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Debasish karmakar

asked On 01 May 2017 at 00:49

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Lock in period in leave and license agreement

Whether a licensor can ask the licensee to vacat his premises after expiry of lock in period 3 months during the tenure of leave and license for the period of 11 months. The leave and license agreement is made for 11 months and it is still continuing. The licensor issued a one month notice to the licensee asking him to vacate the premises. What should I do against their act and is there any interim relief or should I go before the Civil Court or should I file any SUIT.WHAT IS THE RELIEF.

sachin gupta

asked On 01 May 2017 at 00:27

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false 498a

Sir my wife report to police station with false dowry and home voilance case. What i can do. She report all of my family member name in it.


asked On 30 April 2017 at 23:48

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Cruelty by wife

Wife went with girl child 5 yrs old to her uncle's house where her mother lives. I called her to enquire about the health of child, I could hear her mother instructing her not to say anything. I scolded her and her mother for that, and switched off the phone for 1 day. She did not come to our house after 4 days as she had told earlier. No phone call from her. child often catches cold that results in life threatening wheezing and pneumonia. I could not call her or go to her uncle's house because she and her mother insult me there. It is 15 days since the incident. I am deprived of seeing the child. She and her mother beat the child often. What can I do?

Ansh sharma

asked On 30 April 2017 at 18:22

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Cheque issued by Directors from partnership firm

Sir need your help we are many people stuck in legal battle with a fraudulent person who was well versed in law and is we are all fighting legal battle against him but loosing.

Mr Amit sarup ans Mr pradeep sachdeva posed as partners of a company M/s Pritika fashions and gave me a franchise for my store in indirapuram, i was to be paid 35% commission in sales and had the right to take out my profit from the store. It was clearly mentioned that brand PRITIKA is registered brand of this company and only this company has rights to open any new store of PRITIKA.
Soon after they approached me for a store in Rajori garden of Pritika, and took 26 lacs from me and wrote on the cheque that "taking this money for store of Pritika", the money was taken this time in account of new company with same name as PRITIKA FASHIONS pvt ltd(in which they r Directors), and we were told that they have converted pritika fashions a partnership firm into pvt ltd company.
After taking money he started asking for more money, And also showed an article in popular business magazine which had ad of PRITIKA FASHIONS pvt ltd using logo of PRITIKA FASHIONS and also his interview with same logo(thus making both appear as the same company).
Under pressure i gave 4 lacs more, and then he provided an MOU with PRITIKA FASHIONS pvt ltd for a store in kamla nagar instead of Rajori garden. Money was taken as REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT and was taken in the name of company(Directors signing so treated as agents of company).
Anyways cut the long story short, didn't give any returns and than closed the store and meanwhile transferred all property in wife's name.
I filed FIR and on the basis of FIR it was found REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT has gone into another partnership firm of his and his wife, and into his personal account, also he has also transferred all properties in the name of his wife.
I also filed a civil fraud on him and his wife and partner(after he had transferred all in his wife's name around 3cr worth properties).
Now he is saying wife had nothing to do with the case and was only a vendor.
Problem is he has kept nothing in his name.
I also have a mail forwarded by him to me from that company, which is a mail sent to both him and his wife, the mail was of sales record of my first outlet. (I.e internal mail of sales record showing showroom was run by both of them).
If he looses case and claims bankruptcy, can i challenge the transfer of property after agreement but before case filed, in the name of his wife by him, who is also a beneficiary of REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT transfer, and was also running store 1. Company has long been shut and no scope of recovery from company.

Mohammed Shaikh

asked On 30 April 2017 at 17:17

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Execution of a will

A Muslim client of An advocate who is also the executor of the Will. Before the death of his few days before he handed over the copy of the said Will to the Clients son. The son lodged false complaint with the police that the will is forged and bogus however the original will is in the advocates custody and not yet lodged for probate.

Can any advocate handover the copy of the will to his before the death of the testator? will this act go against the Advocate if the son says that the will is forged? what will be the courts view?


Mohammed Shaikh


asked On 30 April 2017 at 14:22

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Local ito not processing my tax retification and refund

Respected Godfather of Law,

First of all I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to guide us and provide us your valuable suggestion. Hands off to all of you for your valuable time and suggestion.

I'm facing one another problem related to my income tax rectification. I observed in my form 16 for the assessment year 2016-17 that the HRA has not been considered by my company and excess tax has been filed mistakenly. I have requested the rectification for the same on 10-03-2017 and file has been forwarded to my local jurisdiction Bihar Sharif, Bihar. I contacted them and Since I'm working in Coimbatore I asked my brother to get the details and status but the problem is the ITO officer is not responding properly and they are always asking him to come on another day. After that I filed RTI on 06.04.017 to Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCA) , Patna to know the status of my tax rectification.

Now I need suggestion that as per RTI Act 2005 will I get any help from RTI on this and how many days RTI could take to provide me the information. Also how I can proceed further here in this case. Will I be able to get the excess tax paid or not?

Please let me know for any further details.

Once again Thanks for your time and have a good day!

Excellent job!

Rohit Kumar.


asked On 30 April 2017 at 10:15

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cctv cameras installed by the one of our neighbour

I am staying in a rented house in bangalore which is 2 floor building i am staying in 2nd floor and 1st floor is also given letout (since 3 months they are staying) both the floors owners are different but relatives only . the family who are staying in 1st floor are creating nuisence and now they instaled cctv to cover the staircase and enterance to watch our moments i have doubt they can misuse the videos. So my question is can i raise to objection to installing that cctv

Surendra Gutgutia

asked On 30 April 2017 at 06:52

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Limit of cash amount which can be received on cash sale

Dear Sir
There is a lot of confusion on account of cash amount which can be received on account of any cash sale. Some saying it is two lakh in a single day from a single buyer.

Please clarify

Mohammed Vaid

asked On 30 April 2017 at 01:28

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Second marriage

My brother in law is going ahead with second marriage. I need to know is there any provision in law where i can get any surety from him for my sister's future expenses and her children.
I need a legal surety for her since I don't believe in him.
He is not divorcing her but I fear that he may not meet her expenses in future post his second marriage.


asked On 30 April 2017 at 00:39

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Reg-constitutions of india

is in india two constitutions exists, one for whole of india and other for jammu and kashmir. Why jammu & kashmir is treated not a part of india for many purpose and specially for taxable purpose it is considered non- taxable territory.There is need for its removal as if we treat them alien then how we expect patriotism from all.... i know this is not a legal issue but i think our lawyer can act as a mediator to remove article 370 and unite india.

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