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mukesh Gupta

asked On 27 November 2014 at 15:41

Gratuity payment

1. Is it permissible under law if the amount of gratuity exceed from the ceiling limit of Rs. 10 Lakhs in a case where a persons has claimed gratuity from the different employers for the period he has worked?

In other words the maximum limit of Rs 10 lakh is for entire service career or for each employment.


asked On 27 November 2014 at 15:28

Share in grand father property i

Hello experts,

I have a question. My biggest grandfather has 3 sons, Elder Son has 3 daughters my mother is elder daughter, 2nd son has 3 sons and last son don't have any childern. So my biggest grand father 2nd son is only very well known and intelligent person remaining 1st and last son's are don't know anything they don't know how to survive in life also all are in joint family.

in 1940 march 4th my biggest grand father 2nd son prepared one document. at that time my mom father is not married.
Document containing 2 points
1. my mom father took his share amount 300 rupees from his brother
2. SO my mom father doesn't have any authority for whole undivided property.

same documents is registered in revenue sub registered office at 3rd April 1940

my mother and her sister are born after 1955.
Today my mother uncle son's are enjoying the whole property.

Now my mother and her sisters are have rights to take her father property from his uncle son's

Thanks for your help in advance,



asked On 27 November 2014 at 15:11

0.8 land


Could anyone explain me what is 0.8 land in Andhra Pradesh. And is it okay to buy this land, if okay what are the things to be remember/fulfilled before buying it?

Thanks & Regards,
Deepak M


asked On 27 November 2014 at 15:07

Registration on agricultural partitoned land.

Hi Gurus,

Please advise on below questions.
1)Is partition of Agricultural land should happen through Revenue Department or Registration Department or Court.
2)Is it mandatory that revenue partition must be registered in Registration Office.
3)Is it mandatory that at the time of registration of Agricultural land brother and sister of the seller must sign on registration deed.
All queries above for land acquired through inheritance.


asked On 27 November 2014 at 14:15


Hello experts,

I was worked in a ltd company(Sugar industry) which is listed NSE and BSE and its corporate office at chennai , Nungambakkam.

That are hiring the people from remote villages and paying very low salary which is not sufficient to manage the cost of living in chennai. And the employee's should not ask about their salary before 10 the of the month, and should not ask about salary hike after their probation period of one year and also they should not leave that job.

Without knowing all this things I was joined Aug'13 after that only I came to know all this company policies. After got appoint letter only I came to know that notice period 3 months. Anyway I have worked up to sep'14. After that I decide to resign my job worked till oct'14.I begged my and explained about my family situation and my responsibility in family. I had request them yo accept my resignation letter, after discussion of a couple of days my reporting boss is agreed for my resignation.

They have given instruct me for proper handing and also pay for short notice period.

As per their instruction I was handing over everything, and paid short notice period payment which is i bought as a loan for 24% p.a. from non banking organization.

My last working day, they are given reliving letter and agree to settle my final settlement within a week. And inform me to apply for PF after two months.

Last 20 days I am keep on following them no response from employer/management.

My question is
1). As a ltd company is there any time period for settlement? If so how many days/months?
2) how to claim my settlement? Can I take legal action against the company ? Because of their irresponsibility I got too much of stress.
3) Is there any rules /acts to save managerial cadre employees/staffs? If not so always govt (State/central ) how many years will take to frame rules/act? Govt. Only thing about the company/corporate not worry about employee's / labor to save from criminal employer!


asked On 27 November 2014 at 14:05

can 3 photos of garland only prove a marriage?

A girl has filed dv case against me and is going to file 498a, 504, 506, 420 and dowry act. But I had never married to that girl, we were about to marry but later my family refused due to her demands of me staying with her family after marriage. Now the point is she is having only 3 photos of me and her with garlands (which she took by playing fraud as I thought she is taking it jokingly). There is no mangalsutra, no sindoor, no mandir and no agni and no other people in those 3 photos.
1. Are these photos sufficient enough to proof a marriage as per hindu shastro vidhi and jati riti riwaaj?
2. As I am going to challenge the marriage, pls guide me what points shall I raise to prove this false marriage false?
( we both are hindu and also she is jain by caste and she is gujarati)
pls pls guide me on this as I am in starting stage and dont want my cases to go long (I had already lost my job due to this).

Chirag Sheth

asked On 27 November 2014 at 13:33

Pf and esic

Dear, Do ESI Act applicable to Companies to which PF is applicable from very first day of Incorporation? Kindly clarify. Other details are as follows: the company is in service industry. the company has 20 employees(including contract persons). There are some employees who draws salary less than Rs.15000 per month. Thanks in advance!


asked On 27 November 2014 at 12:14

Sales deed execution

Court has decreed specific performance of sales agreement and has indicated that 1% TDS is to be with held by the buyer. The buyer is insisting on withholding 22% as I am a NRI and doesn't want to wait till I get an exemption or reduction from the IT dept. Since the decree has specified 1% , can he withhol 22% against my wishes.

Secondly the court has specified that the purchasers can be the appellants or their nominees. Belatedly they have added two of their children as additional purchasers. I have objected as the order does not say and or their nominees. Can I do this.

Praveen Kumar

asked On 27 November 2014 at 12:02

Transfer & depromotion without reason

The Kerala State Co-operatives Consumers' Federation Ltd is the apex body of the consumer Co-operatives in the state of Kerala. My sister is working there as an Assistant Manger. Though it is a cooperative society, all the recruitment's and other activities are managed by Govt. It comes under co-operation Minister.

Two days back she got a letter from Executive director that she was transferred and de-promoted as per her request. There was no such request sent from her side. The Executive director has no right to do this. MD who has right is on election duty in Jharkhand. Actually this director is corrupt and has many cases against him. In order to safeguard his corrupt colleagues he intentionally did it. she has written to MD, but her colleagues say, there is no chance, as MD will do what these political goons say.

what is the way out through law??

Please advise. Can she go on her own through court, as lawyers are asking huge amounts.


asked On 27 November 2014 at 11:47

Purchase and leasing of property in the name of partnership firm

Can a partnership firm enter into a contract for purchasing immovable property in the name of firm and subsequently leasing it in the name of firm ?

Can partnership firm enter into a contract in the name of firm ?

What is the meaning of person under the Indian Contract Act ? Does it include partnership firm under the definition of firm as similar to Income Tax Act?

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