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Prithviraj p.rane.

asked On 19 September 2014 at 20:14

charity commissioner

i am from my village one iron ore mining is working.mining company chose 4-5 agents to snatch our(farmers)land.they made one trustee by registering through charity commission.they dont have any office,they dont take any meeting,they dont doing yearly audit.i mean they running this trust totally addition they doing our lands agreement with mining company.we getting 4500/- per acre per year.we are fighting from last 3 year in the district court of charity commissioner.we have all the evidence against that trustee,then also charity commissioner can we cancel that trust?please guidence me.

Gaurav Kanodia

asked On 19 September 2014 at 19:57

Prepayment charges on cc limits in takeover

Dear Sir
I have CC Account with PNB Bank which was running good Now the New AGM Cam & he couldnt full fill our requirements

so we decided for takeover

Now They are resisting in giving property papers & showing me sanction letter in which it says that prepayment charges @2% will be their in case of takeover

The Sanction was for one year period & never renewed ie the Sanction was from 26th June 2013 for One Year & takeover happened on 15th September

can they take charges

Also We have unused Bank gurantee returned to bank in which they have charged nus full commission will we get refund charges for unused quaters

Pooja Agarwal

asked On 19 September 2014 at 19:54

Constitutional law

A writ petition was filed before the High Court and order was passed. Another person who was not party to the writ petition came before the court and filed a review petition after the end of limitation period on the ground that the petitioner had suppressed material facts. The High Court entertained the review petition and granted it without allowing the respondent to file counter affidavit. While allowing the review petition, the Court imposed a cost of Rs 50,000/- on the petitioner.

Can the High Court impose costs while reviewing a judgment? If not, then what is the reason?

Vicky Baghnani

asked On 19 September 2014 at 19:31

False Kidnapping Case

Hello everyone, My ex wife has filed a false kidnapping case of our child on me. She lodged an FIR under sections 363, 448 and 504 on me, last month. Child has been staying with me since last 6 months. She handed over the child to me as per the mutual agreement made during the time of divorce. I filed a petition asking the court to declare myself as the custodian as my ex wife was trying to take the child back and elope.I filed this petition on 24th June.
I did apply for the FIR Quash but has been dismisses with honourable Judge stating that I might have abducted the child and then filed the petition because offence date mentioned in the FIR is 19th June and I filed the petition on 24th June. The honourable judge even mentioned that the authenticity of the agreement could only be achieved after investigation. Please suggest what would be a better approach now. Shall I apply for AB? The words mentioned in the order, "I might have abducted the child" worries me. Does kidnapping charges apply to a biological father as well? Please suggest. Thanks.


asked On 19 September 2014 at 19:24

Regarding insolvency petition

My Debtor approached the court with insolveny petition? he has no properties for claim. what are the consequences when i not respond to the court notices? is there any chanses to impose any costs on me by the court?

D.Joseph Emmanuel Dhas

asked On 19 September 2014 at 18:02

Refund of rental deposit-is there any prescribed time to refund after vaccation

I have vacated the rented house after 3& a half years on 12.09.2014, informing the owner orally one month in advance and handed over the key on 19.09.2014.No agreement signed .Monthly rent prescribed was Rs.7500 and deposit given was Rs.30000/= Rent upto 7/2014 paid on 5fth day.of next month. The owner is not willing to return the balance amount of advance within a reasonable time. No damage to wall & no due of current bill etc., House was cleaned and the key handed over. Is there any prescribed time to get the balance of Advance.Please give the advice. D.J

Kruti Mehta

asked On 19 September 2014 at 17:27

Quickshoppee-a fake website

Dear Mam/Sir,

I have ordered my product -Ambrane Power Bank P-2000(black)-20800mah Battery (iphone5 Charger) - 2 items in the first week of September 2014. The guy promised us the delivery by 8-09-2014. Even the guy suggested us to buy the products worth Rs. 4000/- and get a Samsung LED 32" free with it.

My order reference number is LGROKZSIM.

On 8-9-2014, we called the customer service number which was provided in the website and a guy received the call. When asking the details about the product delivery he asked us to call them later as the respective person was unavailable. When on the other day we called the person he asked us for the reference number and told that he will transfer the call to the department. In a mean while he disconncted the call. On calling for the second time they did not receive the call... This continued for several days. I even emailed them but they did not give me any kind of response. Nor they posted my review on their product. We have paid the amount through credit card. Seeing this kind of behaviour we asked the bank to cancel the credit card too. We even requested for the payback of our amount but bank has mailed us that they need some time for that.

We have QUICKSHOPEE's mail with us as evidence about their false promises and even I have the messages in which they assured us a call back too.

Please help me with this issue. What should I do to get my money back and also make aware to the people that it is a fake site.

Anil Verma

asked On 19 September 2014 at 17:10

Application for suspension of sentence us 389 of cr.pc following with an appeal against conviction

My younger son was convicted us 306 of IPC and was awarded sentence of -7- years RI by Hon.Sessions Judge on 09.01.2014. We immediately filed an appeal in the High Court on 15.01.2014 and subsequently filed an application on 25.02.2014 for suspension of sentence us 389 of Cr.PC which was rejected by the Hon. Judge at High Court on 05.03.2014. Again we filed second application for suspension of sentence on 05.08.2014 which was also rejected by the same Hon. Judge who rejected first application.
I would like to mention brief facts of the case for ready reference:
1. On 12.05.2015 my daughter-in-law, who was working women and was working as an Officer in a PSU, commited suicide at about 10.45 AM by hanging herself in a bedroom after locking the door from inside.
2. No Suicide Note found.
3. At the time of her death my son was away from home for the purpose of his business and I called him over mobile.
4. Post Martem report indicated the cause of death due to asphexia and no any type of injuries were found on the body of the deceased.
5. Parents, Brother and Sister of the deceased filed FIR against my son, interalia, alleging that my son was always crual to the deceased, making doubt on her
character and was persistently torturing her mentally. However, they have also admitted that they had never been made any complaint against my son either to parents of the accused or to any appropriate forum.
6. Three independent witnesses (Female Collegues of my daughter-in-law) also obtained by the Police Authorities out of which only one witness was cross examined in the court and other witnesses were not called in the court. The indendent witness made allegations on the mother-in-law of the deceased and not on the accused (my Son) Mother-in-law were not made accused in the case.
7. Police authorites did not taken any written statements/witnesses from neighbours and the peoples residing in surrounded areas.
8. Since the death took place within 7 years of marriage the court presumed the crime us 306 read with 113(A) of IPC.
My question in the matter are as follows:
1. First Bail Application Rejected on 05.03.2014 and Second Bail Application was rejected on 08.09.2014 by the Hon. Judge at High Court. Whether the same is justified more particularly when the same Hon. Judge and Other Hon. Judges of High Court have granted Bail in various serious offences in a shorter time say about within a period of 3-4 months and more after Conviction of the accused.
2. My Son has already passed about 11 months in prison but the Hon. Judge is not being generous to grant Bail (Suspension of Sentence)
3. Two applications of Bail (Suspension of Sentence) have already been rejected by Hon. Judge at High Court, now what should be the future course of action from my side.
4. Most of the peoples who are not capable can't move to supreme court. Some of those even can not afford to go to the High Court. If I go to Supreme Court, that will be last recourse to me because thereafter no option is available to me in the matter.
Kindly some one advice me suitably to enable me to proceed further in the matter.
My some of the quarries were earlier responded by learned lawyers at the forum, within no time, for which I will always remain grateful. Thanking you.

Prithviraj p.rane.

asked On 19 September 2014 at 16:41

family labour law

i want details in continuos family labour law in maharashtra


asked On 19 September 2014 at 16:11

Compromise or giving up a case to the opponent after selling the land to third party


One persion the fisrt party sold some acres of land by making a layot to many innocent buyers of plots concealing a civil dispute over ownership in court with a second party and a criminal case filed by the second party over selling the plots by first party and on the first party alone.Now all the plots sold.Now the seller,the first party is in agreement with the second party p with whom he has dispute in court.My doubt is If the above seller of plot the fisrt party cleared the case on geting amount of money from the second party in favour of the second party,what will be the position of the third party ,the innocent buyers of plot who is having possession and who is not party to the case and who are not issued any notice and are not complained in police. Is there any right to the third parties to file a civil case again for their rights against the second party.

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