22 September 2019 at 17:18

Division of property

Dear Sir

My mother in law who was a joint owner in the property ( House ) alongwith my Father in Law has died. Bothe were joint owners.

They have 3 daughters (which includes my wife ) I want to know how the property get divided now.
Is it that my Father in Law gets 50% share of the property plus equal in remaining share of my mother in law along with 3 daughters


He only gets 50% being joint owner and rest 50% gets divided into 3 daughters.


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21 September 2019 at 23:23

Usage of trade mark registered in india


Can a Trade Mart Registered by a company in India be used by USA/UK companies in there country ie. usa/uk?

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21 September 2019 at 20:48

Contractual nursing staff duties

Can the authorities of government hospital force Contractual Nurses to do 3 or 4 duties a week (12 hrs) i.e alternate day night duties. With no Casual leave.

Is there any legal guidelines regarding night duty hours for nurses in government hospital.


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21 September 2019 at 14:20

Bond money waiver


I am cut working as an AM in Wns, and want to leave the company on marriage terms as it is fixed and I want to shift to other place. During my joining I signed a bond of 1yr and 6months but I want to leave few months before my bond ends. I am currently serving my 2months notice period and the hr is not ready to waive off my bond instead they a asking for 50,000 rupees if I want my experience letter.
Can I get my letter without paying the amount and leave the organisation?

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Hello Sir,
In one criminal complaint , the Police Officer has submitted the documents u/s 202 of crpc after inquiry but those documents (evidence) has not been exhibited yet even after 4-5 months of its submissions into the court.
Could you please let me know, when the evidence documents need to be exhibited in the criminal complaints ?

Thank you...

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20 September 2019 at 14:07

Removal of construction shed

Namaste Sir,

My colleague and myself purchased DC converted site individually in Bangalore in 2004

My site no is 52 ( Registered in my name )
Colleague site no is 51 ( Registered in my Colleague name )

My colleague during his house construction in 2011 has put construction Shed in my site no 52 to store materials.
After his house construction he did not removed shed in my site. But i asked him to remove the shed but for which he assured once his first floor house construction begins he will remove shed in my site.

As days rolled on he planted guava , Drumstick trees with flower plants. Since he was my colleague i did not objected.
Now its time for me to get his shed removed from my site no 52, For which my colleague is reluctant to remove the shed in my site which is causing inconvenience to me.

PLease advice me

Hari Konanur

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19 September 2019 at 20:48

Conditional will

Sirs, My grandfather had made a will in favour of his four sons for equal distribution of agriculture land in Rajasthan. One of the condition of the wiil was that "if any brother intend to sell his part to any oerson other than his brothers, his share will be forefeited and that part shall be devided among other brothes" The will was not effected by his sons during their lifetime,by division of the land. And now all the sons had expired leaving the land undivided. My question is that..."whether the above condition shall also be applicable to grandsons or great grandsons" - whether they can sell the land to any other person outside the family of mt Grandfather

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19 September 2019 at 12:37

Rcr case filled - unable to file divorce

Dear Sirs/Madam.
RCR has been filed on 06-06-2018 and I have been in separation from wife since 10.11.2017. She has no interest to rejoin, whereas she is misguided by her counsel and they are intending to get orders for money around tally of 22 lakhs (marriage exp+reception exps+ engagement exps+house warming etc). Now we are nearing minimum separation of 2 years and I also not willing to live with her anymore. But im in a situation of not filling divorce where she is expecting me to file and steal money with orders by court. She also filled IA -Articles return with back up of utensils –incl (spoons-small 8, big 2 as such). This shows how money minded she is. Please advise how to rescue from her. I have accepted to return her articles but they're arguing they'll take the property only if orders passed for IA and they're tempting us to file divorce under cruelty. Oppn counsel is dragging the case as much for money. Please help me how to defend from her claim of marriage exp etc which is not been able to reimburse.


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18 September 2019 at 13:02

Regarding report of handwriting expert

there are two handwriting reports in the case . first was done by private handwriting expert by complainant and second one done by police under investigation order by magistrate on the basis of complaint. both report are saying signature is different on document and actual signature of complainant . we are for accused side . they have only this ground to plead . the case is at the stage of framing of charge. can we demand now private expert report from ourside. how can court charged accused on the basis of handwrting expert report which is weak in nature and corrobarative. all other things are in my client favour like complainant admit in his statement he took the money but he his saying he took the money to supply the water to the field of accused. there are various things. he made the complaint for register a case under section 420 ,465,467 and 471 of IPC. this case is from madhya pradesh . according to state amendment 465 467 471 is session trial. we want accused should be discharged under 465,467and 471 so the matter can goes to magistrate court which will be easy. even my client is having ex parte decree in his favour which is till now does not set aside. please suggest some remedy.

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My friend Mr. Rajagopal owns a flat in a co-operative housing society in Mumbai. His father purchased the flat in 1959. He died in 1965. The flat was allotted to Mr. Rajagopal in 1965 as the nominee of his father. There was no registration or stamp duty during those days for the purchase-sale or transfer of co-operative society shares and flats. Everything was done within the society only and whatever records are in Society's office only. Now my friend wants to sell the flat. From where and how shall he obtain non-encumbrance certificate? For obvious reasons there is no record of transfer of the flat in the sub-registrar's office.

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