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Hemant Mirji

asked On 02 September 2015 at 10:06

Transfer of property.

Mother died a month ago with the daughter already as the nominee mentioned in the Share Certificate/Nomination form.

> What are the steps the society needs to take to transfer the said property ( flat) in the daughter's name. ( pl note other siblings to the mother do exist). Can the share certificate be transferred immediately?

> Does she ( the daughter ) have to register the property in the Registrar's office and pay Stamp Duty.

> Is there anything like "Release Deed" to be drawn up by the daughter for doing the above registration.

> After two months the daughter intends to sell the flat to a new buyer....can the share certificate be transferred to the new buyer immediately.



asked On 02 September 2015 at 09:23

Harassment by army col commanding officer

How to sent statutory complaint to my commanding officer col sab to cancel punishments charged on me he is try to get out me from army service through court marcial imidiatly pls reply me soon as possibel plz sir

Rahul Gupta

asked On 02 September 2015 at 08:45

Notice period in case of technical resignation with lien from central govt. to central govt. joining

Dear Sir/Madam,

I joined MES as a Group B gazetted officer (Asst. Architect) in July 2010. I completed there my probation and become a permanent employee. In 2013, I applied for Deputy Architect (Group A gazetted officer) in CPWD (another Central govt department) through proper channel and got selected. I received a training-cum-appointment letter on May 10, 2015 and I submit a Technical Resignation with Lien on May 11, 2015 to ENC Branch, New Delhi (Copy to Chief Engineer, Pathankot Zone, Pathankot and Command Office, Chandigarh) giving the serving date May 31, 2015 and joind the training of CPWD at Gaziabad, UP on June 1, 2015 as the training starts from June 1, 2015. At that time I was posted at CE Pathankot Zone, Pathankot, Punjab and the concerning office relieved me on May 31, 2015 giving a temporary certificate that they have no problem of relieving the employee with Technical Resignation with Lien acceptance is pending.

In my appointment letter issued by MES, MOD it is given that a notice period of 1 month from either side on resigning the service. In my case the notice period of 1 month is not completed as I resigned on 11-05-2015 and leave the department on 31-05-2015 (11 days left in completing the 1 month notice period).

I want to know that:

1. As I applied through proper channel and giving a Technical Resignation with Lien, and also going from Central Govt. to Central Govt. (Same Employer),

Is it necessary to serve the notice period of 1 month?

If not, then please provide the DOPT order no. regarding this.

If the notice period is required to serve then, How the 11 days of notice period are adjusted?

Can this issue is resolved by submitting the 11 days salary?

If a person joined a service under the same employer and in upper grade with the proper permission of present department, notice period is required?

Please help me as soon as possible as it is urgent because training is going to over in September 18, 2015 and I haven't received acceptance till now.

Thanking you.

With regards
Rahul Gupta

Paramvir Singh

asked On 02 September 2015 at 08:38

Foreclosure in cc limit & interest charged

Dear sir,
we were enjoying cash credit limit with Kotak Bank Ltd of Rs 30Lacs and Term Loan Of 20Lacs til now.
We moved over to Axis as Kotak was nor providing us with a new CC limit for Our new Venture in the same LAP.
We along with Axis bank had handed over Take Over letter on 1st July 2015 to Kotak. My CC account at Kotak was Debit Blocked for the past 1 Month as the renewal was not done for the Current CC limit at Kotak. After the DD were handed over for Take Over Kotak en cashed the DD on 13th August and Debited My Account for RS.12500/- as interest charged for 13 Days, ending us paying Double Interest One to Axis for the month of July.
On contacting kotak no specific reason is given except that they has processed for the foreclosure to HO which was taking time, that too this communication was verbal and after they Debited us for Rs. 12,500/- with no written communication whatsoever.
Secondly my sanction letter does not mention the foreclosure fees , but they are demanding Foreclosure amount of 2% with service Tax, they say its written in the Master loan Agreement. When I have nothing to pay for the loan than why the Foreclosure amount. Its a cc Limit which they term as "Facility" and not a loan.
Has Law any way to get me out of this.
Thirdly I also had a TERM LOAN as mentioned above in the same account with Kotak, That too was Paid on 1st July, But They also did not en-cashed the amount till date, Saying TL will close only when full amount has been paid. They again have charged us with Interest of July and August in TL Account. As we were fighting over the Foreclosure % amount till now.
We have finally paid the Foreclosure amount and TL Interest today as we had to obtain the NOC and our Property Documents.
Can this Delay in Encashing be questioned and what can be done in Law to bring Kotak Accountable for Miss communicating us and providing us with no Answers.
I have lodged official complaint with kotak on 19th August but nothing has been communicated by far to us.


asked On 02 September 2015 at 08:07

builder forcing to remove security grill.

Asking to remove grill to cover boundary to protect glass door.

Imran Khan

asked On 02 September 2015 at 07:45

Want to frame charges for nonrefund of borrowed money


A cousin of mine borrowed some 40k Rupees some 9 yrs back...

He has not been refunding the amount borrowed form then onward although promising that to do so...

I am hearing from close sources that he is not interested in making good the loan refund and has started defaming me among whoever and wherever he finds it possible to do so...

Due to this I suffering great mental depression and am feeling embarrassed to clarify my situation...

I need to legal action against this cousin of mine as a vengeance [purely] even if I am to gain nothing out of this legal action, but I want my cousin to taste the evil consequences of cheating one out of his money and defaming a person...


asked On 02 September 2015 at 06:34

Validity of if required clause

an individual joined indian Navy in 1974,signing an enrollment form with the following conditions.

"I xxxxxx understand and accept the teerms and conditions of service in the Navy and I do hereby agreet to serv e honestly and faithfully in the Indian Navy for the term of 10 years from 01 feb 1974 provided my service should be so long required and thereafter for a further period of of 10 years in fleet reserve,if required,"

Now the persion has completed 10 years active service on 31st jan 1984. He was not told at that time,whether he was kept for reserve service for a further period of 10 years from 01 feb 1984.

during 1976,GOI,issued an order stating that,the practice of drafting sailors to reservists have been stopped with effect from 03 jul 1976,however,all those existing reservists till date would be paid the benefits. The sailor was discharged on completion of 10 years on 01 feb 1984.

the sailor's reservist pension claim was denied by the Navy on two grounds.

1. as per his original terms of engagement,his continuation in reservists,is only "if required". since the govt doesnot required you in 1984,you are not entitled for the benefits.

a) can such terms "if required" be a part of an engagement in service agreements with govt,legally valid?

b)in the instant case,the sailor completed his intial terms of agreement on 01 feb 1984,much after the govt stopped the reser vists system and benefits in 1976.however,the sailor was not intimated in 1976,whilst in service or on 01 feb 1984,while on discharge,that,he is not on reservists anymore. The govt order in 1976 says eventhough the system of rtransferring sailors to reservists stopped,all the existing reservists,need not be transferred to reservists,however would be paid the benefits,till they are wasted out.

kindly advise on the above,regarding the legal position of the said ex sailors claim on reservists benefits.


asked On 02 September 2015 at 02:48

caste certificate name in all my educational certificate is sushil singh negi,while on ma caste certificate it is sushil singh.......i belong to sc negi is nt included in caste certificate as they dnt come in sc....i hve govt interviews....will it create a problem in ma selection process in reserved category in govt sector....if there is....pls give me a solution or advice what should i do

yeteendra naidu

asked On 02 September 2015 at 02:03

Buying agricularald

My son has taken a loan from both the parents for buying a flat in the city
a few years back and wants to return the loan amount by transfer of funds from abroad
thru his NRE Bank account, and we plan to buy a piece of farm land by adding our own savings and on our (parents) own names , individually or jointly.

I request you to kindly advise me if this transaction is legal and in accordance with RBI norms and/or if it is likely to be considered as farm land bought with NRI funds.

Also please suggest best way to go about in this case.


asked On 02 September 2015 at 00:58


Dear Sir/ Member
FIR against the accident caused by minor was filed after two days.
Victim sustain injury and admiited to hospital. Case is Registered u/s 338, 337 & 279 of IPC.
But no mention of Sec. 3, 4 &5 of Motor vehicle Act.
is it correct on the part of police to register under IPC only pl suggest

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