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asked On 30 April 2016 at 22:31


I am zrz got married July 2009,after staying 5 years with me having a son I had to divorce as per islamic law,now my son is with me,she has complained a case against me and my family(elder brother/his wife,younger sister,younger brother and my mother) including me.
We are able quash the all the names except me and my younger high court.
One more important thing is the allegations by her is tottaly fake and those periods I was staying abroad.
I want to know the possibility of quashing remaining two (me and my younger brother)
Pls advice.


asked On 30 April 2016 at 21:31

Protection against wife's wrongdoing on transfer to usa

I have got a job offer in USA for an IT firm.

I got married 2 years ago in 2014. The relations between me and my wife are not good. She constantly fights,abuses, me. Always keeps on giving threat of committing suicide or implicating me and my family in false 498A case.

I want to be legally sure and protected before moving to USA for both me and myself.

WHat are my options? How can I protect us from this false usage legally?


asked On 30 April 2016 at 21:23

138 ni order to pay rs 2.2 lac for false cheque bounced

My uncle has landed in a very tricky situation

In 2012 he has taken a loan from private financier of Rs 2 Lakh. The transaction was done as follow:

1. Private financier did a RTGS of Rs 4 Lakh.
2. Then same day he took back Rs 2.15 lakh through a self cheque signed by my uncle and it was withdrawn from the bank by his agent.
3. Then he took 60000 as interest of the money @5% pm.
4. Then in 2013 October the account was settled by paying him Rs 2 lac through a DD. He returned all but 1 cheque of my uncle.
5. In November 2013 he bounced that left cheque of Rs 2 Lac. When approached mentioned it was done in mistake.
6. Then in 2014 he filed the case of Rs 2 lac non payment on my uncle.

Now on March 28,2016 order was given by court to pay Rs 2.2 lakh to him .

Now I have below queries:

1. There are lot of mistakes from my uncle's end. But since we have paid all the money, is there any way we can appeal against this decision?
2. Are there any chances of overturning this order/cancelling this order.?
3. If we appeal, is it possible by Session court to Increase the amount to be paid?

Please help as we are in very big crisis due to this.


Devrath Roy

asked On 30 April 2016 at 20:34

Negotiable act u/s 138 & 142

Hi All,

A person issued me 2 cheques of Rs, 50K each. He, the Drawer lives in West Delhi. Both cheques were rejected twice due to insufficient funds. Third time the cheques were rejected due to reason account closed.

I want to file a suit against him under NI Act.

My bank account is in Jangpura, Delhi. But i live in sahibabad, Ghaziabad.

As todays bank follows Centralised clearing system, so i dropped cheques for presentment at sahibabad branch near my residence, not at my home branch at Jangpura.

The cheque was presented at Noida clearing House. The rejection Memo is from Noida Clearing House.

Now, i am confused, where to file the suit?

1. At Delhi, Dwarka Court, Because drawer and Home branch is in Delhi.

2. At Ghaziabad Court, because i dropped cheque at sahibabad branch, near my home at Sahibabad, Ghaziabad.

3. At Gautambudh nagar court, because clearing house is located at Noida. And cheque rejection memo has Noida address?

I want to file suit at Delhi, because i want speedy resolution.

Please suggest me the options through which i can have speedy resolution.

Suggetions with reference to section/ruling/order will be highly appreciated.



asked On 30 April 2016 at 20:34

change of caste from obc to sc by d bihar /central govt .

dear all expert & honourable sir / madam , i have a
query regarding the benefit of caste changed from
obc to sc . as i am working in psu sector ri8 now
and have joined it while i was obc now in bihar my
caste tanti has been changed to paan swaasi . my
query is will i get the benefit during promotion as
bihar gazzete has declared it that we r now no
more obc and i am able to find pan swaasi in govt of
india gazeete central list as well. kindly help!!!!


asked On 30 April 2016 at 20:25

Electricity connection

in the town porampok land, municipality tax paid in the name of father subbaiah. in the land his two sons reside with separate house. the father reside one separate house. father and his one son have separate EB connection but one other son not have the same. because the father resist to get EB connection to him . he reside with his wife and two child without EB connection. he need EB connection without his father permission.

Vinesh K Chhaya

asked On 30 April 2016 at 20:15

Municipal tax appeal and application for discovery of documents

Application under provision of Civil Procedure code order 9 rule 5 or 12 etc regarding discovery of documents during Municipal Tax appeal is maintainable or not??

which provision applicable to discover of required documents during municipal tax appeal in Civil Court under section 406 Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act

Devrath Roy

asked On 30 April 2016 at 19:03

Negotiable act u/s 138 & 142

Hello Sir,

A person living West Delhi, owed to me 100,000, for settlement he issued me cheque of 100,000.

I presented the cheque twice, it was rejected due to insufficient funds and third time it rejected due to reason account closed. The person who issued me cheque, has cheated me.

My account is in Jangpura, Delhi. I live in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. Because today bank follows Centralised clearing system, i dropped the cheque at sahibabad, it was routed through Noida clearing house and rejected three times.

Now, i am confused as where to file the case,
1. In Ghziabad.? Because i dropped the cheque at sahibabad branch in Ghaziabad
2. In Noida, at Gautambuddha Nagar.? Because at Noida clearing house cheque was presented for payment.
3. At Delhi, because actually my home branch is in delhi.

I want to file suit at delhi, for Speedy resolution. Please suggest me the options through which i can get speedy justice.

Some reference to any law/section/rulings would be appreciated.

Please help..


asked On 30 April 2016 at 17:50


Dear All,
I want suggestion of u all on one issue- i want to start social club which will provide service to it members such as hall for marriage place for event organization and similar related services.
i want to ask u all whether i should register it as trust or society from both income tax and compliance view point.

sagar mukhedkar

asked On 30 April 2016 at 17:40

13 (3) birth

Where is jurisdiction for 13 (3) order of jmfc court for 13(3) birth registration

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