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Mr H.S Khurana

asked On 22 July 2014 at 20:18

Torture by daughter-in-law

Dear sir I want to get help one of relative is suffering from domestic violence by son and daughter in law they use abusive language towards there parents and want them to transfer property to them and sin say he will do suicide if they will not do that daughter in never give respect to family members ymthey always consider her as daughter my relative haven take any dowry all they need is love and respect in this age any help what can they do.please help

Deepesh vyas

asked On 22 July 2014 at 19:53

Company secretary

i want to knw wat is a salary packages are offer to a fresh company secretary


asked On 22 July 2014 at 19:46

Indecent phone call from my mobile

Respected Experts, some bad guys called from my mobile to an unknown lady's number indecently. Next day a call came on my mobile from the very same number. It was a Guy, told he is from police station and an f.i.r. is registered on my number and i have to come there immediately. I was frightened and told it was dialled accidently by some other person and apolised also but he insisted on reprimanding and demanding to come at police station. After some 5 minutes he asked from where i was. I told, then he said next time do't call here at this number again, i said ok and he disconnected. After that no call came approx. more than 1 year has passed. So i want experienced sirs to plz give ur valuable what it actually was? Whether real f.i.r or some call for frightening purpose only from some guy other than police man? Thanks


asked On 22 July 2014 at 18:53

Dhjs pre exam-2014.

Dear Friends,

Can anybody help me to provide the copy of Question Paper of DHJS PRE EXAM - 2014.

Thanks & Regards

Nitesh Sharma (Advocate)

Justice for my parents

asked On 22 July 2014 at 18:49

Cheat by girl before marriage

Hello sir,

Our engagement was went on Oct 17th 2013 , on Dec 8 2013 we had Sex and Marriage was scheduled on 03-02-2014 but marriage is cancelled by her on 15-01-2014 .

Below points are with respect to things happen on 15-01-2014 ,

1 ) She cancelled the marriage .

2 ) She said like , I hade put 18000rs amount on Table and I trade her on 11-01-2014 when I'm in her city (inside IceBerg Shop) . She said like that infront of ours and her elders , her father also was there .

My Response , Night I came to my native place from bangalore , and tommrow morning I went to davangere and then I came to her city Chitradurga .so Why do I carry such 18000rs big amount in my pocket ? so this proves her statment is lie .

3) She said ,in IceBerg shop I said like that I had sex with two girls in my past .
My Response , if I said to her or not like that, a good girl can't make statements like that infront of father and more repected elders . so this also lie .

5) She had no Couriage to marry me because I came the know the relation between her and her another boy , no couriage is the reason for her to cancel the marriage .

4) She agreed her mistake with me in Phone call . I had this voice conversion . So there is no mistakes from me .

5) there is voice call conversion for sex we had .

6) for no my mistake she tried to beat me through her brother and cousines , she said I said vulgur word to all theres elders by this they poke theres cousines and brothers to beat me . I do not have evidennce to prove this it is false statement . actually I do not know that valgur word .

7) at the end , 180000rs claimed by her elders . So we paid for her mistake . She got married with new boy . Today , Monthly we are paying 9000rs interset for that amount because of her mistake .

8) My father name , My mother name and My name is all destroyed .

Now I need to get the Justice for my parents by getting that amount back to my parents .


Thank you

Ramesh Kumar Pandey

asked On 22 July 2014 at 18:19

Account code

Dear sir,

Can you provide us Service Tax Code for Payment of Reverse Machinisim under Man Power Supply


asked On 22 July 2014 at 18:19

Breach of agreement

We made sale agreement on e-stamp paper where we have explicitly mentioned to seller provide form 9 and 11 at the time registration(Karnataka)
But now he is refusing even he not ready to return the advance amount.

What are the steps I can take to get back my advance/site.
Please help me

Ananda GM


asked On 22 July 2014 at 18:08

Performance law

Dear Sir

What is performace law?



asked On 22 July 2014 at 17:38

Need to know the status

Hello Learned Experts.

I'm glad to inform you that today my wife had come to the mediation centre. In the mediation room my wife informed the mediator that she is no more interested in Conjugal relationship and need divorce.

Mediator asked any other demands, she told no and money of xxxx to be handed over in front of the judge.

The mediator immediately asked us to wait that they will prepare the Agreement. Agreement was prepared both the lawyers reviewed and we both reviewed it and signed on the docs and the mediator immediately passed the file to the director of the court and to the 2nd Additional judge at the family court.

The judge called both of us and asked are you taking this decision at free will we both said okay. Judge asked me to hand over the DD and I handed over the DD and Judge double checked with my wife regarding the amount when my wife confirmed the same. She told the order will be passed on 15-July-2014.

To update this:

I went to the court today to enquire the status and apply for the certified copies. The court Computer system is showing as 18-08-2014 as the next hearing date.

When I enquired the Bench Clerk he informed me that case is disposed and showed the "A" Book which stated below:

14-07-2014: Orders Date
15-07-2014: Petition is allowed

I'm no where now when I enquired the pending department they are confirming that file is yet to be received and when I enquire the bench clerk he is simply dodging that I will send file today and tomorrow and this is been the case for the past 1 week and now he is confirming that orders is sent for correction once Judge signs he will send this to pendings dept.

Now I am at doubt to understand what is happening. Is there a way after all the process is completed wife would withdraw the 13 B petition?


asked On 22 July 2014 at 17:00

Cst sale against c form and tn vat

In my opinion, CST Sale against C form is 2% and it is applicable to All India. But in TN VAT if you raised interstate Bill against C form at 2% rate, you have to reverse 3% Input Tax Credit, available to you. What is it, sir.
In that case you have to pay totally 5%.
Can any body give me more details of
What Reversal of Input Tax Credit, and CST Sale against C form.
Please put your knowledge on it , Sir.

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