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asked On 21 October 2016 at 15:08


Dear Sirs,
In our society there are at least 4-5 house which take tuitions, we can understand for 4-5 students but here at least 70-80 students come on daily basis / house. In one meeting members decided to charge Rs 500/- per month to this members for excess use of lift of scty. But this member say that no one can stop them from taking tuition as it is High court decision & scty can't even charge them for same.
Does it mean that scty members has to bear excess cost of lift & electricity just becoz high court has ordered this? does it mean that this member will do whatever they want? they keep entire shoes / chappels in front of other members house shabby floor also there is noise round the clock. Please guide what to do? can't scty take any action on this?

Goapl Garg

asked On 21 October 2016 at 14:06

Rajasthan public trust act matter

We have a trust for a common religious temple society registered under Rajasthan Public Trust Act.The RegisterdOffice and Temple Society is at Jhunjhunu Districtt of Rajasthan. It has members from all over India. A group of people is controlling the trust and its vast assets by grabbing power seats in Elections which is mostly unfair.This time On 11-06-2016 the secretary issued notice for election of trustee Body on 06-09-2016 and mentioned explicitly that any member having paid his membership fees by 31-03-2016 shall be eligible to vote.Also this is the stipulation in Trust Deed. But to my surprise a large number of people who submitted form on 31-03-2016 and made payments in May-June-July-Aug,2016 were allowed to vote and thus again the particular group again won and now controls the trust which is genuinely belong to society community and is rich with vast resources.Upon currently objected, no specific reply is given, only vague answer are given.This has to be stopped as now the members have lost their patience. What are the legal remedy and place of remedial measure.Please advise.


asked On 21 October 2016 at 13:52

Handover of the society

Dear Friends,

Our builder is pushing to take the handover by the provision society. The BMC water supply has not yet started. He is supplying tanker water.

Please advise whether legally he can force the Manageing committee to take the handover without the Municipal corporation water.


Gaurav Gujrati

asked On 21 October 2016 at 11:05

Access of child

Whether father can file petition for access of child before Family Court ?


asked On 21 October 2016 at 10:41

Suppression materials by sbi (01363) baranch

Respected sir,

i have been cheated by SBI Regarding educational loan interest subsidy announced by government of per(

HERE I ATTACHED MY QUERY please read it and help me.

thanking you

My profile

30/109 nethaji street,thuvakudimalai
Education loan account no: 10891710895. (From 2005 sep to april 2009)

Email id :
Contact no: 8608477548

Respected sir


I had taken educational loan from September 2005 to april 2009, RS 148350/- ONLY. for BE MECHANICAL 4 YEARS COURSE BRANCH NAME SBI HEAVY ELECTRICALS KAILASAPURAM(01363) TRICHY-620014.
1) I am economically weaker section ,and also from first graduate in my family and also from SCHEDULED CASTE category .and annual income below RS1,12,000/-
2) Here I enclosed my loan account statement .but in my account statement no information regarding interest subsidy as per ( government order .
3) My branch SBI(01363) doing all kind of suppression of materials activity. In 2014 I asked details for interest subsidy but they did not responsed simply told no subsidy. at the time I had mind depression. This comes under violation of customer service policy. (28/9/2016) Now only I know I am eligible for interest subsidy through(
and ( .most of my friends in other bank got subsidy ,I have proof but SBI only lie telling.

3) I know it is banks duty to send subsidy claim documents to nodal bank(CANARA BANK),but my bank SBI HEAVY ELECTRICALS KAILASAPURAM(01363),failed to do duty, and they not given any information and communication to me with reference to ( this order.

4) I have paid Approximately RS 1,60,000/- without any interest subsidy . but still my loan not closed properly .

5) SBI They are telling my loan sold to RELIANCE ARC and we don’t give any information.

5) Regarding this I written letter and emailed to SBI BRANCH MANAGER AND CUSTOMER CARE,SBI CHAIRMAN, and directly approached branch manager, no use.

6) I received letter from RELIANCE ARC (here enclosed) ,in that letter they mentioned RS 1,11,951 /- I have to pay.
I am not agree with this amount, 0n 28/9/2106 I suspected some illegal activities going in my loan account so I asked my account statement from (2005- September to till date),the manager at the time given my account statement fully in my hand ,then I showed reliance arc letter then asked details to SBI BRANCH manager, He asked to return give last page of account statement ,and immediately he did tear it. If you see the time, page design of account statement you also find this is edited forged account statement and forbidden some informations. SBI manager not willing to issue real account statement, and again I asked why sir you given statement last 2 pages in A4 sheet and altered ,but he not willing to give in A3 sheet .he told that if I give every thing transparently then I (manager) will be in trouble.
7)I have proof for everything, this kind of harassment done by SBI (01363).
8)here I listed how many times I communicated with branch manager for ACCOUNT statement.
1) On 28/9/2016 direct visit to sbi branch (01363)
2) On 30/09/2016 by email to
3) on 03/10/2016 by email and ONLINE complaint ticket no: SR136326219850 (03/10/2016).
4) 07/10/2016 direct visit to branch manager SBI(01363)
5) 14/10/2016 direct visit to branch manager SBI(01363)
6) 15/10/2016 direct visit to branch manager SBI(01363)
7) 17/10/2016 direct visit to branch manager SBI(01363)
8) On 14/10/2016 by email And ONLINE complaint ticket no:SR136326377112 (14/10/2016).

How can an SCHEDULED CASTE and first graduate of family and ECONOMICALLY weaker section students like me ,come forward in india due to lot of clandestine deal between the SBI Managements and Reliance ARC.
1) How Can I get interest subsidy as per government order ( my bank not given any information about interest subsidy upto till date.
2) How can I appeal and get justice for interest subsidy, and negligence of duty done by SBI BRANCH (01363) .
3) How to I close through proper channel.
4) How to I know my loan account balance, SBI told any information you ask RELAIANCE ARC.
5) Other banks like indian over seas bank, deba bank etc, given interest subsidy as per government order.(, i have proof in other bank educational loan borrowers availed interest subsidy upto 31.3.2009 and outstanding as on 31.12.2013.even though NPS accounts also eligible for interest subsidy. SBI comes under IBA( INDIAN BANKING ASSOCIATION) ,other banks follows interest subsidy and gives subsidy upto 31.3.2009 and outstanding as on 31.12.2013. why SBI FAILED to give subsidy?
6) Now I am asking without considering interest subsidy, how SBI can tell we sold EDUCATIONAL LOANS to RELIANCE case subsidy received my loan it never comes under NPA.
7) SBI sold educational loan with 55 % discount of out standing balance, only remaining 45% amount paid by RELIANCE ARC, IN this 45% amount reliance arc got additional relaxation, that is only 15% of remaining 45% amount paid by RELIANCE ARC immediately ,and remaining 85% amount of 45% can be paid in 15 YEARS DURATION, for example a person has RS 100,000/- outstanding balance in educational loan, IF SBI sold to reliance ARC ,RELIANCE ARC PAY ONLY RS 15,000/-immediately. Then the remaining RS 30,000 /- may be paid in 15 YEARS in instalment.
8) Everybody knows the agreement made between SBI and RELIANCE ARC, in case as per your agreement with RELIANCE ARC, how can RELIANCE ARC ask very huge amount. this is violation of RBI rules.
9) If SBI GIVEN The above Relaxation to EDUCATIONAL LOAN BORROWERS every educational loan can be easily repaid by EDUCATIONAL LOAN BORROWERS.
10) What is my loan account outstanding balance before selling to RELIANCE ARC,? and what amount SBI sold to reliance arc?
11) From SBI branch Manager no answer to all above questions? Instead of answering to my questions they given MIND DEPRESSIONS only,
12) You SBI asking KYC (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER),in the same way I am asking I want to know about my account transactions and unhidden account statement.
13) Whether SBI(01363) BRANCH manager can ready to certify ,that you(SAMIYAPPPAN B) account no :10891710895 is not eligible for interest subsidy as per government order ( in certified documents or not?
14) SBI(01363) BRANCH manager can ready to certify that closing balance ,and what amount I have to pay ?


1)what is mean by unrealised Intt reve in account statement.

2) what is mean by unrealised Intt reco in account statement.

3) what is mean by “ACC INT ADJ TO TR TO” in account statement.

4) what is mean by “ACC INT ADJ TO RA” in account statement.
5) what is mean by “REPAYMENT BY A/C TRC ” in account statement.
6) what is mean by “Sale to ARC cash C” in account statement.
7) what is mean by “Sale to ARC SR Com” in account statement.
8) what is mean by “ CHAIRMAN / 1A /EC /15-1 ” in account statement.
9) what is mean by “FROM IBGL 2399776 ” in account statement.
10) what is mean by “CR LOAN ACC WRITE OF TRANFER FROM 316726 ” in account statement.

Thanking you

Ankit Singh

asked On 21 October 2016 at 09:03

Caast certificate legal essue

Hello sir main jaanna chahata hu ki koi aadami do cast certificate (OBC, ST)use karta hai Goverment job ke liye to uske liye kya koi legali action liya ja sakta hai or wo kaun se act honge????????????????

Thank you

balaji r

asked On 21 October 2016 at 05:39

Leave enachment

Sir, whether the employee is eligible for encashment of leave in the case of

2.What about the payment of gratuity when
there is no loss or moral turpitude?

3. Whether penalty of dismissal is enough
for denial of payment of gratuity?

4. When there is no mention in the Penalty
order about gratuity in the case of dismissal, what is the status?


asked On 20 October 2016 at 23:17

Name change in class 10th marksheet

hello Sir,

I need a help actually I have cleared class 10th in 2007 and I need to change my surname in my 10th class marksheet from CBSE. Kindly help me to know the steps and whom should I contact for this.




asked On 20 October 2016 at 22:22

Address verification remarks on passport

Hi experts...

Can you please tell me if it is possible to travel abroad as tourist with a passport having police address verification remarks or objection.
Will this create any problem in immigration in India or in the destination country.

Thanks in advance


asked On 20 October 2016 at 22:09

G & wc

Respected experts,
Child custody case going on in Bangalore,objection yet to file. Child is residing in another place/state.
1) Can I plead through my counsil to dismiss the case?
2) will my husband have chance to appeal it in high court of Bangalore for the above? Or
3) Should I myself ask for transfering it to my place or husband can do it if case dissmised?
Please help me with my query. Thanks in advance.

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