Can matrimonial agreements be enforced in Christian marriage


16 March 2018 at 05:33

Enforcing agreements in marriage

There were martial agreement between husband and wife regarding child custody, and alimony matters that were agreed earlier and written down and signed in front of witnesses, but now violated. by wife, Can this be enforced in a way or can any criminal case be filled like 406/506/420 or can we file under U/s 39?

15 March 2018 at 23:07

Name transfer

me and my brother jointly purchased a property last year in Chennai, now I decided to transfer the property to my brother name my getting half of the property price from him,

Could you please advice what is the procedure for name transfer?
For how much value should I buy stamp papers?

I appreciate if you could answer my question


15 March 2018 at 22:53

NI Act Sec. 138 Service of Notice

Complainant Send the Notice after Bouncing of Cheque to the 2 address of the accused:

1. Send the Notice to the address of flat of accused where accused does not Reside during the period of sending of Notice and the Complainant knows the same. Copy of Electricity Bill for the month of Sending Notice shows consumption of only 4 Units in that Month.

2. Send another Notice to the usual address of the accused but while mentioning the Address deliberately mentioned house No. 108 where as acual address was 180 and due to which Notice was returned undelivered.

Complaint filed in the court with the correct address House No. 180 .

And summon issued by the court at the correct Address.

As per the general presumption Notice under section 138 sent at the correct address through registered post returned undelivered is deemed to be delivered. And this view is also confirmed by the supreme Court also.

What the remedies available to the accused in the above circumstances.

Is there any case law in this regard where accused got relief due to sending of Notice to the accused at wrong address.

15 March 2018 at 22:25


Dear sir,
I just want to know whether I fall under non creamy layer in OBC or not.
I and my wife are working in nationalised banks and our gross salary per month is 90000/- and my father's income per annum is less than 100000/- and my age is 28 years. Am I eligible to apply for any exams like UPSC as an obc candidate or do I fall under creamy layer.

Can respondent file an application for rejection of plaint u/O.7 R.11 of C.P.C. after the stage of chief-examination of the petitioner side and before the stage of cross-examination of the petitioner side?


15 March 2018 at 19:40

Breach of consent terms

Respected Sir,

Contempt of Court for willful breach of the undertaking given to the Court in the course of the consent terms.

please give me Citations or Judgments on this regards.

Thank You.


15 March 2018 at 19:05

Drink and drive

If someone caught in drink and drive, and paid fine..then he ll be ineligible for upsc job?


We had formed a XXX Villa owners Welfare & Maintenance Society & it was dully registered by the competent Authority under the Act as above in the year 2014.
Off l;ate some disputes have arisen & the activities of the Society is totally jeopardized due to adamant attitude of one or two members.The President & Treasurer has left the premises. As a Secretary I am facing tremendous problems & it is creating lot of mental tension whereas I m maintain g all records & trying my best to keep it alive.

Now I intend to disassociate myself;f from the Society activities but no body is coming forward to take charge of it.
Please help me by your kind advise as to how should I go forward & leave this Society. for good.

Can i file a appeal in upper court directly without the consent of charity commissioner, against my previous suit dismissal asking for permenant &"mandatory injunction &'declaration against the trustees of registered reigious public trust.


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