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Praveen Kumar

asked On 27 November 2014 at 12:02

Transfer & depromotion without reason

The Kerala State Co-operatives Consumers' Federation Ltd is the apex body of the consumer Co-operatives in the state of Kerala. My sister is working there as an Assistant Manger. Though it is a cooperative society, all the recruitment's and other activities are managed by Govt. It comes under co-operation Minister.

Two days back she got a letter from Executive director that she was transferred and de-promoted as per her request. There was no such request sent from her side. The Executive director has no right to do this. MD who has right is on election duty in Jharkhand. Actually this director is corrupt and has many cases against him. In order to safeguard his corrupt colleagues he intentionally did it. she has written to MD, but her colleagues say, there is no chance, as MD will do what these political goons say.

what is the way out through law??

Please advise. Can she go on her own through court, as lawyers are asking huge amounts.


asked On 27 November 2014 at 11:47

Purchase and leasing of property in the name of partnership firm

Can a partnership firm enter into a contract for purchasing immovable property in the name of firm and subsequently leasing it in the name of firm ?

Can partnership firm enter into a contract in the name of firm ?

What is the meaning of person under the Indian Contract Act ? Does it include partnership firm under the definition of firm as similar to Income Tax Act?


asked On 27 November 2014 at 11:27

For passport

Dear experts,

I got recently married, i have applied for passport with my in laws address,i have only adhar card as proof of address, as i went to PSK they are asking me to submit any supporting address proof for adhar. my husband stays in foreign. so i cant get his passport or get joint account with him?

so, is there any affidavits that support proof of address?

Please kindly help me


asked On 27 November 2014 at 10:31

Treatment of arrears pension fund contribution by employer

I am working in PSU. In 2013-14 FY my company revised the Pension scheme w.e.f 2007. And started Employer contribution @ 15% of basic.
w.e.f 2007. The company contributed this as arrears contribution in 2013-14 FY for 2007,2008 so on. And it taxed at the Hand of Employee during AY2014-15. BUt i heard that up to Rs.1 Lakh contribution by employer towards approved Pension fund is exempted. So can I Claim this deducted tax by filing a revised return now.Please clarify with relevant provisions.


asked On 27 November 2014 at 10:23

Interest paid on purchase of house and interest paid on renovation loan

I had purchased a second hand flat(10 years old) on 2010 by taking a loan. I am claiming tax saving u/s 24 for the interest paid on this housing loan. In 2014 I had taken another loan to repair and renovate the same flat where I am saying now. Can I cliame the Interest Paid for both the loan together(with in the ceiling of Rs.1.5 Lakhs U/s 24 of IT Act?


asked On 27 November 2014 at 10:03

Consumer related quaries

Dear Expert.
Kindly advice the following situation.

I have Two wheeler Insured with ICICI Lombard. 26.11.2014 midnight that insurance expired. So I renewed by using of netbanking for make the payment. Amount debited my SB Accounts.I have proof of debited in accounts (Transaction details)payment status also "success" But still not yet received cover note of policy by mail or sms. I spoke with Customer care from 25th Nov 2014 onwards still now they told check with system and under process.

My question is in case of this situation my vehicle met theft or accident. can i claim the insurance.

What I do ?
Can I approach consumer court or ligation?
Will expecting reply from experts.


Pradeep Sharma

asked On 27 November 2014 at 08:53

Sold property with will but without probate of it

My mother purchased property at Bihar in 1964 and sold it on 1987.She purchased 1BHK flat on 1988 and nominated me and my brother in 1989 which society accepted the nomination on record Flat situated at Mumbai.My mother made a will in 2006 before two witness and after taking doctor medical fitness certificate in which she distributed 50%-50% between two brothers the flat.She met natural death in 2009 and we made application for transfer of flat in the year 2010 and same was done by the society members.
We both brothers agreed to sell the flat due to shortage of space since childrens were grownup.
In 2013 my elder and younger sister demanded for share against sale of flat.
We have applied probate for will.But Sold the flat
Now my two sisters have filed case in civil court against us

kamal krishan

asked On 27 November 2014 at 08:35

Compensation us 138 , & recovry in civil procedure , r different cause ?

Court order compensation 30,000 / against the dishonored cheque of Rs 20,000.from the accused to the holder / complainant .

Quyery :-

1 Can the creditor / ( complainant) file a separate civil suit , for recovery for the principle amount of Rs 20,000 ( mentioned in cheque )with in a limitation period 3 year.Or
a simultaneously with the proceedings of NIA us 138 .
To stand the civil recovery separately .
2 i think compensation , is an amount of punishment for the ofence to misuse the instrument ( which is in the equity of currency , cheating , and doing fraud )and harassment caused to the holder and to discharge the accused from criminal liabilities ; but not from the civil liabilities .

Pl oblige , with ur intense answers .

( generally it is in practice , compensation finishes all liabilities of the accused on tis matter ) but i think that ; it promotes wrong doers / criminals )which the judiciary should not tollrate this on going nuesance in the sociaty .

Queries t


Skeptical optimist

asked On 27 November 2014 at 07:14

Case admissibility in consumer forum.

The housing finance bank overcharged me when I fore closured loan. Later I sent it letter asking to return excess money else face litigation. Their response on the subject dated Oct 20, 2012 (by email) deny any outstanding. To this, I sent them legal notice by registered post on Dec 09, 2012. I received auto-generated acknowledgement email (instantly) stating they will get back in 72 Hr. On Dec 11, 2012 I received call wherein bank repeated its same stand. Question: For admissibility of complaint at district consumer forum within 'two years'; which date would be considered as base? Oct 20, '12 or Dec 11, '12 (how can I prove occurrence of telephonic conversation dated Dec 11?). Your answer will help me decide whether I still have chance to approach consumer forum. Thanks.


asked On 27 November 2014 at 01:29

Urgent help needed: how to get child back from wife? rcr ?

My cousin brother got married in January,2013 and his son was born in January, 2014. However after the marriage, his wife neither accepted his house nor his family (father,mother,sister).My cousin never argued with her over this and continued to take care of her during pregnancy and whenever she fell sick.Also,his family took great care of her, thinking that after she becomes mother she will change. But after child was born she never took care of child, cousin's sister used to take full care of his son, except feeding the baby. Now from August, his wife's mother started calling her daily for 2 hrs and was thus brainwashed and pressurised her to come and live with her, but cousin and his family were not in favour of sending her with little son as she wasn't taking any care of her son. So they all decided to go to her home. When they reached there, her mother insulted cousin's family at maximum in front of relatives but none from my cousin's family argued. Now in October, wife's brother and uncle came to cousin's house and liedthat her father is very sick and wants to see little one also.After much heated argument, they were sent. 1 month passed, they didn't picked up my cousin's phone, neither his wife. In November my cousin and his father went to her home to take her back , but there his brother and uncle threatened that cousin that his family will be sent to jail for dowry. Her mother also said that cousin and his family has to write on paper as per her wish and cousin needs to visit regularly and make her parents happy, say sorry to her family after which they will think of sending her back. Among all this the little boy (cousin's son of 8 months old) is very much terrified at her home.My cousin wants his son back but his wife is not wiling to come back neither giving the son. Cousin has tried several time to convince her over phone but now she is threatening him.We have started to record her phone calls now as a proof. One more thing cousin's in-laws are migrants from Pakistan and migrated to India 25 years back. Her parents have Indian nationality but neither she nor her brother has Indian nationality.My cousin after marriage has filed for her nationality and she is supposed to get it in December,2014. How can we stop her from getting nationality now and should we fie FIR against her for harrasment and then file RCR and child custody to get back the child. Cousin's wife is rigid neither to come back nor to give the child.Which legal option should he choose.

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