25 September 2017 at 21:51

Property rights

Hi Sir We are two brothers and my father is living with my younger brother. I constructed a house in the agriculture land. Now I am living there. And that land is in name of my father. Land nature is self acquire and accenture as well. Now my father want to make a court case against me. That I forcefully constructed the house. Even he has sperate agricultural land in his name. And he want to transfer that to my younger brother. I am from haryana. Please advice what should I do. Can I claim my share while father alive or not.

25 September 2017 at 19:46

Sra /mumbai/borivali/non eligible/apaatr

I reside in my house from 1983 and in 2009 builders came and we signed shifting agreement and property gone under SRA redevelopment, we are getting regular rent from Builder ,I hold (1995 Light bill/Voter ID, MTNL bill 1999 ,voter id, Adhaar, Ration card, Pan card) , inspite of these builder stated that my house was non eligible as on 2015.
what can be done now as I wish to sale that property as I am in need of money.

25 September 2017 at 19:10

Gstr - 3b

By error of commission We have wrongly entered ITC for the month August in GST in 4. Eligible ITC (B) ITC Reversed (2) Others then submitted "What will be the consequences ?"

25 September 2017 at 18:35

contempt of court

Sir, a case in hand my client was juvenile accused and has been acquitted by court vide its judgment passed in year 2015. Other than said case there is no any criminal case filed or pending against my client.
Now in February 2017 police filed case against my client and initiated proceeding u/s 110 of crpc showing aforesaid case pending. When it was brought in knowledge of Executive Magistrate about result of aforesaid case he and police stated said has been compromised by court so not pure acquittal.
I want to know whether it will amount to contempt of juvenile court? What action I should initiate? What procedure will be followed in contempt petition before juvenile court, whose order is willfully disobeyed and misinterpreted

25 September 2017 at 18:14

Advice..what should i do...

sir my self raju kumar singh...i have been preparing ias since 2016 june.sir actully one of girl file a failse complation against me for molestation,call tracing,whatsup hacking,abusing,try to lock the room.these all are 100 percent failse.actully she is my girlfriend..we are in relationship..when i come to know she has physical relationship with other boy...then oue relationship broke up.sir police force me to accept these allegation.and they compromised these things...sir i lossed my dignity,i find it diffcult to study.actully she chet me.she used me like atm machine,and she have another boyfriend....tell me sir what should i do.is there any law to punish him...i complation against her but police didnt take action.can i go for failse allegation charges.defamation charges,breach of trust ..etc..tell me sir

Dear All

Want your Guidance -- I had Booked a Commercial Shop in an Under Construction Project in Pune , in the month of July 2016 and have so far Paid an amount of Rs 12.10 lakhs as payments towards the Shop .

I have not done the agreement so far, just have filled the Booking form and have made Cheque Payments , The Shop is likely to be handed over in March 2019

Now due to Financial Difficulties I am cancelling the Booking and want my Money refunded by the Builder

Need Help on the following Points

1 - How much Deductions will the Builder make while making the refund

2 - How Soon I should get my Money from the Builder ( irrespective of the builder finding a new buyer )

25 September 2017 at 16:00

Selling anccestors' property

we have given power patta for real estate broker 14 cents of the Joint patta landof my grand father.Our Uncle son have complained to police that lands pertining to him. Hence we filed the civil case and applied for ab in chennai High court and produced the documentary evidence that was my grand father property.But my uncle's son is claiming wrights. Whether ab will be granted the cased may diverted to city court to take decision.


25 September 2017 at 13:09

Co-op. hsg society

Can Dy. Registrar of Housing Society disqualify and cancel the members from Office bearer of the Society?


Respected Sirs,

I am living in Co-HSg society of 168 members form in 2013. Administrator rules the society from may 16 to Aug,17. Election held in Aug,17 and new MC comes in rule. Yesterday our society held 4th AGM for which agenda is circulated. Managing committee starts the meeting as per Agenda and during the points of adoption of Accounts (Which is not audited and administrator Signed on it) inform to the members, accounts are stillnot audited from FY 13-14 to FY 16-17, so no such adoption we are doing. During point to acceptance of the 3 AGM, MC committee informed members due to some mistakes in the minutes we are not going to accept the same, so no such minutes of 3rs AGM not accepted but other point get discussed.

Now my question is,

Can MC starts other points of Agend if the adoption of accounts and acceptance of previous AGM minutes not done?
Is Accounts is adopted in SGM as AGM is over or we need to wait for next AGM?
Is the AGM is fitted in the rules?

Kindly revert with your valuable reply on the same.


Ajay Kochar

25 September 2017 at 10:39


313crpc could court ask from the cross examination?


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