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Tanaaz shaik

asked On 22 October 2014 at 12:17

Maintainance to old mother

Dear Experts,

Please refer to my earlier query regarding my "uncle met with an accident" my uncle expired on 15.10.2014. well he was recovering with his head injuries. on 04.10.2014 he was been discharged by medical hospital and had advised to be shifted in other govt medical hospital, but his wife did not keep him there saying that other hospital is in bad shape. and was taken hom,e. on 7.10.2014 his situation was very bad and was taken back to hospital from where he had been discharged earlier. and when taken the xray it was revealed that his lungs were totally infected due to pneumonia. after eight days he breathed his last.
now my concern is he have left his old mother behind and in his company all his nomination are on his wife name. please advise me if there is any remedy to get some thing for this old mother who is left nothing by his son. can she claim from his son company? please advise? thanks..

CPL Guangta

asked On 22 October 2014 at 12:16

Deed or agreement of land sale

You see i have sale my land and the purchaser have sole it back, so i bought it back my land which i have sale, so any one can help me a drafting deed/agreement in this regards.

Thank you

Chand Singhania

asked On 22 October 2014 at 12:06

Change in statements in divorce papers after 2 hearings- possible?

Dear Experts,

Case history:

It is MCD, both agreed mutually.

In divorce agreement it has been specified that child aged 3 years will be staying with mother as she is a state govt. school teacher and has good earning and will meet the father whenever the child want and father and other family members can also meet the child. Father have to bear the educational expense of the child. It has been agreed by both the parents, paper signed and the divorce case is going on in court. Both husband and wife gone to magistrate and 2 hearings has been done. Magistrate asked to think again on the decision of separation as per rules and have asked to meet again after few days. That will be 3rd hearing. Now the wife is saying that she do not want to keep the child with her, the child should stay with the father. But the father do not want to keep the child as he stays out of India almost 15-20 days a month due to professional life.


1. Is it possible to change the statements of divorce paper at this point of time?

2. Is the wife can stop the divorce process by raising this point inspite of agreeing earlier, after signing the paper and attended 2 hearing before magistrate?

3. Mother being a govt employee and father being a professional who have to stay outside India in different countries all the year around, court will ask to keep the child with whom, Father or Mother? age of the child is 3 years and Father do not want to keep the child also with him due to the reason given above.


asked On 22 October 2014 at 11:08

How to get appeal effect

Dear Experts

Please guide as how to proceed in case where reward awarded by consumer forum but not given within mentioned period by OP.

If possible kindly share or supplement any draft or guidelines for filling application to get appeal effect

Thanks in Advance

sandeep pilania

asked On 22 October 2014 at 11:04

Maan haani case on unaided private school

i was terminated by management of unaided private school in 2013 and i took stay from court and still on duty. On the occasion of diwali every staff member of our school is honoured by some cash and sweets by management. they are not honouring me for last two years. in 125 staff members only i was who not honored.
so they insulted me in entire staff
can i file maan hani case in court for this and for which amount


asked On 22 October 2014 at 10:40

Co-operative society

society not providing information we went to registar office society not giving information after registrar serving them letter's after my rti .any benefit for me if registrar office issue's enquiry notice because society lawyers argument is information seeked can be misused and misled by me


asked On 22 October 2014 at 10:39

Procedure of camncellation of anticipatory bail


My query is that,

A person wanted in a criminal case has been successful to be granted ANTICIPATORY BAIL allowed by the vacation bench of the Hon'ble Calcutta High Court. The bench was a two Judges Bench.

Department is on to cancel the said anticipatory bail. Kindly show me the way to do so...

This is Urgent, please someone help, because diverging opinions are coming from the part of the Ld.Advocates...


asked On 22 October 2014 at 10:17

How to prove that my grandfather was a farmer.

Hi, i am looking to purchase an agriculture land in mandya, karnataka. i am working for a private company since 3 years and my salary is around 2 lakhs per annum. i have not filed IT even once till now as my salary is less. since in karnataka there is a law that only agriculturists can purchase farm land, my question to you is 1. how do i prove that my grandfather was a farmer? my maternal grandfather is passed away and he owned some agri land which was sold a decade ago.


asked On 22 October 2014 at 10:04

Urgent - get stay order on society who doesn't follow any byelaws or gr dated 3-01-2009

We stay in small C.H.S. having 8 members Building was constructed in late 1990s. Since last 4 year, I had tried to get Conveyance of Society and we also appointed professional to get it. Initially he told us that it will be matter of 3 months.

However existing builder did not gave response and after 1 1/2 year, we had to get our money back from professional as he failed to get our Conveyance.

Now old builder have sold redevelopment/Conveyance and other rights to another builder. Who wants us to sign MOU for redevelopment with him, then only he will allow us to get Conveyance.

Chairman of society is showing extra interest to sign MOU with builder without following any following procedures Bye laws or GR on redevelopment of 03-01-2009.

Though I being secretary tried to explain terms and legal proceedings and other legal/Technical terms, in SGM 6 members out of 8 members have agreed to for redevelopment and sign MOU.

Que.1> How can we (opposing 2 members - including secretary) get court/registrar/legal assistance like stay or so.

Que.> What is Court Fees and other Legal Charges to get legal assistant in Mumbai.

Thanks in advance.


asked On 22 October 2014 at 08:47

Roof rights over unconstructed floor of house

dear sir,

my mother willed me the second UNCONSTRUCTED floor of a house at delhi, gf to elder brother and f floor to younger brother.

at that time mcd did not allow more than two and a half stories.

my mother wrote in the will about me , the executor, 'his judgement shall be final on all matters pertaining to the house' while concludeing the 'Immovable prop' part of the Will.

Now that mcd has allowed more floors , I have claimed before delhi high court that second floor upto sky belongs to me.

this is challenged by the brothers.

please advise:-

any case laws in the past that have dealth with such issues wheere roof rights are given but subsequently one can as per bye laws add more floors ?

vinay kala

oct 22,14

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