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Sundram N

asked On 20 January 2017 at 13:37

High court disposed the case of criminal revision

Dear Sir(s),
I solicit your suggestion on the following facts of the case :-

High court granted regular bail on condition to pay Rs 10000/- pm as per ex party order of family court subject to revision if any of the order passed u/s125.
I filed Misc cases before the family court to allow me to give opportunity to argue the case because wife side did not disclose her income as it is the important points. during the pendency of may case , the family court issued distress warrant.

I filed two cases before the high court :
1. First for Criminal revision in view of allowing me to argue before the family court as the ex party order issued without my knowledge. as I knew first time when the order of family court submitted from wife side at the time of granting bail order by the high court
2. second case for cancelation /staying the Distress warrant in the facts that the family court is in default because the misc. case against the order of maintenance is still pending to dispose therefore DW can not be issued on me.

High Court Ordered now on merging the above two cases :-

HC ordered to pay full amount of maintenance as pending to pay from husband side. after payment, the family court will hear the case as filed by husband. the DW is stayed for one month for payment of maintenance.
kindly suggest what to do by me as high court ordered to pay full amount of maintenance. I sacked now from the service when wife side served a RTI notice on the company for taking all information about me.
I am not in position to pay . what steps can properly be taken against the order of the High Court ?
kindly suggest


asked On 20 January 2017 at 11:15

Case under ipc 324 and 34

Case history:
There are disputes in our relations because of properties. one day early morning relatives came and attacked on my father inlaw and mother in law infront their house
and case registered by police and w1 and w2 are victims. w3 - w6 eye witness and other witness are midical report doctorr and police officesrs

Here defedent lawywer is trying to prove the case is inbetween argument they just pushed and felt down on stones infront of accused house.
but actually what happened is they came with iron rod and strong stone and hit on head because of property disputes infron the victims house on early morning. all these information is in FIR.

question is : only one eye witness came to the court and given her witness. and the other 3 witness are not ready to the court.
Q1:what can happen if they do not come to the court ? if court gives notice , should they come to the court ? is there any way to escape not to come to the court ? can we win case with only one witness ? what is the best way to handle the situation if they do not come to the court. we are sure they will not be adverse witness. even if they do not want to come to the court,can we use them any otherway because they will not tell any thing against for us.


asked On 20 January 2017 at 10:25

Children not willing to sell property.

Property bought by grandmother jointly in her name her sons and daughters name from her own income(documentary proof present).Now grandmother wants to sell the property but son and daughter not willing . What legal remedy can be sought by grandmother to sell the property?


asked On 20 January 2017 at 07:57

Woman's attendance

Section160 of CrPC provides as follows:

. Police Officer’s power to require attendance of witnesses.

(1) Any police officer making an investigation under this Chapter may, by order in writing, require the attendance before himself of any person being within the limits of his own or any adjoining station who, from the information given or otherwise, appears to be acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case; and such person shall attend as so required:

Provided that no male person 1[“under the age of fifteen years or above the age of sixty-five years or a woman or a mentally or physically disabled person”] shall be required to attend at any place other than the place in which such male person or woman resides.

(2) The State Government may, by rules made in this behalf, provide for the payment by the police officer of the reasonable expenses of every person, attending under sub-section (1) at any place other than his residence.

One of my relatives, who is a woman, made a complaint to Police against a doctor for manipulation and connivance and made a request to treat the Complaint as an FIR against the doctor. The Police officer called the complainant, who is a women , over telephone and recorded her statement in the police station.

1. Is action of the police officer calling a woman over telephone verbally i.e. without notice and that too in the Police Station is justified in view of section 160(1) providing that such order should be “in writing” and “no woman shall be required to attend at any place other than the place in which such woman resides”

2. If it is not justified, what action can be taken against that Police Officer.

b kumar chsndrs

asked On 20 January 2017 at 07:32

Westbengal health scheme 2008 not giving rem bush meat money after 3 reminder

I have sent there reminder letter to joint sectary but they could not help us .
The joint secretary
Land and land reforms Department
Writers Building, Kolkata-700001
Sub:- Repeated reminder for re-imbursement
of Medical Bill for Wife’s treatment in favour of Rabindra
nath Chandra under W.B. Health schme 2008.
Respected Sir ,
With due respect from fathamic depth of my
heart, I would like to enumerate my suffering in a humble manners.
I, a retired pensioner and
realled under W.B. Health scheme 2008 from Collectrote Nadia. MY Wife
had undergone a gallbladder stone and vertical hernia operation by
spending RS 69420/ ON 28/05/2014 at R.N. Tagore I.I.C.S.
Kolkata code No. 041108 . The relevant paper and my application for
the reimbursement of that money (vide your recipt memo no 951/Estt dt.
16/06/2014 of addl D.M. ( gen ) Nadia ) was sent to your end for your
kind consideration. A reminder for non recipt operation expenditure
was also sent dt 20/12/2014 , your end only to be prayed in vain
Till date reimbursement is not materialized .
As a retired old person of I am
suffering from several heart problem . Already I had implanted
pacemaker in 2013 and an constant medication to add on my physical
suffering. My both eyes cataract in due for surgery and none over I
regain angiogram for blockage of my Artery.
In this critical juncture of my poor
physical state, it became virtually impressionable for me to run
around in your office with several reminderr like a shuttle crank
Attached plfied the Xerox of my earlier reimbursement of which
paint no 1regarding reimbursement of my wifes operation and Pt no 2
regarding mine. I request your good office to act as a good
samaritan to stand belief me by making arrange ment for quick and
promt payment of my wifes operation expenditure . I have not received
any communicated official letter.
your faith fully -Rabindra nath
chandra . Place- krishnagar
Dt. 20/01/2017 plese help me


asked On 20 January 2017 at 02:35

Fear about husband

I am very fear to live with my husband,he said that he is ready to go jail also.once he used to his aunt,she was beating he dnt go to her house but my husband and mother in law not agree with husband behavior totally depends on his aunt.I am so fear to live with him but I dnt leave him bcoz still I love him

Dwivendra dubey

asked On 20 January 2017 at 01:22

Public interest Litigation

Sir I want to file a public interest Litigation in Bombay HC .to abolish all the Britishers name railway station which are existed after 70th independence of india.
Sir Im a Law Student & I'm studying so I can't afford a lawyer & their fees.
So I request experts to pls guide me.thanks


asked On 19 January 2017 at 23:59

central government leave/absence

I am a central government employee, of 10th class basis. Group D, cadre. By the time i joined the service i already completed geology and was trying for upsc geologist. I completed my probation period in the service. But the confirmation letter is not still issued. I want to prepare or check for options in geology. For that i need a year or 1 and a half year. What should i do? I cleared gate 2016 while working. But couldnt get through interviews. I need leave. Please suggest. And clarify if i take a long leave most probably unauthorised, what would be the conseqences?

rajan chopra

asked On 19 January 2017 at 23:45

Can GPA holder of complainant give further GPA to other pers

Sir my uncle is complainant in cheque bounce case and has given me Geneal Power Of attorney to appear in Court on their behalf in which they have authorised me to engage counsel or to substitute any other person and I am appearing in court on their behalf and can I give further GPA to other person to appear in the court and is it permissible ?


asked On 19 January 2017 at 23:28

Nice of housing society

Can III as secretory of the housing society fine a no objection certificate for taking a loan ,to a member who had earlier taken one noc for a loan And mortgage. It will b a second noc for loans

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