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Devnandan Sharma

asked On 07 December 2016 at 14:02

Lodging case under section 211 cr.p.c.

I have been implicated in a criminal case which I can prove to be false. Can I lodge a case against the complainant under section 211 Cr. P.C. before conclusion of the criminal case against me?


asked On 07 December 2016 at 12:23

Hookah is ban in Jaipur r

I want to know that how can I get hookah permission in Jaipur? Is hookah banned or required written permission?

Law Aspire

asked On 07 December 2016 at 10:45

Consumer protection act -practical issues

Dear Sir
Need some Clarifications on Questions of Consumer Protection Act,1986:

(1) Section 2(b)(ii) states that a Voluntary Consumer Asssociation registered under Companies Act,1956 or under any other Law for the Time being in force. In Companies Act ,1956 no Provision is there for registration of such Association. Kindly provide clarification.

(2) A person who is a retailer and earning his livelihood from sale of any particular products is a Consumer for Whole Seller and Manufacturer or Not? (Selling of Goods for earning Livelihood by means of Self Employment) Kindly clarify with reference to Section 2(d)(i) and Explanation to this given under Consumer Protection Act.

(3) Refer Definition of Manufacturer under Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
My query is:
If Company ABC Ltd manufactures a Toothbrush and the same is sold by XYZ Limited and on the packing of the Toothbrush it is specifically mentioned that Manufactured by ABC Ltd and Marketed by XYZ Limted In this case if any defect comes in the tooth brush against whom Complaint wil be filed?


asked On 07 December 2016 at 10:32

Property transfer from husband to wife

Dear Team,

I would like to know the process of transfering our home from my husband to wife along with the people I need to contact. Also how long will this take? Thank you.

Kind Regards


asked On 07 December 2016 at 09:47

Tribal status claim

Mother tribe,Father non tribe gives birth baby,/ son.aftet 6 years she/ he taken divorce.she get another marriage son his mother's relatives using surname completed higher study claim ST status.what is the next position? Any problem ap state go no 374 tribe non tribe offsprings before 2005 birth gives ST caste certificate.recently Andhra Pradesh state ARUKU(ST) MP claims ST actually ground reality she is SC MALA community she claims ST( valmiki) she is name KOTHAPALLI GEETHA.completely his father and mother also SC MALA.what is the correct route further extension?


asked On 07 December 2016 at 09:47

Obc girl (non-creamy layer) married to gen

Ma'am/ Sir (s),

Following are the facts before my query:

1. My Wife presently working in MNC and drawing handsome salary has OBC category certificate (based on her father's income and caste status).

2. I am a general category by caste and work in govt. PSU (executive cadre).

My queries are:

1. Is she eligible to file applications as OBC candidate and can avail benefits like reservation in govt. jobs, age relaxation etc. provided to non-creamy layer OBC candidates.

2. Can I have the references of any cases in Supreme court/ High Counts, where judgements have already been given in such cases.

3. Under the column “father’s name/ husband’s name”, what should be preferred while filling the forms? Is it alright if my name is filled in the form? Can anyone debar her to avail the benefits in case my name is given in the form.

4. To be at a safer side, should I approach a lawyer to give me an affidavit that although she (an OBC) is married to me (general), she can avail all the benefits available to OBC candidates which mentions the references of constitutional laws or cases as mentioned in point no. 2 above. Do lawyers make such affidavits?

5. Is there any single document, where all the benefits (in precise form) are written to OBC non-creamy layer candidates.

Thanks in anticipation.

sachin s shenoy

asked On 07 December 2016 at 09:33

Heirship required in this case

i have a property in Navi mumbai on my name and my father's name i am the 1st owner father is the secondly joint owner,father passed away in 2011 and i want to sell the property ,what are the required documents and procedures the property is in kharghar navi mumbai do i need heirship,i have the payement details as i have taken the loan and i have all the supporting documents in my name.I have surviving my mother and a brother.what do i do to fully avil it in my name and my wife's.please advice and guide.


asked On 07 December 2016 at 09:18

Land encroachment

Sir, I am 24 yrs female now, I got no parents and brought up by my relatives and when I was 02 yrs old, part of my land has been encroached by my neighbour, which he has constructed his house, he encroached 2 square feets almost a length of 100 square feets. How can I deal with this issue????


asked On 07 December 2016 at 09:15


Honorable experts
My sister gave her ancestral property share to my uncle through registered document . my uncle aged 84, unmarried had written a will in 2016 February and in that along with his ancestral share he has written this share of sister to MY NAME.He expired 3 months ago) .Now as sister is living can sister TAKE BACK her share as I got through WILL of my uncle


asked On 07 December 2016 at 09:02

ST status claim

Good morning sir, I am from Andhra Pradesh. My mother ST( konda reddis), father (non-tribe) after marriage 5 to 6 years after taken me along with mother next 1 year she is having 2 nd marriage( koya tribe) I am facing lot of struggles completed,B.Ed .I have my mother's relatives surname using & claim ST status.further any problem . After 2005 SC declared Tribal women & non tribe father can have off spring gives father caste status.i am completely tribal habitations what I can status claim caste? I am what I should proceed further ? Now preparing Civils services examination please clarify my doubt?In Andhra Pradesh so many this type of offsprings claim ST status GO NO 374.

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