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Siddhi Agarwal

asked On 26 March 2015 at 10:12

Siphoning off of society funds under pretext of bribes

Are managing committee of co op housing societies empowered to draw and pay in cash bribes running in to huge amount without consent of flat owners ? A member objecting to the malpractices is threatened by the white collored goons and police is not acting on his complaint.
Pl. help as it is a serious matter of corruption.


asked On 26 March 2015 at 10:09

company not paying pending salary

We are a group of 10-15 emp who worked in a IT firm and already left due to their unprofessional behavior. Now company is not paying our pending amount like pf (amount not deposited in PF account)+2-3 months salary+for few employee their onsite salary+ tax clearance proof and all.

We are trying to reach them via phone, mail and persnolly but no luck.

Can anyone advise what to do to get our hard earn money?

Siddhi Agarwal

asked On 26 March 2015 at 09:14

Coopsociety not allowing direct payment of Property Tax to

A member of society is not allowed to apply for assessment of property tax to MCGM although there is such provision In law for individual assessment of PT
In fact society is in control of cheats indulging in taking away lacs of rupees under the pretext of bribes to MCGM for the illegal work without taking consent of members. Now the queries are as under:
1) Can the member approach Consumer Court?
2) Can society charge higher amount for PT even after 15% reduction by MCGM since April 2010 ?
Experts pl. help and guide as the member is a senior citizen and helpless.

ranvireshwar singh

asked On 26 March 2015 at 08:45

Trust formation

Hullo,i would like to know weather an Indian author of a trust can appoint foreigners/Tibetans as trustees.What is the minimum number Indians required for the formation of a trust in India vis a vis foreigners.Thank you

Ram Kulkarni

asked On 26 March 2015 at 08:45

About bombay nursing home act

If a doctor has been charge sheeted for not taking registration start hospital ,not taken Bombay Nursing Home registration (BNHR) and case is filed against him, can he apply for new BNHR as his right to earn money for life???he has applied for BNHR but the office cleark has not inwarded file and it was put in his house. What kind of action can be taken against him??

Arvind Singh Chauhan

asked On 26 March 2015 at 08:41

Help required from seniors-damage to public property act 1984

Sec 3 of damages to public property act is bailable or non bailable ?

Please go through the news-
ITANAGAR, Feb 10: Claiming to have found various misleading, defamatory and malicious news items in the local dailies against him, Labour Commissioner Ojing Darung today clarified various allegations leveled against him by All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union.
Darung said the report that he was arrested at the direction of the Gauhati High Court was not based on facts and truth.

Section 3 of PDPP Act 1984 is a bailable offence, said Darung while producing a copy of the Gauhati High Court judgment issued on April 20th, 2012 against his anticipatory bail application under section 438 CrPC. However, he resented that “All Arunachal Pradesh Workers Union registered protest against his bail without rhyme and reasons.”
While referring to the Gauhati High Court order on August 6, 2012 (vide Crl. Petition No.09/2012), Darung further said “the Court quashed and set aside the earlier proceeding of Non-FIR case registered under section 3 of the Prevention to Damages of Public property Act -1984 against me and fresh direction was given to officer in-charge of Naharlagun Police Station to investigate and submit police report U/S 173 of Cr.PC.” However, no such police report was filed by the Police till date, he claimed. The Labour Commissioner further claimed that non-bailable warrant of arrest was issued against him “without any authority of law by the Chief Estate Officer cum Addl District Magistrate.” Darung said that he was ‘deliberately harassed at Naharlagun Police lock-up and defamed at the behest of All Arunachal Pradesh Workers’ Union by jumping all arrest warrant process as prescribed in Cr.PC 1973’.

Sir I have search much but can't find the case referred in this news of Arunanchal times. Please Guide and attach above mentioned judgment of Gauhati HC if any one have.


asked On 26 March 2015 at 00:42

Change profession

Dear Sir,

My qualification is B.ed, LL.B., and i am enrolled lawyer and practicing as a lawyer for last three years.

I have got govt. teacher job on adhoc basis. My joining is in Ist week of April. My query is as below:

1. Whether i have to send any letter to Bar Council that i am leaving advocate practice and joining govt teacher job.

2. Whether i have to surrender my membership in my bar council.

If yes then what is the procedure for the same.

Secondly, as it is adhoc base job if there will no scope for regular job in the next 2-3 years then i will not have any option except to come back to my legal profession.

Then whether i have to enroll again in bar council and obtain membership again.

Last query: if i do not intimate to bar council and join govt. teacher job on adhoc basis then what will be consequenses in later stage for this professional mis-conduct.

Please advise



asked On 25 March 2015 at 23:15


my case goes as under:
1. I am physically handicapped person of 50 yrs with unable to walk without support.I and my wife live with my mother of 80 yrs. She too isn't keeping well. All the property namely land and flat and fd's r in my mothers name. I hv four sisters. All of them r married and well to do placed. The property hs been willed. The total property IN MY NAME
is 5 lacs of share certificates and 3 lacs in ppf.
All the property hs been self earned by my Late father and transferred to my mother.
2. About four yrs back, a divorcee girl with a 9 yr old son agreed to marry me.
3. At the time of marriage, she hd written on a rs. 100 stamp paper tht she is tying the knot in no pressure and knows my financial, health etc. conditions well.
4. I hd written tht her son will be mine and i will start the legal work soon.
5. The son's biological father is alive.
6.After much persuasion and bickering and treatment, jst 45 days back she gave birth to a girl.
7. The girl was ill since she was premature.
8. rt now, also she is in hospital.
already, my mother hs spent 1.5 lacs in her treatment since my annual income which i show in IT is 1.5 lacs. Actuallly, it is almost nil.
9. I hv received a call from my brother in law tht he will tk my wife and her son and my daughter from the hospital and wld meet me in the court. Her son is living with me since las 4 yrs and is going to the school.
10. I hv filed a police complain against my brother in law and my mother in law.
11. Can my wife leave my house without my consent since my baby is too ill and she will probably die if proper medical treatment isn't given to her.
12. if she leaves my place for her hometown
wt cases she can file against me.
13. wt can be the maintenance amtt. ?
14. If my mother dies during the proceedings and if she hs willed the property in my name,can my wife lay claim on tht also ?
15. wt will happen to the baby ?
can i with my sister place claim on her ?
16. My in laws financial position is bad.

suggestions and answers invited in detail.


Anand Kumar Das

asked On 25 March 2015 at 22:59

How to trace investigating officer

sir IO is the evidence of my father murder case & they get transferred since 10 yrs ago how to trace them as a evidence.i tried him to trace throudh sp office,my nearest police station & written letter to dgp and dig.How can i trace him pls help


asked On 25 March 2015 at 22:05

Jurisdiction for filing complaint case u/s.138 n.i.act

let me explain that i have a cheque of State bank of Bhubaneswar branch issued by accused person in favour of complainant and the complainant placed it in his bank central Bank at Bhubaneswar branch. when the endorsement of insufficient of funds came out the complainant intimate this to the accused and the accused wants for 20 days more time and assured to place the cheque again after the prescribed period and after laps of time of 20 days again the complainant placed the cheque in his bank central bank of india at Khordha branch and the same thing was happend as funds insufficient.
now here my question is that in which place i have to file the complaint case u/s. 138 on N.I.Act? is that place of Bhubaneswar where the accused person's bank or in that place where the complainant placed the cheque first time or in that place where the second time the complainant placed the cheque at Khordha. please clarify and please provide me if there is any kinde of citation available. its urgent. Thank you.

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