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asked On 07 July 2015 at 13:28

Epf by contractors employer.

If a contractor is having 7 employees against a certain contract with PSU, is he liable to deduct EPF against the 7 employees as per PF act.

The numbers of employee is below the minimum requirement as per PF act. However, PSU is not releasing bills as EPF not deposited for mentioned 7 employees.

Sita Vallabhav

asked On 07 July 2015 at 11:49

Regarding a will of a property

Respected learned professionals,

Brothers Vishnu, Mahesh, Ram, & Ganesh got their fathers property partioned in 1959 by registered partitioned deed.

In this partition, property of Mahesh and Ganesh is kept as joint property in the name of Mahesh and Ganesh together.

Mahesh was unmarried and he died on 1969 at the age of around 50.

This joint property is enjoyed by Ganesh and his family since the death of Mahesh who died unmarried.

All other brothers : Vishnu, Ram and Ganesh were married and has family and children. Vishnu, Ram and Ganesh have died.

Now, in 2015, the family of Vishnu and Ram approches ganesh's family demanding partition of the share of Mahesh for them claiming they are co-owners of the property.

But Ganesh's family tells them that, Mahesh under the will dated 1967 bequethed whole of his property in the joint holding to Ganesh only.

The will wrritten in 1967 is non registered but witnessed by two persons. The two witnesses are not alive now.

Family of Vishnu and Ram doubt the authenticity of the Will.

Now my doubt is, if the family of Ram and Vishnu approch court for partition suit, hether thy can challenge the auticity of the will as it is no registered.

Or how Ganesh's family prove the authenticity of the will as it is not registered and the witness have died now.

please enlighten me sirs...,


asked On 07 July 2015 at 11:23

498a case withdraw

1)498a/406/34 filed in 2012
2)Husband filed quash in high court
3)2014 , dispitute resolved , husband did not move with quash
4)wife filed "mutual settlement" pettition to public procecuter
5)charge yet not frame

My question is
1)Is it possible to withdraw the case in lower court ?
2)Lawyer saying it will take 4/5 years to complete , is it true ?

A R Jain

asked On 07 July 2015 at 10:52

Whats the next step for relief ??

25.3.2015 a person commited suicide with whom we had pure business relation
26.03.2015 his wife filed a fir against me (suicide note has been found) police filed against IPC 306
29.05.2015 we applied for Anticipatory bail @ session court (Rejected)
18.06.2015 we applied for Anticipatory bail @ high court (Rejected) reason documents was not proper and IO gave note next day when court have asked.
Charges sheet not filed. We have some call recording to prove the dealing was good and smooth.
We have been totally misguided What to do next ?? Required your advice and HELP

Quashing of FIR (for stay of arrest) Appeal SC for anticipatory bail Surrender before magistrate and ask for regular bail


asked On 07 July 2015 at 09:41

Authority (c.a) not given to court by opponent


I am the Defendant and original landlord who put this case died a while back. His wife & son is taking the case forward. There were a few court hearings after that, but my lawyer just realized that his son has not submitted authority (C.A) for his mother(original landlord's wife) to the court. She never visits the court.

My lawyer suggesting that we will just raise this point and continue with case. But shouldn't the case be halted as the authority is never submitted to court and wife of original landlord has never visited court after his death?

Rohan Totlani

asked On 07 July 2015 at 08:45

Documents with registration department

i have a shop whose documents are there with the registration department since 1998. i have paid the registration fees. How do i get them back? do i have to pay any penalties?


asked On 07 July 2015 at 08:41

To know status of complaint

i had given complaint against a air hostess regarding her marriage certificate forged.To join in air India or Indian air lines they must be unmarried.
with all evidences applied in the month of February 2015,so far know action.
your advice pl


asked On 07 July 2015 at 06:55

settlement compromise deed HMA

Under HMA section 9 the petitioner wife had entered a settlement deed in 10/2014 with husband. In meditation centre of respective Distt court.and on that basis MCD 13B was filed in said court after withdrawing (subject to compromise)her dv case and u/s 125 (at that time interim mtc.stands granted and under Dv case, visiting rights to visit her only 7 year minor son who is living with husband family ,stands granted]
No alimony amount was sought by wife as per settlement deed .In second motion,husband gave statement that he acted as per compromise but wife refused for divorce giving statement that husband has not acted as per compromise terms .The DJ, in 2 motion dismissed divorce application. Wife filed execution proceedings. Before it,Husband never challenged divorce 13 B. In execution proceedings, judge is saying � settlement compromise deeds� have no legal sanctity".whereas,.(the settlement deed is penned with the efforts under the court appointed mediator,witnessed by father of both litigants and respective counsels, with signatures)
The deed centred around only child of litigants and wherein wife preferred child instead of alimony) Moreover, it is also signed by husband in the said settlement deed , that in case husband backs out terms of settlement deeds, the wife' right to reopen all pending cases along with child custody, against him
Under the above context, is the judge' observation is correct ,if so,What next wife (petitoner] can expect?
Please guide me


asked On 07 July 2015 at 01:45

How t in delhi high court against lower court order

My daughter(hindu) married to a muslim boy in 2005.
Tortured for 6-7 yrs. have 2 girls. He absconded with elder girl and left the house after saying 'talak' to wife 4 yrs back. leaving less than year kid to her fate with mother. last 4 yrs we were sending her money for maintenance and court expenses. she was just there to attend the court case which he put for the possession of 2nd child. during child's vacation she came to parents house in Karnataka by informing the court. Delhi lower court passed order to present the child to court on 29th of June '15, once finish the school vacation. My daughter was sick during her stay in karnataka and certificates submitted through the lawyer to court. but ignoring all this court passed order in petitioner's(father)favour on silly ground that date is not clear and told him to take a custody of child by going to parents house!
How to get stay for the order and in which court. Please give me expert opinion. How we can go about it. Any expert lawyer who can take stay order from high court etc...


asked On 07 July 2015 at 01:27

Whether my demand is legitimate in the eyes of law?

Respected Sirs,
I am an employee of a sick industry which declared by BIFR under revival scheme provided by the sick company and ultimately sanctioned by the BIFR. Sir my designation is Executive Officer. I have given so many letters to the company for rejoining my duty. I have been asked indirectly from the management to give resignation from my service. But I have decided to see the last. The company declared sick on 2011 or 2012. Though I have a copy of such order where the BIFR declared the company sick. The company is under suspension of work since 2005 November. BIFR asked the company to resume their operation. The company desire to run the company with a limited manpower. I have written them to take me and to allow me to resume my duty. But they do not bother to give any reply of my letter. But till date I have not been terminated from the company. Still at least 20 or more employees are there who have not given any resignation. I have no any idea about them. As per the BIFR order it has been mentioned there.
Sir I want to know if I want to reinstate in my job or settle my account whether my demand will be legitimate in the eyes of law.
Sir please guide me in this regard as I am running through very poor financial condition. I have no such enough money to fight against the company.

Sir please guide and help me. I will be very grateful to you for such help.
I also appeal to the honourable judge of the Supreme Court or High Court to advice me.

Waiting for your early reply.

Biswajit Sengupta

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