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Anjul Kumar Jana

asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:36

Suit value for recovery of possession

This is a suit for declaration and injunction and alternatively prayed for recovery of possession. The land to be recovered is not assessed and for which appointment of surveyor commissioner is also prayed. Once plaintiff's predecessor sold a certain portion of the schedule property but since then defendant has acquired more than that. Hence the suit for the recovery of excess portion.
Now queries are :
1. What should be the Suit Value?
2. Which provision of Court Fees Act is required to file and how should I assess the Court fee in this case?
3. Whether admission of not in possession by the Plaintiff should be the demerits of this case?


asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:16

Loan given to relatives

i am giving r.s 50000 loan to relatives, what is document collected from relatives.


asked On 31 October 2014 at 11:11

Recovery of hand loan

Dear sir I had given Rs 50,000/- as a hand loan to a person with note on Rs100 bond it happens 6months back he is unable to return the money now he is just postponeing from last two months so kidly advice me to recover the same. Note (bond matter is iam xxx s/o xxx received an amount of rs 50k from xxx s/o xxx i will return the same on deman with 15days prior notice to me this thing has written in bond)

Rajeev kumar

asked On 31 October 2014 at 10:31

Memo of appearance in divorce case

Petitioner filed divorce petition. The respondent is in Canada just left India. He is unable to give POA as the consulate is around 3500 kms away. Is memo of appearance enough? Whether based on this memo of appearance, can we submit Written statement without his signature? In this connection any model memo of appearance is available?

Q Slinger

asked On 31 October 2014 at 10:22

Land illegally transferred by uncle

Dear Experts: My uncle illegally transferred the land on to his name. The following explain in detail

- Land was under my grandfathers name and he died when my father was 2 years old. My father is the only son.

- My uncle (Grandfather's brother's son) (my father's cousin brother), filed false affidavits and gave false evidence that he is the only surviving son of my grandfather and got the land transferred to his name.

- We found out but filing case is too expensive for us so decide to approach Tahsildar in 2013. We also highlighted this scam to MRO, RDO, Sub-Collector, and Collector. Collector issued a directive asking Tahisldar to investigate the matter in Oct 2013 but he still has not done it. Every time we call him, he gives us an excuse.

- My uncle is in the process of selling the land


1. Is there anything we can do to stop my uncle from selling the land? If yes, what is it?

2. Is there anything we can do to get the Tahsildar to expedite the investigation?

3. The Tahsildar is the one who transferred the land to my uncle's name. Now he seems to have colluded with them to prevent the investigation from happening which in turn is giving my uncle time to dispose off the land. Can I take any action against the Tahsildar? Can I file cases on him for corruption or dereliction of duty?

4. Who else can I approach to get this land issue solved? None of the officials are taking any interest in this matter although everyone is aware that the land was illegally transferred. Who is the higher authority I need to approach to get this matter resolved?

5. Can I take any action against my uncle?

6. What other alternatives do I have, other than approaching the courts?

Appreciate all the help.


asked On 31 October 2014 at 10:10

Regarding return of property u/s 451 cr.p.c

Dear Sirs,
One person pledged his gold ornaments in a private bank. After a month police informed the bank that the ornaments are theft property and recovered the ornaments from the bank and produced before the court. After-that third party filed a petition u/s 451 cr.p.c for return of property to his custody. The private bank also filed a petition u/s 451 cr.p.c for return of property to the bank. Can the bank claim the property for its custody? Any related judgments?


asked On 31 October 2014 at 09:36

Pagdi - tenancy rights

Married for 25 years. Lived in a pagdi house in my mother-in-laws name.
Due to alcoholic addiction of my husband i have always been the sole bread earner throughout foreseeing this my mother-in-law advised to transfer the house to my name.
after her death have an noc from my husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-law stating the same.
however the rent receipt and the electricity bill has my husbands name in the middle (usually used after marriage)
About 6 months back he has deserted the family no clue where he is. he went spreading bad allegations about me saying he will get us evicted from the house using the neighbours as evidence. All on his side as he has been born and bought up with them and feel alcoholism is a sickness n should continue life with him. he has been selling things frm the house, borrowing and vanishing etc.
i continue living with my 3 girls in the premises but they find it very shameful and do not want to continue staying here. v r planning to move out to pune but worried of the house here.
can the landlord take advantage of the situation he knows all from the beginning and has been throughout been very co-op and understanding even when it came to transferring the rent receipt to my name never charged a single penny. but now with him no more with us cannot trust.
also can my husband demand anything if maybe i rent the place or plan to sell if no option left.
thanks for your guidance and advise


asked On 31 October 2014 at 05:36

Increase in rent within 3 months

Hi Sir,
I am caught in a situation where the rent of my house is increased due to a sudden increase in maintenance charges by the building society and owner has refused to share the burden.
I am staying in bangalore. In July 2014, I moved to a new property as a tenant. The owner told me that for first three months I had to pay the rent+building maintenance to him and post that from October on wards I would have to pay the rent to him and the building maintenance amount to the society.
The rent that was agreed was 18000 and maintenance charge as 2000.(All figures per month).
At the time of entering the house I had checked several times with him on this arrangement that when in October I would have to pay the building maintenance to the society, what will be the amount. On this he always gave me some vague answers.
Now in october, the society increased the maintenance to 4000 INR from 2000 INR, causing my overall rent to become 22,000 from 20,000 in only 3 months.
On raising this concern to the owner, the owner has asked me to either pay 18 K (to owner) + 4k (to society) or I should look out for other options. Since I was travelling abroad at that point of time, i paid 4K to the society chairman, and now owner is asking me to pay 18 K to him.
This is harassment, because in July only i started renting the house, paid brokerage to the broker and paid 1,30,000 INR as security. Now leaving a house in 3 months, will also make me loose 18K as paintaing amount etc.
Please assist if I can get any help or advice from a government body. I am a single person staying alone in the house and an increase of maintenance charge from 2,000 INR to 4,000 INR does not make any sense to me.
Please advice.

Member (Account Deleted)

asked On 31 October 2014 at 02:13

354,506,POCSO ACT 2012

Respected sir,
My name is Yash Brahmani from mumbai. I want a solution to my problem.
My family is trapped under a false case and really seeking help from u.
The insistent took place as follows:-
On 2nd June 2013, I was sitting inside my house with my mom and small was evening 8.30pm when my neighbour came to my house telling my mom to call my dad saying they had some work with him.
When my father came he went and say inside our neighbours house with my mom. When he sat down these people started slapping him and kicking and beating him saying that my dad raped her this point of time we didn't knew what was happening they started beating and kicked me my brother and my mom to a very great extent.we just couldn't figure out what that hell was happening.
About 50people were hitting and kicking my dad and us and ee were help dad hadn't done anything as such but they put a false aligation of rape over him.the girls father and her mama and that tantric were hitting my father like cruelly
The went out on the roads chapels says this man raped my daughter.without knowing the truth people were coming and hitting us like hell.
Local politicians are also involved in it
And also police they did not take any action till the date we have a letter and medical report but even police didn't investigate the case they all were mixed with the girls family

There is a different story behind it that is the girl was trapped in a sex beauty parlour and wanted my dad to remove her from that mess.that parlour was of her own masi i.e her fathers sister
Where she had joined since long time and doing massage.she use to call my father and talk about what use to happen and what not use to happen.she use to tell my father not to tell her parents that she is stuck in this mess otherwise they will hit father couldn't even speak to us about this matter she use to send her non veg messages on her mobile.
My father doesn't know to use mobile or message anybody he is 9th pass in gujarati medium doesn't know anything.
They real reason behind it was they want to defame us and remove us from the residence we r living presently
They tried to kill my father such that he could not disclose about the sex beauty parlour they were riding
When they came to know that my father know this fact they planning this event 10days prior
They convinced the people from the chawl to hit my father
And there was a tantric who use to come at the girls place and use to do some tantra mantra activity in their house he was hitting my dad in the penis he tried to twist my dads penis by kicking and twisting in between two legs.
Called police but they didn't come.they were all mixed with these people.
They even said after hitting us all ee don't want to do police case they tore cloths of my mother as well.
At that point we didn't knew what was happening
When we came to know the face they already filed a complaint against my father and he was jailed for 14 days without any proof
Using false aligations they did such a big in justice to us even our present lawyer was mixed with these people
He ate up 3lakh rupees which i and my dad had earned ironing clothes of people.he was the biggest bastard saying that ur father will leave the next day from jail as soon as u pay money but he couldn't do so
My dad was jailed in necessarily for 14days without proof. And that bastard was sitting in his office in santacruz east saying things will be alright

More over the girls family called up all the customers and relatives and told them that my father is a rapist
And I'd declare the same by santacruz police station
The landlords also filed a case against us in order to remove us from the residence we r living presently 3cases r running on us and m the only person whose running my house with job and study
I don't have any money left took loans over from people and relatives and running here and there no one is answering
Rape has not occurred then why they did such false a ligation over us and why my lawyer didn't file a case against the girls family infact of telling him to file the case again and again
He makes stories saying that
Woh time bohot kharab tha pata nahi hai apko ap kitne pare sham the etc etc making boolish stories.that was the biggest bastard named vikram Singh vakil
The section 354 506 and section 8a of pocso act 2012 has been put on my dad
I need ur help sir please bring us out of this i want a lawyer who can help me with this case
These people have misused the above sections on use and they even don't have any proof
The case is in the session court churchgate
Please contact me or msg me i need help
The had told people that my father had raped her daughter then why they put a case on molestation?
Moreover police did not take her medical also this is the biggest shit the police did
It been more then a year now can we file an CASE against the girls family?
Just 20days back the did an attack on my dad i have an noc of it will it help??
Landlord is ridiculously lodging cases after cases and harassing us
Please sir waiting for ur reply for a break through in this case

manoj joshi

asked On 31 October 2014 at 01:09

N.i.act latest judgement

respected sir
i want to pay all your attention on latest judgement of sc on n.i.act
it holds jurisdiction of courts where the cheque has been dishonored..
im not agree with such a bad judgement
i want to get your help to understand what stand to take in court so that my cases coudnt transferred

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