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asked On 28 September 2016 at 00:44

Harassment by Recovery Agents

Dear All,

​My name is Vinit Jagtap and with utter shame and disgrace would like to bring to your notice that there has been lot of harassment done to my Family, in-laws, colleague e​​tc. ​by your recovery team headed by Nilkant Parab in Mumbai.​
​There has been constant throwback of calls from the recovery team to my family members, office staff and in-laws​ and have been torturing these people for no reason. There has been extreme use of obscene language and not ready to listen attitude by the lady who says her name is Priyanka (am sure it's fake). Lot of people are being troubled in this all mishap. Worst of all she proclaims that I, Vinit Jagtap had defaulted the payment.

It all started with a call from Priyanka (+91 9029005128) received by my sister (Mrs. Vishakha Mishra) demanding the money towards the deferred payment ​of a​ credit card - 4166464300564952 owned by Ashish Mi​​shra.​ Vishakha was unaware about this default as it the account is very old and had used it before their marriage.
2nd Victim was my wife Mrs. Mugdha Jagtap, she got a call on her cell phone claiming that Vishakha Mishra has defaulted the payment. Then after few minutes they started repeatedly calling on the office landline no. Used the profane language while talking to the office staff and didnt stop thereon, they insisted to have a word with the Principal of the school. Clueless of where they wanted to take the conversation to. My wife works in a school and they cannot take of the landline of the school as it is for the students and parents communication. Strict disciplinary action is taken by the Office administration against Mugdha for sharing the contact details (which she didnt share).

3rd Victim,Mrs. Sharda Salve my Mother-in-law (No Connection whatsoever). She received a call from this annoying lady name Priyanka who claimed that Vinit Jagtap your son-in-law has borrowed money from us and is not paying it. Priyanka didnt stop there she called my Mother-in-law's office in Mantralaya and started demanding money. It was such a shame to use the profane language in the office as well as her cell phone. In Utter disgrace mother-in-law even requested to disclose the due amount which she said will come and make the payment. But this over-infuriating Priyanka was not ready to disclose the amount. My mother-in-law was under the impression that me (Vinit Jagtap) has defaulted the money.
4th and 5th Victim - Shruti Salve and Sushma Salve, my sisters-in-law got a call from Priyanka and again the whole story repeats thereby.

This entire call misery happened over 2 days. Continuous calls resulted in purposely ignoring their calls. All this while your recovery team failed to reach out to the borrower (Ashish Mishra) who is ideally defaulter for this account. However, there has been no calls to Ashish Mishra in these 2 days. He was answering our calls which thus proves that he was reachable but your team didn't insist to call him and have tortured the innocents who has no connection to this account whatsoever.

On Friday 23rd Sep 2016 to find out a resolution on this, I took a leave from my Office and decided to finish off this matter. I, with Mugdha and Vishakha visited Rambaug, Kalyan's branch of Kotak. Mind you still there was a continuous flow of calls and upon reaching the branch I made the bank staff attain that incoming call. In-spite of the assurance that We are at the branch in the background they were harassing and abusing Mrs. Sharda Salve, Shruti Salve and Sushma Salve.

While the bank staff Mrs Thakre spoke to the recovery team she asked for the identity and the person said that his name is Mr. Nilkant Parab. He defined her the case history and the account withstanding. I asked Mrs. Thakre in order to immediately put stop to this annoying calls what is the amount we need to pay. Like a defiant convict I was ready to payoff the dues. ​​And to know the exact amount she pulled out the contact number of Mr. Nilkant Parab​ from your database and called him and to an irresistible shock he said that he was not the one whom Mrs. Thakre spoke to on the call on my incoming number. Absolutely shattered and clueless of the situation, whether the calls were genuine. The only assurance that I was in the bank and the bank staff would lie face-to-face.
So in order to get rid of these never-ending and disgusting calls I asked Mrs. Thakre that I will pay the money on behalf of the defaulter. I immediately arranged for the cash and paid it over the cash counter. I have enclosed a copy of the deposit slip amounting INR 32637/- got the acknowledgement letter as well from the bank.

Now, I have paid the money. but during the course of time there has been a different Family issue that has aroused. My in-laws, my Wife were tortured to an extremely higher level. And it has adversely publicized that I have defaulted. In the views of my in-laws I have become villainous role and have demanded for separation of the relationship as well. Until now it was recovery team, but I have done research on this and have come to know that recovery team represents the Bank and hereon it would be Kotak that needs to be dealing with this matter and help me resolve it at the earliest.

​Kotak Bank has induced adoption of uncivilized, unlawful and questionable behavior of the Recovery team lead by Mr. Nilkant Parab. I have checked the bank's website and the list of Recovery agents where I clearly see that there are 4 Nilkant Parab(s) which within is a fraudulent. I have a deep concerns with his team members - Mr. Sachin Jadhav (Contact No- 8454060342 / 7208139981), Priyanka (Contact No- 9029005128)​​​. They have no debt collections etiquette, no mannerism to talk, uncivilized behavior​. They will provoke you to use the abusive language over the call.

For eg. there has been no code of conduct while they called. I get a call on my cellphone, Priyanka used threatening words and without having to listen to me, she used other phone and called Mughda's office while I am still talking on phone with her. Later she calls up my Mother-in-law's cell phone and me being on hold on the former call. Was she listening to me - NO- if she would have listened then she would have realized that I am ready to make the payment. She was not ready to listen and in the background she kept on calling the other Family members. This provokes you to get furious. What was she trying to do, was it really collecting the money or seriously throwing continuous calls and harassing them in the midst of their shift. I kept on saying I am making the payment just give me the address where you guys sit. This is sheer harassment and I am going to file complaint in the police station. ​My Mother-in-law has been super-tensed by listening to all this post which she needed medicinal support.

I want Kotak bank to answer my following concerns :-

1) Who has authorized your bank to recover money from Jagtap family and Salve family. I need a documented proof of authorization to the ​recovery team which clearly mentions the names of these 2 families. All this due course Mr. Ashish Mishra who is a defaulter hasn't received a call from the recovery team. How does Me, My Wife, Office Staff, Mother-in-law, Sisters-in-law are held accountable for the non-payment of this account outstanding. At the time when the card was used in 2011, Mr. Ashish Mishra was no-one but a stranger to us. My sister- Vishakha got married on 11th May 2014 to him. So whatever the usage has happened on this account is clearly before the marriage.

2) You have harmed my privacy, and had been defamed in the office surroundings as well. We have been approached during the office hours in the office and have to leave the office abruptly which has costed a loss of productivity. We have received a disciplinary action notice from our respective offices for abruptly leaving office and having to get involved into an unhealthy posture. Where do we need to compensate on this ? Will Kotak pay for the loss of productivity in these 2 days.

3) What actions will Kotak be taking against the team members of Mr. Nilkant Parab. I would prefer having a copy of communication from you to them keeping me in the loop.

​4) The amount of Rs. 32637 /- I have paid to Kotak is in order to stop the harassment over the phone.​ Please write an explanatory note that why should not I ask to refund that money through legal way.

5) Here if you notice, 2 people were bluntly ready to make the payment as the harassment level by you had taken a dire stage. My Mother-in-law asked the due amount but the caller continued to defame Me(Vinit Jagtap). I have no accountability of this, even then I was ready to make the payment, but your callers were not ready to listen. Instead they kept calling and harassing. Here main motto of your team was to harass the innocents and not to recover the money from the debtor.

​6) Above all, My in-laws have been wrongly communicated by your team that Mr. Vinit Jagtap is a defaulter. I need a clear explanation on this, that How I am defaulter for this account. This has spread like a wild-fire in my entire family and relatives that I have dubbed the money and now the bank is behind me. It has defamed me. I have no face to show in my known person. This is going to affect my marital life in deep. Who is going to recover that ?

This mental torture needs to be addressed. I will leave no point to take action against Kotak. I will use the best possible ways to get the replies on the communication. If need I would be using the tools like Social Media, Media, Legal Advisors.

Vinit Jagtap

PS : I have no account with your bank, no credit card, no Loan.


asked On 28 September 2016 at 00:29


An accident occurred to us during the year friend made the accident.He dashed against a ice cream vehicle.but the seller of that vehicle was not harmed.i was with him at that time ,the police charged us with IPC 308,279,337,188.. We got bail from the sessions court after 3 days.its been 2 years since we didnt received anything from the i applied for the passport now.i didnt mentioned anything about that case in the passport application form.will it be a problem..?

Furqhan khan

asked On 28 September 2016 at 00:22

Want to file a case against govt employe

I am a civil engineer, I have applied for engineer license in municipality Nirmal town
Adilabad district Telengana. I have gone through the orders issued by the Municipal
Administration and Urban Development Department  Andhra Pradesh Building Rules,
G.O.Ms.No.168 Dated: 07.04.2012 in which requirement/eligibility criteria to get a
license is only possessing an engineer’s degree. The town planning officer is asking me to bring 5 years of experience certificate.
But the officer is fail to provide me the above said details
I have filed an RTI waiting for the reply.
If i found that this officer has misguided me and wasted my time and i have gone through mental trauma can i file a case against this officer in any means.


asked On 28 September 2016 at 00:16

About maintanance

Due to lack of my knowledge and cheated by my own lawyer i got exparty order in 125 of 5000 rs to pay to my wife.i appeal in sessions court that i was totally unaware about the 125 fight although i came on every date of 498a in trail court at the same time 125 was running in same court but due to lack of knowlege and lawyer set with oponnent party i couldnot contest 125 that my actual salary is 8800 in hand and wife her self deserted me.but session s court order after 3 dates that is your mistake not to contest the case.appeal made in higher court,high court told u should increase your income to pay maintanance.are these both order legaly what option i have till today to contest the case for reducing amount.498a running in trial court in which bayan and cross of my x and father in law completed in which there is so many contradiction to original staements in fir and 161 crpc bayan.what to do .pls guide


asked On 27 September 2016 at 23:42

PF money not deposited by employer to EPF account

Dear, plz advice, my PF money is not deposited to my EPF account by my employer, what should i do?


asked On 27 September 2016 at 22:55

Formats of all types of cases with proceedures

Dear Experts,

I would be highly delighted if you people could assit me to get the compelte proceedures to be followed step by step based on the types of cases, either of Civil or Criminial & other special types of cases along with the Formats for each type of cases which will help to newly practicing advocates like me.....

Hope i will get positive responses...

Thanking you sirs,



asked On 27 September 2016 at 22:37

Citation required-court's power to declare women as legally wedded wife

Dear Experts,

I am expecting Citation related to the above matter under the specific relief act. Please do the needful..

Vithal N

Naveen Kanth Dasari

asked On 27 September 2016 at 22:29

Notice u/s 80 of cpc

Hello Experts,
I have query regarding Notice U/S 80 of CPC, as i have to file a suit for declaration as Legal Heir in the court is it necessary to send a Legal Notice U/S 80 of CPC to the concerned department as the Legal Heir is supposed to be issued by the Thasildar but the deceased is a private employee we have to approach a Civil Court as the Court is the competent authority to issue the Certificate.
Plz suggest me.

Thank You.


asked On 27 September 2016 at 21:42

Death Certificate

Dear Experts, My father died this month in Mathura in Railway home. We did his last rites (funeral)in my home town in Bharatpur . We applied for his death certificate in Bharatpur , where Nagarpalika has objected on issuing death certifiacate citing reasons that since death has taken place in Mathura hence death certificate will be issued from Mathura only. Can anyone guide me as from where I would get death certificate & what is the process in such suitations. Thank you in advance. regards,


asked On 27 September 2016 at 21:40

blank cheque

sir , i want to know about my problem is i take 2 lacs rupees from someone in 2013 and gave him blank cheque without date name and rupees and i gave him some money without any proof and now in 2016 he deposited cheque in bank and again find not money in account and he send notice through by reg post and when i open this i found he write 10 lacs rupees he gave me in 2013 while i haven't taken 10 lacs and i have already closed my cheque book in 2015 and tell me what is validity of blank cheque how i can defend myself

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