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asked On 22 March 2017 at 16:09

Quashing of 498A can be helpfull in divorce case

Dear experts,
Quashing 498A in high court can be used for my annulment case filed. Could my marriage get nullify under cruelty as she filed 498A and DVc though she spent only two days with me.


asked On 22 March 2017 at 15:50

About change of community in tc

Respected sir, actually a person is BC category but by mistake they given in forward community. Now according to transfer certificate he is in forward community. if he got community certificate as BC from thasildhar by producing house document where his caste is mentioned. Now how to change that community in Transfer certificate.. now which one is valid either Tc or community certificate..


asked On 22 March 2017 at 15:40

Affidavit required for lic

i want format of affidavit for getting lic survival benefit, but at the time application my proposed name mentioned in the policy. So now they asking for affidavit for name correction. Also tell me whether it should be on stamp paper, and notarised?

Jatin Shaw

asked On 22 March 2017 at 15:32

Payment of salary and dues in the absence of appointment letter

Respected Experts,
I had joined this organisation which is based in New Delhi at their branch in Kolkata in May 2016. They had only given me the offer letter which I duly accepted and had joined but never was provided with an appointment letter and even after requesting many times they did not send the same.
The branch was just a godown and all the previous staff had quit but then even I continued and started working. My reporting boss was the CEO of the company based in Delhi.
The problem was that the salary credited to us by 20-25 of next month. Which continuously was delayed even after requesting them to pay the salary on time.
Later on I got to know this was in practice in the company and even my boss would not listen to me over email, phone or on personal visit and would always reply I will see.
Thus not been able to continue with the possibility of delayed salaries I quit in January 2017 on 6 th January.
After that I have been requesting them to clear my December month Salary and my travelling and conveyances expenses.
But they are avoiding as usual my emails and calls.
Please tell me how to recover my dues from them ?

Mohsin siddiui

asked On 22 March 2017 at 14:19


Passport office are claiming me 5000 penalty. So what should I do


asked On 22 March 2017 at 13:37

Arrests in 498A without avidence

Hello sir,

I was in Live-in-Relationships with a girl for two years (No avidence or Photo of marriage) . After two years we got a baby ... and after one year she did an FIR against me and my family under section 498A.

Only on behalf of alligations by that girl and statement by her sister ... that I got married to her in a temple and Now me and my family asking her for dowry.

I want to know that :-

1. Can police arrested me on behalf of allegation by girl and statement by her sister ???

2. Is there No need of arrested warrent in section 498A.????

3. If your ans is NO for both above quarries. Can I go against the police in higher court ??

One more thing .... I got bail same day from Court and Now the girl and her sister is not appearing in the court. What can I do against both of them

Thanks & Regards


asked On 22 March 2017 at 13:33

Sarfaesi act on agricultural land

Hi experts
My father gave our residential property to one of our relative as bank garantee of Rs 90 lakhs loan. The loan was taken for a poultry farm which is on agricultural land. Now he was unable to pay loans and outstanding is 60 lakhs. Bank has declared it as NPA and has sent a notice of 60 days under surfaesi act in which at serial no. 1 is farm and no 2 is residential urban property. I believe there is no CLU of land. But agricultural land on which farm is constructed is being used for commercial purpose and no cultivation is going on. I want to know is Surfaesi act applicable on this land and can bank auction this land first. Actually we want to save our residential property. Pls suggest. My father has become victim without fault by giving residence as bank gaurntee.

Mansi tolani

asked On 22 March 2017 at 12:55

Division of property of my aunt with no will

My aunt passed away last Monday due to heart attack, she was divorced long back and she had neither son nor daughter of her own, whatever she had was acquired by her only, after the divorce she survived alone, not with any parent or relative, she was a tailor, she is having a home ,there are her brothers who did no help in her live hood , but now they want to en capture the property, she is having 5 sisters whom and how the property should be divided


asked On 22 March 2017 at 12:54

Recording of pw - discrepancies

Respected Members,

In a criminal case u/s 506, 509 on different dates the court noting has some discrepancies as under:

1) Accused was shown as “absent” whereas in PW1 deposition on the same date it is noted that accused (identified)

2) Next date was fixed because PP was absent but it is written that the accused was absent as such next date is given.

3) As per practice of the Hon’ble Court before deposition starts there is a call made for the accused and accused has to raise his hand to mark his “present” in the court room. And the 1st question asked by PP to the PW1 is “Is the accused present in the court room?” and the PW1 reply in affirmative and Hon’ble court makes a noted “accused (identified)”.

4) Deposition of PW was made in local language but it is translated into English by PP and written in summarized form which has changed the meaning of the deposition as well as dropped many important points which may go in favour of the accused.

5) PW4 in the Charge sheet has been recorded as PW2 in the form of recording deposition.

My humble questions – What accused can do in this situation? What precautions / remedies are available for the accused? How these are going to affect the case?


Tanay Daap

asked On 22 March 2017 at 12:08

marriage with cousin niece in christianity

Can someone marry one's father's brother's daughter's daughter in Christianity?? Please reply with relevant Acts. Regards.

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