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Deepak Parmar

asked On 31 October 2014 at 15:05

Translation from vernacular language to english

I have my Caste certificate from Gujarat which is in Gujarati, and I need to Translate in English for submission at Collector Office in Mumbai for Making Caste Certificate of my daughter

The Officer says Translation thru Notary is not allowed, do from Executive Magistrate or thru Court Translator

Kindly help any lawyer in Mumbai can Help Me


asked On 31 October 2014 at 14:02

Need help divorce decision

I have mentioned below facts of my case and have some queries regards same:


1) Got married in 2012 and within 6 months of marriage serious medical condition got diagnosed (damage of both kidneys). My husband who was nice & caring to me initially showed his real skin. My life became living hell ever since then, he and his parents constantly tortured me to end the relation peacefully

2) Out of frustration and anger even i left my in laws house 3 times within short span of 1 year and at present also i'm staying with my parents and even 1 single time i texted him suicide msg which he has now in his mobile and claim to used against me in court of law to seek divorce

3) About my husband & his family, my husband use to be manager in a MNC co. and we were living separately, however ever since he lost his job and diagnosis of my medical condition we were forced to move back with my husbands parents.

4) I would like to brief a bit more about my husband due to his psychic nature. He lost both his present job and last job bcz he had argument with his boss and even slapped his last boss.

5) My husband has also couple of recordings saved in his mobile without my knowledge wherein he has recorded my conversations with my father about my father telling me not to have antibiotics and rather to treat myself with natural ways (yoga n all) and also a recording where my father condemns acts of his mother


1) First basic question should i give divorce as he certainly want and i dont.

2) Will my medical condition be a ground of divorce as mental cruelty (however no substantial evidence that my medical condition will not improve)?

3)As he is threatening me with life for not calling him or not to approach my in laws house, how should i pursue to talk him out (both his parents taking his side and want separation too)

4) In case of divorce how should i claim my stridhan?

5) I have no source if income at present n my husband is also jobless living with is parents. What would be my alimony and maintenance claim in the case of any eventuality? (As my parents spent a lot on my marriage)

6)How long does divorce proceedings usually take? Is there ant min. or max. period

7)Lastly my question how would a judge verdicts in such a situation where husband seek divorce on medical condition.

Thanks In advance for any help


asked On 31 October 2014 at 13:26

Intimation of suvival benefits recieved fom lic

I am a Cental Govt. employee and recently I have recieved Rs.80,000=00 as survival benefits unde money back policies from LIC of India.Should I intimate the reciept of Rs.80,000=00 to my Department under Rule 18(3) of CCS conduct Rules.

With regards

Rupendra Porwal

asked On 31 October 2014 at 12:27

Can wife seeking divorce restrain husband from selling flat/commercial propertis

A wife has filed Divorce suit on ground of cruelty and ALSO planning to file suit for custody of a minor and maintenance under sec 125 of crpc.

Can wife seek injunction/relief against husband form selling the properties owned by him?

Also suggest, how should wife protect her rights and rights of baby in the event husband proceeds to sell the properties.

Also suggest that a lawyer what are all precautions must be taken while proceedings of divorce suit is on and at the time of filing of custody and maintenance suits.

D P Bhasin

asked On 31 October 2014 at 12:13

Child adoption

My daughter and her husband who are issueless wish to adopt a girl child. A very poor family has 5 children and wish to give its daughter who is 8 months old in adoption without any financial gains. Both ARE GREEN CARD HOLDERS IN USA. Both are are coming to India in Jan 2015. would like to take the child to USA after adoption. Please advise about the procedure, the time frame and the documents required from both the parties My daughter belings to Delhi and the other party to Noida.
After this would like to hire a lawyer.


asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:56

Living will

I would like make a Living Will - will you advise me please, who would do it and where.

I have seen my very own family members, many of them suffer from cancer and my father died after a few years of Alzheimer's disease. I have seen a strong willed, upright person slowly loose his focus, mind and finally dignity.

I need to protect my dignity in death while I am in complete control of my senses and physically fit.


asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:49

Mother's name deleted by her brothers

The property located in maharashtra owned by my grandfather( mothers's father)is up for sale by my uncles.My mother died in 1991 and her father died in 1971.After that in 1971 my mother was emotionaly tortured and pressurised to sign some blank papers with a verbal promise that ur share will be given to u at the time of disposal of these 2 properties. Those blank papers with mothers signature were later submitted with the city survey officer and her name deleted as per her wish. No release deed was made or any compensation was given to my mother till today.The documents at city survey can be relied which are made/fabricated in the year 1973 ?.My mothers sisters are alive and they are ready to support me.What action i should take to stop them selling my mothers share.Is it possible to take a stay from local court and what is the juridiction.please advise.

Rajendra Kashinath Patil

asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:43

Limited legal partnership law

i am having 2500sq ft commercial space at Pune.a private hospital is interested to start dispensory . so they offer me partnership on LLP basis.let me know advantage and disadvantage of LLP

Anjul Kumar Jana

asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:36

Suit value for recovery of possession

This is a suit for declaration and injunction and alternatively prayed for recovery of possession. The land to be recovered is not assessed and for which appointment of surveyor commissioner is also prayed. Once plaintiff's predecessor sold a certain portion of the schedule property but since then defendant has acquired more than that. Hence the suit for the recovery of excess portion.
Now queries are :
1. What should be the Suit Value?
2. Which provision of Court Fees Act is required to file and how should I assess the Court fee in this case?
3. Whether admission of not in possession by the Plaintiff should be the demerits of this case?


asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:16

Loan given to relatives

i am giving r.s 50000 loan to relatives, what is document collected from relatives.

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