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asked On 09 July 2014 at 22:33

About counter claim

Sir, I have filed one suit for the declaration and temporary injunction. In the said suit, the land on which my client has constructed a house is agriculture land. The land to construct house was sold by the farmer who is the owner of the said land. The problem is that my client purchased said land by way of unregistered sale deed and he has been living in that house since 2007. Only land which is covered for the he house is sold and rest of the land is still with the farmer who is owner. Before couple of days the original owner tried to remove me from the house and want to get it back the said house. I have purchased the land and constructed the house which he wants to get it back. So I filed the suit for declaration and injunction in civil court at dated 19/05/2014. Notice was served on him on 27/05/14 than defendant engaged a lawyer on 23/06/14 and after giving the appearance he has filed the counter claim on 07/07/14. In which the heading given as combined reply of suit as well as injunction application. After denying the fact of the plain, he further aid the counter claim in which neither he disclose cause of action nor valuation of the suit nor he prays that, “may this honorable court be pleased to allow my counter claim” neither he prayed declaratory relief nor possession or he plead in the suit that he want to set aside the house but he has not paid the valuation or the court fee to set aside plaintiff’s house. Moreover he has filed reply of injunction application independent. So now I don’t know what should I do, I am preparing the reply of counter claim in which what kind of fact should be written or is it the correct form of the counter claim, if it is not than which kind of that and what is the procedure prescribed for it? I read the provisions which say that counter claim also same rules as the plaint. So please guide me on the law point and also on the fact and guide me that how should be the counter claim?


asked On 09 July 2014 at 22:33

Reg application

On ground of non joinder of necessary parties I want to make application to dismiss the ccase I am defendant
pl mention u/o rule to make application thnks


asked On 09 July 2014 at 21:51

After talaq my ex-wife filed 4981 & false dowrycase

After failing of reconsiliation proceeding on 5-05-2014 due to fear of arrest except me.My ppi gave first talaq and send by registered post. On 7=05=14 she filed complaint in wome cell patiaa.I attended the proceeding and requested for copy of complaint but the incharge denied the same. I also sent letter by post also but no reply.On 18-06-2014 Incarge women cell patiala registered a case against me u/s 498 and 406 IPC.My whole family was involve.All my family members applied for anticipatory bail .My Bail application is pending & I am underground due to fear of rrrest. Pls guide me I am in trouble.


asked On 09 July 2014 at 21:50

right of daughters married before 1994 in maharashtra

i hav ancestral property in maharashtra.grandfather died in 1995, who has 3 sons n 4 daughters.all daughters married before father was eldest son of grandfather.plz tell me, whether my paternal aunts hav equal share in property with my uncles in our property? grandfa had not done any will.all property is till today undevided n in possession.

umesh HALKAR

asked On 09 July 2014 at 21:31

Apar grading

At present after APAR introduced in central govt/ organisation of PSU, only Executive/ officers have to write their subordinates means workers or immediate supervisors.
2) Grading of reporting subordinates workers to be given by immediate supervisors (Gr. A GRADE PAY Rs.5400) or only Executive officers.
3)IF only Executive officers should give the grading of workers then this is bypassing the immediate supervisors.IN such cases what is the meaning of 'Assumption of charge holding the post' means equal to Group A, Gr. Pay Rs.5800 Post.
Is legally wrong and such favorable cases can put cases legally. Kindly suggest.


asked On 09 July 2014 at 21:25

Case of 498a

We married a year ago and due to the agony of my mother in law, my wife went back to her parents home.

After having couple of discussions with them and between relatives they disnot agree to send her back and continuously asked for RS. 5L resulting in Heart attack to my father.

Now they have filed a DV case in the court demanding 8L as marriage expense, 20K per month as maintenance and 5L as defamation. They also mentioned the charges that I used to beat my wife and my mother used to keep her starving.

I have a video recording of a day where my wife had clearly said in front of both of our parents that I never hit her or never abused her in any way.

How to deal with:

1. Quashing of charges
2. I don't want to give maintainance to her before final judgement (rather never)
3. I don't want to pay any mony for any of their such false demands.
4. How to put counter cases against her and her mother in law so that they will be atleast jailed for 3-6 months and thus an example against the legal terrorism can be set.

Please advice

umesh HALKAR

asked On 09 July 2014 at 21:11

Change of nomination for pf,gratuity

My friend is working in Central Govt (PSU) Employee. Under ' No family grounds he declares the change of nominee from his parents to Spi ritual trust (Regd).The organisation is having its own PF rules. The HR section is asked to give the death certificate / declaration. So he submitted the self declaration regarding his parents are not alive.But still date HR section is not accepted and no response regarding this and retain the old nominee means his mother name and is wrongly entered his old residential address as their own will and wish SINCE LAST ONE YEAR. So who is the authority to question this and legaly what he has to do.

saran kumar

asked On 09 July 2014 at 20:46

Resume an appeal


Experts, An Appeal Suit has been withdrawn before 5 days from AP high court. Can we cancel the withdrawal. the appelent signed the withdwal affidavit with advocate long ago then informed advocate not to with draw. anyway he withdrew. No consent decree passed.

Is there any way to resume the appeal. Urgent!


asked On 09 July 2014 at 20:30

Can psu deny noc to sc/st candidates

i am working in A CPSU in Supervisor Cadre and at the time of joining i had signed a bond with this organization to work with them for 4 years. now i had passed ICWA and on the basis of this i had appeared for written test in another PSU in Executive cadre and for applying to this post i asked NOC from my company but they refused to give it now i have cleared the written test nd my interview is due. i belong to SC category and i again asked my company to review my application and to give me NOC as i am applying for a higher grade position, and that too in a PSU. but again they refused. so i want to know can they deny a SC/ST candidate to give NOC to appear for interview in other PSU. they are telling me that you are in bond period and we do not give NOC in bond period. I am ready to pay Bond amount if got selected but still they are refusing. kindly help me and provide me any case law if available.


asked On 09 July 2014 at 19:47

Mutual consent divorce and 498a case quash

My wife's side has agreed for a MCD and quashing of 498a, 504 case. The case charge sheet has been filed and I have a hearing this month end. The wife's side are saying that they will come for quash only after second motion i.e. after 6 months. My questions are:

1. Can the case be quashed before the second motion is complete? If yes, then what is the procedure.
2. Can the wife reject to quash the case after second motion i.e. can she turn her back and say that she was forced.

I would like to get the case quashed at the same time of filing the MCD petition. Please advise.

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