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B. Ravichandran

asked On 30 September 2014 at 23:28

Clarification in the matter of promissory note

Can a multi questionary plea(Inconsistent plea) be arised in a promissory note as defence? If so, quote the related judgements in such cases which occurred in Madras High court.

S. Fernandes

asked On 30 September 2014 at 23:11

Property attached in execution u/r-54 of o-21

Dear Sir,
The Court has in execution of money decree attached immovable property, under rule 54 of order 21.

The Bailiff carrying out the attachment, has returned the attachment warrant with his report stating that he has carried out the attachment by beating of drums and pasting on a conspicuous place on the property the notice of attachment.

The warrant of attachment also contained a notice to the Judgement debtors to attend court on a particular date and time to settle the terms of sale.

The attachment warrant?order of attachment was also displayed in the court house, and copies sent to the collector.

My question is:

Is it legally required that the attachment order must be published in the local news paper???

Kindly advise.

With much thanks.


asked On 30 September 2014 at 21:37

Goat slaughter

what are the laws in Mumbai related to goat slaughtering in & around CHS premises

N.Damodaram Naidu

asked On 30 September 2014 at 20:31

Jurisdiction of a court in case of section 138 of n.i. act

Dear sirs,
A Cheque is drawn by me on ICICI Bank, Tirupati and that cheque is multicity cheque payable at par at all branches of India. That cheque was misused by a person who took it from me as security for a loan and presented it for collection at Kurnool for collection. The cheque was returned unpaid on the ground of insufficient funds by the ICICI Bank, Kurnool Branch. After that a case was filed on 19/08/2014 before the JMFC of Kurnool who took cognizance and summoned me to attend. Now I heard by some others that as per the recent judgement by the hounourable supreme court, the competent court to take cognizance and to try is within the jurisdiction of cheque dishonoured. Though my cheque is dishonoured at Kurnool as it is a multicity cheque, it was drawn on Tirupati Branch where I have been maintaining my account. Is the JMFC Kurnool has jurisdiction to try my case? Please help in this regard with proper suggestions.


asked On 30 September 2014 at 20:31

Maharashtra apartment act

I have a flat in apartment type of building.
I want to sale the flat for which the lawyer asking me NOC from builders since ours is not co.ho,so. The builders is askin me to pay Rs.50000 to issue NOC. Is there any schedule like for apartment which fix the amount to be payable to Builders under apartment act. I will be grateful to the expert if they help me in the matter.

Ramchandra Dusane


asked On 30 September 2014 at 20:22


Does married daughter has the right in mother's property ?


asked On 30 September 2014 at 18:14

Application format to court for wean bike in tis hazari court

Dear all,

Please send the application format to Court for wean bike in tis hazari court.

Raghunath krishnamurti

asked On 30 September 2014 at 17:10

Proclamation notice

Respected Sir,
Good Day & Greetings.
I have a CBI case going on since 1992 and no outcome till date.
I had been regularly attending or represented by my Senior advocate on all dates.
Because of Family miserable conditions I was not attending since 2 years.
Now a Proclamation of absconding Notice is put up in a delepated house in the suburbs of Mumbai,Thane dist.,of my Late Father, which house is sold 8 years back and was I nor my Advocate aware of any such notice. I understand from the purchaser of the House through his Advocate that the house sold ,can also be attached as it is published in a Local Newspaper, in which case my Family will be ruined to ashes. But my next date in the MM court is on 31.10.14.
This case was filed by a joint sector Bank in which Nationalized Bank had only 30 % holding.
Now my family and I (60 years)are tense as to what will happen in the intervening period till 31.10.14.
I am suffering from High Blood pressure, sugar, right Kidney problem and cancerous lacileration in the mouth for over 25 years.
Please advise me how to go about for which Myself and my Family will be indebted life time.


Kamal Sharma

asked On 30 September 2014 at 16:59

Ancestral property question

Respected Experts,

I have a simple query regarding the parental property.

My wife is one of two Children of my father-in-law (1 Boy + 1 Girl). My father-in-law is denying my wife's share of ancestral property and transferred all his property to his son via Release Deed.


The property is ancestral since 5 generations and was inherited after the father died.

Generation 1 => Generation 2=> Generation 3 => Generation 4=> Generation 5=> Generation 6

But in the 3rd Generation there were two brothers A & B and B was single (no spouse/child) so after his death his share of the property was transferred to the son of A because A already died before B. So, the Son of A Received 50% of the property from his father A and 50% property from his Uncle B (A's brother).

So, will this whole property be considered parental for the 6th generation or just half of it or none?



asked On 30 September 2014 at 16:51

Deed of assignment for transferring property rights.

Kindly explain the abovementioned title in subject.

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