19 August 2017 at 23:55

Sale agreement

Dear Experts
Greetings of the day.My question is regarding to land of uttar pradesh
My uncle made a registered POA power of attorney to my father for selling his share of land in year 1995
Now my father made a aggreement on stamp with witness to sell his share of land in my mother name in that year.
Now both my father and uncle are expired
And his sons are not willing to make a registerd sale.
Can we do something to get that agreement execued?
Thanks in advance

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We are a group of hobby motorcycle riders with a passion to ride and at times, ride out for a cause of society and support some initiatives like blood donation, hunger drive etc. We often have new riders join our club and ride with us to support the initiative. Ours is not a registered club and there is no such thing as registration fee. We always advise the riders to wear proper riding gear, encourage them to practice safe riding skills and also brief them on the risks associated during our briefings. Any expenses towards food and lodging are shared equally by all participating riders. Till now, by God's mercy, all of us had a good journey and a safe return home. The group administrators are contemplating on a free registration process with an indemnity bond for all future rides, henceforth, for all riders participating including themselves. As our club is not a registered firm, we would like to understand on how to have an indemnity bond where motorcycle riders declare their willingness to participate full knowing the risks involved and not involve any club members later, for any life threatening causalities which occur to them due to unforeseen circumstances during the journey. Should such an indemnity bond or document be executed on non-judicial stamp paper and be notarised. We don't intend to register the club as this is not a full time activity and also, the club is seen as only an association of like minded people with an intention to serve and a passion to ride. Kindly advise on the precautions to consider as we go forward.

Thanks and Regards,
Ravi Rajashekhar

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19 August 2017 at 21:33

Query related to arbitration matter

My question related to Arbitration is as follows....
Point 1
The basic crucial feature of Arbitration is that, The Arbitration matter takes place out of the courts due good number of advantages, In it the parties to the case hire a arbitrator who acts as a mediator.

Point 2
What i wanted to ask is that, The cases which are referred to the Arbitrators outside the court definitely satisfies the crucial feature of the Arbitration..... But what about the Cases of which trial do take place in the courts which are being named as ADR/---- which are arbitration matters.

If ADR matters are being heard in the court so how does the feature discussed in Point 1 above is satisfied.

Thanks and Regards
Tariq Lambe
Law Student

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This query is made on behalf of my cousin who lost her father, an employee of Indian Oil Corporation, about a year ago. Her father's death was quite abrupt, leaving behind a family of wife, mentally challenged son and the daughter (ie my cousin). During the time of his death, her father was working in Ernakulam (Kerala) branch. Upon his death , the family was offered the option of compensation money or compensation appointment. Keeping in mind the family's current situation and her brother's condition, she chose the latter. However, even after several rounds of interviews, the officers seem to be reluctant to give her the promised appointment, instead vaguely strong arming her to accept the money. Presently, she is being somewhat being intimidated that her posting will be out of the state, away from her family. This has left her in predicament in the view of her family situation.

Is there anything to be done for this? Who can we approach for the resolution? Please guide me.

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19 August 2017 at 20:00

House rent allowance

Sir I and my wife is government employees in same University in Haryana. Government quarter is allotted to my wife. I am not living with my wife in same quarter and i filed a case section 9 in Haryana court. University was not paid to me house rent allowance and not give government quarter. My wife is negative approach for live with me. Kindly advise and any rule for regarding can I avail house rent allowance or government quarter. Plz plz give me rule how i can get house rent allowance or government quarter.

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Bank has filed case against my uncle u/s 138 of N.I.Act on the basis of cheque accepted by them at the time of sanctioning loan because my uncle loan was unpaid on due date. Now my uncle settled his loan account with the bank and put a settlement letter of loan account in the court. But court ordered and make a penalty of 15% of cheque amount. My uncle has arranged money form here and there to pay the loan of Bank. Now his economically condition is not good. and the amount of penalty is too high approx. Rs. 1,20,000 because the amount of cheque was Rs. 8,00,000. Please suggest me what to do in this situation?

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A christian male died intestate leaving his wife, 3 sons and one daughter. How the property of the deceased devolve upon them?

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Hi sir,
In my caste validity certificate there is spelling mistake in my father's name insist of Vitthal it is written as Vittal. They omitted letter 'h'. I have provided correct documents during applying for caste validity certificate. I went to there office for correction of above mistake. I already laminated validity certificate. So before correcting that mistake I tried to remove laminated part over that father's name but lamination doesn't removed correctly and it get torn out slightly over that part. After that corresponding official personnel corrected that spelling mistake by striking that incorrect word and signed using marker pen. All this corrections are done only over that lamination only. They only signed and not given any documents which shows it is corrected by them only.(This correction was done almost 4 years before).Now,Will it create any problem during document verification because of that torn out part(though torn out part is intact at proper position)?? In this situation what documents I have to keep with me to support against that spelling mistake??? Please telle the remedy over this issue. Thank you. :)

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Learned Members
I am an employee of Autonomous Body under MHRD. We are equally treated as government employee. I have applied through proper channel to some other Autonomous Body under MHRD. Now I have tendered the Technical Resignation upon my selection to other AB. I have accumulated approx leaves of 180 days. As per the rule, I shall be encashing all the leaves at my credit and transferring my gratuity to other AB, which is in line with the available provisions.

Now the glitch is the pinpointing of my Account Officer, who says the receipt of amount towards encashment of EL is taxable, whereas I have come across with the several information citing that u/s 10(10AA) the leave encashment of government employees is exempted. I dont find the logic of taxing, when rule is clear on the issue.

Anyways I would appreciate if you could enlighten me on the issue before its escalation.

Warm regards

Ashok K Gupta

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18 August 2017 at 19:17

Capital gain tax

Few years back, i sold a land and bought an apartment using the capital gain amount to save tax under sec 54F. Now, after 3 years, i want to sell the apartment. For capital gain calculation, what is the base amount considered ?

land was bought for Rs 78000/- in 2003
land sold for 25 lakhs in 2012
Apartment bought for 25 lakhs in 2013
Apartment being sold for 32 lakhs now

Is the capital gain calculated as 7 lakhs (32 - 25) ? or
is it ~31 lakhs (32 lakhs - 78000) ?

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