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asked On 25 April 2017 at 16:57

Experience certificate

Dear Sir,

Myself Rakhi, Iam an Asst. HR in a manufacturing firm. I have a doubt relating to the date of experience certificate of an employee. He was joined on 21st August 2013, but he was confirmed on 1.06.2014. which date is put on his Experience Certificate. Please help me. it was very urgent.

Aditi Agrawal

asked On 25 April 2017 at 16:13

Tenant eviction and Rent Control Act in U.P.

Hello sir. I want to discuss with you about the tenants and their rights related to tenant evictions. The tenant has rent of 2,500₹ per month in 2017 and he has been a tenant for more than 35 years, starting rent was different and it has increased to 2,500₹ now. I want to know how the tenant can save himself from eviction and for how much time the tenant is safe from eviction. Sir, please provide all the related information related to this topic and other information.
Thank you.

M Satyanarayana

asked On 25 April 2017 at 16:12

Filing of counter by defendant


I am petitioner filed for final decree proceedings served notice duly to the defendant to come for metes and bound. The defendant filed vakalat and not filed counter affidavit inspite of five long adjournments. My counsel adivsed me he will inform me when the counter is filed in CMO office by the defendant.

Please advise me how much time is given to the defendant to file counter and what to do if the counter is not filed by the defendant.

Thanking you,



asked On 25 April 2017 at 11:33

consumer court notice

hello everyone.!!
i need to know in consumer case when notice has been served by the Registrar of the state commission enclosed the copy of the appeal and also stating that in default of your appearance the decision will be exparte
my query is can an advocate ask the judge to serve him the notice of the complaint stating that he has not received the notice from
the forum.because the notice is already served to him
pls advise

mukul bansal

asked On 25 April 2017 at 10:22

Urgent help needed

I know this might be a bit of an odd query but please help me out.
I am a grain merchant and sent a truck full of grains to a buyer in Bihar. Now, in the bill that I sent along, I mistakenly entered the wrong TIN number of the buyer. Although it is only a single digit error in the TIN number.
My truck has now been stopped by the officials at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. They are demanding a 40 penalty which would amount to a large sum of money.
Is there a way that I can rectify my error or do I have to shell out 'Lakhs' for a single digit error in my bill?
Thanks in Advance.


asked On 25 April 2017 at 10:22

Two cases with Similar Matter

Sir, we are having a Case Of Job Selection Against The Govt. Who cancelled the posts.
There were posts of Building Inspector, accountant, Sanitary Inspector.
I was Selected as B.I.
And Our Next Hearing in The High Court is on 12th May.
But the hearing of S.I. and accountant is on 28nd April. (S.i. and acc. Have same adv. And we have the other one)
But Respondents are same in both case.
And reply from all respondents have been filled in court.
So can We file a CM tomorrow that Our case is same as that to be heared on 28th april. So our case should be clubbed up for hearing on 28th April instead of 12th May
Is it possible bcz Respondents are same and Reply has already been filled by all respondents??


asked On 25 April 2017 at 01:42

Limitation time of first appeal after disposal of review petition and which impugned order to challe

My civil suit decree was dismissed on 10 March 2017 by ADJ court and review petition dismissed on 21 April 2017.

Now my first Appeal ( FAO) before High Court is maintainable on which order 10 march 2017 or 21 April 2017?
Do I need to challenge Both orders in FAO?
And my Limitation for filing FAO starts from 10 March 2017 or from April 2017?


asked On 24 April 2017 at 23:41


We have an ansestrol partioned property between my father and his brother son in 1974 . my father died and another partitioner setlled deed in favour of his wife now we can't to merge both properties to construct house is it tenable in law experts advise needed if possible pl suggest me some decisions of supreme courts


asked On 24 April 2017 at 21:33

Collector line house

I just buy house in dombivali which is coming under collector lan...I don't know what is collector lan...what should I do now ?


asked On 24 April 2017 at 20:46

False affidavit

Dear Sir,
Myself Chinmay from Odisha seeking your help / guidance in following matter, Kindly Read thought out and Guide :-
(a) i am a defence personnel. I was in deep love with a girl since 2006 and during 2010 i came to know that she had relationship with a other guy. she then denying her involvement then confessed about her relationship. Though i was in a stressed environment i used to talk with her even further knowing the facts but during that time she also promised she will not keep relationship with that guy and also never tell me to marry her. i accepted her words though i had acquainted her words and without talking her makes me irritable. After that also i found she had links with that guy and many others, we kept fighting on those issues and she used to quote i won't marry you then why you interfer in my personal life. Our relationship was just in a mutual consent and promised to stay apart from the day she get married.

(b) I had relationship with her. In 2015 in early January she told me she was pregnant and tell me to give some medicine to abort. when i asked about how you got pregnant then she replied you are the one who make me pregnant, when i told her that i was on leave before 4 months and had not in relationship in recent past then how you pregnant now. i don;t know you made me pregnant and help me to get rid of it or i will make you arrest. In a puzzle state of mind i took leave to show her to a doctor and the day i was accompanying to a doctor her uncle (who is working a leading news agency) saw us in the road. aftermath i fled away then her uncle asked her and she told the truth as she told me later. Then her uncle called me and warned me either you marry her or she will commit suicide and i will make your life hell and make you jobless. I was totally alone and i couldn't tell anything to anyone after 3 days finally i made up my mind to marry her but before that i told everything to her uncle about her relationship with other guys in past. Then her uncle assured me she will not commit such mistakes again, if she do so he will be responsible. Then they took me to court along with the girl and her father and uncle they told me to do court marriage, i agreed and then their hired advocate made two affidavits named marriage agreement and affidavit in which they wrote that i got married to her in a temple by exchanging garland on a specific date and living married life from last 3 months, i opposed them do so though i am ready to marry but i didn;t have any advocate so they told me what is wrong in this, do you want to leave her?? then what is the problem in this. It will prove as mettle if your parents deny the marriage in future. so i agreed and signed the documents. After almost 40 days i was again called to the court to make my presence in front of DM. However, that day the advocate failed to produce me to DM so i came back. After that i was not allowed for leave and the dates were over.

(c) Sir, then i again called for court marriage i didn't understand then i told i have done the formalities and what is now. when i refused to go and asked them that i am going to marry her in next 6 months though i convinced my parents and her to marry in front of all. Then the girl avoided me not even talked to me and contacted me. After few days i came to know she is in relation with a other guy and after some day many more i found to have relation with her. Even with unknown name she used to talk to my younger brother told him that she loves him and talked with him for a year without my knowledge. when i came to know these all i told this matter to her parents and her uncle, they advised me to get married to other girl and she will marry other guy. she was happy in her life and i was not in her contact since September 2015 but now when my parents are trying to fix my marriage she is intervening and saying neither i will marry nor i will let you marry. And she has applied for false voter ID by showing the affidavit, which is mistaken as marriage certificate. She is now destroying my social image by saying she is my wife.

(d) Sir, i haven't married her in any temple. On the date when the temple marriage was shown i was on duty and didn't even came out of campus. I am not even sure that she was pregnant or not but she told me she aborted later. None of the witness shown in the affidavit known to me 1. her father 2. advocate's assistant. She is a Anganwadi worker.

Sir, Kindly Guide some way how can i get rid of this situation and what type of case she can file on me in this matter and what i should i do to easy my legal proceeding. Can I marry to other Girl and register my marriage though i haven't married yet. what is your guidance....Please please please Help and Guide



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