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asked On 11 July 2014 at 23:27

Can I file contempt

Dear Sir, I had rented one shop and afterwards my landlady has denied electrification and given in written to SDO electricity not to give electricity , than I had took the help of High court. Hona'ble court has asked SDO to decide and then the Ex En has decided in written in my favor. But after four month of struggle still electrification not happened. Now my agreement for the aforesaid shop has expired and I have filed injunction can I file suit for contempt against SDO. Please advice as I am in great trauma


asked On 11 July 2014 at 22:28

Regarding passport name issue

I have never had a passport before and now want to apply for one in Gujarat

My name is Riya

But in school leaving it is Riyaben
and in voter id it is Riyabahen..
and in marksheet /adhar card it is Riya..
I have to apply with name Riya in passport

passport authority said you should give in newspaper one english and one local newpaper ....
and also to do affidavit in notary??




asked On 11 July 2014 at 22:00

No objection certificate

Dear sir,
My sister had filed a divorce suit against my brother in law in 2006 and added an interimm releif suit to it latter, but our doubt is that our lawyer colluded with my brother in law and left the case as it is after an initial disburssal of some ammount, now in the year 2013 my brother in law had expired in the month of february due to cardiac arrest after a long period of hospitalisation,now when my sister went to claim her family penssion benifits the office people are not responding well and asking who she is? here I would like to state that my brother in law had given in writing that my sister and her children are nominee's and as far as we know he had not married again so, now how to show to the office people that my sister is the only nominee for her husbands family pension and other benifits as there is'nt any divorce issued to her so how to get a no objection certificate from the court to grant my sister her due benifits?

Mohamed Ali

asked On 11 July 2014 at 21:43

Issues framed...

Sir. We are sunnihanafi our family our grandmother was survived by only 2 daughters and her only son had predeceased her leaving behind a son and a daughter. The 2 daughters filed a declaratory suit against predeceased sons children seeking declaration that only 2 daughters are entitled to inherit the left over property of their mother,but court dismissed suit saying 2 daughters are entitled for 2/3rd share only rest 1/3rd will go to residuaries in this case predeceased son and daughter... hence we filed a new partition suit for seperate possesion of our 2/3 share in left over properties of our mother which are in joint possession with predeceased sons children.. Question: Whether filing a partition suit after the dismissal of declaratory suit seeking seperate possession of 2/3rd share of 2 daughters amounts to Resjudicata ?


Dear All,

My case NEXT DATE is for ISSUES, First and foremost issue Judge has made is Resjudicata, Do i have to file objection to ISSUE NO.1 OR i have to file application for recasting of issues and deletion of issue no.1, by giving the reason that it is not a resjudicata. In what way i have to object to the Issue no.1..

Thanks and Rgds


asked On 11 July 2014 at 20:03

Car accident

dear sir

thanks for ur response i m trying to give as much data i have. i m working in indian navy. i made a car accident on 11 march 2011 in which 5 yrs girl lost the lower part of her one leg.The case filed i arakkonam police station under IPC 279, 337 and 338 i accepted the charge in the session court Arakkonam near to chennai.i had all the documents as driving license , car insurance etc that time. court imposed a fine sum of rs 2500 which i paid. i was acquitted from the charges on nov after 3 yrs today i received a summon from principle district court vellore in which hearing date is 22 july 2014. i could not understand the matter after three years can case be reopen.the summon copy which states as follows.sir i want to know what case he can file against me....

"CMP Notice

Hon’ble District Judge District Court: Vellore
CMPNo:27774/2014 Cr.R.P No: Nil/2014
Ayantika Ckakraborthy

Reb by her father Niloy Chakraborthy - Petitioner

Vikash Kumar Cheaar & another - Opposite Petitioner

R1 - Vikash Kumar Cheaar (180932K)
Naval Aircraft Yard, Dabolin Airport,
Goa - 403801

Service of Summon through

The Flag Officer Goa Area (for AJA)
Head Quuarters Goa Naval Area,
Vasco-Da-Gama – Goa – 403801

The above petitioner petitioned in the court, in this regard if you have any objection against petitioner affidavit, you can opine in the court directly or through your lawyer on the hearing dated: 22.07.2014 at 10 am. If not so, the judgement will be on the petitioner side. (SingleSide).

The above court order duly endorsed on 3.07.2014 along with court seal has been submitted.

Advocate Forwarded by order
Senior Judicial Clerk"


asked On 11 July 2014 at 19:59

Writing a will


I am an unmarried female residing at Delhi. I now wish to write a WILL of my self-earned property/assets.
In my will i wish to distribute a certain amount towards all my family members including my would-be.
Since I am on the verge of settling down with my would be in near future. After my marriage takes place, will my parents/siblings or any other party lose their share as documented by me in the WILL and all the assets would be transferred to my husband (by default) or does the WILL not lose its essence and value irrespective of my status change?

Also, please advise if the WILL needs to be registered, If yes, how and where? Else can I simply write / type it on plain sheet/bond paper and keep with me?


Dhirender Wadhwa

asked On 11 July 2014 at 18:47

Rights of non-parcner siblings & coparcners wife in huf property

Our HUF is owner of a property gifted by my father (karta). Also, income is generated in HUF through advisory/ other business by me and my brother.

Kindly help us on the matter as counsel seems confused on matter related to huf...

1. do the wifes of me and my brother (both co-parceners) have any right on the income or property of huf

2. the new law (in process) giving right to wife in husband property . if it comes in force does it contain anything related to such huf.

2. we have a sister (married) and brothers, whose names were not included in the huf deed created in april 2013. do they have any right on huf, when no contribution is made by them.


asked On 11 July 2014 at 18:34

How to change name in records

my father passed away last yesr june and has left will leaving the house property in bangalore to my mother till she is alive and then equally to all four children.
as my mother is aged and not interested in getting into all hazalles has told us not to go to court to get decree in her name .but to mange the property it ahs become essenatil to show that she is the leagl heir as on date and hence we would like to get atleast property tax ,electricity and water bills in her name based on the death certificate of my father and his will .
is it possible to get this done without obtaining the decree and will it create any problem if we donot obtain decree from the court .


asked On 11 July 2014 at 18:33

Lodgment of a criminal writ petition in supreme court

I have filed a Criminal Writ Petition under Article 32 of the Constitution of India in the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

The said Writ Petition has been lodged under the ORDER XVIII, Rule 5 of the Supreme Court Rules, 1966 by the ‘Registrar Judicial – I’ of the Supreme Court.

The said Rule reads as follow:-

“The Registrar may refuse to receive a petition on the ground that it discloses no reasonable cause or is frivolous or contains scandalous matter but “THE PETITIONER MAY APPEAL BY WAY OF MOTION”, from such refusal to the Court”.

Queries: -

(i) What is the meaning of the word “Appeal by way of motion”?

(ii) Can anyone help me out in counseling the procedural part to appeal against the said Order of lodgement?

(iii) Any other kind suggestions in this regard, please?


asked On 11 July 2014 at 18:32

Cc - and interest statement on daily basis

we have a cc account with bank .can we ask to bank to provide the daily basis cc interest charge statement ? can bank deny? why we borrower can not ask for this documents ? what r the renmdies ?

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