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asked On 25 August 2016 at 11:45

Esi pf compliance

I Am Working In An Org Where We Have Contractors Who Are Complying For ESI/PF . My Query: If We Get A Person For Service For a day to Repair Is He Required To Be From An Organisation That Is ESI/PF Registered. Eg Getting An AC Mechanic To Repair For Few Hours, Machine Repair By An Engineer Or Installation Of A New Machine Where The Supplier Has Less Than 5 Employees & Not Registered Under ESI/PF, These services May Be Required At Site Once In 3 /4 Months For &1 Or 2 Days .


asked On 25 August 2016 at 11:30

NI Act 138 time limit crossed

Dear sir please help me on the following. I had supplied the goods to one person for which i have bill and challan copy. Same the cheque was issued from that person and it was dishonored in bank. With help of my friend i issued notice to him, he had not replied for my notice. Now the limitation is already crossed as i issued notice in march. Sir how i can recovery my money from them can i file the summary suit against him thus it is maintainable by the Court. For filing summary suit again i have to give note to opposite party please help.

R C Meena

asked On 25 August 2016 at 11:08

Action against complainant in which i have been discharge

A case was filed by CBI in which i have been discharge. No appeal has been filed by CBI against discharge.
I wish to initiate legal action against CBI officials and also wish to file damages.
Pl suggest what is the legal remeady


asked On 25 August 2016 at 10:34

Trainee Junior Advocate job/ paid internship

Sir, I am LL.b 2 year student (hindi med.). I want to work & learn under S. Advo
cate in Delhi due to some finance problem. Please help me.
Abhishek Dwivedi

Hari gaddam

asked On 25 August 2016 at 08:38

Insolvency petition

SIR .I am a student pursuing query is how can an insolvency petition can be filed.what are the procedural aspects?what conditions are necessary to be fulfilled for filing?


asked On 25 August 2016 at 06:55

Withdrawal of court case

Hi I was recruited for govt service as asst Jan 2015. But the recruitment included many other depts and case was filed questioning recruitment services of 2 depts. One guy got a status quo and our recruitment was stalled even though there was no case on my dept. The other case was linked to this case. After 1.5 years now the party with status quo has filed a memo for withdrawal as he has got another job in the same govt college although the other case still remains. My queries are even though the memo has been filed for withdrawal on 18/08/16 there has been no action from the court yet. May I know the reason and exactly how long it takes for this procedure? If the case with status quo has been withdrawn will the status quo be removed or will it continue as there is another linked case with this case??


asked On 25 August 2016 at 05:50

281 crpc

Accused agreed before the court that i killed my wife before trail but in trail all witnesses were hustled. Can be acquittaled? and please send case laws


asked On 25 August 2016 at 05:46

accused agreed that i killed my wife, b



asked On 25 August 2016 at 01:38

Society NOC fees

I am planning to buy resale flat in Mumbai. Who is supposed to pay society fees for NOC ? Is it buyer or seller?


asked On 25 August 2016 at 01:34

Society fees for issuing NOC for resale of flat

I am planing to buy resale of flat in Mumbai. I need NOC from society for bank loan. The Society is asking fees of Rs.50000 for issuing the NOC. Who is supposed to pay the society fees? Is it buyer or seller? I have heard it is seller and the maximum amount the society can ask is Rs.25000. Pls comfirm

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