20 July 2018 at 04:15

Civil miscellaneous appeal

Munsiff's court dismissed the injunction application for restraining defendants from encroaching the plaint schedule. Plaintiff filed CMA for setaside the order.and to make an order allowing the injunction petition. Is it necessary to file a fresh injunction application in the CMA to get the injunction or the appeal court can allow the application which was dismissed by the lower court,?

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20 July 2018 at 01:44

Transfer of agriculture land

Respected Sir,
We are native from Maharashtra. 5 years back my father retire from service and buy 30 gunta agriculture land in sharing (3 members, 10 gunta each) as my father pay for his share, and built a house on 3 gunta land with proper permission from authority (paid for NA of 3 gunta). Land was transfer on name of one person among them now my father want to transfer his share of land in his name, but as he do not have any agriculture land or farmer certificate. He apply for NA of the whole land, the process is in progress for last 1 year. Now six month back my grand father expired at the age of 96 years. He had a agriculture land tree bagicha in the same village in his name (around 3 acre). Now all the land will be transfer on my father,s name as my father is the only son.
I would like to ask that when my grand fathers agriculture land will transfer in my fathers name, can he apply for farmer certificate as around 50% of grand father land is agriculture land. And if yes what is the procedure. Second after getting farmer certificate can he transfer sharred piece of agriculture land (10 gunta) which he purched afetr retirement directly in his name. Please suggest.
Thanking You

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19 July 2018 at 23:48

Marriage issue

question to all learned and experienced advocates. if a man abandons his wife, police will catch him and put him in jail under various women favoring laws. what if wife abandons her husband what laws can be used against such wife ? what punishment can be given to such wife ?

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19 July 2018 at 23:34

Betterment charge

Who will pay betterment charges buyer(builder) or property owner?

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19 July 2018 at 22:49

Gift deef

My friend APPLIED FOR A SITE ON BDA IN his FATHERS NAME.. HE HAD APPLIED TO BDA PREVIOUSLY But did not get.... those days it was 100 rs regn fee... after that he left it... now recently i found this card and applied ... he will be bearing all the costs which will run > 25 lakhs... we are two brothers notbin good terms... is it posible to take allotted site as a gift deed in my name... bda normally 10 years lease and no selling... how to go about rhis... mother will agree.. brother may not... normal gift deed format is enough?

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19 July 2018 at 22:45

Mutation (dakhil khariz)

Dear sir, I have purchased a residential plot in Lucknow in 2014 but mutation yet not done by builder. Now can I make that process.

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19 July 2018 at 22:40

Mutation( dakhil khariz)

Dear sir, I have purchased a residential y

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My ex-husband and ex-FIL have illegally taken my bank account details through a high profile CFO of private firm who is a valued customer in the bank. They are already accused in theft case for stealing my jewels. They are greedy for money and they have taken my bank account details and statement from a private bank. I have filed complaint to the bank and to RBI online.Under what sections can the ex-husband and FIL be booked along with the bank employee who illegally gave my statement.

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As above subjected matter, how can draft a complaint,it's ingredients, and formet.

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Madam, Sir,

We had rented our place in Mumbai to a Academy to run their classes, for a year,they did not pay rent stating they are having losses and that all the rent would be paid after a year.

after passing of two years and no rent, we filed a recovery suit in the lower court in Mumbai that was ruled in our favour and the defendant was ordered by the court to pay the dues, the defendant said that he would pay the dues,but has not since date,its been 13 (thirteen) months.

we approached the higher court where our application was dismissed and was told to follow the order of the lower court.

we last heard that the accused defendant is hiding in Tamil nadu.

we cannot approach any higher court as they may dismiss it too.

can you tell me if we can pass an application in the same lower court (where the order was passed in our favour) asking for execution of the order after 13 months of passing the said order, can we ask the court to issue a arrest warrant aganist the accussed and cease his properties to recover the dues.

can i pass this application before another judge by filing this case afresh if i yet have any chance to execute this order.

kindly suggest a solution.

then i can appoint a senior lawyer on these points.

M. Sharma

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