16 January 2018 at 12:50

Negotiable instruments act

Dear sirs Namaskar

I am Ajay Kranthi Singh Thakur Advocate practicing at Peddapalli Town and District of Telangana State.

My client has received check bounce case notice from Hon'ble MM, Saketh Court, New Delhi and the said case is posted on 20-08-2018 for his appearance.

Above said case was compromised out side the court and payment also has received by complainant company.

My doubt is that as the case is compromised out side the court, is it necessary to appear by my client before the Hob'ble court on 20-01-2018.

I do not know the rules of Delhi Courts. Please clear my doubt about the presence of the accused on the date of appearance.

If possible please clarify my doubt by today itself, because we have to book our train tickets by tomorrow in tatkal.

Thanking you sir,

Yours friendly

Thakur Ajay Kranthi Singh,

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My paternal Aunty (my father's younger sister) filed a partition suit in the year 2000 under Andhra Pradesh NTR Rule (NTR GOVT INITIATED THIS PROVISION OF PROPERTY RIGHT FOR WOMAN 1985 AFTER THAT THE HINDU SUCCESSION ACT WAS AMENDED IN SEPT 2005). While filing the partition suit she obtained permission from the Civil Court under Order II Rule 2 to reserve her right to file another suit for one of the joint properties which is under position of oil company. the initial suit was preliminary decreed and appeals are pending at High Court. However till date (17 years) she didn't initiate any legal proceedings against us and as well as oil company. Now, the question is what is the time frame to file another suit by my paternal aunty. We already initiated a eviction suit against oil company, whether my paternal aunty is the necessary party in the eviction suit. Please provide rule position and concerned judgments. Thanks.

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16 January 2018 at 12:25

Pending completion report and sell deed

Dear Experts,
We are an apartment of 32 flats. Agreement between the builder and land owners for developing the land is for 100 years. The builder died after completing the construction work. We are residing in the flats since last 10 years. The completion and hence sell deed is still pending.
When we approached the Municipal Corporation, we found that plan submitted and the actual constriction on site are not matching. Some flats were not in the plan submitted to the Corporation. Now the corporation says, pay penalty and get completion certificate. But the problem is : there is a conflict on who will pay the penalty. Some owners are asking to distribute it equally and some are saying it should be imposed only on the owners whose flats are not sanctioned.
What is the legal procedure to pay the penalty and complete the further formalities to ultimately have our names on the property card?

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Hello Experts,
I was fighting a criminal case (IPC 376). After the court recorded statement of first witness, I decided to appear in person (party-in-person) in the matter. The court also allowed me. Eventually, I was acquitted. The court announced judgement and gave order. In the order, name of my lawyer has appeared. And the court has not mentioned anywhere in the order that the accused has appeared in person.
Now, to get a certificate/letter from the court saying I have fought the case in person, what can I do?

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A person died without making the will leaving behind Two son X and Y and two daughter A and B and a wife , a person belong to Hindu , Elder son X expired , the person wife Expired the only survivor left are Son Y and two daughter A and B.

First Son X ( Deceased ) has one son , one daughter and Wife , now the property need to be transferred to First son X legal heirs

Question : 1) Do we have to get the succession certificate from the court.
2) or we can make the relinquishment deed and get it registered from Son Y and two daughter A and B in favour of First son X 's legal heirs.

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16 January 2018 at 10:52

Family issues

Sir my mother-in-law is Force my wife and convincing thsuppo

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i was caught drunk driving with 87 reading on breath analyzer in aug 2015 ,my vehicle was seized,license revoked for 3 months and i had to go to court paying a fine of 2000 to get my vehice released .. Will this be recored in my criminal record and affect my chances of joining UPSC civil services/IAS exam?

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16 January 2018 at 09:56

Recovery of amount reg

Dear Sir, I have made land sale agreement with vendor in 2014 but he fails to register the land I wait for a year for registration but he is in absconding so finally I file a suit against him for my recovery of amount but still now the case is going on I am I want to know whether any fast way is there in my case to recover my advocate is saying it will take time we have to wait since 4 years it is running so please tell me any other way is there to proceed.

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15 January 2018 at 20:39


there are 4 defendants in one case and the plaintiff lawyer not noticed that only one member was appointed the lawyer then it is possible in the middle of proceddings to exparte them

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I have issued marriage certificate as my name is dinesh methani and my wife name is Neha burani (her name and surname is same that was before her marriage ) , so what I have to do for make her name to Neha methani and what details I have to change in Aadhar card ?

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