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Suresh Babu Rai

asked On 06 February 2016 at 13:13


Morning All!
Herein Telangana! If aggrieved by the orders/proceedings such as mutations (ownership) and entries in the revenue records passed by the Thahasildar an appeal lies with the Court of RDO (Appellate Authority under ROR) in challenging such proceedings.
Accordingly aggrieved by in a proceedings, I have filed an appeal before the RDO/Appellate Authority under ROR and the very appeal is allowed in my favour with a direction that the entries in respect of X are fake and ours are genuine. (A revision lies to the Joint-Collector within thirty days and I have filed a caveat before revision authority) on behalf of my client.
Meanwhile my client has received a warrant of injunction from the civil court. (Surprisingly basing on the latest Pahani {Entry in the Revenue Records} issued by the Thahsildar, whose proceedings were set aside in an appeal the court pleased to grant exparte injunction). On bare perusal of the copies and documents thereto (filed by the X) the X has suppressed the material facts and got exparte injunction against my client in spite of filing revision passed against with the Court of Joint-Collector.
My client approached the Thahasildar (whose proceedings are set aside in an appeal) to enquire that what made him in issuing the latest pahani 2014-15 in favour of X, in spite of directions in appeal, he said that neither himself nor his subordinates has issued such latest pahani and the same is found forged, fabricated, manipulated and created. It seems that the X has obtained the pahani for the year 2011-12 on 20.01.2016 and fabricated the 2011 as 2014 and 2012 as 2015 in order to appear the same to the court as 2014-15, dated 20.01.2016, but according to the office they have not issued the pahani for the 2014-15 but issued 2011-12 on 20.01.2015 when X approached and informed them that he is filing a revision.
I have lodged to complaint before the office, enclosing the copeis served from the court to my client stating that ‘whether the said pahani 2014-15 is issued by them or not’ and the same authority has issued a memo to the X asking him to produce the same. The office also informed that they will take criminal action for forging their records and asked us to summon them to the court of law to depose the same.
The application under 39, R. 1 and 2 of CPC stood for appearance of my client wherein the Hon’ble Court pleased to grant exparte injunction without knowing the forge.
I never come across with such type of practice, even the court staff also shocked knowing this, please advise me further………
Thank you one and all….


asked On 06 February 2016 at 13:12

Hookah bar permission in surat

I want to open hookah bar n coffee cafe in surat. Plz let me know how to work out in that regarding permission and documents.


asked On 06 February 2016 at 12:59

108 customs act

I have received first summons under 108 customs act to give evidence and record statement but I am working out of country and is not possible to come now.what should I do? what is the procedure?

Altaf Jamadar

asked On 06 February 2016 at 12:29

Solvency certificate

my friend has got bail by giving 2 lacs and we need to give solvency certificate in 30 days.

now 10 days are pending, we dont have property documents, hence need to know if we can give any other documents or can we give FD or bond or cash.

please advise need help.


Altaf Jamadar

asked On 06 February 2016 at 12:21

Solvency certificate

my friend has got bail by giving 2 lacs and we need to give solvency certificate in 30 days.

now 10 days are pending, we dont have property documents, hence need to know if we can give any other documents or can we give FD or bond or cash.

please advise need help.



asked On 06 February 2016 at 12:01

lover house arrested

I am in love with a girl who is of different caste. We are in love for the past 4 years. Recently, their family got to know this and they have made girl house arrest. They are also threatening her viz., will kill her, will kill me and my family. As per the last conversation with her 5 days back..she is ready to elope with me. I had already discussed with her father but he is not at willing to budge and cited reason as community. Please inform me my next step...should i go with some elders or a lawyer or file a police complaint. If i take any of these steps and if the girl says "NO" to me becoz of threat--what will be my position?
Eagerly waiting for ur reply.
Thanks in advance.


asked On 06 February 2016 at 12:00

Mother also need legal heair certificate

Hello my father has expired 15 years back with out any will of the property v r 3 sons and a daughter to my father now property can be transferred on mother name with less cost does mother also need a legal heair certificate. ..reply me soon sir it will be helpful

remya nambiar

asked On 06 February 2016 at 11:24

Divorce and maintenance

I've been walking for divorce since is running,I just filed I want divorce from my Husband as I'm not having proper family life. He suied mental illness against me.both are in family court. Now..and addition to that he had filed maintenance case against me,telling I've taken jwellwry and went...bin this was not there. The majntance case was filed after few months. I just want divorce from him.let judgement goes on his favkyri also.but issue is whether divorce will b allowed only if there is decision comes on maintanece issue, whether ive to give it
Pls help me. Lots of marriage is coming for me.but I've to finish this first


asked On 06 February 2016 at 10:41

Termination due to non disclosure of pending case at the time of appointment

Sir, around Dec 2015, Justice Kuldeep Singh has given judgement in Punjab & Haryana High Court regarding Amandeep Singh Vs State of Punjab on termination due to non disclosure of pending case. Even though I tried to get a copy from the website of Punjab & Haryana High court, I could not find it. Can you please send me the location of the case??


asked On 06 February 2016 at 09:31

lok adalat

My father filed a suit valuation act under 37(2), 27(c) against his 3 brothers. On second case hearing itself the defendants advocate requests to lok adalat. On next hearing the case was changed to lok adalat and we received a letter from sub-ordinate judge to attend mega lok adalat with advocate on 13th feb. Under money suit lok adalat.
My doubts are:
1. Without the plaintiff opinion the case will change to lok adalat court?
2. If the plaintiff not likes to go for that mega lok adalat what are the procedures?
3. If the plaintiff did't attend that lok adalat hearing, what will happen? The judgement will favour to defendents?
4. plaintiff advocate told that the defendents called for compromise we did't go for compromise so they filed case on lok adalat, if we dont like to go that lok adalat we no need to go? Is it right? Without the plaintiff advocate opinion the case will changed to lok adalat? Is it possible? Please help me.

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