Respected expert Sir's
Recently I am facing a trial in a case under 354 ipc.The allegation is that the subordinate Clerk had some grievance from me regarding official action in her favour which I had not complied ,so she alleged that I had touched her body in February 2010 and caught her hand.She made complaint before police & the Department and nothing was found ,closure reports were submitted by three police stations .Then she filed Writ petitions and writ appeals in high court and the High Court dismissed those petition/appeal, but in one of writ appeal Hon'ble High Court made a observation that if appellant wants then she can pursue a complaint case .So she filed the complaint case before JFMC and arranged two witnesses namely one is her made servant and other is her neighbour .That the above two witnesses made statement before JFMC that accused came to complainant house and while talking with complaint her "caught the hand of complainant ". and nothing .One of these witness say the time of so-called incident is in one morning in the month of Oct.-Nov.2010. where as other said separately on one day in evening at 8pm in Dec.2010.In this way they did not mentioned the exact date of so called cooked incident.How ever the JFMC took the cognizance under sec 354 and issued bailable warrant which was till date not delivered to accused/me , I just attended the JFMC due to news published in news paper ..I filed a application for recall of JFMC order but as there is no provision in Cr.P.C.for recall so JFMC has kept the application in abeyance ..I filed the MCRC petition in High Court against the order of cognizance but it was dismissed then I filed SLP in the Apex Court and that was also dismissed .Now trial is going to began shortly. I just want to know what action should I take further ,When I can get right to be heard by JFMC.He has fixed the date for statement of Chief -in-Examination i.e.complainant..Whether so called allegation of simply " caught the hand of complainant" comes under unamended section .354 to outrages the modesty of a 52 year aged woman by 64 year aged man .
Under section 313 crpc can I submit a written reply of private complaint petition with a chronology and list of of documents to be taken on record during my statements before JFMC for proper adjudication of the complaint .Further to inform you that this is a private complaint case and not based on the police reports.
.Please reply as early as possible.

15 August 2017 at 23:38

Bank cutting down interest now

Hi i have taken education loan of 4 lacs in 2012. From indian overseas bank. I was giving the interest from the same year now in 2016 i got grduated and started working from march 2017 and i was paying the interest til march 2017. Then i started my emi. Now from april my emi of rs 9000 start deducted. But in july they have cut diwn the interest i.e 9100 something. I want to kbow is this right?? Because from 2012 i am paying interest to the bank.

15 August 2017 at 20:20

Need an advocate for hc Gujarat

Vnsgu refused admission to mca inspite of selected in cmat. Need an advocate for moving writ before hon HC Gujarat

15 August 2017 at 19:47

Engagement terminated-issues

Hello .My brother aged 35,lowIQ,(Private- matriculation passed),no occupation, depends on father's pension.We engaged him to a girl hailing from a poor background without any demands.Later they were regretting for engagement as per my brother's condition.We have confirmed engagement only after disclosing details of my brother(nothing was hidden).They even agreed .Engagement was performed at home .We gifted a dress ,Gold ring.They invited us for the dinner..Later the girl ran away from her home along with some boy without telling parents,entire village was searched for her.We were afraid of her behaviour .And they did not want to terminate engagement but waited to be done by us.Later we questioned about girl's activity,for which they denied.But due to some misunderstanding ,we called off the engagement performed.They too left home when we called off.We thought matter was over.We never asked to return for the dress,ring gifted to her.But after 4 months ,now they have come along with some political leader demanding some money for terminating engagement.I was surprised to see them at home,I offered them seat,later on after I said it was over,they said we want money for terminating engagement.The leader was rude to us saying that"Iam a leader you know? If u dont give money ,we will take legal action against you.".I strongly replied "Whoever you might be,I dont care .Show this cheap attitude to others.I dont entertain .Get away from here ,take whatever action you want to take."They left shoutingly from my place. Is it a problem for us now legally,If yes how to fight against that ?

15 August 2017 at 19:15


Sir, I am working as Head Constable/Clerk in CISF (Central Armed Police Force). I got NOC from CISF training centre for the post of CIVIL EXCISE OFFICER in Kerala. Is any training cost will be recovered from me at the time of my Technical Resignation.

15 August 2017 at 17:34

Appeal against the order

If labour court dismiss reference than what remedy available to workman

15 August 2017 at 17:18

Legal translation

What is the English meaning of prasvikriti widely used in Hindi Sanskrit

15 August 2017 at 14:19

College not refunding caution money

Dear sir,

I was completed betch in 2014 from a private college which is affiliated with Rajasthan technical university and approved by AICTE. But in 2015 due to submission of some documents AICTE close college. That time I requested to college to refund my caution money 5000 but they agree to refund me only 4000 rs in condition I have to sign a aluminee membership form where stated that I have no objection to deduct 1000 rs for membership from my caution money. But I refuse to sign that document and ask for refund full amount but they refused to give me 5000 caution money without signing membership form. That was indirect way to deduct 1000rs from caution money.
I have no dues form signed by each Major departments of college of 2015 , 2016 and 2017 which shows nill amount pending at my end. I am trying every year to get my caution money but same reply I get from management and they always talk to me very rudely and sometimes they do misbehaving with me. Sir please suggest me a legal procedure to get my money back without illegal deductions.


15 August 2017 at 13:51

Not paying maintenance arrears

My wife failed maintenance case, 498A, DVC, conjugal rights , property share case against me . I am a government employee. My salary is 32000. The court ordered me to pay 15000( 3petioners, 3*5000=15000) every month by 10th. But I failed a case that I am not able to pay 15000 due my illness in district court. At the same time my wife also failed case for enchance ment of maintenance. Both cases are running in district court. In the mean time my wife failed a case as my husband not paying maintenance to me. The court issued ordered me to pay 105000 maintenance arrears by 30th august. If I deny to pay maintenance arrears what happens??. Suppose I was prisoned for not paying maintenance arrears, how many days? After completing prison , shall I continued in my government job or not? Whether I terminated from government service. Please help me what to do? My lawyer said if your prisoned also no problem for government job as it is crp case not a IPC case. Is it true???

15 August 2017 at 13:45

Pagadi system tenants rent law

Hi everyone, My father purchased room in1979 in Chawl.which is 100sq.ft. Now my brother marriage we shift to new home. Bcoz it's small area for 6 people.i (tenant) paid my rent till last year & I have receipt of it . which is 150rs.

So i (tenant) put our old pagadi system room on rent. As This room was small we are taking rent of 5000rs per month & we told owner to take 1 month rent 5000. But owner wants 1000rs rent per month +regular 150rs rent. Other building owner taking one month full rent.+regular Rent 150rs.

Now he was not ready to take full rent 5000rs for 11 months + regular rent 150rs from us & told if you can not ready to pay. Don't put it on rent.

Same owners other brothers taking 1month rent only+regular rent. Bcoz our area 3 chawl/building of same owner father. Now his 3son take 3 buildings / chawl.

Please help me?


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