17 August 2017 at 23:02

Termination laws

On 16th August 2017, after successful completion of almost 20 years of service with an educational institute, my brother has been served a notice to discontinue his services with immediate effect. Firstly he was asked to resign and on his refusal to resign, they initially threatened him to terminate. In 20 years of his services there was nor a single complaint about his behavior or performance.

Please advise if it is legal to discontinue services of any employee? what action we should take against such practices.


Mukul Gupta

17 August 2017 at 22:46

Crpc 125 between section 12 hma


Can anybody recommend advocate in Bathinda Punjab for subject case


Our society Is 40 yrs old bldg, in Mumbai two years back in AGM the M.C decide to repair our bldg and got a quotation from a consultant /contractor ( structural repairing) the process performed by MC was not transparent so I didn't pay the repair amount decided for my flat and not payment came with 18% interest after two year the repair work rather in 9 months as stated and was been charged interest till then n now work has started and the contract is given someone else rather than that person on whose quotation money was collected as thing didn't work , so transparency has taken hit and on collected amount the new one agreed to work on old quotation now In new AGM '17 they decided to use section 101 society act now my question. Is as per my knowledge this act is for recovery of maintenance due which I pay regularly does it also apply on repairing money collected sperately by society . And after complaining for two year to registrar office regarding malpractices and corruption in MC regarding society welfare and repairing work. No action yet. How to go about your help will be useful.

17 August 2017 at 21:30

Insolvency Petition

My relative is running chit finds locally and not registered and unable to repay the money totalling over 30 lakhs. He gave as loan to others and they are not paying now. He doesn't have property on his name. But his sons have properties. Can he file insolvency petition. Whether he can be convicted.

Sir,I am working as Field executive in a Central government office for the last 5 years.From July 2017,I was allotted a NEW field work, which I had no experience of doing earlier.My supervisor found some mistake at the time of inspection and reported to Regional Head, who took it very seriously and talked to my Office in charge that he is going to suspend me.Kindly reply what i should do.
Thank you


17 August 2017 at 20:31


Is it possible to avail two cash credit loan from two different banks? ( Especially for CGTMSE scheme)


17 August 2017 at 18:44

Pending fir

Real. Sir, a Fir (ipc332) is pending against me. I have passed psc main exam and am going to face interview after 15 days. Pending criminal case is a bar for selection. What should I do? Is there any way to get the case quashed. Please elaborate.


17 August 2017 at 18:27

Reg : need suggestion for my quories

Sir, this is dinesh from chennai, my native is tirunelveli, i was working in chennai, sir seriously i have a problem in my life and i need ur suggestions for my upcoming life, i was 29 yrs old. a girl propposed me on 2011, which later i accepted her after one week, this came to my family, she was residing next to my home, my family accepted it, i was hindu and she is a christian, due to cast her family refused me, also she left me on 2014, after that my family arranged me marriage (arranged marriage) with another one, i also accepted, because of my family intention, my gf came to know that marriage was arranged to me, and she phoned me and sorry for the things happened, also she phoned to my family and told to stop the marriage (engagement also done for me) even though i stopped d marriage becoz for her. also i did the same before one week of my marriage and it becomes d biggest problem with my family. one month later she contacted me and we both where happy till, but for the past 5 months she blocked me and not contacted me, i tried to contact her but she reffused. now she s saying that her family is important to her, every problem known to her family also. now i cant able to tolerate this subject. even though i stopped the marriage for her, she s doing her final year btech. now my family is willing to marry her with me, but she s not accepting, i have all the evidence with me. i wanna marry her only, i sacrificed my entire life for her, but now she s reffusing. please is there any way to get marry her? i was mentally depressed, even though i hate to live. please kindly give suggestion is there any way to marry her. awaiting for your valuable reply. kindly help me sir. is there any legal way?, please consider this as emergency...

17 August 2017 at 18:22

House property

Father purchase land in 1989 in mother name we are 3 brother . father me &brotherhas contributor to make the 3 story bunglo on that land.during that my youngest brother was study & Haveing no contribution in the same.up to father alive all it's ok .sudden death of my father the sanorio has changed.
My mother is housewife Haveing no income source she is not normal some time she also belongs from village .has brain wash from my youngest brother his wife & relatives.
Now she is giving all the property to only youngest brother who was study have ing no contribution to built this house.
What options for we two brother in this case please suggest.

17 August 2017 at 17:28

Pending fir

My name is as co-accused in a COUNTER FIR along with other 14 people in march 2017. Right now it is under supervision from sp office. The act are 147/148/323/504/420/379. I am joining psu and in the attestation form it is asking for "whether u have pending case in the court of law" should i write no??


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