16 October 2017 at 17:53

OBC certificate

Both my parents are working as primary school teacher in Tamil Nadu govt school. Am I eligible for OBC non Creamy layer ? .

16 October 2017 at 16:33

Company took documents

Sir. I joined 1 August in company.he should took all original documents and also .I signed the bond normal company letter pad .in bond letter pad there is only mentioned you should not leave or abandoned the company.please sir what should I do please sir help me. My contact no-8210502406


What are the consequences after filing the F.I.R's and sections who married (legally) tortured , harassed and threatened the girl of dire consequences going against him and produced fake documents at the time of marrige in the registrar office and been posting the advertisement even after the marriage ??

I would like an expert advice; I had invested in a chawl system house in 2003 and was staying there until a developer took it for redevelopment in the year 2006. An agreement was made but before that he were not there when the survey was conducted and that stand took us as non-eligibility according annexure II. We were asked to submit originals by the developer for eligibility in Mahada since we both husband and wife are working aboard. The building has come up in the year 2008 but no rooms were allotted during that time. The reason stated was non-eligibility and a rent of Rs. 2000.00 were started. Constant follow ups on our visit to India, filing RTI in the year 2013, none worked and now since 2016 January, rent too has stopped the reasons mentioned was no evidence found of owing the premises. When we asked for our original papers, firstly we were told they are misplaced, but when an FIR was filed we found the originals were duplicated and manipulated. On June 2017 we consulted a lawyer and a legal notice was send to the builder. He responded end of July 2017 telling my lawyer he will allot the rooms by end of August 2017. But now the scene is both are not answering the lawyer says he is unable to handle our case, look for another one. What should we do at this juncture.


16 October 2017 at 13:33

Resale property

Dear experts,
I'm planning to buy a property( 3 bedroom flat in an residential apartment complex) from a seller who has bought that property from his sister. The property was in name of his brother in law, sister and two minor children . As I understood from the seller that the bank has confiscated the property ,as his brother in law had taken loan against this flat and he passed away.
So as told by current seller in interest of safe guarding sisters and children assets bought the property from them on loan from the same bank (Sale deed specifically says the deed is executed b/w Ms A,Ms B and Mr C, wherein Ms B and Mr C being minors are represented by natural guardian ,Ms A)

My question/query
1) Now the same bank to issue loan to me is asking court permission from the minor children
2) Is this court permission a must, since the property is already sold to the current seller and me being the second buyer.
3) Can an affidavit replace the court permission.

Hi Experts,

Me and my girlfriend have shifted from JP Nagar to Ejipura, due to long travelling hours from office to home, 3 weeks ago, i.e. 23rd Sept 2017. The new owner drafted up an agreement starting from 1st Oct,17. This house has a terrible problem which wasn't enlightened to us before shifting, i.e. the water supply is infiltrated with drain water during heavy rains, and the area gets flooded.

Despite of our continuous complaints the owner refuses to carry out sump and tank cleaning, while he is charging 300 Rs per month for maintenance. His solution till date has been, putting bleach in the tank, which temporarily solved the problem of the smell. However as Bangalore is frequented with rains, the problem perpetuated again.

Today my girlfriend showed signs of bacterial infection like continuous vomiting since the morning, when we asked the neighbors in the same building and also of the locality , they are all sick, due to the water. Hence we spoke to the owner to please take care of the problem, he says he doesn't know what to do, and refused to call a technician, and he offers an alternative place (a 2bhk over our budget) for staying i.e. under his apartment.

The owner also prohibits us to speak to other tenants in the same building to discuss the issue, and demands for reporting of all problems to him directly. His callous and confusing attitude to tenants is resulting into ill health of his tenants. No problem is getting solved and people are suffering from diseases.

Kindly suggest what is the best thing to do in such a case. How can we compel him legally to solve this water problem. He might try to say that this is not just the problem of the building but the entire locality, and do nothing about it. If he resigns from solving the problem, then we want to declare a notice period of one month and demand a full refund of our advance without deduction of extra one month rent for maintenance as mentioned in our contract. Kindly enlighten us the right way to proceed.


16 October 2017 at 12:18

Can we register notary land?

Can we register Notary land? Im planing to buy a property of 60yards in hyderabad which has only link documents from year 1988, No property tax and EC has been taken. current bill and water bill is in the name of a person who is selling to me. Can I buy this property and register it freshly. Area Shaikpet Hyderabad as most of the houses are in same situation here.

16 October 2017 at 10:49

Alias name issue


My Name is Naveen Voruganti, I have a land with alias name is "Narashima Rao" but i don't have any proofs because this name upto 6th class i have this name.
This land is registered when i am 7 years old. but now i have 27 years.

Could you please let me know the process how can i change the name in my property document?

16 October 2017 at 10:40

Alumini assosiation registration -reg

like to register alumini assosiation at cochin , needs services to complete the registraion, and fees for the same-sasidharan(9037847613)


16 October 2017 at 01:03

Reroute the highway

Dear Sir, Greetings!
The Govt. decided to lay N.H.way on the existing S.H.Way and there is presently single open cast mine and due to which to excavate coal, frequently the blasting takes place .In the process, heavy explosives are utilized and the surrounding areas experiencing heavy jolts in the radius of 4 kms from the centre of the place ( mine) Where the explosives are deployed.
Presently the buildings and roads which are within the range of 4 kms are facing jolts and cracks. Further there are 4more open cast projects are proposed. in the same location. During the excavation, the mines deploy heavy explosives and the jolts are experienced more rampantly. Since the end product of mining is of National significance, the mining process cannot be stopped or relocated to some other location. The proposed high way is likely to experience more jolts and cracks in the process of excavating the mine product-coal.
As per the above situation, can the judiciary review the matter and direct the Govt. to drop the idea of laying high way within the limits of jolts & tremor zone and further direct the Govt. to re-route the highway away from the tremor zone.
Your advice is awaited and deeply appreciated. For your advice we remain thankful in anticipation.
With regards,


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