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Nand kishore

asked On 28 March 2015 at 06:38

Name in khatiyan

Ram purchaged A portion of Land from N.Mahto by regd. sale deed in 1992 and mutated his name in govt. register and paid revenue in his name.Till now the land reciept is paid in the name of purchaser Ram, NOW ,Ram died and HIS son Kumar Applied for Nakal Of all the ducuments related to the Land Purchased by his Father RAM ,all documents is in his fathers name except Khatiyan whis is in the name of seller N.Mahto. Now MY query is that - 1, Will any litigation creat in future for Kumar (Ram,s Son) for that Khatiyan and if so What will HE DO for that. 2. What isthe rule and guide line for Kumar which help him to overcome from future Litigation?


asked On 28 March 2015 at 02:15

Women succession Act 1956

Dear Sir,

Please tell me, the property rights of women in ancestor property, who is born before 17th June 1956.

I heard those born after this date only eligible.

Pls clarify.

ajay kumar

asked On 28 March 2015 at 00:59

M o u

I know that MOU are not enforeable in court of law. But even if the parties to the MOU partly act according to MOU , in that case can it be fully enforced by court.


asked On 28 March 2015 at 00:59

Ca/cs plus ba.llb

I am planning to give clat this year. I have cleared my cpt level exam of chartered accountancy and preparing for ipcc simultaneously also which is due in november 15. My dilemma is whether if I get through a good nlu (via clat) and pursue a 5 year course of ba llb would I be able to continue with my ca course? I have got mixed reviews as to what should be taken up with ba llb. As I am already very much into the ca course would it be wise for me to continue with it or should I take up the CS course along with BA.LLB? I would be highly obliged if you could enlighten me with the different prospects and dealing with the articleship issues also. My area of interest is corporate law and finance/accountancy also.

anil saxena

asked On 27 March 2015 at 21:18

Power of notary

can a notary advocate do legal practice


asked On 27 March 2015 at 21:07

N i act 138 section

COMPALAINANT IS NOT PRESENT AT THE TIME OF ARGUMENT.After that accused has completed his argument .so what is next stage?

Manoj Bansal

asked On 27 March 2015 at 19:49

How can i protect myself against false cases of sc

In my office, there is a man who is SC by cast and he is threatening some of us in office for trapping us in false cases regarding Schedule castes. what is this section under IPC. how can I protect myself if he tries to do this


asked On 27 March 2015 at 19:11

Capital gains tax exemption

We sold our house of which my mother was the sole owner on 20th march, 2012. Since my mother is illeterate and prints thumb, due to make transfer of money easy (mother cannot sign cheques) we asked the buyer to transfer all the money (cash) in my account. The estimated long term capital gains was about 12 lacs. At that time I did not know anything about capital gains and so I did not deposit any money in the 'capital gains account scheme'. Within 4 months on 17th July, 2012 I paid a builder Rs 6 lacs 50 thousand to buy a plot. But I did not start any construction immediately as there was no development visible in the project for about one year and so due to non performance of the builder I asked him to refund my money, as I was living on rent and wanted my own house at the earliest possible. In the applications for refund I mentioned other reasons for seeking refund and not the non performance. The builder delayed the refund and finally refunded my money without any interest in July 2014. Since then it took me a few months time to search for a suitable property and finally I booked a flat with another builder on 5th march 2015. I have paid Rs. 10 lacs which is about 90 percent of the total sale consideration. The allotment letter was issued/executed on 19th march 2015. The company does not print separate allotment letter booklets for different buyers and so in all the allotment letters it is written that possession will be given within three years from the date of issue/execution of the allotment letter. But the company personnel say they will give possession in march 2016.

I want to know that:

If I go to the court will the court give me exemption from capital gains tax in this case. I have during the past three years constantly endeavoured to invest the money in a residential property. Also I do not have any other residential property in my name or a house of my own. But Finally I have invested most of the capital gains in a residential under construction property within three years time and also got the allotment letter/agreement issued just (one day) before the expiry of the three year period.

Is it necessary to invest the money in capital gains account scheme to get exemption.


asked On 27 March 2015 at 18:11

Abandonment of service

A person named XYZ joined duty of contract basis lecturer in state government polytechnic institute in Feb 2007. He continued his duty for 4.5 years. After this, due to medical reasons he stopped going to his job, but he did not give resignation letter.

On 13 March 2015, a G.R. is displayed on maharashtra govt. website, in which it is stated that "Those who have completed 3 years of service with technical breaks and who are still in service are made permanent in service".

In this situation, is there any chance for XYZ to get joining as permanent employee in aforesaid govt. Polytechnic because he has completed 4.5 years of his service(from 2007 to 2011), if he goes to court?

For details visit below link


asked On 27 March 2015 at 17:06

Peculiar 10years old land dispute


Please go through below completely, it is a long pending peculiar case having multi dimensions.

I am from Warangal, Telangana (earlier Andhra Pradesh), my query is: In 1987 Mr.Rayapu Reddy has made a layout of 70 plots and sold to different people. Mr.Rayapu Reddy expired in 1990. In 2002 Mr.Papi Reddy & 3 others (Brothers of Mr.Rayapu Reddy), claimed said land was their part of share from his father and sold to a developer. Developer re-developed the layout as per DTCP norms and got approval from district urban development authority(KUDA) and sold to different persons in 2009. Some plots mortgaged to KUDA towards developments in layout. Plot purchasers from Mr.Rayapu Reddy moved to court making respondents as other 4 brothers, KUDA & developer. In this critical document is partition between all 5 brothers. Two partition documents existing, one in support of Mr.Rayapu Reddy and another in support of other 4 brothers, hence this case/issue is long pending. Even though developments were made in the sanctioned layout, because of pending case against title KUDA not released the mortgaged plots. Developer managed buyers of old layout by giving some money and sold all new layout plots. Some buyers constructed houses also. Without knowing all these things, I purchased a plot from developer. Now, old layout buyers make nuisance at layout saying total layout land belongs to them, developer sold all the plots, hence he won’t responds. There is no unity between present (purchased from developer) plot owners. I spoke with developer, he said, he developed and sold plots legally with all supporting documents. Please suggest how I have to proceed.

1. Whether with all link documents, am I, able to approach court, how much time it will take, since other case is pending for more than 10 years, what is the probability of success.
2. How to get back my money from developer
3. Previous layout plot owners ready for compromise by taking some amount(around 25% of present market value), as a individual how I can regularise this, since as per previous layout my plot area was of part of 3 different plots and road. There is no similarity/link between old and new layout. New layout is entirely re-designed by making new roads and disturbing earlier boundaries.
4. If all the new layout owners decided to compromise with old layout owners, how documents has to be made, since there is a pending court case against KUDA and other government bodies were respondents. Also some plots mortgaged to KUDA, they need to be released for settlement.

Thanks for spending your valuable time for reading above, request you to give your advice.

- SRIRAM REDDY, 91-8518881617,

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