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Vijaya Bhaskar

asked On 30 March 2017 at 09:24

Closure of bank account of deceased

Dear learned experts
My only sister lost her husband in an accident last year February 2016. Her late husband was holding a salaried Bank account with ICICI bank. My sister was not aware to close nor intimated to the bank. In the month of march 2016 the employer issued February salary and gratuity in favor of her husband, which were deposited and withdrawn.

Recently my sister closed deceased mobile no which was registered with ICICI bank.

Since the accident case is in the Court for compensation, court has insisted for his six months bank statement, when we approached the ICICI bank they said it takes 15 working days to close and settle the amount if any to the nominee. My sister is the nominee as per record.

Now my query is, should we immediately close the deceased account and receive the funds to me sister's account who is a nominee as per records.

Will the Court issue compensation in the name of deceased so that in future we might want to deposit Into his account and withdraw.

Should the account be in operative mode until the death claim from court, pf, pension or any claim received in his name.

Should she avoids using Atm card to obtain mini statements checking periodically for any credits from court etc.

Please suggest.

Prithvi Raj singh

asked On 30 March 2017 at 07:45

Adverse remarks in ACR

I was worked as LDC under army officer in 1999/2000 .I was given remarks that I am casual in work and RO also he has given me remarks that I am chase to his work .I am being LDC I was the only dealing clerks of 70 persons I was not giving a single warning or any other order regarding my work but in July 2000 they given me a paper to sign it that your ACR is adverse and past it on my ACR .

SK abdul

asked On 30 March 2017 at 02:31

Grandma's property if father is deceased before grandma

My grandma's dad had gifted my grandma a part of land and registered in her grandma has three sons only...among them my dad was grandma and grandpa both are alive.but my dad has died in 2013.we are Sunni Muslims.two brothers of my dad are both married.Now sir,my question is can my family(my mom,me,my younger sister and my brother) claim our parts of my grandma's property after her death.i have heard that if a son die while his parents are both alive then according to Muslim law the family of the deceased can't claim any portion of property named after the deceased's mother....we are very much frightened and asking ur valuable advice regarding this matter..... Eagerly waiting for your answer


asked On 30 March 2017 at 01:23

change in birthdate

I have difference in birthdate between birth certificate(16-08-89) compare to all other legal documents(11-06-90), will it be barrier at any point? If yes which procedure I need to follow to amend


asked On 29 March 2017 at 23:41

Marriage certificate

Is it possible to find out the marriage certificate of a person through marriage registrar's office or online to ascertain whether the person was earlier married or not? Please educate.

Kuldeep Walujkar

asked On 29 March 2017 at 23:10

NA permission

I had purchased a land in industrial zone in pune district in mar 2007 and under section 44A of MLRC intimated Collector ffor change of use of land and completed industrial building after permission from Grampqnchayat. Now i wish to expand but grampanchayat has no authority but PMRDA. However PMRDA asking for penalty to the tune of 30% of construction ready reckoner rate. Is that a legal demand, should I pay or file a writ petition.


asked On 29 March 2017 at 22:49

need to vacate relations from my own property

The property belongs to my father, he is the sole owner of the property. While buying the property, we were not in that city. For time being we kept my dad's family(including my dad's 3 brothers and their families along with grand parents) as tenants ( there is no letter or agreement made tat time for tenant formAlities since they are relatives). When we came back to the city, we asked our uncles except grandparents vacate the house since my family has to occupy the property.. also gave them few months time during tat periods grandfather and uncles filed case against my father asking for partition in that property. In additional court judgement passed unfavourable for my father since they never contributed anything for the property also that property bought only in housing load debited from my father account. Again they appealed in high court.. there also Cade dismissed.
In mean time they are threatening us with political people and local rowdies to register that property in their name. After the judgment s also they are doing same thing by occupy if position in that property.
I need suggestion that whether we can give complaints to leave can police station or not also local police people are supporting them.

We are planning to put eviction. How long it will take to vacate if we do so.? Is there any possibility for them to appeal against us in court?


asked On 29 March 2017 at 22:37

2 rejoinder affidavit or 1 rejoinder affidavit aginst 2 counter affidavits

In my writ petition against Govt body and one private respondent( Income tax matter), I received 2 counter affidavits and I am directed by High court to file the Rejoinder affidavit
My query is whether I should file 2 rejoinder affidavits against 2 counter affidavits ? or should I have to file the one common rejoinder affidavit against both the respondents denying and controverting their averments??

Mukesh Gurjar

asked On 29 March 2017 at 22:03

Department procedure

Sir please tell me, if a employee Acquittal in a criminal case I.e. rape because of lady become hostile during trail. The department removed the person. Please tell me if he put a case in High court,,, what will be decision.

Samanth kumar

asked On 29 March 2017 at 19:57

Quash of false kidnap case

One divorced mother of a 7 years boy filed kidnap case on her ex husband. Husband taken away the kid from school. Now they r in abroad. Now to file quash petition before high court, is it possible to file ? Or they have to return to India? Please tell the legal process to file quash petition?

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