12 December 2017 at 21:18

Resigning legally

Dear sir ,
My name is Rakesh Sethu NP . I am working with a laboratory where ethics is so poor but our boss is so clever to blame it on other . From past 2 years I am working as store executive but they also purchase job to me . Most important thing is our MD has given key to other person whom I suspect that has done some mismanagement. Even we have cctv camera toward the store . So recently while auditing they found some differences in the material . As always I was informing them that this is due to key which is with other person as they keep on taking advantage of the same . Now the management is blaming me for that and threatening me to pay for the difference . Please advise me what to do . Positive reply awaited from you

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02 December 2017 at 22:05


CWP filed in one of the application dismissed by labour court. Since high court is giving very long dates due to which I have no source of livelihod. Can court be requested to decide the case early or give short dates if there is any provision of law.

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I put my papers due to the mental harassment by my reporting authority by mentioning the resignation comments and the reason of resignation was "Issue with Reporting Authority". Still the resignation was approved by same reporting authority.

Moreover On Seniors insistence I have withdraw my resignation on 40th Day of resignation by marking the CC to HR People as well along with few people of leadership.

Still, On 87th Day I have been asked to get relieved on next working day, As they would not be able to retain me.

Moreover, It was the conspiracy of the reporting authority as after my resignation withdrawal request they issued me a Performance Improvement Plan without any reason just to spoil the image before the senior of the bank.

and kept me in the impression that your resignation has been withdrawn Since there is no rule of serving PIP to resigned staff.

It was there intention to make me in the impression that my resignation has been withdrawn So that I would not be able to find the new job.

As per the discussion with the advocate ::
1.) If you have the issue with the reporting authority than the same reporting authority can not accept your resignation as It's against the principal of natural justice.

2.) Issuing PIP against my resignation withdrawal request means, my resignation has been deemed withdraw.

Please guide further.

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21 November 2017 at 11:18

Formation of a trust by a trade union

Can a a trade union form a trust by becoming a settlor of the trust by transferring the properties of the trade union ?
An urgent response would be highly appreciated.

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19 November 2017 at 22:20

Permanent employment for gold appraiser

Hi, I'm working as a gold appraiser for more than 24 years in PGB. But my job was temporary and i enters into the bank on morning and exit when the bank close its doors. I do it in all working days of the bank. Is there any laws for making my employment as permanent????.. please suggest me is anything that's help me...

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16 November 2017 at 11:37

Ep notice refused

I filed EP in Sept 2017,in Labour Tribunal ( for Award passed in 2016)
1 st notice returned as "insufficient address" ( on 3Oct 2017)
2 nd Notice as "Refused By Respondent" (on 16 oct 2017)

My Advocate ask me to sign on below affidavit content
Now he is asking to go for Affidavit for service of EP notice to Process Server
Affidavit line are" I pray Honorable Court may pleased to order substitute serving of notice on respondent through process server or any such order which deem fit in the circumstances of the case in the interest of justice"

Please advice me
Is my advocate miss in taking exparte order?
is there are chances to take exparte order now


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13 November 2017 at 18:44

Apprenticeship Act 1961 and its ammendment

Dear reader Warm regards
I along with others were engaged as Graduate Apprentice. For engaging Apprentice, a contract is to be made. In Nov 2016 we underwent a contract with employer with terms as per Apprenticeship Act 1961. But it should be noted that the same act was amended in 2014 by Parliament. So what is dominating 1)contract terms from Parent act or 2) ammendment of parent act.

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Respected sir my self Dheeraj Nimmagadda i am a student under jntuh of branch (cse) i had been completed my 1st year in 2016-2017 and i had been discontinued it sir . i am intrested in life sciences and i am preapring for my entrence exam of cucet and i temporally joined in a company as a hr requiter Named as the the bigyenablers ( http://thebigyenablers.com/) i had been worked more then one month sir from 16/8/2017 to 28/9/2017 sir i she havent given me a offer leater without taking a offer leatter i had been worked there . when i had been asked my salary to her she said that she is not going to pay any one rupee to me . please help me to do what sir legally
sir i dont have a offer letter but i have a attendence register of the company and employers are with me sir
please help from this sir
Read more at: http://www.lawyersclubindia.com/profile.asp?member_id=399471

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Respected Experts,
Please guide and educate me on whether I will get my basic pay protected or not if the conditions are as follows -
I am serving in a U. P. govt aided Intermediate College under the department of Secondary Edu. drawing a basic pay of 66000 approx.( 7th pay revised). I applied for the post of Assistant Professor advertised by the U. P. Higher Education Service Commission, Allahabad, the body responsible for the selection of Assistant Professor for U.P. govt aided Degree (UG/PG) colleges under the department of Higher Education of U. P. Govt, after taking permission and NOC from the authority/employer. After going through a written test and and interview conducted by the UPHESC, Allahabad I got selected for the Asst. Prof. post. The entry pay scale being P.B. 15600-39100, AGP 6000 (pre-revised) corresponding to Basic pay of 57700 (ugc 7th pay revised), I am at loss of the basic pay of salary.
Please let me know if pay-protection is admissible to me. Please quote the relevant information and rules for taking my future decision and betterment of my career.
Thanks and regards.

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Dear Respected members of this community,
I have a question and hopefully it's valid and hopefully I will receive some genuine answers from the senior members of this community.
I have a UAN no which is not linked to Aadhaar. I know there are some facilities I'm deprived of due to non-linking of Aadhaar. But my query is different.
Suppose the subjudice matter of mandatory Aadhaar linking decision goes in favor of GOI and Aadhaar becomes mandatory to be linked with UAN can I take a stance that I'll not link it.
Because as per Aadhar act,2016 since GOI is giving 1.16% of my basic from their consolidated fund they are supposed to ask me to link my Aadhar, but what if I don't want that money from GoI? Can I opt out of linking Aadhar? I know when I became a member of EPF automatically I became a member of EPS and Aadhar linking is mandatory for EPS. But like any other subsidy or welfare schemes in this country I should have the choice to opt in or out of it. I can claim LPG subsidy, on the other hand I can opt out of it, if I wish why can't I opt out of that 1.16% of govt money?
As per my understanding I can't opt out of it, and therefore I have to share my Aadhar, isn't it forceful submission? Shouldn't I have a choice whether I want it or not?
I'm telling again that I very well know the facilities come along with the linking, so please don't tell me about the facilities. My only concern is related to this forceful submission.
I would like to hear some genuine understandings from the senior members.

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