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asked On 01 March 2015 at 14:51

Ipc 494 and 497

Dear learned Seniors,

few doubts related to the above IPC sections:

1. If 494 could not be proved in the court of law, then does the judge has the discretion to pronounce his judgement under 497 even though the case is filed under 494 and not under 497.

2. What is the maximum punishment that can be given under 497, if the married man had intercourse with an unmarried girlfriend?

Law Enthusiast


asked On 01 March 2015 at 14:21

Withdrawl of suspension after 90 days.

Supreme Court has given a decision that an employee can not be kept on suspension beyond 90 days if no charge-sheet is served. Is it applicable to State Bank of India? Can an aggrieved person go to court under PIL as it is of common interest to several suspended persons in different Bank?Whether one should approach Supreme Court directly or move to High Court?


asked On 01 March 2015 at 14:13

Prosecution sanction

after completion of investigation u/s 409,166,418,201 IPC, the case file was sent for prosecution sanction to the competent authority in July 2014, but no reply has so far been received..what is the time limit for taking decision in this matter...???kindly reply..


asked On 01 March 2015 at 13:34

dist consumer forum decree

Hello gud morning
My central govt office that is central railway have recd a decree on my name thru C rly.
Order is for payment of compensation of rs 35000 to be paid by central railway liable vicariously
for their negligence of employees within 30 days from Order date 3/2/2015 . I want appeal in higher forum. pl advice can i appeal if yes then where and how to proceed. In order there is no mention of appeal as I am innocent in this case but my admin have entangled me by giving wrong reply to forum.


asked On 01 March 2015 at 12:51

Regarding money taken by hand

sir one of my friend "X" and his girl friend"Y".my friend "X" was helped by his girlfriend "Y" for his business by transferring amount from "Y" to "X".both X and Y are loving eachother since 4 years .Y helped X by giving money for his business by giving cheques .later "y" parents not accepted for love marriage next "Y" parents especially her father asking to return back money taken by "X" from "Y".her father harassing my friend to return back money telling him tat he cheated her daughter by blackmailing and calling my friend saying u will be arrest by cheating cases as u done criminal fraud but no agreement /promisory note just money tranferred in to he house arrest her daughter "Y" with out contacting my friend saying my friend should not talk to her daughter.BUT MY FRIEND TAKEN MONEY IN FRIENDSHIP RELATION AS SHE HELPED HIM.BUT NOW CASE IS REVERSE FACING LOT OF PROBLEMS FROM HIS GF FATHER.BUT HE HAS LOT OF EMAILS SENDED BY HIS GF FOR HELPING HIS BUSINESS.IS IT CRIMINAL OFFENCE BUT MY FRIEND BUSINESS IS IN LOSS HE CANNOT RETURN BACK MONEY..MY FRIEND RECEIVING MAIL FROM HIS GIRLFRIEND FATHER TAT HE SHOULD NOT CONTACT HER BY PHONE/MESSAGES/MAILS JUST TO FORGET HER...


asked On 01 March 2015 at 12:42

Property rights of married daughters

My father re-married after my mother's death 30+ years ago. He has some property in Kerala and a flat and office in Mumbai. He had verbally mentioned all these years that his Kerala property would go to his wife and mumbai property would be for me and my sister. Both of us are married. Two years ago, he transferred his Kerala property in his wife's name. Now he intends to sell his office and move to Kerala at his wife's native place to settle with her. All his property is self-acquired. Is there any way we can stop him from selling his office/mumbai property? Or any other option we can do to safeguard the situation? My father is 77 years old and has only age-related memory issues. He is very much influenced by his wife, so talking it out with him is not going to serve any positive results.

Rohit Jain

asked On 01 March 2015 at 12:18

Court fees on cheque bounce case in mumbai

Dear All,

I have to file a complaint for dishonour of cheque in Mumbai and my lawyer has advised me that 2% court fees on cheque amount is required to be deposited for filing the complaint.
There is no such requirement in Delhi. Please clarify that whether the court fees is required to be paid in Mumbai?


asked On 01 March 2015 at 11:55

Stopping futher transactions on a land


An civil suit was filed on a land against Party X. Case is going on.

Even though we filed Sale Deed objection, property was registered under Party X.

Now Party X wants to sell or transfer the property to Party Y.

Can you please let us know, how can we stop the sell or transfer of property as the case is still pending in the court.

Thanks and Regards,
Yeshwant Gupta.


asked On 01 March 2015 at 11:47

c/c against telecom service providers

Sir, in May 2013 I have filled a c/c against a pvt Internet service provider in dustbin. Consumer Forum and the said complaint was not heard and rejected due to SC ruling. instead the forum directed the consumer to go for arbitration. On the above advice of dust forum, the consumer had filed appeal before App. Authority under reg. 9 of TRAI in Jan 2014, for 'arbitration' but I got no response from ibid authority.
Now recently I have read somewhere that GOI (Telecom Deptt has directed vide it's order do 4/2/2014 reg jurisdiction of dist forum of all states /UT against Telecom service providers
In case, the said order is got implemented, do I have right to reopen my previous c/c� please elaborate and advice accordingly. On this issue I have also posted my query in 2013 for expert advice in this column


asked On 01 March 2015 at 11:30

Distribution of property

We have a property in varanasi. Khatauni has been done in the name of my mother-in-law and her three sons. My mother-in-law has sold off her part leaving some of it. Now she has died. Before her death, my eldest brother-in-law has made her forcibly write her left part transferred to his name. Now we want the property to be equally distributed in three parts. Please suggest what we can do for the same in legal matter as you can see that the eldest one is quite cunning and the second one is no more. Pls help.

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