24 May 2018 at 01:26

Cheating case

I got cheated by a broking Services firm for 2lkhs. The Firm is based in Ahemdabad. They said they have people who do research and invest money and provide good returns . They took my money and till date for last 5 months did not give a single penny. I have being following up. Suddenly their website is not working emails are bouncing back and phone numbers are not working . What can be done as I have done legal NEFT transfer to their company bank account and have proofs of some emails and Whatsapp communication


24 May 2018 at 00:52


Dear Sir,
In my ssc certificate it's mentioned as S. SADHIQ BASHA but it's SHAIK SADHIQ BASHA. At that time i didn't have any problem but now when adhar came it is becoming a problem in as i applied for scholarship for my graduation with same name necessary in Adhar and SSC as S SADHIQ BASHA. But for pan card it asking full name and should be same in Adhar as SHAIK SADHIQ BASHA.How can i solve this problem.

I have secured admission to a University in the US for pursuing Masters and to support my education, I have planned to avail an education loan from SBI with collateral. My dad will be the co-borrower and we are pledging our ancestral property, which was handed down to him by his father after partition.
However, in the partition that took place in the year 1973, two of my father's sisters were not a party and had not signed the deed. But they have taken possession of their part and paid their taxes accordingly. Subsequently, they had sold their part after a couple of years as well.
Now I have approached SBI for loan pledging my father's part in the partition. The lawyer who is giving the opinion says that since they were not a part of the deed, they can get the deed canceled even now in the legal eye, else I will have to produce proof that they have sold the land(It's been 45 years since the original partition deed)

Could someone please let me know if this view is correct

Sir, my sister was married 6 years and she have not been peaceful a single day. Her husband and his parents expect her to be a slave. In front of us they do drama, behind back they show their true faces. His mother has never fed my sister properly when my husband is not around. She gave food very late and did not give me enough. She would not let cook because she gets jealous if her husband likes it. Then they complain on her she is not doing anything at home to my parents. mother in law has also stolen money from my purse many times, and behaves like she is very good.
For past one year her husband harrsed hrr very much by talking badly abiut her character and linked with some one.but she bare everything becoz of society and we dnt have father to bare everything.me and my mother is living some where away from her as she know our financial position is not good to maintain her if she and her daughter comr out . Hr cut me off from her friends long back. Slowly he stopped her from speaking to my relatives, cousins and with us also. He does not allow her to go anywhere. He verbally abusedher and tells her I should be okay with it. His dad teaches him that. He teaches this to his son and tells me I should also be like that. He says husband can do anything he wants to the wife, the wife should always keep quiet. My husband tells her not to get angry. He tells her should not cry. He does not like the fact that she is more intelligent than him or talented than him, so he suppresses her . He does not let her even go out for a walk. He keeps prying on her phone to see what messages or calls she get. He expects her to fall at his feet. He has given her bruises on my body, and when I show him, he gets angry. He irritates her till she get angry and then complains that she getting angry. Now because Ishe shouted , they are saying she was crazy..They have also asked me to sign and give them, that if anything happens to me, they are not responsible.
As she cnt tolerate all these things she come out of house to us...our few relatives talked with that family and take my sister to his house..after a week agin he abused her and send my sister back tonmy home.for last fee month we talked with that family to take her to therr house but they r not responding well and not interested to tale my sister back.
Even my sister fatherlaw say that Notting in mynhand as my son is not interested to tale ur sister.
Now what can i do?
She is ready to go back if they take her to there house.but they r not willing for it.
Even they are saying what you wantbto do do we dnt have any problems.
Its seem that even they ate ready for ligrla procedings.
But my sister is ready to go with there family...but problem nis that they r not atken to there family.
Am sure that they r not Interested to take her back..
As one on lawyer said that filing a case is not possible as case of incidence is nor at ur home town and it happen few months back.
And if u file a case to take her back may not help her for future life.
If u file any harrasement case only will get some benefit to ur sister even during her divorce condition..
As am poor am not awqre of all tgese things.i need a help..
Am not in position to hire a lawyer for filing a case and for further procedding.
Only i have fear about my sister lifr and her 5y daughter

23 May 2018 at 23:31

Chargesheet of 498a

I have been facing 498A since 2011, current status of my case is arguements on chargesheet , got interim bail in 2012, given 2 lac to ex lady on bail, now i want to know that she had clearly written in her FIR that she does not want her ornaments and want to get back in my home, according to this point, can I protest 498A case and request court to remove case againt me.

Kindly response ...


I have filed consumer complaint against prestige cooker seller which got burst. The court issued notice. to OP 1 seller and OP 2 manufacturer. 45 days time over. But till date OP 2 nobody came on behalf. OP 1 comes to court but does not come before the judge, takes the date and goes.

Both OP 1 and OP 2 not filed any reply till date. Judge asked me to file affidavit now.

I cant make out what is plan of action of OP 1 who appears in the court but when case number called out only I go in front of judge, judge asked to call name of OP 1 loudly, but still OP 1 sit calm.

In meantime OP 1 given complaint in police station that I threatened OP 1 at his shop and over phone. Police had called to come to station, I did not go. I asked complaint copy. Complaint copy sent via RPAD, which I did not receive coz I not in town.

Police calling on my phone harassing to come to station. I told that I did not threaten the seller over phone.

I have video recordings of conversation with seller which I have given to consumer court. I have multiple call recordings where seller has confessed he wont give new cooker and wont give compensation to burn victim my mom.

So if anyone can guide me what could be intention of the OP 1 who is cooker seller?

OP 2 never appeared at all till date.

Please help.


I have filed consumer complaint in Bangalore Consumer Forum.

In the entire case the opposite party never appeared nor the President compelled appearance of the opposite party only the advocate appeared.

Without even seeing the opposite party even once the consumer court passed order. Now I have to go to appeal in State Commission.

Is it not necessary at all for opposite party to appear even once in the consumer court?

23 May 2018 at 21:51

Child custody/visitation

Dear experts,
About two years back, my DOL filed a DV case against her husband, FIL& MIL. On out side court settlement it was decided for MCD. Accordingly, MoU submitted in first petition in the court. All the points are being followed meticulously, e.g. monthly maintenance amount sent to a 6yr.old male child, earlier transferred amount of 30 lakhs to DOL considered as one time alumni, child visitation of 12 days per month with overnight stay with father apart from 50% holiday and vacation access etc. Custody of the child is with his mother. As my DOL is well paid govt. employee no separate maintainance was claimed. DV case will be withdrawn before decree of divorce.
OP did not turned up on scheduled date of 2nd. motion. However, the agreed points are followed till date. After a span of more than 8 months of submission of the 1st. motion affidavit my DOL now threatened to unilaterally withdraw the petition unless an additional 20 lakhs amount is paid to her. Our lawyer is optimistic to execute the divorce with present terms.
However, my queries are:
1. If at all she withdraw the petition what should be our course of action.
2. The present child visitation pattern is acceptable to us as well as to the child. If we go to court for GWA /HMGA act for child custody/visitation, the present joint petition of child access pattern ( proved to be working alright) will be considered by the court or not.
With regards.
Tarit kundu.

Dear Sir,

My son has bought a flat in Pune. The Agreement to Sale was signed before promulgation of RERA Act. But the project was registered under RERA also on later date. The project is delayed for 12 month. The builder has calculated compensation as per the terms and condition contained in Agreement to Sale.

My query is that whether the compensation for delay in completion of project will as per the terms and conditions of Agreement to Sale or as per provisions of RERA. Which provision shall prevail.

With best regards

Yogesh Upadhyay


23 May 2018 at 20:40

Arbitration & conciliation act.

What procedure is adopted by the court under section 9 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, before and after passing interim measure orders?


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