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faiz mohideen

asked On 09 February 2016 at 13:10

Stamp duty for registration of gift deed exclusively for public purpose

Hello Experts

Kindly respond with reference if Stamp duty is applicable for Gift deed executed exclusively for Public purpose.

If yes kindly mention the % of amount to be paid.


asked On 09 February 2016 at 12:51

Working hours

As per factories act 1948 maximum daily working hour is 8 and maximum weekly working hours is 48. my question is this working include lunch and tea breaks?
At present we are working 8.5 hours in one of shift other two shift are 8 hours and 7.5 hour including 30 min lunch break. is this against labour law?


asked On 09 February 2016 at 12:35

Building permit approval from kerala costal zone management

I plant to construct a residencial buildind near the lake cheranallor village in ernakulam dist, But local authorities forwaded the application to kerala costal zone management authority,trivandrum.My requirement is wheather this rule applicable to the property where can i get the rules & regulation applicable to the same property pls advise sabu


asked On 09 February 2016 at 11:49

Regarding agreement of sale

Sir, I have purchased a Flat(Apartment) in Hyderabad and entered into a agreement of sale with the Developer on 19th June 2013.As per the agreement the developer agreed to hand over the possession of the property within 21 months with grace period of three months from the date hereof, however subject to availability of steel and other materials and subject to any other calamity or act of enemy, war or any other cause beyond the control of the developers or due to any difficulty or impossibilities arising from any Government ordinance, legislation act of Notification etc. As on date the Developer has not handed over the Flat in full shape. The Electricity meters have yet to fitted and the Occupancy Certificate from the Municipal authorities is due. The Developer is insisting to pay the maintenance charges and the Electricity charges for the last 6 months as the wood work is going on in my Flat. My Question is 1). Can i claim the damages from the developer from the completion of agreement period as he has not completed the Flat in full shape. 2) Do i need to pay the maintenance charges.


asked On 09 February 2016 at 11:49


Dear Sir,
Can a husband and wife execute a joint will instead of two separate wills particularly when they are the joint owners of the property? For reference I am attaching a format given to me by a friend of mine.


asked On 09 February 2016 at 11:28

Legal hire certificate

If some one is nri and does not come to india in future and does'nt have oci then how to submit letter of disclimer at bank in india


asked On 09 February 2016 at 10:09

Removal grounds for Society Supervisor

We the office bearers of our society's managing committee are fed up with our society's supervisor who has an upper hand of our builder who unfortunately also is a resident in our building. Whenever we try to take a decision that may go against builder's interest, he tells the builder about our decisions and the builder starts threatening us office bearers. Our society is a single tower comprising of 84 flats,got registered since 2012 but no conveyance. He has fought with almost 50% of the flat owners regarding parking issues, hoarding board money, etc. But even the poilce sits with him even after complaining about him a number of times.

We need to cut his hands by expelling his supervisor. Can you tell on what grounds can we expell him?


asked On 09 February 2016 at 10:00

498A,406,34 3&4d/p

Dear sir
In the false FIR of 498a,406,34 3&4 D/p act, my wife included my brother name who never ever met her in person. He was in abroad during her stay, she claimed in FIR that my brother used to do video calls and given her physical and mental torture.
Investigation officer asking me to submit passport details and assuring me that he will remove brothers name by giving 169 report.
Please guide,
Shall we give passport details to IO
what is the threat to my brother in this.
Thank you your valuable time.


asked On 09 February 2016 at 09:23

Evection of Tenant

Dear Sir,

I am owner of a 60 year old house. I own two storied house, my tenant lives in upper floor and i am a resident of west bengal.

Sir i made many futile attempt to evict my tenant but nothing proved fruitful. I filed a suite for eviction in the year 1996 in lower court but the judgement was against us so I appealed in the high court, and case was revered to lower court and gave a verdict that they will send a person to inspect and based on his information further judgement would be done. But my tenant bribed that particular person, and lower court made tenant pay their rent through rent control act. And after that i lost all hope and i didn't followup the case any more as there was a huge financial constraint on my side.
The present scenario is that house is totally damaged, earlier the whole family use stay but now they have left only one family member behind occupying three rooms kitchen hall. And the whom i gave admission as tenant has died more that give years ago. And I am a government employee set to retire next year in jan.

Please help me with your valuable suggestion and i will be highly obliged

Jitender Singh Rawat

asked On 09 February 2016 at 08:54

Can RTI be filed against branches of bank?

Dear Sirs,

In my case the elder brother wants the information from bank regarding the debit and credit of pension funds of her mother pension account who is no more since a year. It is suspected that the younger brothers who were in touch of mother transfered the pension funds or else utilised in support of branch manager of the branch. So to clarify the utilisation of funds the elder brother wants to file a RTI against branch as he is deprived of bank passbook or bank statements by branch and younger brothers.

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