17 October 2017 at 19:46

Compassionate jobs

Hello sir, My name is shabrish kumar. My father is an govt employee worked in the library. He is a Librarian. On Dec 2010 my father was passed way, so I immediately applied for his job under compassionate ground on that day my age was 15 I'm studying 10th. I don't know the rules of the govt. After completing age 18 only can eligible to apply for job, I didn't know that, officers of library also didn't interpret me these rules, they accept my application. How can they accept my application?. At age of 18 again I applied for his job. Officers again accepted my application. After I finishing my degree (2016) I wrote petition to cmcell that I applied for my father's job on 2011 now I completed degree on 2016 still now I didn't get the job, pls take some action as soon as possible becoz my family is in financial problem, this is my petition. After the petition officers of library informing me that u had applied for job on at the age of 15 so we are not providing job to u, your application is rejected. I told them, I applied again 2 application at the age of 18 nd 21. They said these 2 application also rejected. I didn't know the reason. I said ok sir why you are not informed on that day when I applied for his job?? nd why you are accept my application??, you can reject my application immediately on that day but why you are not??why you are informing all those things after 6 yrs later nd after I wrote petition to cm?? It's not my fault.... So I want to know reason nd can I get my father's job??

17 October 2017 at 19:37

Fir withdraw

FIR was lodged and is under investigations. Due to fear and pressure I have given statement before investigating officer and stated that I have compromised and hence FIR was cancelled and withdrawn. Now I want to revoke the FIR again as I was under pressure for which I have given statement for withdrawn of FIR. What is the procedure do I need to approach High Court. Please advice

17 October 2017 at 18:48

Reg election duty query

A few yrs back I was appointed as Micro observer at a polling booth,after completion of the election one has to submit his report to the concerned controlling office,I and one of my colleague staff has the same conter centre where we have to submit the report.we both have submitted the report and went away to move for our place of residence,in the midway of our journey when we were going toward our residence we got a call from staff of controlling office that u have submitted your report at the wrong counter,meanwhile our colleague staff knew one staff who was still present at that controlling office to submit his report,he told him to submit our report at the concerned centre which was told to us on phone.
So I want to know that can this pose us problem later on,almost 3 yrs have passed of that incident.


17 October 2017 at 18:40

Licensee claiming of family settlement

3 brothers A, B, C & 2 sisters D & E, migrated from Pak & settled at Rudrapur, UP in 1954-55.
During 1955-57, they purchased a lot of plots in an open auction on a lease of 99 (33x3) years.

In 1956 B purchased a plot in his name & started building his residence cum shop in that. C also purchased the same size plot nearby & sold it. In 1960, C urged for shelter from B which he accepted & C started living with his family (verbal licence) and committed that whenever B or his family needs that portion C will vacate it.

In 1973 C passed away at an early age of 38 yrs. After which licence was given to his wife CW. In 1979, the municipal authority mistakenly put the house tax of half of the portion in the name of CW. This was corrected in 1989 after written objection by B. In 1989 the house tax of the entire property was restored in B’s name & was in his name till he died in 2010. In 1993 CW passed away, after which C’s son CS enjoyed the licence. The first 33 years of the lease ended in 1989, the lease was neither further extended by the govt. nor did B asked for the same. In the early 1990s, govt came up with the freehold policy for leaseholders & unauthorized occupants, but none applied.

B passed away in March 2010 & House tax got transferred to B’s wife BW. BW too continued the licence to CS. After a long illness, CS passed away in Aug 2010. After this, BW gave the verbal licence to CS’s wife CSW. Same year 'A' elder brother of both B & C passed away.

In 2011-12 govt of Uttarakhand, introduced a fresh free-hold policy. BW applied for the same, which was objected by the grandson of C, i.e. CGS. In 2014, C’s daughter-in-law CSW also applied for the freehold of the portion they were staying in. They made the basis of their claim to a paper with heading “Zubani Khandani Batware ka Yaddasht-nama”.

This doc dated 03/11/1977 & says that B & C came into a verbal settlement in 1964 that the portion of the house each one is residing in belongs to them & the doc is needed now because CW is facing problems in modification & planning of the said portion & also in getting a bank loan. Due to which the conflicts started increasing between the two families. Because of this A & other relatives are have forced both B & CW to make this document, which may come to help when needed. This doc is witnessed by A (dead) & CW’s brother (alive).

On knowing this BW cancelled the licence verbally & then via a legal notice thru her lawyer & initiated an injunction & recovery suit.

Now, BW claims of a verbal licence while CSW claims for family settlement.

B&C held a plot jointly which they sold out. They also held a plot with their brother-in-law DH, i.e. D’s husband. This was divided 25% each between B & C, & 50% to DH in 1973. CS also forged an agreement deed in his favour by B relinquishing his share in the name of CS, dated 1998. This helped him to get freehold of the 50% plot in his name.

BW is my maternal grandmother & 85+ years. Now she is living in Alwar(Rajasthan) with one of my aunties. My father is her registered Power of Attorney & also co-plaintiff in the above suit. My mother & her other sisters & her brother (mentally weak) are formal respondents.

How should we proceed for the decree of our suit? What are the relevant laws & references?

Respected Seniors,

I have joined LLB course with the hope that I will complete LLB and become Lawyer, so as to do good to the society, bring a change in the society.

I am in my Second Year now. My results of the semester are announced and I saw I failed in 2 subjects. I asked my principal what to do, he told apply for re-evaluation. I did, but by 2 marks I failed again. Now principal has told you can either re-write one more time or approach court.

I have written answer to the questions.

Looking at the pending cases and the way people look at the judiciary system in India, they have less hope from courts to get justice. In this, what will happen if I go to court regarding my marks?

Is there hope for me?

Can seniors explain what might happen in such case? A student can go to court asking justice?

I have put all effort, I had applied for Xerox copies of answer papers, in the answer papers first sheet where evaluator signature and name should be present, that part is missing. Inside they have not put tick mark on any of the pages. They have only mentioned marks on the evaluation box which is on the first sheet.

In this case what needs to be done?

Shall I write one more time or shall I go to court?

Seniors please help me.

17 October 2017 at 16:49

Money suit

A tenant forcefully accrue a room of landlord .
Using it as a godown for his business purpose.
Landlord has filed for eviction suit.

My question is
1)Can landlord file a separate money suit for this
room which was not mentioned in tenancy agreement ?

17 October 2017 at 15:48

Non cognizant illegal constructions

My father bought 1200 sqft plot in 1992,(site 44) in Bangalore. Revenue priviate layout Site which was legally registered...
It was municipalty in 1992 but now under bangalore corporation Limits.. 'B'-Katha property. Up to date tax has been paid.

The sequence of plots in row goes like 48,47,46,45,(),43,42,41,40,39..(total 10 30*40 sites in row in layout and our plot 44 is missing now)..According to the Layout map given in 1992, the current 45 is supposed to be location of 44 but they have already constructed 3 floor building 8 years back itself...

we came to know this situation recently when we wanted to sell the plot for emergency, upon site visit owner of 43 had already constructed on his 43 land which we had all these years assumed out of illusion that it was site 44 which was next to 45. (because visually 3 sites empty continuously 43,42,41 looked like 4 sites)...

Then When we tried to measure the row ourselves it looks like problem continues beyond site 48 (different layout) and they have pushed over for many years on construction and almost we have lost our plot 44 on ground... (now from my personal point of view the construction on 45 is problem for us, and for 45 owner 46 is problem , For 46..47 is problem..etc..continues there are more than 25 sites in that street after site 48 itself...).. Please suggest 2nd opinion how to deal with this situation... (the local corporation revenue Officer said they cant assist in Survey as it is CMC during 1992 and cant use that layout map for survey and proof)...we are unsure how to proceed and also confirm if 43,42,41,40.. on other side are not wrong..

I joined a PSU bank as specialist officer scale 1 ( finance). After a month I resigned from the bank because of availability of better opportunity. The bank ask me to serve for 3 months or pay the gross salary for 3 months. I had to pay three months salary. There was no bond.

At the time of joining, I did not sign any document which carries resignation terms. I was never told about these terms. Neither it was mentioned in any notification, paper at any time in recruitment process.

Whether bank did wrong with me. Should I file any suit against the bank for recovery of 3 months gross salary?

A rented premises almost 100 yrs old collapsed due to heavy rain on 5 th august 2016.Half of the structure is intact and my rented potion is totally destroyed and all the debris has been removed by cantonment department. Now the landlord is trying to patch up the remaining half portion without demolishing it.but not repairing our rented side. Is it possible to get a stay for his work from small cause or district court or we have to approach the high court for it.We were not staying in that rented place since ten years but we used to pay our rent till may 2016.This place is in pune cantonment area where the land is on lease.Pl require suitable advise.

17 October 2017 at 12:48

Justdial Fraud

Sir on 25 September I meet with Just Dial executive Mr. Tajinder singh to take a Justdial contract. He said that I will get a advertising banner, a certificate from Justdial and a anroid application with my contract. So that i gave him a advance 3 mnths cheque. But next day he call me and said that i only get contact only not the benefits of banners, certificate and anroid application so that i asked him to not to process my application and i stopped my cheque.
But today they deducted ecs of 6000 from my account if i didn't take contact with them please gave me advice what to do now.


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