24 October 2017 at 02:36

Compromise cheque bounced

In January a compromis in take place in civil suit but the chque given during compromis has been returned by bank due to insufficient fund. Should i file 138 case or should i file execution of that civil case or both

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A friend of mine works for a PSU, and he was promoted and the result published on website. Now management claims that he was not eligible for promotion as it has not been two years since the conclusion of inquiry in which two increments were permanently withheld. Can this actually be done?

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A friend of mine works for a PSU, and he was promoted and the result published on website. Now management claims that he was not eligible for promotion as it has not been two years since the conclusion of inquiry in which two increments were permanently withheld.

Can this actually be done?

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23 October 2017 at 20:25

Harassment by one of the reaident

Hi, I'm a chairman of a society in mumbai. One of our resident is continuously behind us for various reasons. 1st he launched an nc stating few committee members threatened him for life, then he went to registrar stating that members had over paid the tanker & taken cash from tanker owners, then he kept on going to registrar n pressurised them to take action on us. Registrar had asked for all the details n v provided it. Now he has asked registrar for 5 years re audit. We have received notice for re audit. Mean while election was conducted in society under registrar vigilance. Most of the members were re elected, Mr X was not elected. Now he says election was bogus. He has now given letter asking for 5yrs bank statement n expenses.
Kindly let me know what we committee can do in this case

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23 October 2017 at 19:37

Typing institute

Good morn sir, I need to keep new typing institute Sir in natham, dindigul dist., I don't know the procedure .. Please kindly guide me for starting typing Institute .. Thank u sir

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23 October 2017 at 19:36


Whether Notice U/s. 13(2) of SARFAESI can be issue if the security interest created has not been registered with the Central Registry

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23 October 2017 at 17:26

Regarding caste certificate.

Dear Sir,

My teacher wrote some b.c caste name in my T.C without my intervention while i was joining at 6th class( 30 years back) and that caste is continued thru my education. Actually i didn't belongs to that caste, now i am doing some private job, but i didn't get any benefits by using that b.c caste. At present i realized that i would like to mention my original caste name in my child T.C(my child is going to join 6th class. Is it possible now. I believe so many persons facing the same issue. Pleas advice. thanks in advance.

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23 October 2017 at 11:15

Transfer of flat on my mother name

Hello ,

My father died in 2009 , my sister and me are children (we both are married) , we want to transfer the flat to my mother name. My father has not done any will and flat was only registered on my father name.
please help on my below query -

1. how to transfer flat on my mother name , can society do this ? do we need to re-register flat on my mother name through registration office ?

2. without transferring flat on my mother name, can mother sale a flat if we both children provide NOC for sale of flat ? is it compulsory to get flat registration on my mother name before sale through registration office ?

please respond early .. thanks in advance

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Dear sir,

I have joined in a private company in last january 2017 and resigned & releaved on september 2017.
but in my F & F settlement they said that Rs 50000/- will be deducted as the relocation/Joining expenses incurred to me by the company and the balance will be paid. They said as per HR Policy/Manual this relocation expenses deduction will be done if the employee leaves the company within a year. Now i have gone through the HR policy this provision is there. This provision was not informed me by HR either oral or verbal during my interview process and offer letter.

My question is that, this is an important thing to disclose to the candidate during selection process so that candidate can take the decision to join or not. How outsider knows the HR policy before joining the company about the relocation expense deduction if the employee leaves the organisation.

They said after deducting the relocation/joining expenses, they are ready to release balance amount along with releaving letter, if i said ok. For this am not willing for deduction of relocation/joining expenses as they are not informed me either oral or verbal during my interview/Offer letter/Joining.

Your are requested to give your input, how to go ahead please.

Thanks & Regards
Chiranjeevi K

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It is about one of my friend who is a Sr. Citizen, about 67 yrs old and have no income for many years due to a criminal case (Police PW). After arrest all his properties, Bank A/c were seized by Mumbai Police. Complainant while the accused was in custody, able to obtain from MM many of his properties including cash money. After released on bail, accused challenged the order of MM in Sessions Court Mumbai and this court allowed return some properties to accused on submission of bond. Complainant filed a petition in Bombay High Court and was able to obtain a stay order. My friend being penniless and dependent on well wishers for living, did not follow up after stay order as he shifted to home town. Bombay High Court dismissed the complainants appliication in Jan 2016 but neither Mumbai Police informed him on this decision of Bombay High Court knowing well that he (accused) attending trial in Addl, CMM Court nor the complainant who represented High Court through his advocate returned the properties ordered to Mumbai Police knowing well of the rejection of his petition by Bombay High Court.
The accused came to know only a month ago about dismissal of the complainant's petition when as a matter of curiosity he went through Bombay High Courts website. How he can get back the properties allowed by Session Court Mumbai to him? How much he need to spend for certified copy of the session court & High Court orders ? He is penniless but to some extent we can assist him financially but we also have limitation as we, friends of accused, are also retired. Any sympathetic advocate will help and advise on the above on humanitarian ground?

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