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asked On 10 July 2014 at 21:50

Recruitment troubles

I appeared in the recruitment test of a maharatna psu. I qualified the written test and appeared for interview. According to the recruitment advertisement I was eligible for multiple disciplines and by virtue of my performance in written test I was deemed eligible to be interviewed for 4 disciplines.

there were 2 interview boards, first one interviewed me for only 1 discipline (Production) and awarded me 8 marks out of 15. second one interviewed me for the remaining three disciplines (Mechanical, Drilling & Cementing) and awarded me 10 marks out of 15. in the second board seperate marks for seperate disciplines were not awarded, they awarded a single interview score which was to be used for all the three disciplines.

other than that, 25 marks were for qualifying exam. if a candidate had the requisite qualification he was awarded 20 marks out of 25 and if he had the next in line qualification(PG) he was awarded 25 marks out of 25. I came to know all these via RTI applications.

I was not selected after interview. I filed an RTI application to know my marks. I got 88 out of 150 in written, 8 marks in first interview and 10 marks in second interview and i got 20 marks for my qualifying degree.

As explained in the reply to the RTI application marks scored in written test were first converted to out of 60 and then added to interview marks and qualifying exam marks to arrive at the final merit list.
moreover, 9 marks were fixed to be minimum qualifying marks in the interview.
according to this information I was ineligible to be considered for the discipline covered by first interview board and I was eligible for the remaining three disciplines covered by second interview board.

my total score for the disciplines covered by second interview board comes out to be (88*60�150)+10+20 = 65.2 out of hundred.
and the cutoff marks for final selection for my category were 64.8, 64.8 & 66.6 for Mechanical, Drilling & Cementing disciplines respectively.

according to this information I got marks that were more than the cutoff marks in Mechanical and Drilling disciplines. but the reply to my RTI application states that "board 2 found him fit for Cementing discipline only".

I filed another RTI application, asking them, among other things, to list various criteria that were considered while deeming a candidate fit for a certain discipline, as any such clause wasn't mentioned in the original recruitment advertisement. moreover I asked them whether they took into account the candidate's preferences (that were asked in while applying to the recruitment) while deeming a candidate fit for a ceratin discipline.
my preferences were in the order Mechanical, Production, Cementing, Drilling.

I recieved a response from the CPIO to my application but he didn't answer my question in which I asked to list the criteria that were considered while deeming a candidate fit for a certain discipline, neither did he explained whether a candidate's preferences were taken into account while doing so. in fact he didn't even mention the question in his response.

my question is how should I proceed further. I am not well versed in what the law says on such instances, but what I understand from common sense is that when a single interview score was awarded for all three disciplines then both merit and preferences should have been taken into account to prepare the final merit list (like UPSC does). And if such a rule (which allows an interviewer to randomly find a candidate fit for a discipline) random existed they should have mentioned in the recruitment advertisement.

instead of doing that, the interviewers found me fit only for Cementing without any particular reason and when I enquired for the same they didn't provide me with an answer.

not only that, they completely ignored my preferences of disciplines. I can understand the fact that there is some subjectivity as far as interviews are concerned, but that subjectivity ceases to exist after the marks for interview are awarded. after that only the total score and the preferences of candidates are used to prepare merit lists.

so please help me figure out what I shall do next. thank you

Aditya Barelia

asked On 10 July 2014 at 21:34

Regarding insurance claim

Hi All,

I had purchased a Nokia Lumia phone last year from Bangalore and they had given me an insurance cover for 1 year. A couple weeks back my phone fell and the screen got damaged and its not working. I applied the claim for insurance and sent all the documents to the insurance company, and my insurance expires next month.
The insurance company is now delaying the procedure intentionally giving some excuses, and reasons which are just made up. I dont know what to do now. Please guide me on this. The Name of insurance company is Universal Insurance Brokers Services Pvt. Ltd.


asked On 10 July 2014 at 21:23

Ex wife's rights

Good Evening respected people.

If a couple is divorced for a year and have a property jointly registered. but now the Man wants to sell it, But his ex wife is not even interested in the property dealings. What should be done.

The property is on loan for the last 10 years, all the EMIs have been paid by the MAN, Initial Down payment by him, Taxes by him. What if the lady ask for the share, and the Man does not want to part with her as she did not contribute. but just because she is jointly registered.

Pleas advise


asked On 10 July 2014 at 21:19

Unable to pay education loan

i have taken educational loan for my engineering for Rs 6 lakhs in 2006. i completed my engineering in 2010 and i was not able to get a proper job. so i couldn't pay the interest.. so far i have paid 1.85 lakhs as interest. so including interest i have a due amount of Rs 8 lakhs now. The major problem is my dad has transactions in the same bank for his business and agriculture, for that also he has taken loan which also has some interest to be paid..Now the bank has grouped it together; the education loan, business and agriculture loan which comes around 14 lakhs. now i have got a notice from the bank saying that they have taken sarfaesi act and the property documents which i have submitted cannot be claimed and also they have released this notice in the news's too frightening to my dad has communicated to the manager , he says that the amount should be paid as one settlement which is not possible for him. my dad said he is ready to pay the business and agriculture loan amount but they are not accepting and in turn they are saying the educational loan must be paid first. now i just want a solution for this. i am ready to pay the amount once i get a job which am trying abroad but i need some time like 2 years.. is it possible to delay the payment ? if so can u tell me the possibilities.. some known lawyers here in my place said some ideas like we can get a stay order from the court but i don't know what will be the further circumstances.. please write to me for the solution. thank you...

visha lranjan

asked On 10 July 2014 at 21:06


can cost be awarded by an arbitrator through an interim award without deciding merits of the claim or counter claim?


visha lranjan

asked On 10 July 2014 at 20:22


can a arbitraor pass an interim award for payment of cost of arbitration?
please give reasons.


asked On 10 July 2014 at 20:15

Validity of marriage

My mom and dad are christians. They got married in parassala, kerala. It was register marriage. Their wedding was not solemnised in church. My father passed away recently. Our relatives now claim that since my parents' wedding was not solemnised, it is not valid per indian christian marriage act. But I have read online that this act does not apply to places which were once under the feudel state of travacore. Is my parents' marriage valid? is there any court judgement or authority regarding similar cases?

Praveen Sonkusare

asked On 10 July 2014 at 19:20

Change my caste in college registry to avail reserved category facility in college.

Currently i am studying in G.H.Raisoni Clg of Engg, 2nd year.But when my counselling was going on I took my admission from general.Actually I belong to special backward class and now I have generated my caste certificate, validity and non-creamy layer certificate and I want to take full benefit of it. How can I make it possible.


asked On 10 July 2014 at 18:46

Corporate law

When seller ( in company - share seller) has a non- disclosure policy does he has any duty to speak ?


asked On 10 July 2014 at 18:22

Manufacturers name

Dear Sirs,
I have just started my own brand of electrical brands. I have submitted my documents for Trademark registeration and have got the necessary approvals to use TM and it is under procedure. I am getting my products manufactured from various manufacturers from across india. My question is that is - is mentioning manufacturers name on the box packaging mandatory or shall i mention my firm name as marketed by and skip manufacturers name. MRP, Date of manufacture is mentioned. Please Guide

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