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asked On 01 March 2015 at 20:44

Question regarding email id hacked

My Email Id has been Hacked before 3 years. Nobudy misused it in my

If I will Go to Cyber Cell than they will register My complaint of
email id hacked before 3 years?? Or there is a time limitation to file
any complaint?


asked On 01 March 2015 at 18:15

Information about my mother's share in her demised father's self acquired property

Dear Sir,

We are based in Kerala (Orthodox Christians). My maternal grandfather have 4 sons and one daughter(my mother). My grandfather had lung cancer since 1995 and passed away in 1997. Now the youngest son is living at my maternal house. The issue is that my mother believes she has some share in her parents property. The reason is her father told her in his last years before he lost his memory (he had memory loss in the last months) that there is some land (10 cents) for her above the house on the north-west side. There is around 3 acres of land around the maternal house and all bought from different persons at different time period in my grand mother's name. My grand mother is alive (90 yrs) and is not capable of making any decisions on her own. She even doesn't know about the land in her name. My mother said this matter a few months before to us and also to her brothers (including younger one) and they asked her to check for that with the younger brother. After a lot of requests, finally my youngest uncle showed the papers to my mother while reading the deed by himself and his wife. They did not allow my mother to read the deed which made my suspicious and is reluctant to show the will to others even to the other brothers. After reading the deed (my mother keep saying that was deed not will that her brother was reading since there were names of other people from whom they bought the properties) they said 'there is no share for her that is mentioned in the deed' which is of course true since that was a deed on my grandmother's name. Now we are helpless to even know from my uncle if there is any share for my mother. My other uncles are helpful but they inherited (along with my youngest uncle) another 12 acres of rubber plantations. I don't know how any acres each one has got, but my oldest uncles are willing to show the will of this 12 acres.

My question is ' is there any way we can know if there is any property on my mother's name?' say from village office or from registrar's office. My mother even don't know if the will (land around her mothers house) was registered or not and my youngest uncle will not show the will in any means.

What to do?

Kind regards,



asked On 01 March 2015 at 15:15

Harrasment by wife and in-laws, filing of wrong dva against me

Briefing the history ---Love marriage in Feb2014, inter-caste, I belong to SC and my wife belongs to Brahmin from Kanpur.She was student and I was teaching in the same college.Marriage solemnized in Delhi, Karol bagh infront of magistrate. Soon after marriage her parents asked us to come to Kanpur for engagement fucntion to show their relatives and after two days dropped their daughter at my brother's place in Delhi (that's where we were staying after marriage) and while leaving threatened my family if anything happens to my daughter i will drag each one of you to court...thereafter we stayed in many places like Chennai (due to my job), Goa(my parents were residing there), finally kerala (current job)..but during all this period her parents gained her confidence that if anyone says anything to you...we are there, dont be afraid and that lead to frequent fights...she was asthmatic but she hided her disease...she gradually started to pick fights for trivial issues...her father for small small things used to abuse my father and other family members and continued threatening us..on one occasion when I could not take it anymore, I finally spoke to him with the same language..two days after that..on 4th December 2014 she left my house from Kerala and till today she or her family member has not tried to maintain any contact with myself or any of my family member.Infact she blocked my number alongwith rest of my family members number...On 5th December missing FIR was registered by Kerala Police...on 29th December I went with my father to her home to sort out the matter but instead we were thrashed badly inside the house (she was present there), she didnt say anything to her own family to not do such thing..when we reached highway in taxi our car was stopped and again we were thrashed and abused and showed us revolver to not to be seen ever in Kanpur..Fearing our safety we left the place and next day sent the complaint through fax and registered post to SSP Kanpur and Kidwai nagar police station alongwith her missing FIR Copy...Now she spoke to me once on our first anniversary which was on 25th January and messaged me she will come back and need some time, when i told her I will die if you will not unblock my number...she instead of talking to me on phone preferred communicating with me through smses and one sms read I love you and Ia am day I was admitted in hospital and I called from Hospital number, even the doctor spoke to her ..and on knowing she said wait I will come back no one is at home..just after 10 minutes..she switched of her number and till date has never shown any consideration for my health...again on 28th my health deteriorated and I had to visit hospital in emergency in Kerala ...finally I went back to Goa to continue with the treatment..I wots apped her all my medical reports and photograph of my self in day she posted a smiling pic of her...Her friend told me she is not bothered at all about I have received the notice of DVA, 2005 section 13(1)and section 12 to appear in court in question is even though I am government employee but my job is at high risk due to so many leaves...if she didn't want to stay with me then why has she filed such case against can I defend it and not pay her any can i get my FIR registered about the physical assault now...Can I also file prevention of atrocities act against her father ..which is the main reason of all this..please suggest as I am being mentally harassed...she is posting happy looking display pictures of self on FB on what's app to irritate me further...Why is such law only for women...she has dragged all my family members name...whenever I think of my marriage and her behavior it seems like a dream and brings tears in my eyes for my current suffering..


asked On 01 March 2015 at 14:51

Ipc 494 and 497

Dear learned Seniors,

few doubts related to the above IPC sections:

1. If 494 could not be proved in the court of law, then does the judge has the discretion to pronounce his judgement under 497 even though the case is filed under 494 and not under 497.

2. What is the maximum punishment that can be given under 497, if the married man had intercourse with an unmarried girlfriend?

Law Enthusiast


asked On 01 March 2015 at 14:21

Withdrawl of suspension after 90 days.

Supreme Court has given a decision that an employee can not be kept on suspension beyond 90 days if no charge-sheet is served. Is it applicable to State Bank of India? Can an aggrieved person go to court under PIL as it is of common interest to several suspended persons in different Bank?Whether one should approach Supreme Court directly or move to High Court?


asked On 01 March 2015 at 14:13

Prosecution sanction

after completion of investigation u/s 409,166,418,201 IPC, the case file was sent for prosecution sanction to the competent authority in July 2014, but no reply has so far been received..what is the time limit for taking decision in this matter...???kindly reply..


asked On 01 March 2015 at 13:34

dist consumer forum decree

Hello gud morning
My central govt office that is central railway have recd a decree on my name thru C rly.
Order is for payment of compensation of rs 35000 to be paid by central railway liable vicariously
for their negligence of employees within 30 days from Order date 3/2/2015 . I want appeal in higher forum. pl advice can i appeal if yes then where and how to proceed. In order there is no mention of appeal as I am innocent in this case but my admin have entangled me by giving wrong reply to forum.


asked On 01 March 2015 at 12:51

Regarding money taken by hand

sir one of my friend "X" and his girl friend"Y".my friend "X" was helped by his girlfriend "Y" for his business by transferring amount from "Y" to "X".both X and Y are loving eachother since 4 years .Y helped X by giving money for his business by giving cheques .later "y" parents not accepted for love marriage next "Y" parents especially her father asking to return back money taken by "X" from "Y".her father harassing my friend to return back money telling him tat he cheated her daughter by blackmailing and calling my friend saying u will be arrest by cheating cases as u done criminal fraud but no agreement /promisory note just money tranferred in to he house arrest her daughter "Y" with out contacting my friend saying my friend should not talk to her daughter.BUT MY FRIEND TAKEN MONEY IN FRIENDSHIP RELATION AS SHE HELPED HIM.BUT NOW CASE IS REVERSE FACING LOT OF PROBLEMS FROM HIS GF FATHER.BUT HE HAS LOT OF EMAILS SENDED BY HIS GF FOR HELPING HIS BUSINESS.IS IT CRIMINAL OFFENCE BUT MY FRIEND BUSINESS IS IN LOSS HE CANNOT RETURN BACK MONEY..MY FRIEND RECEIVING MAIL FROM HIS GIRLFRIEND FATHER TAT HE SHOULD NOT CONTACT HER BY PHONE/MESSAGES/MAILS JUST TO FORGET HER...


asked On 01 March 2015 at 12:42

Property rights of married daughters

My father re-married after my mother's death 30+ years ago. He has some property in Kerala and a flat and office in Mumbai. He had verbally mentioned all these years that his Kerala property would go to his wife and mumbai property would be for me and my sister. Both of us are married. Two years ago, he transferred his Kerala property in his wife's name. Now he intends to sell his office and move to Kerala at his wife's native place to settle with her. All his property is self-acquired. Is there any way we can stop him from selling his office/mumbai property? Or any other option we can do to safeguard the situation? My father is 77 years old and has only age-related memory issues. He is very much influenced by his wife, so talking it out with him is not going to serve any positive results.

Rohit Jain

asked On 01 March 2015 at 12:18

Court fees on cheque bounce case in mumbai

Dear All,

I have to file a complaint for dishonour of cheque in Mumbai and my lawyer has advised me that 2% court fees on cheque amount is required to be deposited for filing the complaint.
There is no such requirement in Delhi. Please clarify that whether the court fees is required to be paid in Mumbai?

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