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asked On 28 May 2016 at 14:29


I want to know if I can file a PIL against reservation system because it increases discrimination whereas it shoud decrease the caste discrimination.


asked On 28 May 2016 at 13:33

Property tax - bangalore - non-residential


We (my family) own two industrial units in Bangalore. And both are located in residential areas.

We have been paying property tax every year at the applicable commercial rate and we never had a problem - until now.

A couple of days ago, an inspector from BBMP visited our factory premises, measured the built up area and told us we have been paying taxes at the residential rate and not at the commercial rate. This is false.

He also told us we will be levied a penalty from 2008 till date and t hat we have to pay a penalty of Rs 10 lakhs.

When we protested, he told us he would be sending us a notice shortly.

I get the feeling he was expecting a bribe - which we are unwilling to pay.

In the past, inspectors would visit our factory, take the measurements of the built up area and let us know the tax we had to pay.

They never gave us an assessment order.

What are our options now?

We have been paying our taxes every year and we have all the tax paid receipts.

Any help in this regard would be very much appreciated.



asked On 28 May 2016 at 13:24

Personal loan reg

Continuation.Apart from that he told my friend to call the police and the waste police came and he asked the problem and he said to the agents to send a reminder of the legal notice which you sent for about 13 times as told by the client. On that day they knodded and said to the police man it was before 5 years back where to find out. My friend also told we want the acknowledgement of the noice which you sent then i'll proceed through the lawyer. Yesteday they came but they didn't brought the acknowledgement for which they told in front of the police man. Instead they use to say that sir told that he will come to bank no that's why we came.What to do now. Please suggest me and make them to get rid of this problem .


asked On 28 May 2016 at 13:14

Personal loan reg

Dear Sir/Madam

I wrote a complaint yesterday regarding the non payment of personal loan. And now Is there any possible to take IP. I think it was 8 years passed of taken the loan from the bank, At any cost he is unable to make the settlement and he is having nothing with him. Yesterday also the agents came asked and shouted at him. It is public money how can you say that you will not pay? I am not having money if i have money i would have paid already and there is no necessity of your coming here also. For that the agents said you didn't pay that's why we came. My friend said that i have no money you do what ever you want.when ever they said we will take legal action, my friend also approached a lawyer and he tpld them to meet my lawyer what he says I'll do that only. For that the agents asked if he ask you to eat dung will you eat? he said yes.Now he looking for a permanant solution for this.Pl.suggest me.


asked On 28 May 2016 at 13:12

Misuse of Written cheque

Dear Sirs,

Iam Manohar babu writing to request your kind advise on the below issue.

Last year in December I have my sister marriage, to do the marriage I tried to arrange money by spelling my ancestral property, as agreed by other Family members. We sold our property and got registered on 14/December. My sister marriage happened on 6&7th December. In November I took some advance money from the buyer on manual agreement for marriage. That time buyer asked to give two cheques, when suppling property papers, I lost one half written cheque. Then I informed bank to stop that cheque. In that cheque amount mentioned and singed. Date and name place was blank. Cheque was stopped on 20/11/2015.

Now I received a notice from lawyer saying that I have not paid his fees , and mentioning my cheque in the notice. He deposited cheque and it is returned unpaid. He wrote his name and mentioned date as 27/02/2016.

Surprisingly, he was the same lawyer, who hired buy our purchaser. Now he sent notice and demanding for money.

We are no where connected with this Lawyer buyer already paid his fees now he is having my cheque and blackmailing me.

He says he introduced the purchaser for that I gave this cheque as a fees. Actually broker is different person and broker name mentioned in the deed also, and I paid his fees completely.

I don't know what to do please help.



asked On 28 May 2016 at 12:19

Ex - gratia not paid till today

Dear Sir,

One of our client Joined in PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY DEC'2012. He has not received the Ex - Gratia 20% on basic salary

Annuity Benifits : Ex-gratia (20% of Basic pay) (on financial year basis) (provided employee is on the roils of the company on the date of payment. Every year they have paid the ex gratia for the month of OCT. But they have not given the Ex - Gratia form 2012. to 2014 2 years. form 01.04.2014 onwards they have added in salary and paid on monthly basis. I have resign the job on 15.01.2015. But they have not paid the Ex gratia 01.04.2012 to 31.03.2014 (2 years) till today.

The Exgratia was the part of my CTC.

I request you to kindly guide me how can I get my ex-gratia.


asked On 28 May 2016 at 11:12

warrant issued for non payment - though appealed at High cou

Dear Sir,

My wife has filed a Crpc 125 close to a year now . It is come to petitioner's evidences till now! ( But they haven't filed evidences from 4 months and are trying to mint money) The lower court had failed to consider the below facts... hence I have appealed at high court,

1. I lost my job because of the harassment (twice) by my wife's relations at my office, I was warned by my H.R... fearing that more harassment might happen n of losing respect and dignity in front of peers - I resigned before my H.R forces me to do so. ( I resigned before this case being filed and the resignation letter is produced at court during hearing)

2. Before this... a group of 25+ people including my wife, in-laws and her relations had come to our house(s) and assaulted my mother and me to black n blues, for which complaint was lodged and FIR is filed! The copies of the same is produced at court along with MLC, wound certificate etc...

3. I had also submitted my parents medical report, my wife's medical reports ( she can't mother a child- almost a lakh was spent by me) including bills was produced. She claims to be illiterate and can't maintain herself! - N number of false allegations on me!

4. Rental agreements,p personal expenses etc... waa also produced at lower court!

By not considering any of these facts... court passed IM order to pay Rs. 5000. I managed to pay Rs.10000 initially.. later I was sick so I couldn't pay and approached high Court for justice!

My query is.... They have issued warrant, though we have appealed at high Court and even after giving writ petition number! Notice is sent to my wife from high Court!

In-between this... My lower court lawyer was not at all co-operative, she removed or suppressed many informations which I e-mailed her while filing objection... she misguided and convinced me for removing them... and now I am suffering!

She even scared me not to come to court... or immediate arrest will happen! I Was Confused what to do next... felt something fishy or she is mis guiding me... I went to court, but was around 5-10 minutes late!

Now... her junior says... you were late to court... hence the warrant was issued! Now they are giving NOC!!! - as I opposed her behavior and for misguiding me!!!
She says... take NOC or I will write memo to court! ( Payments made in full and regularly) I saw them interacting with my in-laws too!!!

*** warrant issued for non payment - though appealed at High court! - could it be all because of my lawyers negligence or corruption???

Can't I take stay on warrant now? (Next date is 7.6.16) As I am jobless and in a very bad shape! Dependent on my parents- my father sells let chains at foot path!!! Somehow managing family with tears n liabilities.

Why is court failed to consider my documents? and did this Injustice to me?

Can I draft or proforma to cancel warrant or take stay at high court! ( Next date at high court is unknown!)


asked On 28 May 2016 at 11:07


Recently i was intrested in a flat in himachal pradesh and i signed the contract with owner and given the initial amount of 5 lacs out of 60 somebody told me dont buy that flat and now i dont want to purchase that flat bt already signed the contract with is there a way that contract could be void and i can get the remaining amount.



asked On 28 May 2016 at 08:31

Mutation (dakhil kharij) issue

We recently bought a plot in my mother's name. The agreement has been registered. But when we applied for mutation, the registrar officials are refusing to do it. They say the land originally belonged to ram-janki math(religious body), so mutation is not possible. But we have not bought it directly from the religious body. We have bought it from an individual. He had a registered agreement as well as mutation in his name. We have checked the same from bihar land registeration details website. We got it confirmed from registrar office too before buying. Please suggest what can be done in this case. We intend to build a house on that plot.


asked On 28 May 2016 at 06:47

Does women has equal rights in all father properties?

Hello sir/mam,
We have 15acres of land with my grandfather name. My father has 3brothers and 6 sisters.totally 10. It's ancestors property, still in my grandfather name. He died in 2007. One if my aunty is asking for equal share in property. She got married in the year 1966. Do she has all rights of asking equal property?

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