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asked On 29 May 2015 at 17:27

Input service tax adjusted against excise duty payment

Dear Sir,

can you explain in details adjustment of input service tax against payment of central excise duty & what is the process to adjust the input service tax & time bound for service tax credit.

1)input service is taken for advertisement,telephone bill,commission bill on cc loan & rent of the factory of the product.
2)for the month of dec-14 we forgot to take adjust of all the input service tax bill,can we now adjust remaining input service bill against excise duty payment for the month of may15, (note-advertisement bill is not yet paid to the vendor)


asked On 29 May 2015 at 17:16

Residential to commercial

Sir/ Madam,

I want to buy a property in Kolkata. It is in residential area, but I want to use it for commercial purpose. What do I need to do for it. Can I start the business right away or I will have to take permission from the corporation.

Please help me.



asked On 29 May 2015 at 16:46

Pay fixation in direct recuitment

Respected Sir,
I am really impressed your answers to the queries raised by other employees who are having critical doubt on service matters.
I need to seek your kind help and suggestion to proceed further on fixation of my salary. The following few points will facilitate to you to extend your expert advise in this matter.
1. A State GOVT PSU had advertised for the post of Director (Finance) on 23.05.2009.
2. In response to the above advertisement I had applied for the said post through proper channel.
2. Based on my eligibility the company had invited me for the interview on 09.07.2009. The company did not issued appointment order immediately.
3.State Government had issued a direction on 14.10.2009 & 6.6.2012 to the company to appoint me to the said post.
4. The company has issued appointment order on 19.01.2015 for the said post.
5. Reported for the duty during February 2015.
My humble request you kindly advise me on the following points.
a. There is delay in issue of appointment order more than six years by the employer and no fault from my side. therefore, Salary has to be fixed from the date of issue of direction/order issued by Government from 14.10.2009.
b. I had forwarded my application through proper channel and I was in the central Government Pay scale of 37400- 67000 with Grade pay of 8700/- my total grass salary drawn during January 2012 was Rs.94,890/-
(under central Government pay scales)
c. Presently I am drawing salary of Rs.88460/- in the present organisation (State Government organisation) with their minimum pay-scale.

d. Kindly advise me whether I am entitle for additional increment for the six years from the date of issue of direction from Government on 14.10.2009 & 6.6.2012.
e. The company has delayed to issue of appointment order with one or the other reasons more the six years.
f. My present salary is lesser than the earlier salary drawn by me.
g. Kindly advise me under which provision I can request our employer to protect my salary. Intentionally, my employer had delayed more than six years to issue appointment order.

I will wait for your kind advise in this regard.
Thanking you sir,


Jatin Biswakarma

asked On 29 May 2015 at 15:51

Epf query

Dear Experts...this is a real situation...please wants to reduce its future PF burden after considering increment in basic salary.

Company is paying PF on the Full Basic Salary, say on 26,000/-. There are other components in addition to this basic also. Can the company frame a policy to pay PF only upto the statutory limit i.e. on 15,000/- instead of entire basic of 26,000/- which every year increases after increment.

Please give reference of relevant section or precedents if possible. If yes, then what will be the procedure to be followed by the company?


asked On 29 May 2015 at 15:42


Dear Expert,

Please could you tell me-What is the cost/fees for Confirmation deed will charge by Karnataka Government?

Thanks & Regards,
Parameshwar P

vandana bhandar

asked On 29 May 2015 at 15:25

Complaint not resolved by mcgm relating to assessment record unlawfully changed

MCMG has changed name of the party in the property tax assessment record without notice to the original party and without hearing the original party in the year 2005. Now I complained to the MCGM but it is not resolving my complaint by way of reinstating the name of the original party. The Mcgm is telling me to submit latest PR card to resolve the transfer of property matter. The answer given by the MCGM is irrelevant as my issue is not of transfer of property but to reinstate the name of the original party that was wrongly deleted from record on the basis of letter of a person who has no right over the property. Please guide what remedy I have against the MCGM


asked On 29 May 2015 at 15:22

Quashing of domestic violence act on basis of mutual compromise

Respected Jurists and Learned Experts,

Kindly help and provide me Judgment/s or case no. through which the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and / or the Hon’ble High Court/s they have quashed the DV Act on grounds of mutual compromise or permitted withdrawal of the DV Act case.
My mail id is –
I shall be ever grateful to you.
Thanking you,

– Ritesh Ranjan

Madhu Mittal

asked On 29 May 2015 at 14:17

To know effectiveness of bill no 151 of 2015

To know effectiveness of bill no 151 of 2015

Respected Sirs,

I am enclosing copy of bill no. 151 of 2015 published in the Gazette of India dated 06.05.2015

Please let me know whether it is already effective from 06.05.2015 or yet to be effective from any other later date.
I could not attach the file here so I have attached it at


asked On 29 May 2015 at 14:15

Dissolution of a partnership firm on death of other partner

In a legal partnership of 2 partners, 1 partner died in June,2013. The alive partner made a dissolution deed in the next month, but legal heirs of deceased partner didn't signed the same. Legal heirs also got some nominal amount as standing credit to the deceased partner's capital A/c. Alive partner continued the same business as a proprietory, without giving any heed to legal heirs of deceased.
In this case, what about the share of deceased partner in assets of the firm & his liabilities?
Without any dissolution deed can alive partner continue the business in his own name?
What procedure should legal hairs of deceased partners follow now, for their rights & share in assets of the firm?


asked On 29 May 2015 at 11:39

Review or rectification of order of judge


i am wife and i filed case for restitution as per sec 9 of Hindu act and my husband file in reply sec 13 for divorce .

our both application are dismissed .
as i m not have any advocate i am fitting my case by my own the reason given for dissmissed my application is like

"find that the respondent has dropped
the petitioner-wife at her father's place on 2.4.2011. Since then
there is no move to bring her back. As the petitioner-wife has
conducted this matter in-person in spite of several suggestions
from the Court to engage a lawyer, she has done a great job
though she recorded lengthy pleadings and cross-examination.
However, she has not been able to bring on record the relevant
evidence pertaining to her case of restitution of conjugal rights,
as contemplated under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act,
1955. She has given all possible dates and events. However,
she has failed to state the date of her final separation from the
respondent-husband. Therefore, I cannot gather as to what
exactly transpired on 2.4.2011. Even the said date is available
from her father's evidence. As already expressed by me earlier,
her father's evidence is an improvement of her case. When the
petitioner herself, a highly educated lady has failed to describe
the events of her separation from the husband and has not
53 A-1655/2012/J.
even specified the date of separation, it is hardly possible to
arrive at a conclusion as to whether she left the matrimonial
home on her own or whether she was left at her father's house
by the respondent, is an ambiguous aspect.
95. From the husband's lengthy evidence which runs in
39 pages, it can be seen that on 2.4.2011 when he was
watching India Vs. Pakistan World Cup Match with his friends
and India had won, he and his friends went out to celebrate the
victory when the petitioner had phoned him to come home early
and he told her that he would return after one hour. To this, she
is said to have got hysterical and went on phoning him, a record
of 50 times in that short span and this embarrassed him. Even
he does not categorically say anything about what exactly
transpired on 2.4.2011, the day on which they had separated. I,
therefore, find that the petitioner-wife has not been able to
convince this Court as to what incident transpired and since
when exactly she is residing away from the husband, so also as
to whether there is any animus deserendi, the intention to put
an end to the marital ties from the husband or whether it is of
her own volition, has not been established by her either. She
has not said as to what effort she made to go back to her
matrimonial home after 2.4.2011 till she filed the petition for
restitution of conjugal rights, on 18.7.2012.
96. Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 reads as
Section 9 :- Restitution of conjugal rights
“When either the husband or the wife has, without
reasonable excuse, withdrawn from the society of
the other, the aggrieved party may apply, by
petition to the district Court, for restitution of
conjugal rights and the Court, on being satisfied of
the truth of the statements made in such petition
and that there is no legal ground why the
application should not be granted, may decree
restitution of conjugal rights accordingly.”
The petitioner's(wife) father has categorically
deposed that she and her mother had gone to bring back her
belongings from the matrimonial home and that the son-in-law
had earlier brought only two pairs of her clothes. This shows
that the wife has disclosed her intention not to continue in the
matrimonial home and not the husband. This coupled with the
fact that the petitioner's father has categorically deposed
that he did not make any effort to bring about compromise
between the parties, I find that the petitioner-wife has also
failed to prove that the respondent has withdrawn from her
society without reasonable excuse and hence I answer Issue
No.1 in the Negative."

as definitely in my filling date not mentioned but in argument written i have given full info still dismissed.

so my ?? is what further steps i have to take to rectify mistake or option is to go at high court only i am attaching here my order copy also and my wriiten argument copy .

pls go through it and suggest me best way to win case in same court .

pls ....

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