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asked On 31 July 2014 at 18:55

Related with pay protection

Sir i was in kvs on the scale of 9300-34800+4600(grade pay). after completing one year ( in which one increment also given to me)i resigned from kvs and joined DSSSB on the same pay scale and grade pay.sir in this process when i joined DSSSB(delhi) i mention that i am a job holder in kvs. when i gave resignation in kvs i also told them about the joining in DSSSB and they permitted me. In this process i also follow the rule and regulation of resigning of kvs.
now i want to take pay protection and notional increment.Sir will u please tell me about the procedure of this and what documents i required from my previous department and what documents i should deposit in current department.
waiting for reply
thanking you in anticipation

Rakesh kumar

asked On 31 July 2014 at 18:45

How to partition

Dear sir,

My case ... help needed

I and my mother live in a ancestral house and are in some bad financial conditions. We want to sell the house now worth 11 lakhs, but are facing problem..

1. Land was purchased by grandfather in 1957 , house built in 1967 and is still in his name.
2. He died in 1988 without will leaving behind 5 daughters and 3 sons. All lived in the said house.
3. The daughters (my bua) are married, alive and living in different cities. The three sons (tauji, my father and chacha) passed away in 1995, 2002, 2008. Only my father had one son.
4. As of today, I my wife, children and widow mother live in said house. Due to financial conditions, we want to sell the house..
5. Buyers are asking for signatures of 5 daughters (buas), my mother and I or a vaarisaan (succession letter) in our favour.

PROBLEM : the daughters deny to sign on sale deed or do any partiion

Ques :
1. As the owner (my Grandfather) died in 1988, do his daughters (my bua) have any right in the house.
2. If they do have right, can we get the house (our share of it) sold somehow or get our share of its value even when they refuse to do so willingly.
3. Will our share be 1/7 for my mother and 1/7 for me.


Ajay Kumar Reddy

asked On 31 July 2014 at 16:00

Eviction of lease property

Dear sir,

I am Ajay Kumar Reddy, I have purchased one house by lease. My lease property is not registered due to some administraion reason. But unfortunatally my ex wife is unautorized captured my property. so for eviction of my ex wife from my house there is any other rules and regulation. Please clarify me under right to transfer of property. she has captured before divorse. So can i go for the tresspass.

Thanking you,

Ajay Kumar Reddy

Rakesh kumar

asked On 31 July 2014 at 14:54

Share of married/ unmarried sister in father property

Dear sir,
It has been a pleasure to get correct legal advice from all of you... I have another querry

My friend, rakesh has two sisters..
Their father died in 1990 without will. At that time rakesh and one sister were married while one sister was minor & unmarried.. Mother is alive.

All the properties were being handled by rakesh till date. He got the second sister educated and married her off nicely.

the new brother in law turned out to be a abusive problem creator. They are threatening him of legal actions to sell father's property, i.e. the only house, where rakesh & family resides..

It is understood that before 1994, married sisters had no share in father's property..
Q1. Was it same for unmarried daughters
Q2. If division is to be done, will it be in four parts or some other system apply.

Kindly help


asked On 31 July 2014 at 14:51

Development control regulations for satara city

Hello friends.. Can someone help me to get the Development Control Regulations for the City of Satara for redevelopment of old buildings and houses. Will be a great help. Thanks in advance.


asked On 31 July 2014 at 14:23

Service tax on co-op.ho.soc

Our soc is reg low cost co.op.ho.soc.make low cost flats on social base and allot direct to the share holders wihout any pfoti-loss. us that the service tax on sale of property is applicable to us or not ??
If yes what is the way of exemption ??

shakil shaikh
rahat co.op.ho.soc.
gabheni surat gujarat


asked On 31 July 2014 at 14:22

Divorce case

My sister's husband has filed a divorce case against her in the district court of Madhya Pradesh state. our family resides in the state of chhattisgarh so we want the case to be transferred to our nearby district court.

Earlier i have asked about this question and got reply that it is possible, but through supreme court of india as it is interstate case.

so I want to ask you that to apply for transfer

1. it is necessary to apply personally at the supreme court

2. or can we apply our application by sending the transfer papers by india post. do supreme court of india accepts application sent by post

3. if person presence is required then we have search for any lawyer practicing at supreme court. so could you please suggest any lawyer and give me rough idea of fee charged by lawyers there for the transfer of the divorce case...

thanking you

Gaurav Lamba

asked On 31 July 2014 at 14:10

Urgent help

i stay in a builder constructed floor...the person on the top floor claims that he has the roof right and has constructed a gate in the stairs which is mostly locked...The other members of the building objected to it but he ignored all of it..
Last week we had to clean the water tank located on the terrace...
During this,,there was some dispute between me and him..
He called the police and claimed that I along with my sons had torn away the top/blouse of his wife and were involved in physical harassment which is totally false...
The Police handled the case and did not even lodge an FIR as my family was cent percent clean...
After a couple of days,,that person's father wrote a mail to my office which is a Public Sector firm telling all the lewd complaints he could have made about me,,none of them of course is true...
No action was supposed to be taken for such bogus complaints...But due to such activities of his,,,i am not feeling comfortable as such claims time and again are hampering my reputation in the society..I have been good to all neighbors,,,and u can say that i have a kind of respect in the society...but this man has been harassing me for a long time now...
I am worried for my son as he is young and such doesn't tolerate any such things about his father...
Can I report a case of dishonour against him or his father???
And if so,,,will the case be strong enough to stop him doing other such things???


asked On 31 July 2014 at 13:46

False dowry and domestic violence charges

I got married, on 20th-April-14 from a girl in Uttrakhand. Pre marriage ,my parents made a Notorized Agreement with the girls parents with witness that whatever is being spent from both the sides is being done voluntarily and we did not demand or take dowry.

Which is the truth. Reason for doing this was that we were getting anonymous phone calls against the wicked nature of girls family which we did not believe but for our protection we got it done.

Post that I took the girl to Europe for honeymoon and we returned 8 days later and she left for her home saying I am missing parents to which I readily agreed but took away all my mothers jewellery and the jewellery we gifted her saying that she has to attend a wedding locally in her town and would like to wear it and my Mom agreed.

Post that she started getting very violent over phone and started maintaining hostile distance saying I am impotent which is all rubbish as the marriage was already consummated , I expressed my reaction over it & sent her my potency reports through courier. The girl lived with me total for 15 calendar days. All of a sudden all communication stopped from her end though I tried my best to know what is wrong with her and what she wants.

We received Woman Helpline Notice from her city asking us to appear in front of them for Mediation. Over there I was shocked to see the kind of verbal allegations she was hurling over me as those were complete lies and I proved the WH IO with all the evidences I had that all her allegations are baseless. In the written complaint which she has given , she has stated that I have asked for 21 lakhs , big car and haressed her for Dowry and did domestic violence with her father and my wife. Which is ofcourse a big lie. She has also named my father , mother and my cousin sister in her complaint.

In between that I filed Section 9 , RCR to bring her back in the same month itself on return to which she has asked more time for reply and filed Section 24 in the same court in reply to section 9 in my city Noida Itself and has taken a common date for both the cases a month later.

The girl is a local and has tremendous influence as her parents are in government service and they can manage to bribe the Woman Helpline IO to give report in their favour which I assume and the further legal proceedings would be initiated.

Now the Woman helpline Under Police is going to send there report to Uttrakhand High Court-Nainital which could be in my favour or it may not be at all in may favour but I have evidences to prove her allegations wrong but I need a decent opportunity and platform to prove my innocence as the girl has cheated me. How should I stop her legal proceedings and get her complaint quashed or stop the court proceedings against me or turn it on my favour.

Is it not possible for me to file a petition against false 498A & Domestic Violence before the Uttrakhand High Court before the report of the woman helpline reaches the Uttrakhand High Court and challenge it as my parents and sister have clean chit by the Woman Helpline IO but they cant exclude me in the report completely as per the Police else the girl will also implicate the Police , I do have some belief on the Police that they will only implicate me that too mildly but I don't know how the girl is dealing with them when I am not in the same city .As I have very very strong evidence that I have not taken Dowry and I have not done domestic violence,as I had automatic recording in my phone due to which I was able to record a phone call of hers in which she said she will teach me a lesson through law & order & accepted that I have not taken dowry but was rather angry why did I make an agreement where parents were agreed for Dowry less marriage and she will show that she can still teach me a lesson even if I have the agreement.

Please advice.I'm willing to fight hard as I am not guilty and in no given circumstances I would like to give her alimony at all.


asked On 31 July 2014 at 13:04

Registration in state bar council

Hello Sir,

My query is that if i could register in Uttar Pradesh Bar Council , could i fight the cases in Delhi courts.

please state if there any restrictions around the same and workaround for that.

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