17 December 2017 at 14:42

Is Compounding of a case same as acquittal

I was charged with a petty case. I went to police station on my own they gave the compounding fee. There was no court summons. Does compounding mean that the charges are dropped or was I convicted by paying a compounding fee


17 December 2017 at 14:24

Pay protection

Sir, i am switching my job from central government to government of delhi in same grade pay(4600). Am I eligible for pay protection and lien ???


I have filed following cases against my husband u/s 498A/406/420/120B/500/506/34 of the IPC and S 4 of D. P. Act. His bail is rejected from lower court as well as high court. Now, the office of the lower court has manipulated and issued a bailable warrant instead of bailable warrant to delay the process and is unnecessarily delaying the process of his arrest. Please suggest what can be done to expedite this process.


17 December 2017 at 10:45


Hello Sir,
My self Jayesh Bonawate.
My query is regarding conveyance.
I didn't get my last 6 months conveyance from my previous employer,
My last date was 16aug,2017 and until they didn't provide me my conveyance.
I regularly getting feedback from my sales coordinator and manager but they didn't giving me proper reply.
Now it's been 4months from I left job .
I have all recordings and whatsapp sms of related with conveyance as a proof.
What should my next step?
They are not even given me a proper response and answer that I will get it or not
Please reply what should I do sir??

17 December 2017 at 09:42


25 yrs old girl married a 27 yrs boy who is working in US and hail from India. The girl went as house wife. The marriage happened 2 months back. She went with boy on his VISA and stayed for one month. She is having a love affair and physical relationship with another person few years before marriage and that was concealed at the time of marriage by her and parents. This was revealed by the girl to the boy after reaching US. The boy took possession of their facebook chat which was there since october 2016 to 30th november 2017 that contains heavy daily chat between them and also confirms their physical relationship. As per the suggestion by the lover the girl attempted to cut her hand and threatened the husband to send her to India as she wanted to unite with the lover. Husband immediately booked a ticket a week back and sent her to India as she is threatening him. Husband recorded her video stating that she does not like her husband and she loves her lover and want to go to him and it is purely her independent decision and there is no pressure from husband or husband's parents. two video recordings were there and also facebook chat and photos confirming their love and physical relationship. husband's parents also recorded the telephone talk with wife's parents that shows she is in love with that fellow but not so intense as they did not know the facebook chat and photos. under these circumstances what are the options before husband who is staying in US as the marriage happened 2 months back spending 20 lakhs by his parents towards marriage and arrangements.

1. Can he issue legal notice to the wife mentioning all the facts about video recordings, facebook chat ?

2. Can he go for filing defamation as his reputation is tarnished because of marrying her ?

3. if the girl's parents won't turn up for legal notice how can he proceed ?

4. Is the video recordings and facebook chat enough for getting divorce by the husband ?

I request the experts to kindly advise in this matter and help the husband.

17 December 2017 at 09:13

Capital gain

On March 2015 my father gifted me his three self earned property wherein the 2nd property was mortgage in chit fund (loan taken by a joint account My brother and father) for 95 lakhs. In June 2017 the mortgage property came to auction by court order . We requested d chit fund and took some time and mean while I applied for loan and got sanctioned for 38 lakhs . Since there was a shortage I and my dad decided to sell the 3rd property(gifted property) and pay off the loan. We sold it for 63 lakh . We paid 1% as TDS and 2% for agent to sold it. We made one time settlement with chit fund and paid 57.50 lakh and cleared the loan. And also I closed my loan of 38 lakh. Nothing left in hand. Now my question is do I need to pay capital gain?

Few local advocate told me the transaction of gift deed to you when it was mortgage in chit fund. That is an invalid transaction. At That point of time my father had no rights on it itseems.

I have got the j form , after one month they will give my city survey copy by reducing chit fund name later I will apply for fresh EC copy of 12 yrs.

Kindly advice...

17 December 2017 at 09:08

False case

I made a small construction to the existing building without obtaining plan permission but in registered plot of mine. Some people of welfare society took stay order and brought d construction to stand still. I have applied for plan approval ... In case I get permission to construct can I vacant the stay?. Welfare society is expecting some money...wat do I do?

17 December 2017 at 02:03

Complaint against lawyer

Dear sir/mam,
My father was a lecturer in govt inter college and got retired on 31 March 2017.10 years ago,my father filled a case in Allahabad High Court regarding his promotion.After so many years our case has not finalized.The lawyer that we hired,has not done anything to case and has taken the fees already.Now the condition is that if we call him to know the status of our case,he always says that your case is finalized,only judge's signature is left and demand more money to put the case in front of judge.One day he even started abusing us and said if we ever called him again he'll never finalize our case.please help us what should we do now

can a non LLB student do post graduate diploma in criminal lawyer? if yes then what will be benefits of doing this course? please suggest me? can i take a stand in future after doing this course legally? i hv done MSc.


17 December 2017 at 01:14

Interest on e.d.c.

I purchased residential plot at Panipat from Ansal. Before get the plot retested in my name about 5 years back ansal demand E.D.C. interest on that plot. I deposit the E.D.C. interest under protest to Ansal. About one month back I come to know that Ansal defeat the cases at local consumer court and state tribunal where ansal file a appeal.

Both the courts order to refund the E.D.C. interest illegally charged by ansal with interest.

I met my advocate at Panipat but he told me that your case for claim refund of illegally interest on E.D.C. barred by limitations. You can only file criminal complaint against Ansal. He also said that I only claim my refund within 2 years from consumer court and within 3 years from civil court.

Kindly suggest the better way way so that I am able to take refund of illegally charged refund.

Satyan Manuja


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