I entered into a written agreement with an agent for certain services related to development and maintainance of a property
Besides the written agreement, he promised orally a few additional services which he has not provided
When questioned now , he denies having promised any such thing
I have a few strong cercumstantial evidences (an inference to connect to his verbal assurances ) with me to prove my case Will it be acceptable in consumer forum
Is this adequate to hold the Agent committing "Deficiency in services" in the consumer Forum consumer forum

24 June 2017 at 21:10

Appeal in high court lucknow

125 crpc case has decided in favor of my ex-wife (divorced) in spite of submission of so many documents as evidence and written arguments before the ADJ/family court (lady judge). I need a good lawyer at lucknow for Appeal in High Court Lucknow,Bench.
Kindly help me.

I have worked a limited company period of 4yrs 301 close their division. released me 13/5/2016.& released all the staff. not giving my gratuity money.They are saying I am not eligible for gratuity help me

(1) If the Trade Mark Was Not Use For The Period of More Than Seven Consecutive Years , Weather It's Registration Automatically Gets Cancelled or Liable To Get Cancelled As Per The Trade and Merchandised Mark Act 1958 ?

(2) If The Particular Copyrighted Artistic Work Was Not In Use For The Period of More Than Seven Consecutive Years , Weather The Said Copyrighted Extract Consideration Gets Automatically Cancelled or Liable To Get Cancelled as per The Copyright Act 1957 ?

Respected sir, My daughter has now been married and she is bank employee. She wants to apply for new post through SSC CGL. She has already OBC certificate (NCL) issued on 23.6.2015 from Tehsildar/Sadar/Allahabad. Kindly let me know whether she can still apply as a candidate of OBC (NCL). If yes, she will require fresh certificate as existing certificate is will not serve the purpose. Now, her marital status, residential address (Allahabad of UP to Delhi-East) & income (includes her husband's income) have been changed; will there be any other format of such certificate. From where such certicate should have been issued. Kindly give priority and oblige.

24 June 2017 at 18:55

writ petition against cat order

an order passed by cat was accepted and implemented by the department. can the department now file a wrot petotion that to after 2and half years.

In a bonafide requirement eviction suit, if tenant did not file Leave to defend application within 15 days,

1)what happen ?
2) eviction order pass on 1st date ?
3) How much time tenant be given to evict shop ?
4) If he did not evict shop after time, do I have to file new case for eviction ? If yes, how many dates it will take ? Again 3-4 months long date ?

24 June 2017 at 14:51

Loksahidin court matter query

Sir, is there any law,rule, GR,documentional proof,written docuent for refuse loksahidin apple which is in court.

24 June 2017 at 14:46

Tenent issue

Dear Team,
I have bought my brother’s property having a shop for the sale consideration and duly registered recently. The said shop was let out 20 years back and tenant is paying rent regularly to my brother. I made intimation verbally to the tenant and he is now demanding that he made some alteration to the shop after getting oral consent with my brother (my brother is denying the same and he himself made it for his business purpose) and he wants me to pay/ mentioned the expenses as advance in the new rental agreement. Moreover, my brother made agreement wherein there is a clause that the tenant has to obtain written consent from the lessor for any alteration to be done. Kindly guide us.

Best regards

Sir/Mam, I am employed in Air Force Canteen, Bamrauli, Allahabad which is governed by Air Force Official but as a private firm. e.g. My firm is a private firm which nature of work is a retailing. As per meaning of appropriate government of the Minimum Wages Act, it falls under central government that means I should get the rates of MWR of Central government but the SHOP is not a scheduled employment of central government. THE SHOP is listed in stage government scheduled employment. I REQUIRED A JUDGMENT WHICH WOULD BE PASSED IN FAVOUR OF ME I.E. A JUDGMENT MUST BE GIVEN TO APPLY MWR OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT WHETHER THE INDUSTRY NOT FALLS IN SCHEDULED EMPLOYMENT OF SAME GOVERNMENT RELATING TO MY CASE. I will highly oblige to you. Thanks


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