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asked On 22 November 2014 at 23:18

Purchase of flat

Me and my two friends booked the flats at Bangalore from Reputed Builder.
Total value of flat is 56 Lacs. we have given initial 12 lacs money by A/c payee cheque to the builder and given 2 lacs Rs by Cash. on paper they put 54 lacs of total flat value. due to giving 2 lacs by cash they gave good deal so we accepted this.
we got receipt of 12 lacs and for 2 lacs they have written to the company's letter head that they have received by 2 lacs amount also.
Sales agreement was also done on e stamp paper.
all the deal was done through sales manager at the builder office premises.

Today we people just went to their office for general follow up about our flat work progression. But we have shocked at the time of the discussion with the builder.
He told that he has not received any money which was deposited by cash.
and the sales manager put the builder duplicate signature and gave the acknowledged letter of Rs 2 lacs. sales manager cheated to the builder and us. Now the builder saying that he has not done any mistake and mistake was done from our side as we have given money by cash.

due to this internal reason they were shut down the entire group project work for next 6 months or much more. When we were asking for why, they were telling some story (group internal employee did fraud with owner), but this story has lot of ambiguity and Gray shadow.

So we are in really in panic situation.

Kindly advise me how to take action on builder.

Is there anything that they can file some case or put us on trouble due to giving 2 lacs of cash.?

Can we complain a FIR for on builder for this issue?

But nowadays all the builder asking for some cash amount to give the best deal. we also thought like this and given cash to them.
we are working in IT company and money we have saved for the flat by day and night hard working.
we don't want to loose any money. we want to get the our flat which we booked for.
Sir, please help me on this.
Appreciate your help.

D Das


asked On 22 November 2014 at 21:39

Partnership dissolution deed

Respected Sir/Madam
My Question Is as follow :-
It is a family partnership firm having five has a registered patnership deed, the patners gave power of attorney to our father.There is a alleged dissolution deed not implemented upon.What is the authenticity of Dissolution deed ?

Events and Dates in the matter are as below :-
1 Deed of Partnership on 14-08-1979
2 Power of Attorney to 01-07-1983
3 Registration of Firm –19-03- 1984
4 Alleged Dissolution 03-05-1988
5 2nd registration form 27-06-1988
6 Power Of Attorney Ceased on28-05-1996
7 Business under Partnership 01-01-1979 to 01-07-1983
8 Business under POA 01-07-1983 to 28-1996


asked On 22 November 2014 at 21:27

Sec.55 of town planning act notice

I have been served notice under section 55 of town planning act 1966.
As per the notice i have been given 15 days to vacant/ demolish the shop by bmc else bmc officials will demolish the shop.

Documents :

1. I have applied to BMC regarding first date of assessment of my shop, BMC have replied it is prior to 1961-62.
2. puchase aggreement made in 1996 but not registered and not notarized.
3. Rent reciept's from 1994 to 2012 signed by landlords (Landlord Property now under development).
4. Voting ID issued in 1995 on my shop address,
5. Driving License issued in 1990 on my shop address,
6. Shop registration certificate from 1989 of previous tenant, and mine from 2000 to 2016.

Note: I don't have any sanctioned plans or such plan in respect to my shop as it is a landlord property.

Please provide legal guidance......


asked On 22 November 2014 at 21:21

XYZ registered NC unknown to ABC


XYZ and ABC had abused each other and in fighting both were injured.
Later both went to police , and police asked to get medical done from govt. Hospital and reverts back with medical report.
However both settle down issue outside police station and ensure no one will go police station.
Since ABC was injured more he got admitted in private hoapital in ICU, Saying that he met with an accident.

But ABC has doubt that XYZ after few days pulled medical report from govt hopital and approached police station and registered 6 month NC against ABC..However police has not approached ABC yet.

1-Can XYZ register 6 MONTH NC against ABC?
2- If yes,in such case do police should have approch ABC or not?
3- how can we confirm NC is registered against ABC?
4- what precaution should be taken?.


asked On 22 November 2014 at 20:05

Query regarding surety - solvency,bail

Dear Experts,

This is typical 498a case. 2 got Anitcipatory bail from session (Nashik) and one got Anitcipatory from high court. The session court bail amount is 15000 and high court bail amount is 20000.

The police are now saying that they need to do notional arrest, before they file chargesheet. Which is ok, but we have produce our sureties during the arrest.

From what I understand, for amount 15,000 we simply need to submit ID and may be bank/salary documents which prove that surety can arrange 15000. However for amount 20,000, the surety should have a solvency certificate. the relevant judgement section says
"be enlarged on bail on furnishing P.R. Bond in the sum of Rs.20,000/- with one or two sureties inthe like amount"

Now here is the problem

1.) Practically it takes aroun 1.5 - 2 months to get a solvency certifcate for indvidual. The police is insisting that we do the bail thing at earliest

2.) For solvency certifcate, one should have an immovable property with no liabilities. But in these days of home loans, everybody has a liability. Getting such a surety is proving to be difficult
Is there any other way out of it ? Can't we simply deposit cash and have a person sign a personal bond or something ?

I am kind of on a clock here. Your help would be really appreciate


asked On 22 November 2014 at 20:03

Cases on marriage

hello sir,
i needed a help to prepare a moot memorial on a marriage case where the boy is an NRI and the girl is an India and the boy hjas charged the boy for harassment and demanded divorce but, I have to prepare the memorial on behalf of respondent the boy kindly assist me on the issues that can be framed by the boy also kindly quote judgments for the same..also one issue i consider is the boy may charge the girl for causin mental pressue and defamation or accusing for wrong offences..kindly assist also if u think any judgements regarding the same

shrikant shelke

asked On 22 November 2014 at 19:19

Sale certificate under arbitration act 1996

sir my query is :
1 whether An Arbitrator have any power to cancel or set aside the sale certificate executed under securatisation Act 2002 ?
2 whether reserve price of auctioned property and deposit of 75 % amount by the successive bidder to the bank is mandetory?
3 whether non following of rules no 8 & 9 vitiate the auction followed by the bank under Securatistion Act 2002 ?

plz ans my query with case law
The name of respondent bank is Khamgaon Urban Multistate co-op bank(scheduled bank)

regards adv s.p. shelke 09960511598


asked On 22 November 2014 at 19:10

requirement of noc at time of interview/joining

I am currently working in a public sector bank . prior to my joining here , I had applied for SSC cgl 2013 exam. Now I had cleared this exam and waiting for interview call letter . my queries are as follows
1. Do I require a noc from bank at time of interview.
2. Should I mention my work experience at this bank in attestation form and biodata.
3. If my bank do not give noc at this stage, what should I do.
Please clarify my doubts.


asked On 22 November 2014 at 18:21

Mother name needs to be changed in my birth certifucate

Im chandhrasekar born in chennai D.O.B 28.08.1991 in my birth certificate my mother name is jayashree i wanna change it into bhuvaneswari because there is no record or proofs in the name of jayashree except in my mom's marriage invitation and my birth certificate and in all her records its only bhuvaneswari so i need to change my mother's name in my birth certificate to correct name as in records please help me on this issue


asked On 22 November 2014 at 18:12

Divorce without reason

Dear Sir n all

I have married legaly to one girl on feb 14 due to my mother health problem we have not process as she want like dhaam-dhum reception and all. thats she want to divorce because she got goverment job and she change her mind. we are trying to convince her but she wants divorce without meting.she not agree for meting with me or my family, i am ready for everthing for her but she have ego problem. i am not give her divorce please advice me what kind of process. this case is which side ? since 1 month i am trying to convince her she tell me for cancellation of certi but i am not agree pls give me advise legaly she put a case on me ?

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