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Inderpal Singh

asked On 16 September 2014 at 12:26

Person helping p o

Sir a person was declared p o as he was wanted in a murder case. Police is making all efforts to locate him but are helpless. The police has cracked a phone number of his girlfriend with whom he is in touch. I requested the police to interrogate his girlfriend but they are not taking this step . Is there any law under i p c where a lady helping a p o can be arrested pls guide. Thanks ---- Inderpal singh

N R Raj

asked On 16 September 2014 at 11:47


I and my younger brother are nominees and sole beneficiaries of my Dad's flat in Mumbai according to his registered WILL.The probate is still pending in the High Court of Bombay. My elder brother who left home in 1989 and has stayed away all along & the Society chairman (for ulterior motive)tried to get my elder brother on board by attending SGBM etc while keeping us in the dark about them.Since I was not staying in Mumbai, and the Society completely ignored my requests and complaints I filed a case in the City Civil Court against the MC and Developer. Immediately they came forward and signed Consent Terms. My younger brother and I got our rights. Now building has been demolished for redevelopment and again Society chairman and elder brother are playing mischief. Elder brother is now claiming that Dad died intestate and he is entitled to 1/3rd share in flat. Society MC has passed resolution not to give keys of new flat to me and younger brother. Other than referring to pending Probate and Consent Terms filed in Civil Court what else can I do? Matter to be discussed in AGM this week.


asked On 16 September 2014 at 11:40

498a and other issues

Hi Everyone/Experts,

My case status as of now :
1. Received AB for myself and parents
2. Wife filed suit as per DV Act against me, father and mother in LUDHIANA
3. Judge granted Ex Parte RCR since wife did not appear on hearing date at Hyderabad ( I had filed RCR in Hyderabad)

Questions :
1. Under IPC/CrPC , are there any laws using which I can avoid my parents from travelling such a long distance from Hyd to Ldh . My father is Senior Citizen , EX Army Officer.
2. Section 2(q) of DV Act says " Complaint under DV Act can't be made against a female". So , Can I get my mother's name removed from DV suit filed at Ludhiana using RTI or some other means ( Please suggest).
3. I have an Ex Parte RCR . Will this hinder Interim Maintainance under CrPc 125 / DV Act for wife. What about if a wedlock child is there?
4. I am planning to file divorce if after receiving RCR judgement wife does not appear on 1st date.Its almost a year she has left and entire year writing letters, at Women Cell proceedings , then RCR ... I have been trying to get her back. this is cruelty.and I think this could be the base...I have other reasons also...

Please advise...



asked On 16 September 2014 at 11:15

Mutual divorse

in mutual divorse and joint affidavit at high court she has demanded 15 lakh for alimony and 10lakh fdr for 15 yrs minor daughter for marriage kept at high court and in joint affidavit she has stated that there shall be no any claim after receving 25 lakhs.Can my daughter claim maintenance till she be 18 years old.Please let me know the rights of daughter although legal gardian is mother


asked On 16 September 2014 at 10:59

Filing false affidavit

1. one person has filed a false affidavit in the district court in a claim petition in Execution petition with forged document of Hiba confirmation.

What is the punishment for his filing false affidavit in the court and cheating with forged document for each action separately under what section

2. is that the duty of the court to fix upset price in the court auction sale under what section

Thank you

nitya chandra

asked On 16 September 2014 at 10:29

Saving huf property

Respected Sirs,

My father has mentioned our present home, an office (given on rent) and a land (jointly owned by mother and father) in HUF. Since he has denied to give any expenses to us(daughter and son) including the education, I want us to be secured financially (including my mother) by asking for HUF partition. Earlier my father has also sold out ancestral property in 85 lakhs (in sale deed 35laks is mentioned) and have also reduced the HUF bank account to almost zero (he has chnaged bank accounts many times by opening the account into different bank). I am afraid that he will sell these properties too because he has already said that he will make us people to beg on road.

My doubts are:-
1) IF we ask him for partition, then what if he transfers maximum property in his name? (I dont want to loose the house because we have no other place of residence)
2) Apart from partition, What else can we do to save the property? (some lawyers here say that without our consent nothing can be done, some say he can do anything with it.)
3) On what grounds he can sell the property without our consent?
(he is a CA and he is good in manipulation)

nitya chandra

asked On 16 September 2014 at 10:26

Saving huf property

Respected Sirs,

My father has mentioned our present home, an office (given on rent) and a land (jointly owned by mother and father) in HUF. Since he has denied to give any expenses to us(daughter and son) including the education, I want us to be sec

Ayan Mukhopadhyay

asked On 16 September 2014 at 08:51

Material change affecting market value in deed

we know that any types of material changes in the deed needs a rectification deed to supplement. Do all changes require stamp duty? what are those material changes? Can a lower court direct a registrar to rectify a deed without stamp duty? A title suit followed by solenama ( where ADSR/SR) is not a party)may have any directives to ADSR/SR to rectify the deed without stamp duty? Please clarify.

Krishna Kumar Maddheshiya

asked On 16 September 2014 at 08:37

Rights of accused

An accused of a criminal case is on bail. Will there be any problem in appointment, if he applies for government jobs? What should he do to tackle with those problems?

Dinesh RAthod

asked On 16 September 2014 at 08:27


1. Is probate still valid in NCR region especially Gurgaon?

2. My father passed away leaving a registered will where in he mentioned that after his passing his property shall be split between my mother, my brother and me. however my mother has also passed away...Will the same registered will be applicable for property transfer to my brother and me OR do i need to probate?

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