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asked On 29 September 2016 at 17:48

Reject final expenses in agm

Dear sir

Tommarrow 30 th sep we have AGM , and yesterday only old committee given us balance sheet,
Now my question is if we dis-allow all exp then what is reaction will come out or what we do to dis allow
This expenses

Dilshad M. Merchant

asked On 29 September 2016 at 17:22

Cancellation of warrant.

My name is D. Merchant.
I have warrant issued a/g. me in 138 cheque bounce matter in Mumbai Esplande court as I had not attended few dates in beginning.
Actually this Case was registered against me in bhiwandi court and then I got it transferred to Thane court where the matter was disposed off.
Now again same matter complainant has filed against me in Mumbai esplande court.
Can he do this ?
Can court accept such a case ?
I contacted a lawyer for the same but he is asking 5000 rupees for getting warrant cancelled.
I'm not in position to pay him as my date is tomorrow (30th September ) n I'm running short of cash.
Can I skip tomorrow's date ?
Is it ok if I don't attend court tomorrow and get warrant cancelled before next date?
Plz guide urgently.


asked On 29 September 2016 at 16:59

Mental harassment by wife

My wife is lodging False complaint for domestic violence & Dowry against me and my family in police stations & Rajasthan Mahila Aayog, Jaipur. She & her Family are continuing black mailing us for money, her father thraeten us that he will lodge false complaint against my father under section 376. My wife is currently leaving in our house but in a separate room from 5 months. She continuing lodge complaints in police stations and in so many government departments. i had filed divorce petition against her on 02 July 2016, she has got notice by court regarding divorce intimation on 23.09.2016. She is not willing to leave our house & even don't want to live with me. I am not allowed to go in to my bedroom from last 5 months.

Her parents are not coming for mutual settlement & even they has not come form last four months to meet there daughter.

Is there is anyway that she can leave our house, my parents are getting more mentally disturbed & my mother is having problem of blood pressure & her health remains unstable.

So please help me regarding what steps should i take & What can i do further regarding my case.


asked On 29 September 2016 at 14:35

Acquisition of land

Whether irrigable dry land/wet land can be acquired for providing house sites to weaker sections where DRY LAND is available.?


asked On 29 September 2016 at 13:41

Can any one check my complain and advise or correct


I, ASIF ALI R/o . This is a complaint against Mr. Hafeez R/O _____.,

In the month of Sept., 2014, by selling our assets plus our life-time hard earned money added, On dated 23/09/2014, I had Sign agreement (Represent by my Father in law) with Mr. Hafeez (agreement Holder) to bought a agriculture land Area 1 Acre and 3 Gunt situated at Tonpally village Shamshabad Telengana with full payment made at TWO stroke, Rs.15,00,000 (Rs.Fifteen Lacks at the time of agreement and remaining Rs. 15,00,000 (Rs. Fifteen Lacks) after Registration, possession of land and handing over of Title book, Pass Book of the land by the above referred person. The possession is expected in Dec.2014.
After few days of agreement Mr.Hafeez request me for registration of land as the pattadar health was not good and he demanded Rs.7,50,000 against registration from the balance payment but finally agreed to take Rs. 5,00,000 (Rs.Five lack). He force me for registration in to non agriculture land by we agreed and registered the land on my father in law name .

Mr. Hafeez was requested to us, I should wait for 3 months to complete the formalities of issuance of Patta Bass ROR works. We thought his request being genuine and accepted to wait as we had no alternative left since Partal payment towards the proposed plot was already made.

After completion of waiting period when I personally contact him many times & began the follow-up for claim of our plot papers and possession, he said Colonizers on the pretext of one reason or the other started dilly-dally the matter and ignored/brushed-aside my repeated requests of execution of Title Documents in our favour and handing over of land possession. his intention was not good.

I had many phone calls to Mr. Hafeez. I regret to mention here that none of our phone calls was replied and the said Colonizers continued to maintain mysterious silence over the matter without any bonafide reasons for not performing his obligations under the law.
One day I went to MRO office Shamshabad along with Mr. Hafeez & his associates to know the reason behind this delay and we talk with LDC MRO office Shamshabad, he said this land under sy.NO. 356 is assign land,Lavani patta and government land hence transferring of title is not possible.
By this way Mr. Hafeez not only breach our trust but also did fraud by selling government land and cheated by hiding details.
I request him to return back our amount with damages as per agreement.
On dated 04/04/2010, After lot of postponing, the Colonizers decided to return my money back with damages & gave us Two cheques no. ___, dtd. _____, and no. ___, dtd. _____, amount Rs. 20,00,000/- Twenty lacks each of ____ Bank, _____ Hyderabad
When we presented the said cheque on 13/04/2010 which was returned unpaid by drawee Bank vide returning Memo dated 11/05/2010 for the reasons `Insufficient Funds`. The said cheque was presented within its validity period and stood dishonoured on presentation.(enclosed Bank vide returning Memo photocopy)

mean time I Decided to submit myself a request for mutation in MRO office shamshabad and request submitted on ____ and received memo with a reason issuing patta pass book and title book is not possible hence registration of sale deed is not considerable as land mention in registration papers belongs to Government .
I Meet with RDO Shamshabad and came to know that this land is government land and assign to pattader and and they had give me order copy for the same.
I went to pattader house to check the land title and I came to know that it is true land is assign land and lavani patta . According to pattader they disclose everything before Mr. Hafeez prior signing the sale agreement with him.

We are a middle class family person and cannot afford the legal charges to approach the Court of Law. that is why I had not taken any legal action against him in a hope that he will return our money but as of today two years gone and he is not returning our amount. Now we lost all hope . and my financial possession is very bad

I hereby, request you for taking necessary legal action against Mr. Hafeez by Filing FIR & get our hard earned money refunded, with damages as per agreement .

Mr. Hafeez not meet me since last six months and following persons knows his where about

1. Mr. Mustafa (work with Mr. Hafeez and showed me land first time) Phone:
2. Mr. Waseem (showed me land & work with Mr. Hafeez witness this sale agreement)
3. Mr. Zaker (Work with Mr. Hafeez and know everything about this Phone :

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,


asked On 29 September 2016 at 12:58

Co-operative society bye laws


I'm a resident of a Co-operative Society. And I wish to understand, am I supposed to take permission from the Society Committee to do any interiors of my flat such as painting, carpentry, or any other renovation work? Also, deposit an amount of Rs.2000/-. Is this all according to Bye Law No. 47.Could you please enlighten me. Thank you.


asked On 29 September 2016 at 12:40

blank cheque

sir first of all this is a great system which you provide to us solve our problem. my problem is that i have taken 3 lacs rupees from someone in 2013.and gave him a blank cheque without amout däte nd name and i write 2℅ interest give every month of total amout on simple page for two year and i didnot gave him total rupees but gave him some rupees lumsum 2 lacs and now in 2016 he deposited blank cheque in bank and found not amount and he wrote amount 12 lacs in cheque while i have not taken and i have not any proof and sep 16 send a notice by reg. post to deposit money within 15 days .so how i handle this problem please give me a suitable reply so how i can defend myself.


asked On 29 September 2016 at 10:07

Society matter

In our society ex-committee resigned on 24/7/2016 and new committee took charge on 1/8/2016. Now the new committee is saying that Old committee should call the AGM and present the balance sheet in the meeting. Who should call the AGM and present the balance sheet? What is the legal opinion in this matter? Please reply at your earliest.


asked On 29 September 2016 at 09:18

Wheather the statement is valid?

Sir, Police has shown my statement(injured) under 161 crpc which is not the one which i have given as it does not have my thumb impression or signature on it
Also doctor has given my fitness for statement on 08/08/15 and i have given my statement on same day but police has not put that statement in challan.they have fabricated a new one and date has shown 09/08/15 that also not bear my signature or thumb impression
1)So whether that statement(under 161 without my signature) is valid or not?
I have named four persons on 08/08/15 in my statement but the one on 09/08/15 (fabricated one without my signature)has only 3 persons by police so i want that person under section 319 crpc
2)So whether the fourth person can be summoned or not? As lower court has shown it an improvement by me(injured) considering my statement under 161 which does not have the name of fourth person and dismissed by application under 319 to summon the fourth person( Fourth person is also in disclosure statement of other co accused)
Tell me some law point or procedure to prove that the one statement on 09/08/15 is fabricated as it does not have my signature so that my statement as witness in court be cosidered as my 161 statement as the one on 08/08/15 is not on file


asked On 29 September 2016 at 04:11

Is it necessary to reply within time mentioned in the notice

1.Is there is necessary to reply within time mentioned (30 days) in the notice received ?

2.Can we request the opposite adv that we require some more days (add 25 days) to reply due to defendent Busy and not in town right now?
and give reply within additional time requested?

3. Is answerring within additional time is valid in court of law as all proof available with defendent.

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