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Dr Rajiv Weginwar

asked On 18 December 2014 at 20:39

Pay protection of college principal selcted fro non aided to aided college

Dear Sir
I Dr Rajiv Weginwar was previoulsy working as a Lecturer since 1992 after selected as Associate Professor in 2001 and latter as a Professor in private unaided engineering college through duly constituted university selection committee and granted approval by university through all legal procedure (UGC selection). Presently I am selected as a Principal of aided college through a proper channel/advertisement/interview/ university and govt.selection committee. I joined on 01-07-2013 as Principal and my salary has been fixed on my last withdrawn basic of engg,college but now I recd letter from Jt director that I am not eligible to draw the last basic of i.e.55000/- rather I will get minimum basic (start) of Principals basic i.e.43000/-means less by 12000/- pm.I would like to seek that even though I am shifted from non aided to aided college is it legal to reduce my basic pay? please advise me.Also other service conditions are applicable to me or not? What step should I take to get me justice?


asked On 18 December 2014 at 20:32

Ad interim injunction, dismissal of i.a- appeal - tresspass by the respondent in the schedule damagi

Respected experts please guide in the matter.

One titupati running his business in municipal shop. Earlier Said shop was allotted to his father, later the same shop was re-allotted to one S.C candidate Anand, even then on oral agreement tirupati's father continued in the same shop, after his death tirupati maintaining said since 7 years, recently Anand forced tirupati to vacate the shop and tried to dispossess from the schedule, then tirupati approached lower court got Adinterim injunction against Anand, the learned judge dismissed the petition after 4 months, stating that injunction cannot be continued against the true owner and petitioner failed to prove his possession and petitioner did not filed any document showing his possession except the D&O Trader license receipts issued by the municipality and the respondent has submitted rent payment chalans. Whereas the respondent in his written statement story admitted that when he was out of station petitioner entered in the shop by breaking lock - That word itself shows the possession of the petitioner over the petition schedule. Further the respondent contended that he is the real owner and the petitioner is his servant, whereas he failed to submit his business licenses issued by the municipality and to prove that the petitioner is his servant. Even though the lower court favoured the respondent.
The lower court delayed in issuing certified copies of its judgement/decretal order, eventhough poor petitioner approached the Dist. Court in time filed C.M.A (appeal) on which the appellate court ordered for urgent notice to the respondent. As the case stands so... the respondent immediately after the dismissal of I.A (Vacation of Ad interim) stated harassing the petitioner tried to tress pass into the suit schedule, pending trial of main suit and appeal and damaged the front part of that shop, on that petitioner reported the matter to police, but in vain, appeal stand posted to next month 25th.

at this stage please clarify that :
(a) Whether the respondent can interfere with the possession of the petitioner over the suit schedule and alter the shape of the shop, just on dismissal of temporary injunction petition, pending appeal and main suit.
(b) Since there is time prescribed for appeal and preferring appeal in time, in such case what is the interpretation of the order of the lower court i.e, dismissal of I.A, whether the previous position i.e, adinterim injunction still continue till the disposal of appeal or in between the appeal time there will not be any such legal obligation of not entering respondent in the schedule as the appeal and main suit are pending.
(c) whether it can be treated as contempt of court or not, what action should be taken against the respondent for urgent relief, If the respondents enters and threatens the petitioner pending cases in the courts.

Please advise at the sooner to help a poor petitioner to safeguard his right to live and to restrict the high handed acts of the wealthy respondent

please quote the decisions infavour of the petitioner immediately to protect a young guy, who is the sole breadwinner for his family.

Mansi S

asked On 18 December 2014 at 18:58

Income tax

Mr. A will purchase majority shares of a private company M/s. INVEST Pvt Ltd. who's main object is to investment in other listed & unlisted companies.

Please provide some guidance on the tax implications in the hands of existing promoters of INVEST Pvt ltd & Mr A.

Please specifically shed some light on Sec: 56(2)(vii) r.w. rule 11UA.

The FMV will be the FMV of INVEST PVT LTD or of summation individual investments made by INVEST Pvt ltd?

Thanks for your time & consideration.


asked On 18 December 2014 at 18:04

Cancel marriage registration certficate

Hi There,

This is my cousin problem currently we are trying to resolve.

7 Years My cousin was in love with a girl.
unfortunately the Girls family forced her to marriage with a diff person who stays outside India. They have printed the Marriage invitation and went , Registered that the marriage was completed- ( intention was to apply for VISA so once marriage completed they can send their daughter with bride to states.) Suddenly the girl and my cousin met and decided to elope.As i know the risk involved I convinced Girl parents and took her with us.
Girls parents informed to Bride parents that they have to call off the marriage as his daughter loved some other guy and they left with no option.
Current issue is
1. How to cancel the Marriage certificate created in Fake.
2 To be in safer we wanted to file a complaint/ a legal document creation to say what happened and what is current.

Request your experience to help us in solving this issue will make our lives happy.



asked On 18 December 2014 at 17:46

Spl adhesive stamp

Can we use special adhesive stamp for a business agreement?


asked On 18 December 2014 at 17:38

call center issue

Respected sir

I have been appointed in one Company for telecaller on 1 dec 2014 also served me appointment letter, but due to not reported at office today inspite of telling yesterday that i have an appointment at passport office tomorrow said ok but when reported today after noon at 1.30 pm told don't report to office forever. Now i dont feel like to join back to that work and also dont want any salary but i want to complain against such behavior, please give me suggesting or help what to do of this company whome to complain.


asked On 18 December 2014 at 16:39

Dependency status

Sir, A person by name (X) has divorced with his 1st wife (Y) legally on mutual consent in the year January, 2013 and has married another woman (Z) in February, 2013 and registered the said marriage. The second wife (Z)is having two children aged 6 and 4 years respectively by the time of their marriage in February, 2013. Is the two Children of the 2nd wife(Z) are to be treated as dependents to the person (X) for extending the benefits like property/ benefits like Home Town/LTC or not. Kindly suggest.


asked On 18 December 2014 at 16:24

Splitting of flat

i own property in co-operative housing society having one agreement as flat 1&2.
i want to split into two separate agreement as flat1 and flat2.
what is procedure?
Is co-operative society permission needed?


asked On 18 December 2014 at 16:16

Solvency Certificate from builder.

Someone pls make me understand abt this certificate issued from a bank for Rs 3.5 crores in favour of builder.
How much is he capable for reconstruction of old building in Mumbai suburb. ( present building is ground plus 3 floors. After redevelopment 12 floors.)

Karumuri Surendra

asked On 18 December 2014 at 15:57

Join senior lawyer to learn court practice is must or not


After getting a membership from AIBE, directly receive cases and argue the same or some time practice as a Junior Lawyer under a Senior Lawyer is must or not

Please advise the essentials of a New Lawyer.

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