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asked On 30 July 2014 at 22:37

Legal status of joint venture

Dear Seniors,

Two private limited companies has formed a joint venture for the specific purpose "construction of independent houses/villas/Residential apartments". For this they entered to into joint venture agreement with 50% each party share. And Rs.8 crores(4+4) brought into the joint venture bank account and started construction of villas.

30% of work completed and they applied for bank funding of Rs.15 crores for further construction.Here banker is questioning that there is no legal existance to the joint venture like company/partnership firm. Can any one give a write up on the joint venture legal existence for banker's querry.Awaiting for your valuble write up.

Thanks & regards



asked On 30 July 2014 at 22:26

valid title to sell

A property for sale. On perusal of documents regarding title reveals court decree to sellers stating that they are possessory owners. These owners have offered to sell this property. Sellers state that they can transfer the property on the capacity of the possession title. My query is how is it possible when Encumbrance certificate shows no entry of their title. What risks are involved if such property is bought.

pundalika achyuta bhat

asked On 30 July 2014 at 22:24

Difference between “interest on securities" and "interest other than 'interest on securities'

Sir, whenever Banks deduct TDS from the customer's Fixed Deposit, they issue Form No.:16A. In that Form I have observed various headings specifying to which category TDS has been applied. However I have observed 2 such headings as below:
1) " Interest on Securities"
2) "Interest other than 'interest on securities'.
Now I want to know the meanings of both the above headings. I request experts or any one well versed in the subject please help me to understand the meanings of above 2 headings.
Sir, after the reply is received I have some more questions to ask, which please note.
With regards, Pundalika Achyuta Bhat.

pundalika achyuta bhat

asked On 30 July 2014 at 22:05

Interest on bank deposits and company payment received (other than regular salary)

Sir, my daughter works for IT company as a permanent employee and earns regular salary income. On verification of her 26-A income tax credit details I have found out the following:
Int. on Bank Fixed Deposits ... Rs. 21,912
Payment received from XYZ Co... Rs. 5,760
Total ...Rs.27, 672
As per existing I.Tax law Interest on Bank Deposits up to Rs.10, 000=00 is not taxable. In the case of company deposits interest up to Rs.5, 000=00 is not taxable. Now my question is how much of Rs, 27,672=00 is treated as Income from other sources? Which one of the following is right? :
( A) 21,912 - 10,000 = 11,912 + 5,760-5,000=00= 760 (Rs.11, 912 + 760 = 12,672=00 -OR-
(B) Rs.11, 912 + 5,760 = 17,672=00. Which of the following is right? (A) -OR- (B)
With regards, Pundalika Achyuta Bhat.


asked On 30 July 2014 at 20:38

Unmarried certificate

How to get unmarried certificate? Who will issue it? What is the procedure to apply the unmarried certificate in India? and what document required for it?


asked On 30 July 2014 at 19:38

Facing problems in recording my qualification in service book - need help

Dear Sir's,
I am PSU employee and have joined my organisation in 2008. It was a Group C post with qualification of 10+2. At the time of joining I was in my "FINAL SEMESTER OF GRADUATION". As I joined my organisation immediately, I completed my graduation a year later in 2009 by clearing the papers.
1) No where in the in the initial application, I was asked to give qualification which I was pursuing, instead it asked completed studies. Since I was just 10+2 at the time of application, I did not mention that I am pursuing degree.
2) Now when I request the administration to add the information in service book, they said that it cannot be done as I did my graduation without intimation and not intimated the same in the application.
3) Since I joined the course before joining the organisation the intimation point is not valid on me and also there was no provision for intimating the same in the initial application. So its not the fault on my side.
4)My organisation is not so rigid, but are worried about the rules. They said, if there are any any orders which permit ex-post facto intimation to record, then they are ready to do. Is there any order/ circular / court orders which talks about ex-post facto intimation?
5) Because of this issue I am not able to get NOC.

Kindly help


asked On 30 July 2014 at 19:34


How is the court fees stamp duty calulated for probate in kolkata ?


asked On 30 July 2014 at 19:12


How much does it cost to get the will probated ?
From where I have to get will probated ?


asked On 30 July 2014 at 19:09


How much does it cost to the will probated ? From where I have to get will probated ?

DV victimmmm

asked On 30 July 2014 at 18:49

Crpc 125 judgment by family court

Hello experts,
Here are some facts about my case:
1. wife left my home in Nov 2010 and filed DV case in Sept 2011.Case dismissed by JMFC court in Feb 2013 and she did not get anything
2. She filed crpc 125 in Nov 2012 and I filed for divorce after dismissal of DV case.Counseling efforts failed and JMFC judge clearly mentioned in the judgment that she never made an effort for settling the matter.
In the judgment given by family court in crpc 125 filed by my wife, the judge has said that it is true that all allegations made by my wife are false and also that I should get benefit of subsection 4 of crpc125 as wife has deserted me without any reason.
However, as I have filed divorce case and I am not willing to cohabit with her and as crpc 125 is a beneficiary application,the judge awarded Rs 5000 per month to my wife and rs 3000 to my daughter. I had already agreed to pay maintenance to my daughter at the start of the case.Also my wife is working and earning around 20000 per month. I have appealed in High court against this judgment
My questions are:
1.Is whether case under crpc 125 is really a beneficiary application only ? can a woman get maintenance even if she has willfully left her matrimonial house? it possible to get stay order by High court and stop maintenance to wife only?

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions and guidance.

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