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asked On 26 April 2015 at 00:08

Sale of property between daughter in law and sister in law

Hello Sir

I have a flat in Bangalore which was in my father and wife's name. Through gift deed property in given to my wife by my father. Now my wife want to sell the property and purchaser is my sister.

My Question:

1. Is sale is possible between Daughter in law and sister in law?

2. Bank is denying loan to my sister stating sale is not possible between sister in law and daughter in law.

3. what are the options for my sister to buy the said property and also get a loan.


asked On 26 April 2015 at 00:07

Resignation,notice period & buy out of notice period

I have been employed with a corporate training organization & been working on another company's project (being handled by my organization).
I resigned from my duties on 14th of the month as people associated in the project i was into(employee of the other company) put false allegations on me & i cannot compromise on my self respect,I clearly mentioned the same to my employer & said i will continue to work for him for the rest of the month to help him find a replacement for me,but not beyond that.

A)My employment contract says any employee would be considered confirmed after completion of 6 months of probation,where as under the 'probation period' column in contract it says employee would be considered confirmed after successful pass of a performance appraisal.
I have worked in this organization for 8 months & 7 days now,but no performance appraisal had been done 4 me so am i a confirmed employee of my organization ??

B)the employment contract also says if i resign before confirmation i need to give 48 hr. notice max;if i resign after confirmation i have to give A MONTH'S notice.
So in the afore mentioned context how much would be my notice period - 48 hr.s or 1 month??

C)the employment contract no where says that i have to pay / compensate my organization if i resign without giving a month's notice.
Then how can my employer ask me to pay money equivalent to 2month's gross salary & threat me to legal actions if i fail to pay ??

please guide me as in all cases if i succumb to my employer my career would be completely spoiled


asked On 25 April 2015 at 22:14

Jointly owned flat


My father died in 2008 without making his will and later his mother (My Grandmother) died in 2010 without making any will.

Now I want to sell a flat that I bought jointly with my father in 2005. Can I sell a at now.

I have two sisters and mother who are okay with me selling flat.

My question is am I required to take perission of my uncle(My Fathers Brother) and Aunt(My Fathers sister).

I have no problem in taking their permission too. But I dont know where they are now. I have no contact with them. Is there a way round this.


Lalnunmawia Sailo

asked On 25 April 2015 at 21:57

Grant of vigilance clearance in case of censure

Dear Expert,
The O.M. No.11012/11/2007-Estt. (A) dated 14.12.2007, according to Para-7 provides that:
"7. Vigilance clearance will not normally be granted for a period of three years after the currency of the punishment, if a minor penalty has been imposed on an officer."
In the meantime, letter No. 25165/S/98-1 dt 10.6.1998 clarified that:
“The punishment of censure has no currency. Whenever an officer is ....... etc”.

My query is :
If an officer has been imposed with a minor penalty of "Censure", but one year later needs Vigilance Clearance to be appointed as Member of Regulatory Commission.
(1) Can Vigilance Clearance be granted to him irrespective of Para 7 above, on the ground that 'Punishment of Censure has no currency'?
(2) Or Vigilance Clearance can not be granted to him in line with Para 7, for a period of three years, reckoning the period of three years (0+3)from the date minor penalty was imposed on the officer? (Understanding that punishment of censure is a codified and formal punishment).

Pl tell me what to follow. I hope I explain the problem clear for you this time to enable you to give reply?

Lalnunmawia Sailo


asked On 25 April 2015 at 21:25

Gift Deed

A gift deed given by the father to his elder son only. Father have 2 son and 2 daughters. Can the father cancel the gift deed?. Is there any provision to cancel the gift deed?.


asked On 25 April 2015 at 21:18

Maintenance case

Sir, I married a girl in 10 May 2014.I send her to her house on 14 May 14 in the presence of village elders as she caught affair with his cousin through auto call recorder in my phone. Soon after i complained to local PS for her suicide discussion in phone with his boy friend and filed a FIR in 18 May 14. Than i filed a Annulment (to nullify my marriage) case in family court in 23 May 14 as no nuptials has been taken place as she avoided and maintained distance with me.She also agreed infront of honble judge in mediation that she avoided for first night. And i filed sec 420 case against her,her boy friend and her parents in 1st MPM as intentionally and forcibly married her as she expressed her feelings to her boyfriend in phone which was recorded. Already 7 hearings completed and mediation by judge also completed.Now she filed a 498A on 29 Jan 15, Sec 3 & 4 of DP ACt on 29 Jan 15, Maintenance Case and DV Act against me on March 2015 stating that i and my parents looked after well for three days and thereafter we beaten,harrased physicaly and mentally and necked her out on 14 may 14 for additional dowry.Now she stated in her petition falsly that i have property the property of 50 lakhs and i am earning 50000 per month.She demanding 25000 per month.But on ground they gave 6 lakhs to organise our marriage so we spend about 11-13 lakhs for celebrating marriage including their 6 lakhs. The marriage was conducted at my residence. So with that marriage as the marriage ruined as well as i drown in debits.Myself and dad are paying approx 35 thousand rupees per month towards interest for the money which we brought for marriage.In addition i transfered 90000 to her father's account to help her parents in marriage one month before our marriage.i have the bank transaction form.I purchased bike and made every one believe that girl's parents offered me on occasion of marriage.Please suggest me weather i have to pay maintenance to her or not???
Thanking You Sir.


asked On 25 April 2015 at 20:56


Entry Tax on Long Steel under MVat with effect from 01/04/2015 onword,
Tax on schedule C ENTRY 55 (4) & 55(5)
As per LA Bill 2015

Finance Minister Speech in House are as.
“Entry Tax are Levied on some Goods in order to protect legitimate tax revenue of the state.
It is brought to my notice that long steel is being sold directly to consumers from neighboring state
This has resulted in a loss of legitimate tax revenue of the state. In order to ensure legitimate tax realization on consumption of long steel I propose to levy a five cent Entry Tax on long Steel.
To avoid double taxation on long steel , set off will be allowed as per provision.”

That’s Means,
1) It is on consumption
2) It is on those who already registered under M Vat/C Vat
3) It is not on Reseller who purchase from out of state and same sold in the state coz this sell are first sell in the state , dealer already paid first sale tax in the state
4) What s the meaning of this tax? COZ it is on registered Dealer every dealer calculate his Liablities earlier and pay or claim refund as the case may be & Now first pay then claim refund ?
5) If we think this tax on those who are not registered under M Vat/C Vat then what about Purchase set off mention in speech
Please Explain with your Expert Knowledge

Tushar Zaveri

asked On 25 April 2015 at 20:44

Cooperative society open terrace use / access

Our secreatry is denying access to the terrace of our building for foodgrains , Pickles , etc drying in the sun & also not allowing to use the terrace for yoga & other excercizes to be performed under the sun as advised by my doctor.Please help / clarify the matter for terrace usage ours is a four storey building with 24 hrs security gaurd & CCTV camera.Please Help

Tushar Zaveri Res 022-26143117 / 9869033782


asked On 25 April 2015 at 20:37

Labour court

I am in private job for the last more than 15 years and confirmed employee of the institution. A year back in the interest of institution I reported certain facts before the higher authority against my senior officials regarding misappropriation and embezzlement of funds. But those officials are on & off trying to harass me and in one occasion I have applied for higher post which was vacant in this Institution but I was not even called for interview. I requested that I want to meet the Head Patron but was not allow to meet. Few months back my mother had written to Head Patron and explained the full details regarding the situation which I had to face for just speaking the truth and bringing actual facts before the higher authority but since more than 5 months have passed no reply has been received to my mother nor to me. Now I came to know from some sources that society is planning to remove me from the service. My query is that in case I am removed from service do I need to approach Labour Court or High Court for early decision.

T. Saranvelu

asked On 25 April 2015 at 20:03

Divorce case- ration card-reg

I have filed divorce case and lower court not given divorce and appeal Divorce case is pending before high court and the case is progress for the past seven years from lower court. Before filing of case, (2 years before filing), I have applied ration card for the family. After filing of case, the taluk office issued the new ration card and cleverly, she(wife) received ration card directly from taluk office and the taluk did not informed me for the ration card. Now the ration card is with the opposite person for the past seven years. I am totally living without ration card. I am asked the opp. person through my lawyer for the name deletion certificate so as to get new card, she did not give the same and informed that case is pending so i will not give the certificate. Now ration card is needed for my all purpose.
Kindly guide me, to get ration card because the taluk office asked me the name deletion certificate from already issued card to give new one.
Shall ask district taluk authority for name deletion certificate or please advise me to get the certificate.

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