Trial Court convicted accused in a cognizable and non-bailable case filed by Police Report. Accused preferred appeal to Session. Session acquitted accused.
[1]. Options before the State Govt. to challenge the judgment of Session and provision in CrPC?
[2]. Options before the Victim to challenge the judgment of Session and provision in CrPC?


Respected sir,
I am 72 year old citizen of India residing in Mumbai since birth. I had purchased an apartment in byculla 34 years ago under the pagdi system which is also my current residential address.During the time when the apartment was purchased I was working in foreign country so my elder brother made a house rent receipt under two names his own name and my name.My main contention is the apartment has been occupied by my family members from the date of purchase and house rent is also paid by us for last thirty years and my elder brother has not been residing at this apartment for the past twenty years also his name is not present in the ration card also his Aadhar card indicates a that he has been residing in some other place.My elder brother's children have also submitted an NOC which states that they have no rights in this house.
My query is at the present moment my elder brother is not cooperating with me nor is willing to give me NOC to remove his name from the rent receipt.Kindly suggest me any legal remedy so that the rent receipt has only my name and not my elder brother.


16 March 2018 at 16:49

Summon by junior division judge

My Employer failed to disburse salary in time, so i left the job around 8 months ago. On 28/02/2017 i serve a notice through Labour Inspector for recovery of my salary, he has to present on 19/03/2018. in reply to this he serve me a summon through Jr Division Judge , to be present before him on 02/05/2018. Please note he has paid me 10 k out of 25k by online mode i..e.PAYTM. He is claiming that i have ruined his project during working period. Now after paying 10k & my complaint he got to know that i had ruined his project around 8-10 months ago.

Please any expert guide me regarding the same

16 March 2018 at 16:15

Cousin marriage

I'm in a relationship with my mother's cousin sister's daughter. Our great maternal grandfathers are the same. Is it legal to marry her?


My father passed away on 4 years back. He has taken Rs. 2 lakhs of business loan from one of the nationalised bank (IOB) at 2013. After one year he was expired. For this loan my father's friend was signed as guarantor.
The bank has debited 20,000+ from my fathers saving account, once his death news heared. After that they approached me and my father's friend for settled the remaining amount. But both are very bad situation at that time, so we are leave it. Last year bank sent advocate notice to my father (old address) and his friend but i do not aware it because am searching job. Now they sent Lok Adalat summon to both. my father's friend called me and appear on court for lok adalat. But on that my mother was not well so i didn't go, he only went and appear on court and submit death certificate my father. After this he called me and told the judge could not accept my words he told the blood relation should be appear otherwise we have to appeal suit his blood relation or appeal a search warrant against them. I don't know his friend telling truth or lie. Now he also threatening us and asked to appear on next heiring.
What action the bank will do further? What i will do next? Few months back only i got job with less salary and my mother also not well. Please help me.

Current loan balance with interest Rs: 1,40,000+
Loan Taken year is 2013


16 March 2018 at 15:54

Conveyance for society members

Dear Team,

I am staying in one of biggest society in Mumbai where total 5 societies with one Apex, whereas total members are around 980 flats. When we applied for conveyance for each member of society, we come to know that our total area divided into 2 plots, one is under lease and another one is ownership. So anyone can suggest how to get it clear, and builder is also ready to support. The society started from 2001 onwards.
We need expert lawyer to get it done.

Kindly reply on my mail id

16 March 2018 at 15:25

Regarding breaking engagement

one of my friend got engaged recently. now we got a news that the girl was in serious relation both physical & mental with twice the age of her and even after engagement she is continuing the same and we got the proof. Considering y friend life & she is cheating my friend and still mow she is acting as if nothing is happen. Nobody nos about this. how can i open the subject to him is there will be any problem. kindly advise me as this will totally collapse their life.

16 March 2018 at 15:14

Hma 24 and section 125 maintenance.

Can wife claim maintaince under CRPC 125 if she is already getting maintainance under HMA 24 ?

Is this below judgment of SC says that Prevent Interim maintainace under sec 125 if case is going on in HMA 24

Please help, if this judgment could be used to reject 125 petition, i have read it but not able to understand completely.

16 March 2018 at 14:29

Pagadi system

Hi Sir

we are staying in bhayender in a pagadi system house from 1987, but from 2006 to 2008 we were staying on rent in borivali in this period our landlord had send us a notice that the house in bhayender is no more us and give it to him. we were running that case in thane civil court and the decision was against us. we again filed an appeal in thane session court even this time our appeal was dismissed on 14th march 2018. the court has asked to vacant the place till 14th April 2018.
as my dad is retried and my mom is house wife we are all 3 sister of those 2 are married and 1 is unmarried we have no other option where we can shift in a months time. Shall we vacant the premise or shall we file appeal i high court. if we vacant the premise will we get compensation of that room as per market rate? also the room is in very bad condition the ceiling is falling, all the iron bars are been seen its very risky to stay there and we have not renovated the room from past 15 years even the landlord is not allowing us too renovate the room as the court case was going on. If we file an appeal in high court then we again cant do renovation till we get the final judgement.

Sir can you please guide us in this matter what can be done shall we leave the premise? if yes will we get compensation? or shall we file an appeal in high court? and how to stay in that property in such a bad condition.

16 March 2018 at 13:37

Private forensic expert report

My case is running family court, I want to know that -;

Does Indian family court accept the report from Expert Private Forensic Psychoanalysis report ? Even Private psychologist is able to attend the court call


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