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Mr.Bhatt Mumbai

asked On 22 October 2016 at 19:03

Offer hidden by committee and pmc for redevelopment

Our Building is going for redevelopment. When we put for tendering we did not received offer from builder and after tendering we had made open offer and during that process one builder came who is reputed and know for his good project gave the best offer. But our society did not disclosed that to the members and only gave importance to other builder who is giving less corporus, less space and taking more time in project. PMC , Committee and Legal Advisor all hands in gloves so how to stop them and expose them


asked On 22 October 2016 at 18:52

How much tax should i pay?

I am a salaried person with annual salary of approx. Rs.5,00,000/-. I do tax savings of Rs.1,50,000/- under section 80C. Hence I have to pay at least Rs.10300/- as income tax for the financial year 2016-17. Now in addition with all this, I have sold some gold ornaments worth Rs.2,50,000/- on 18th October 2016. I intend to know what kind of tax should I pay for this and how much?

Mr.Bhatt Mumbai

asked On 22 October 2016 at 18:46

Can a society enforce committee member to accept terms and conditions of redevelopment

Our Building is going for redevelopment and the copy of agreement for individual agreement was given to us which we have shown to soliciter and other advocates who stated that the agreement is not in favor of the members and it does not protect the rights and security of member and we have give in writing we dont accept the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement. Out of all the members have signed the agreement without taking 2nd advice and only we are pending so can society force us to accept their terms and conditions.

This agreement comes under MOFA is not mentioned. Buiilder has got right of future FSI , As per MCS Act redevelopment should be completed in 24 months but he is taking 36 months and he has mentioned ameneties as per avaibility. also no assurance of handing over of flat in 36 months.

Also we have been asking our PMC and Legal Advisor to give on stamp paper that what ever work they have done is as per rules and regulations and all the agreement and documents done by them is in favor of all the sixteen members but they are not ready to give and same is been asked by bonified member of the society.

Feedback Awaited

poonam gangurde

asked On 22 October 2016 at 18:33


If property is in Chennai and person is living in mumbai whether he can file case in mumbai if yes can anyone give me citation for jurdiscation

Mr.Bhatt Mumbai

asked On 22 October 2016 at 18:29

Can third party who is not member of society can represent society in hearing at deputy registrar

I have a small query.

I have taken my society members who have done manupilation of records in redevelopment of our society with help of PMC and Legal Advisor.I have been asking for 89A scrutiny which was pending since long and letters send to committee , PMC and Legal Advisor are not answered.

Recently we had a hearing committe came for hearing with PMC and PMC gave the letter who is representing them and i raised objection on his presennce in hearing at deputy registrar office as he is not the member of the society and he dont have right to be present there and he is the one who is involved in all manupilation but still he was allowed to represent.As all the work is done by committee and committe member are answerable for their work then how come third party represent them?

So want a legal feedback can a third party who is not the member of the society can represent committee on their behalf in hearing at deputy registrar co-op hsg society.

If yes can i get the copy of circular as per MCS Act.

(Its urgent)

MSC Shekar

asked On 22 October 2016 at 16:40

Justice delayed or justice denied

In a Original Suit involving Plaintiff (private party) a Senior Citizen and two Govt. Departments as Defendants. The Suit was filed under Specific Relief Act for claiming certain records from the Govt. Department. One of the Govt Dept. was Ex-Parte and the other Contested the suit which was dragged for SIX YEARS time.

In between the Plaintiff filed several Petitions for call for Records and other purposes that was allowed by the Trial Court since the only contesting Govt Dept. failed to object and argue the same.

Finally the Second Govt. Department could not file any evidence from their side and they were no arguments also.

The Suit was dismissed without costs by the Trial Court which says the suit is Uncontested. Order copy yet to be received as on date.

Hence the following questions arise?
1. Does it take Six Years of time for a Trial Court to decide whether a Plaint is maintainable or not and why was it not dismissed at the admission stage.?

2. Finally if the Trial Court finds that the Suit is not maintainable at the last stage, Why was Petitions allowed by the court there by wasting Senior Citizens precious time?

3. Is the above action of the Trial Court correct or Wrong, because justice delayed amounts to justice denied.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.


asked On 22 October 2016 at 16:35

Possible to appear in original suit during the trial

Respected Sirs,
My father's younger Brother filed a case against one person E.Subramanian and he has added my father is also a 3rd Respondent.

Initially my father was not appeared on the case.
Now the case came to the stage of trial.

Is it possible my father can appear and join in the same case as party in person?

In this trial stage if my father wants to appear and join in the case, what he has to do? What petition he has to file before the Judge?

In the trial state is it possible to join the respondent? whether the law allows that?

Sir kindly guide us

Thanks and regards


asked On 22 October 2016 at 15:47

Requesting the clarification

Respected Sir,
I am also the member and i have asked some query and i got the answers for the Respectable experts.
Now I would like to know that the Difference of Notary Public Advocate and Commissioner of Oath Advocate

Where both are same or difference

can you please tel the detail

Thanks and regards

N M Prasad

asked On 22 October 2016 at 15:38

Regarding deputation

Dear Sir,
I am working in govt. Of india and being deputed in other unit with in same department at some out station as assigned by my boss due to manpower shortage for a duration of one year which may be revised subsequently.
My Query is:
* Can I request my boss not to extend my deputation after one year?
* Can my boss extend my deputation with out my consent?
* More over I had been deputed but all my administrative decision are kept with my boss as mentioned in letter, could you guide me is it possible?


asked On 22 October 2016 at 14:34

Transfer on the ground of spouse service

Dear Sir!
I SHubham Jaiswal has been working in punjab and sind bank as an officer from last four years. i am posted in uttrankhand and my wife is posted as head master in uttar pradesh govt. primary school at distt deoria uttar pradesh approx 800 kms from my posting.her serice is not transferable in uttrakhand. i have requested so many times for my transfer nearby my wife posting but the bank has not so far accepted my request . what should i do? may i fill writ petition against the bank in the court as bank of india vs jagjeet singh mehta on 22.november 1991. link:

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