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asked On 30 July 2014 at 17:24

Grand daughter have right on the property purchased by grand father

dear sir,

One of my friend she got married in 2000. Her husband father is having property which has been purchased by his own earnings. Before the death of her uncle he registered the property on my friends husband name. My friend is having 6 years old daughter because of some family problems she is living with her mother with minor child. Now her husband trying to sell the property which he got from his father without giving any share to his daughter. Dose the minor child have any right on the property of his father as the property is not purchased by his father and which came from her grand father.


asked On 30 July 2014 at 17:21

Hostel accomodation

Good Evening Sir/Madam,
we (three students) are PhD scholar at a govt. engineering college. three batches (B.Tech 80 students, M.Tech 25 students, PhD 3 students)have been staying in this hostel since last year.
In this new academic session July 2014, chief warden of college published a notice on college website that B Tech and PhD scholars have to vacate these rooms in hostel while M. Tech students will stay in the same hostel.
B.Tech students have already shifted to new hostel but we, the PhD scholars did not vacate the hostel. hostel warden and the care taker of the hostel have unlocked our rooms in our absence. they have shifted our room stuff in store room and then told us about this thing.

could you please tell us that-

1. how much time we could get to vacate these rooms as per law.
2- they haven't given any notice in person, so can we take any action against this torture as M. tech students are staying in the same hostel and this rule was applied on only and PhD scholars.

3- we want to take legal action against hostel warden and the care taker as they have breached our rooms in our absence. some of my research work(hard file not soft copy, some important calculations had written on paper)is missing. i dint find my important research papers.
4- what can i do in this regard.

waiting for your reply.


asked On 30 July 2014 at 16:57

Can my wife ask of my fathers house for residence

hello sir,

my wife has filed DV case against me in that she is asking for residence in my fathers house. can she do so.
if yes than how to tackle it.

thank you


asked On 30 July 2014 at 16:35

Pattadar not in possession

respected sir,
my friend has the agricultural property which was orally handed over to his cousin brother for cultivation as my friend (pattadar) not residing the local limits.after long time after 20 years my friend approached his cousin brother for land but cousin brother rejecting their owner ship right as he was entered in the adangal/PAHANI revenue records position column. THE SAID LAND IS NOT AN ANCESTRAL PROPERTY WHICH IS HIS SELF ACQUIRED PROPERTY.
Q2.cousin brother has any right in the land?


asked On 30 July 2014 at 16:09

Purchase of property in name of minor

I have an query about dealing of agricultural land.

I have an 7/12 document which has 6 names, out of which three names are of minors. Their mother is dead nad father has second wife and diffrent family. So minors matternal uncle in listed as thier guardian.

This is the case, I have two questions.
1. one of the minor has grown and now become 18 years of old so what needs to be done about this?
2. other two minors are still there, do I need to take permission from the court in order to proceed further?

sunil kumavat

asked On 30 July 2014 at 16:02

Doughters share of nproperty

my friend is a divorcee and after getting divorce decree she is living with her mother n brother.Her father had left house and some land for her mother. she is getting ill treatment from her brother, younger sister and sister in law to left the house. she is afraid of that her brother will transfer all the property on his name without taking her concern/permission.

in this situation what she should do to protect her share of property. what precautionary step she can take so that no one can directly transfer the property on their name.

pl guide ur valuable suggestion.


asked On 30 July 2014 at 15:57

Punishing government officers

Dear Sirs
Whatever plans and policies government brings the government officers are going to execute it.they are bridge between public and government.
In case if they don't their perform OR VIOLATE THEIR DUTY their duty .
is there any ASSOCIATION to ask questions against government officials legally?(police,government officials ,government doctors all department officials etc)
requesting reply


asked On 30 July 2014 at 15:55

Status of leave petition before sc with no.18744/2004 tagged with 3805/2008

The above has been against decision of Karnataka HC decision RFA:326/2004 dated 19.03.2009 Puspalata N. Vs Padma and others published in ILR 2010 Kar at page 1484. This case is on applicability of Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act,2005. According to this citation - a daughter must have been born after the Act came into force i.e. 17.06.1956 to become a coparcener and the amended 2005 act will not confer any rights on the daughter of a coparcener who was born prior to 17-06-1956.
secondly, kindly advise which Act 1956 or 2005 HSA will be applicable if suit was filed in 1999 and decision was given in 2012 with latest SC case laws please.The suit property is self acquired by our father, who expired in 1996.
Kindly help at your earliest convenience please.

Satish Kumar
Kindly help me and share with me the present status of these Leave petitions.


asked On 30 July 2014 at 15:40

Wrong net-banking transaction

Dear all, i am not sure whether this is the correct form to seek help on my issue, still giving it a try.
A year and half back i transferred around 1 lakh plus to a wrong beneficiary through net banking.upon realising the blunder i visited the bank in person and gave a written complaint.
Later the bank manager promptly blocked that account for further transactions. As per the RBI norms i was asked to bring a consent letter from this person to transfer the money back to my account.
I stay in Bangalore and this wrong beneficiary account is a current account in Mumbai.Upon visiting that company address in Mumbai i found no such office/company exist in that address from past 10 years.Hence i couldn't meet anyone to get a consent and returned to Bangalore. I also got to know that current account is not functional from past 2-3 years.
Now in this strange condition i am looking for some help and suggestions from experts to resolve my issue, thanks


asked On 30 July 2014 at 15:38

Regarding the purchase a home


I am want to buy a home in pune area i want to which document i require to check for gunthewari N/A certificate and where i to known this if a person buy a plot and he build a house on it upto three folwer is it self to purchase or what it requuire to check first for that

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