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asked On 24 July 2016 at 17:18

Passport revoked

Dear Sir,
I have received a letter from the RPO stating that my passports have been revoked under section 10 (3) (b) of the passport Act, 1967 for obtaining passports by furnishing wrong information, directing me to appeal to the CPO new delhi within 30 days. I have no Idea as to how should I go about filing my appeal against the decision by the rpo and how the appeal process work. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you..


asked On 24 July 2016 at 17:09

Succession certificate - stamp duty & registration required?

Hello All,

I am the legal heir who is also the sole-occupier of a CHS flat in Mumbai, got a Succession Certificate issued in my name from the Court after following all due process.

Now this Succession Certificate would be submitted by me to the Society for initiating the membership transfer process.

I would like to know :

1) if I would still be required to pay the Stamp Duty ?

2) Will the Registration be needed with the Collector's Office / Revenue department ? considering if the property is to be sold in future.

3) If "Yes" to any of the above, then is it to be done before applying for membership to the Society ?

Requesting the Experts to kindly enlighten with their valuable inputs.


utkarsh bansal

asked On 24 July 2016 at 14:12


I had an affair with a married woman. She has made a video clip of our encounter and she wants money in return for that.She threatens me that she would say taht I promised him money and help in return for the sexual favor. I am a reputed person and want to know my options.
a) If I gather courage and decide to face her what charges can she put on me as everything happened with her consent.

b) If I pay her what paperwork can be done to ensure future security.

rajan chopra

asked On 24 July 2016 at 13:46

Plaintiff not coming to court

Sir I am defendant in a suit for recovery and in March 2013 the plaintiff closed his evidence and since then he is not coming to court though his counsel is attending the court and the case is at the stage of arguments.Now can we pray court to direct the Plaintiff to appear in person in court as per law or not ?


asked On 24 July 2016 at 13:45

Rcr section 9 transfer petation

After marriage I knew... My wife is not happy with this marriage bcz of her past experiences and she marry bcz of insist of her family...... Then I ask to her what u want... She reply she want 3month.......and go for honeymoon.... And she go to her work place... After that lot of problem came and she join me on Delhi after giving her regnation and work from delhi on notice period. And we have mutual conflict and we decide to not child verysoon and she agree for that..... But she deny to take precaution.... Only I do........ After 2month she inform she is prignrnt...... I was shocked but happily accepted my new baby who will come verysoon...... But she left after 15days
With brother..... And after hot talk everything was normal but after few days she apply allegations..... My dad mom bro tell Bla blah..... Then I inform to get come as soon as possible but she deny and inform she will come after birth child...... I try to go her place but she deny........ Then I filed Rcr section 9.......after 2date she not come and mean whole child was born.. Few days back got summon of transfer petition from SC...... She had apply domestic violence and demanding Dowery...... Which is just framing a charge..........
And she taking advantage of 4month old my son........
. My marriage duration 15month ...
She stay with me 3 month.. In which when she leave my house that time she was prignrnt of 2month......and now baby is 4month and still she with live her parents.......
What I my stand in court....

I Gus's all thing is plan way...... Whatever I don't want loose my child and baby..... What she is..... I accept....

Sujitkumar ukey

asked On 24 July 2016 at 13:29

about job apply..

Dear sir, my wife belongs to obc caste from zarkhand and I am belongs to sc caste from Maharashtra. Can my wife apply job through sc caste after intercast marriage through registration marriage. ??

bhavesh kumar

asked On 24 July 2016 at 12:31

498-a is can be involes moral turpitude ?

Sir, I am government servant. My wife has done 498-a but immediately I have taken anticipatory bail and charge sheet has been filled and charge is yet to be framed. My dept. Stopped yearly bonnus by declaring that I am involves in moral trupitude case. Before framing of charge person can be said convicted? Pl. Quote judgement in this regads

Harsh mathur

asked On 24 July 2016 at 12:16

Full and final settlement


This is harsh mathur from delhi. I worked at iyogi for 3 years and 8 months and left it on 23rd of Dec 2015. According to iyogi's rules and regulations, I should have got my fnf within 45 days however I was requested to wait for other 2 months as they said, co.didn't have funds available. I again requested my fnf on its date (26.04.2016). Pryanka Jain (HR) called in stating, fnf date has been deferred due to financial condition however she assured me, I would be getting my fnf on 25th of July. I again requested them for fnf a couple of days ago but they again deferred my fnf date and said the same thing "we don't have funds available".. I have emailed them thrice but no response. I called Pryanka last night, she was so rude and hung up the call by saying "do whatever you want".

I need your support. Please advise what neess to be done.


asked On 24 July 2016 at 10:33

Date in date of birth in passport

Dear sir,
I have a wrong date of birth in my passport. it about 2 years and 15 days difference from my passport & ssc certificate. Passport officers are asking for court order please advice my in this regard
I am from visakhapatnam. I seek help from visakhapatnam advocates

my contact no
Name : Ramesh

santoshkumar maurya

asked On 24 July 2016 at 09:54

Obc certificate

As i have been in central government obc list from state of uttar pradesh.I have born & brought up in mumbai & i live in mumbai only & i have all document like passport, voter id etc of mumbai address only.Now i have made obc certificate in which the address is mention of my father native place i.e. uttar pradesh. Now each goverment form i have to write a address & i am writing mumbai address .So my query is that as my address is different on my documents & obc for obc benefit can i produce same obc certificate in various govt exam.

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