I served as a regular central govt employee Doordarshan from March 2002 to Nov 2009. All India Radio and Doordarshan were clubbed together and Prasar Bharat Board was formed who came in effect in 2007. The employee who had joined jobs before Oct 2007 were holding govt job status. I was in scale of 5000-8000 and existing EAs were in 6500-10,500. Later for equal work and equal pay the court asked to give all EA who have joined before Oct 2007 the same scale ie 6500-10500. The same was provided for existing EAs. I resigned the job in Nov 2009 tendering technical resignation and joined DGAQA Min of Defence. Now when I approached All I dia Radio/ Doordarshan/ Prasar Bharat,t they are denying the arrears saying that I have left job and hence I shall not be paid. Since I have worked in same conditions as of existing EAs from March 2002 to Nov 2009, I believe I must be paid the same scale and arrears must be paid to me. This enhancement may also add my salary in pressent deptt due to pay fixation due to this enhancement. Please Can some expert advise me and take my case at Delhi CAT and let me know the avg cost of the case.

16 February 2018 at 19:57

School name correction

In my sslc certificate i have an issue that my school name is printed as "Private". I did my 10th in school but in that school due to some formats they published almost 20 students as private. Till now i have not faced any problems but now some concern not accepting me as a private student. Is there any possibilities to change it from private to any school name? Kindly help me. I did my 10th in 2010-2011.


16 February 2018 at 19:38

Consumer forum; non joinder of parites

I am a complainant requesting for relief from Def in Service by a Club (the club)
The club is managed by xxxx Pvt Ltd which is owned by yyyy Ltd
I applied for membership to the club and received membership from the Manager of the club along with the Bye Laws.
In my complaint I had made the Manager as OP

The Bye Laws , right in the beginning states :


The manager will be over all in charge of the Club


For the notice the xxxx Pvt Ltd responded as OP . In his Affidavit , he has contended that the complaint is liable to be dismissed for Non Joinder of necessary parties.

Is he , legally , justified in doing so ? Is the contention sustainable ? Please clarify

My sister is getting married as per rituals on 5th March. Groom works in US and shall be coming for marriage purpose and soon will leave for us. We wanted sister also to go along with him. Guy came in January wherein our families met and fixed marriage. In order to fasten H4 dependent visa application process we had planned a small arya samaj marriage, only without actual rituals just to snap some pics. We got marriage certified in local Nagar Nigam/Municipality administration, and got a album & wedding card printed for proof purpose. They had applied for H4 application and yesterday she was called for interview at Delhi embassy. She produced all required docs along with photo album for H4 stamping. However, US Interviewer didn't find pics convincing of marriage ceremony. She grilled her for 45 mins with different kind of personal questions as in, how many people attended marriage, why groom is dressed simply, why no ritual photos, why groom coming in March for 10 days (they already had this info) etc etc. Sister did answer to all her in best possible way. Finally, they gave her 221g yellow letter, returned passport and all docs asking her to submit more photos of marriage rituals asap, even though she presented marriage certificate and some photos of marriage ceremony. Copy of Letter attached here:

Kindly advise:
1. Does this yellow letter mean something serious?
2. What should be our next course of action?

Contact no.


16 February 2018 at 18:50

Thumb impression instead of signature

If literate person use thumb impression instead of signature does agreement becomes void

16 February 2018 at 18:45

Property papers stolen by uncle..

We have a property at Delhi which is given to my father by my grand father through a gift deed 15 years ago.my grandfather later passed away.
My uncle has stolen the property papers and is not giving the same back to us.
1) Please advice if we can make new property papers for the same. We plan to sell the property and will need the papers soon.
2) Also let me know if we can file a case or a police complaint against my uncle for this mischief.

16 February 2018 at 16:57


Respected members,
how can i get the salary details of asst. professor of a private university????
I have filed an RTI on UGC in reply they said that every university comes under RTI act and you can get the details of remuneration by filing RTI on that private university.

So i will file an RTI or any other solution for that query????
Thanks in advance!

16 February 2018 at 16:37

Change in legar Heir certificate

My father died without will leaving a property. after his death two of foster daughter of my Father applied for legal heir certificate included their names and obtained Legal Heir certificate without myself and my mom knowledge.am the only biological son.my mother is alive.. please advice is it possible to remove the foster females 2 members..from the list with an affidavit from my mother


16 February 2018 at 16:25

Contesting of rfa in delhi high court.

Dear Sir,
I am looking forward for a lawyer who can contest my first appeal in Delhi High Court for a specific performance case. The lawyer must first take up the case, argue the matter in the court and thereafter take the professional fee if the date has been an effective case. The case is very strong in our favour and if contested with lawyer's experience in the property matter we will win it.
I propose to offer 2% of the present value of the property after winning the case finally. My mobile number is 9036205727.


16 February 2018 at 16:02

Memorandum of association of company

Require memorandum of association of company format for Real Estate PROMOTIONAL AND MARKETING.


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