A rented premises almost 100 yrs old collapsed due to heavy rain on 5 th august 2016.Half of the structure is intact and my rented potion is totally destroyed and all the debris has been removed by cantonment department. Now the landlord is trying to patch up the remaining half portion without demolishing it.but not repairing our rented side. Is it possible to get a stay for his work from small cause or district court or we have to approach the high court for it.We were not staying in that rented place since ten years but we used to pay our rent till may 2016.This place is in pune cantonment area where the land is on lease.Pl require suitable advise.

17 October 2017 at 12:48

Justdial Fraud

Sir on 25 September I meet with Just Dial executive Mr. Tajinder singh to take a Justdial contract. He said that I will get a advertising banner, a certificate from Justdial and a anroid application with my contract. So that i gave him a advance 3 mnths cheque. But next day he call me and said that i only get contact only not the benefits of banners, certificate and anroid application so that i asked him to not to process my application and i stopped my cheque.
But today they deducted ecs of 6000 from my account if i didn't take contact with them please gave me advice what to do now.

Dear Experts,
I'm living in Bangalore and planning to buy an 2BHK apartment here in Bangalore.
The current owner has taken up the loan for this property..
I've also applied for the same bank and its approved.
Now when we both parties go to bank for disbursement, bank is asking seller to get court consent from the seller from whom he has brought the property. The current seller bought this property from his sister and the property was in name of sister and two minor children. The agreement b/w them clearly says that "this agreement is made b/w Mr Ramurthy and Mrs Priya, Ms anchal and Ms ruchi where in Ms Anchal and Ms Ruchi are represented by Mrs Priya, natural gaurian"
My question
1) Is this document really required? What is the importance of this document?
2) If a previous registration is already done ,so will it hurt me as I'm doing a transaction with Mr Ramurthy not with his sister and daughters.
3) Should I go to different bank?

Hi expert,

I m corrently out of India. My elder brother is harassing my old parents. His wife is also envolve till come extend. My brother has assulted my parents mutliple time. May i file police compain on behalf of my parents considering that i m out of country ? If yes what is the process.

Please note my parents has already contacted to local police station but they didn't get any positive result. Police just give warning him...i this way his torture is increasing day by day. My parents are very scared nd in terrified situation. They have tried in all possible way but now they are in hopeless condition.
Your help will be highly appreciated

17 October 2017 at 08:22

Best wishes to all


Hi Sir,
I joined in a MNC company on 10 Aug 2017, after 15 day I came out with out working my notice period. No one asked me about notice period at that time, I handed over ID card ,informed manager properly and took network admin approvals all done legally. But now the financial HR send me a notice (Hard copy), In that notice they asked me to do the final settlement ( 3 months salary) before 20 Oct 2017 other wise the company shall initiate legal proceedings/action against me. I did not taken even one month salary and at that time of revealing no one asked me to serve the notice period. Can I serve notice period now instead of paying the money.
Could you please send me any suggestions for this issue.


17 October 2017 at 00:17

company bond break

Sir I am going to write upsc mains exams in next week but in past I was working in a company and I have left that company because of some personal reason and I have broken the bond agreement with the company. The company has filled a civil case of money suit demanding me to pay some lakhs of rupees to company against me. Does this civil case will hamper my upsc post if I clear mains and go for interviews?

16 October 2017 at 23:46

Certificate course in real estate law

I want to get train in Real estate law in Hyderabad. Is any training / university, which provides this certificate course? Any city other than Hyderabad also fine.

16 October 2017 at 23:06


May i know the documents required for eligibility of House under SRA scheme. If we have 3 houses in one structure with separate doors and different voting cards before 2000 and other documents, is it eligible?? The BMC came for survey in the year July 2000 and we have the copy of the survey sheet. But the other copy is with BMC.Our name is not in the Annexure ii. Please suggest as what to do.

I am working in ongc ,and i was suspended from my job due to criminal case on me. But now my suspension is revoaked but my hr are now demanding to give me leaves for the period of suspension 434 days..but why should i give leave for that period now the case is also nil i got discharge from that case..i want to know the rules for regularisation of suspebsion in ongc


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