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asked On 09 February 2016 at 21:31

minority trust

Whome to ask about documents regarding to minority trust and body members property ?
Whome to ask property details about body members ?


asked On 09 February 2016 at 21:26


i bought a tharas lorry in 2013 for rs 10 lacks with finance of rs 8 lacks in refinance. the monthly due was rs 27000. i pay only one due. within three month the lorry ceased by the finance company form me. the lorry also sold by finance company to other person. now the finance company with the arbitration award filed execution petition against me. the ep amount is rs 6 lacks fifty thousand. in lock adalath the finance company said to pay me rs 3 lacks 75 thousand. i had no earning by said lorry also
i have no many. what can i do for that? please


asked On 09 February 2016 at 21:26

Tenant Eviction

Dear Sir,

I am owner of a 60 year two storied house, my tenant lives in upper floor and i am a resident of west bengal.

Sir i made many futile attempt to evict my tenant but nothing proved fruitful. I filed a suite for eviction in the year 1996 in lower court but the judgement was against us so I appealed in the high court, and case was revered to lower court and gave a verdict that they will send a person to inspect and based on his information further judgement would be done. But my tenant bribed that particular person, and lower court made tenant pay their rent through rent control act. And after that i lost all hope and i didn't followup the case any more as there was a huge financial constraint on my side.
The present scenario is that house is totally damaged, earlier the whole family use stay but now they have left only one family member behind occupying three rooms kitchen & hall. And the whom i gave admission as tenant has died five years ago.

Please help me with your valuable suggestion.


asked On 09 February 2016 at 20:32

divorce , sat a side , expartee

Sir, After 4 years of my marriage , I filled a divorce case (13 )charging bad character and cruel behavior with me since one years. She left my house and live another area in same city with a person as paying guest. I found this address after phonic conversation with her. A Notice sent her by court's person and delivered, date for coming after one month. Both were present , counseling karai gai by family court but not successful , next date after one month . But she was absent. Court gave another next date after one month. She was again absent . family court judge gave expartee divorce in favour of me. Than according to lawyer I sent xerex copy of divorce with acknowledge ment letter to her temporary address( where notice delivered) and her permanent address ( where her family lived). I got acknowledgement of delivering of post from post office. And I approached to high court for caveat also. Both are happy with their life but after 10 month of court order she will contact me again and wanted to live and demand 5 lakh rupee. Nahi to police se milkar jhoothe case me phasa degi. Next day I met my lawyer he advised to give a application with divorce copy to IG. against her. After interfair of police matter was closed. Than she approached to court with a lawyer wanted to sat aside decree . I received a notice she said ki Maine dhoke se decree li h, court aayi hi nahi uski jagah koi doosri ladies aayi hogi jabki time 10 months ho chuke h.
Q.1- is there any possibility for sat a side jabki she knows about it.

.Q.2- can I go high court directly for close the case as appealing period (90 days) has been time barred.

armaan kapoor

asked On 09 February 2016 at 20:13

Location tracking

Dear experts,

I want to know under which section I can make application to court directing police to track location of accused?

Radha Vivekanandan

asked On 09 February 2016 at 19:30

Cab given for hire to travels in chennai

My father purchased a TATA Indica Cab during July 2015 and gave it to a travels for Monthly hire. The travel agent promised to give Rs 24000 per month as hire charges. But he didnt give the hire charges for past 3-4 months. The cheque given by the travel agent also got bounced due to insufficient funds. Hence we took the cab from travels and asked the travel agent to settle the hire charges immediately. Even after 10 days he is not ready to settle the hire charges which comes around 1Lakh. He is not responding to our calls. Kindly advise how to proceed further on this.


asked On 09 February 2016 at 19:20

Credit card recovery

On 26/06/2009 I had a Barclays bank recovery person to whom I paid the amount of Rs. 7970/-. This was the final installment which he had asked us to pay for settling the card dues. Now after 6 years a new recovery agent is harassing me, my sister and her husband for the outstanding payment. The settlement letter was to be sent to me by Barclays bank which I've not received. I'm not going to pay a single rupee to these people. What should be my next action?


asked On 09 February 2016 at 19:01

Can get pension after conviction

Dear Sir,
one of my relative convicted under IPC section 494 having two wives at time.he has already retired from government job and getting pension since his query is this,he is eligible for getting pension or not.



asked On 09 February 2016 at 17:13

Injuction on bank gurantee

One of my friend has given a bank guarantee to a user for warranty of Product for period of 2 years.
There were 2 Product supplied by him in a different year for same different guarantee was provided.
Out of which One guarantee was fulfilled and same was withdrawn, Now when before the expiry of second Guarantee they raised the issue and wrote the letter to bank to release the payment.
My friend inspected the product and with the photo he explained that the parts has been changed from machinery and it is a part of first machinery on which warranty has abolish. but they are not agreeing it and demanding to increase the warranty period for more two year.

Now he wanted to file an injunction suit in HC for stay on Bank Guarantee.

And if there is any other relief then please suggest.
If you have an format then please send on email id.

Thank you.


asked On 09 February 2016 at 15:54

Defamation against false 498a

Dear Experts

The fake 498a/DV complaint is taken back by my wife, Is it possible to lodge defamation. Ii have the IT evidence to stand their claims were false.

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