly arrange to limit the no. Of vehicles that one can keep in the designated parking place and kindly earmark the area for resident’s vehicles. (A Place for everything, everything in its place). It is going lead to problems if it is not done so. I will not hesitate to buy another two vehicles and park it in the earmarked parking, if this situation is going to continue. Of late, Krishna Enclave has become a parking lot for all and Sundries.

I have been witnessing from 1998 that many watchman who have worked earlier were Good in many aspects and 200 times better than the present watchman Ramalingam. Watchman who have worked previously have followed atleasest serial Nos.1 to 10, apart from switching on the motor pumps, Opening the gates for entry / exit of vehicles of residents, informing exceptions to each and every flat, even remitted electricity bills and have excelled in their work for a meager salary of INR. 2000 to INR. 3000/month . M/s Madurai, Saravanan, Nadar & Govindasamy are some of the watchmen to name a few.

I have been polite and patient, but my patience has worn thin day by day.

Kindly arrange to take necessary action. If the above situation continues and if you are not going to remove Watchman Ramalingam and block his entry in to Krishna Enclave, I will exercise my rights to reduce the proportionate amount that is being paid to the watchman salary from the Monthly maintenance fee from Next Month onwards (Nov ‘2014) apart from approaching appropriate authority for suitable action.

And instead of allowing him to do the work in this fashion, we can even employ a differently abled person in his shift.

Also kindly arrange to display every month, the monthly expenses incurred per month in Krishna Enclave.

Please let me know if you would like more information.


Venkat K

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