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asked On 29 April 2016 at 18:27

About 498a case

hello i m farzan another victim of 498a case.. i m working in jeddah right now i was married in 2010;she stayed with me from 25 august 2011-25july 2012;till she stayed with me i was being asked for money from her side and family members ; i used to full fill all demands; still i was abused time to time ; she went to india in 25 july 2012 and again started demanding too much money that i could not afford .. when these things got worse i devorced her in jan 2013 by islamic law of devorce ... they accepted the separation in front of panchayat in village but in 2014 nov they filled 498a nd other cases on me .. case is being handled by lawer in bihar .. my lawer applied for AB bail in district court but it was rejected then we moved to high court ... now according to the sc verdict high court has now said all case will be deal at distric level so my case is again gioing to move in distric court.... please help me how much time will it take to get bail .. and how can i be free from this bull shit false case.. please help me out.. thankx

Brigu Kumar

asked On 29 April 2016 at 18:13

Father's previous wife's children.

My father remarried after his first wife died after giving birth to a daughter. Me and my sister are my father's second wife's children Now my parents are No More. My step sister is married and well settled.
Does she have any right in my father's property? My own sister from father's second I've also married and we'll set. Property was bought by my father few years after his second marriage.

chaitanya kumar

asked On 29 April 2016 at 17:48

Witness for marriage

i have given witness to my friend marriage.will there be any problems further in future from court or police

maneesh jain

asked On 29 April 2016 at 17:38

Drc 1958,


The facts of my case are as follows:-
1. There is two co-owner of one shop located at old Delhi.
2. Both co-owner became owner of the rented shop through family partition deed well executed and registered in year 1975.

3. The portion of each co-owner are well defined in partition deed.

4. The both co-owner via single lease deed gave shop on lease in the year 1980.

5.One of the co-owner filed eviction petition for his portion.

6. ARC recently rejected such petition on the ground that " One co-owner cant claim eviction for part portion" because entire shop had given on lease as one unit by both co-owner.

My query is :-

A. As a part of other co-owner, what kind of remedies available to me ?

B.As a co-owner ( both landlord) what we can do now ?



munna lal

asked On 29 April 2016 at 17:06

Delhi rent control act 1958- part portion eviction


As per the fact sheet:-
1. There are two co-owner of a shop located at chandni chowk.
2. The portion of both co-owner are well defined in family partition deed.
2. Both co-owner were made a single lease deed in 1980 and let out to tenet firm for business purpose.
3.One co-owner filed eviction petition u/s 14 (1)(e) for claiming his defined portion as per family partition deed.
4.Recently, ARC rejected his petition on the ground that " you cant claim part portion".

My query is :-

1. As a part of other co-owner , what kind of remedies available to me ?

2. As a co-owner ( both landlord) please suggest the further course of action.


asked On 29 April 2016 at 16:34

Service of notice, after tendering of vakalatnama

I filed the consumer complaint in state consumer Forum regarding medical negligence of the Hospital of Doctors causing death of a family member in year 2011. The notices were issued and pleadings has been complete.The court, vide oder in April 2015 has directed the parties, to file complete set of their documents with in 2 weeks, so that expert opinion can be made from another Hospital. I complied the order, but the other party disappeared and did not file any documents. The registry, due to non filing of documents did not send to the Hospital for expert opinion. The State Forum, issued notices to the counsel and to the opposite party 3 times , but they willfully not appearing before the commission. Now, they direct me to to DASTI service to the opposite party

1My query is when the counsel of the OP has appeared and filed the vakalatnama, then is this mandatory that commission persistently send notices again and again to the OP,as tendering appearance and filing vahkaltnama, and participation in proceedings is conclusive proof that the OP is well awar of the proceedings?
2What is the remedy to challenge this impugned action of the commission, because even after receiving notices again they disappeared, then its my responsibility that I will send notices again and again to the OP at every stage of the proceedings?In that case, whether ist is approapriate to move to NCDRC or High court?
3The commission asked me to serve dasti, should I send the notice by speedpost and file the receipt with affidavit like in High court?


asked On 29 April 2016 at 15:57

Education loan

I took 4 lak education loan on 2009 without any collateral. I have compled my studies on 2012. I couldn't pay my education loan so far because of unemployment. I have received a call from bank regarding this. And they were saying that they are going to take legal action against me some thing like adhalat. They are demanding to pay interest amount in a few days it's around 2lak. Couple of days before I have entered in a job. My family financial background is so bad. We don't have any property. But gurantor of my loan my uncle have some. They called him and threatened for money.
I am planning to immigrate to Canada soon for a job.
What I can do my best is I can pay a certain amount from my salary every month.
If bank go against me will it stop me to abroad? Manger said so
Please help me.

satish kumar

asked On 29 April 2016 at 13:32

Time taken to review a case by the same bench after its filing in the supreme court of india.

pl response me what is the time taken to review a case by the same bench after its filing for review within a month in the Supreme court of india. whether it may not allott any date or keep the file remain under scrutny for unlimited time.
pl reply my question.

satish kumar
Rail coach factory,
Kpaurthala (Punjab)

Kumud Prasad

asked On 29 April 2016 at 13:22

Merger status

Dear Members,

How will i get to know the merger status of one of the company?

By putting party name i am not able to found the Company?


asked On 29 April 2016 at 12:54

Marriage without divorce ?

Dear Sir,

My husband file a divorce case last 3 year but still is pending in court.

In Mumbai city i file against husband & family DV case...this case still pending in court.( Hearing is going on )

I got information against my husband relative - My husband searching Girl for second marriage without divorce.
also they inform to relative - If any policy arrest them they have ready to maintenance both the wife & take a bail from court.

My question is -1. It's possible to do without first divorce second marriage.

- 2. Indian law allow to Husband maintenance both the wife together ( I am Hindu ) Without my permission.

- 3.Can i take any Action now against my husband - Before the Second Marriage.Can i inform to Police or anyone.

Please advice me.

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