27 June 2017 at 11:30

Set side pettion after judgement

Respected Sir/Madam
I got exparty Judgement.In this case defendants approach by their lawyer and file VAKALTHA.They did not file Written statement in time.then court said exparty .Now defendants file pettion(IA) exactly at 180th day after judgment .can pettion allowed

27 June 2017 at 11:26

sell of share in joint property

I am four brothers and we have a joint property in my mother's name ( mother expired ) . I and two brothers with me want to sell our share (3/4) of the joint property .I want to know that can we sell our share to any person.


27 June 2017 at 09:16

Public drinking case and govt jobs

I was convicted of drinking in public place I have been preparing for civil services and have cleared couple of rounds. I want to know if i am debarred from a govt job . (I was given warning not to repeat the same incident for next 6 months )

27 June 2017 at 08:28

Housing society maintenance charges

My housing society is claiming some charges areawise and other flatwise.

The areawise collections are kept as reserve fund and flatwise fund is used for daily services, maintenance, small repair works other expenditures.

As per bye-law no 65 (Maharashtra, 2014), service charges shall be levied flatwise for byelaw no 64 vii to match the following expenditure.

1. Salaries of the office staff, liftmen, watchmen and any other employees of the Society.
2. Where the Society has independent Office, the property taxes, electricity charges, water charges etc. for the same.
3. Printing, Stationery and Postage,
4. Travelling Allowance and conveyance charges to the staff and the Members of the Committee of the Society.
5. Sitting fees paid to the Members of the Committee of the Society,
6. Subscription to the Education Fund of the Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sangh Ltd.
7. Annual Subscription of the Housing Federation and any other co-operative institution to which the Society is affiliated.
8. Entrance fees for affiliation to the Housing Federation and any other cooperative institution.
9. Audit Fees for internal, Statutory and reaudit, if any
10. Expenses incurred at meetings of the general body, the Committee and the Sub-Committee, if any as per by-law and some other small expenditures.

As per Bye-law no. 66.a.iii. Repair and Maintenance fund is to be collected minimum 0.75% of flat value per annum to match all repair and maintenance.

Except service charges, no other charges (not considering parking charges, funds to federation etc) are flatwise charges. However, bye-law no 66.a.iv says "Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the lift, including running charges for the lift : Equally by all the Members of the building in which lift is provided, irrespective of the fact whether they use the lift or not." I hope it is specially mentioned to avoid misconception of the fact of not using the service by any member". It is clearly mentioned as Expenses on repair and maintenance of the lift and not as services by or using the lift.

Bye law no 67.a. lists the expenditure under repair and maintenance it includes lift, generator, CCTV, garden etc.
Bye-law no 14.b. clears that "Repair and maintenance fund may be utilised for meeting the expenditure on maintenance of the society's property and repairs and renewals and thereof"

My committee members rejected my request. Please advise me whether I am wrong or I have to request again to implement the law.

27 June 2017 at 04:57

Agreement of sale cum gpa validity

Hello sir..please inform whether agreement of sale cum gpa with possession (agpa) is valid even after the death of claimant...can the legal heirs of claimant sell the property...or the person who executed agpa can sell da property...from whom the property should be purchased...

Hello sir..please inform whether agreement of sale cum gpa with possession (agpa) is valid even after the death of claimant...can the legal heirs of claimant sell the property....

27 June 2017 at 00:26

Immoral trafficking

Sir can i put a case against my wife father in law and friend because they have tortured me very badly because of money and i have applied for divorce also and i have got plenty of doubts on my wife what i speak with my friend she will speak the same and i speak to my wife my friend also speak the same because they both will kill me one day they have tried onces so i don't have any evidence of illegal affair of my wife with my friend because i got %confidence that my wife has relationships with him because the way she speaks and here attitude i can put case immoral trafficking case so that i will know the fact please help me sir any one my wife has put 8 criminal cases on me

26 June 2017 at 23:38

TA/DA to OFCH Lodge bill

Respected sir , I am central govt employee,have booked Govt accommodation and private accommodation during temporary duty.But due to uncleanness, I have not availed the govt accommodation,but paid since it is meger amount and got release order after completion of duty.I have submitted Lodge bill for reimbursement. Office of controller of defence accounts pointed out that you stayed in govt accmmdn and fradulent hotel bill submitted.But I have replied that I have slept in Lodge hence submitted.No doubt it is not fradulent.My office verified and informed to CDA that Lodge bill submitted by individual is not fradulent.But vigilance cell in our department issued charged 5rmemo.Again I have explained same .If inquiry is ordered what I have to do.
My office at Secunderabad verified & found that Lodge bill is not fradulent.
My office at Lodge is also verified and found that Lodge bill is not fradulent.I have informed that I have booked govt accmmdn but not availed.Since private accmmdn is booked also, I have availed and submitted for reimbursement as per entitlement. Lodge management clearly explained that I have stayed with Lodge records.
Query: what should I do if inquiry is ordered. How to convince IO.please suggest me to discharge the charged memo.

26 June 2017 at 22:54

remand in bailable offences

Whether police can ask remand in bailable offeNce that investigation is not completed in 24 hours.


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