18 July 2018 at 11:37


is it mandatory to have insurance cover through the employees are covered under esi?

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14 July 2018 at 20:14

Gratuity denied

This is for my parents who were denied gratuity. They worked in a school as school principal (father) and senior teacher (mother) from 1993-2005. When they resigned, they asked for gratuity but were refused. I have a few questions in this regard:
1. Can they still seek this private school to give them their gratuity amount with interest?
2. If yes, what would be the process?
3. My father passed away in 2016, how should we proceed in his case?
Please guide me in this process.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.
Mugdha Bhattacharya

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29 June 2018 at 16:03

Demand draft cancellation

I had 2 DD's made on 24th of Jan 2017 from my ICICI bank account in favor of a Pvt Ltd company. The beneficiary co. has been charged by ED and STF and their office is sealed. The DD's have been misplaced by me for which I lodged an online FIR. I contact the bank for the cancellation as the amount is with banks suspense account. The asked me for the Indemnity bond, FIR copy and NOC from the beneficiary. I have the Indemnity bond and the FIR copy but cannot obtain the NOC as the co. is sealed and the directors are in Jail with case running against them.

Pl guide me how to get the DD's cancelled.

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I am currently working in an public organisation for 2.8 years or more. In response to the minimum wages act or something similar(that's what we have been told), they have applied changes to the salaries of all fresh employees which hasn't been done in my almost 3 years of working. They have an increased basic and also a hike that makes it double my payment. We did receive an hike of a measly amount that doesn't amount to. I feel mistreated. Is this allowed and anything I can do?

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27 June 2018 at 15:12

Notice period buy out


This is regarding labour policy and buying out notice period, my wife is working with a finance company. The work environment is very poorly managed and there is lot of stress, the stress is that there is no limitation on working hours, the staff are expected to go home and process files till mid night, expected to work on Saturday's, public holidays and Sundays. The manager is openly saying that he doesn't want female employees and giving mental torture by humiliating people.

My question is how does it work when employees work for more than 9 per day

and other question I have is, the company offer letter is clearly says that employee can buy out notice period without any clause. But the management and HR are not letting my wife go and are expecting to complete 2 months notice period where as she has an offer with other company and willing to serve only one month and ok to buy the remaining period.

Need your valuable suggestion on how to tackle this, the managers are verbally humiliating and playing around with her.

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have simple question that,
Is that the annual profit of the pvt ltd company is relevant in the calculation of the bonus? if yes then please provide the complete details regarding the calculation of the bonus using the annual profit figures, you can assume the annual profit 48 lakhs.

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Our full and final settlement has not yet been made by the company. It's the habitual practice of that company. whoever demands strongly for the full and final settlement, they will threaten by sending legal notices. Further, the company will not support and fails the employee verification process for such employee.

Last time few employees have been tried to file a police complaint for the delay in salary for the period of almost 3 months. Then they've been terminated immediately and notices were sent to them as the company name and fame have been spoiled and demanded to pay 25 Lakhs to the company as compensation.

It's been more than a year. All employees are feared of getting involved in unnecessary disputes with the company. We all held non-managerial positions.

1. Please let us know whether it is possible to file Winding-Up petition for recovery of salaries under the Companies Act 2013?
2. If yes where to file High Court or National Company Law Tribunal?
3. How long will it take in Winding Up petition?
4. Please mention if there are any alternative processes for effective/speedy results such
(a) Labour complaint
(b) Writ Petition
(d) Criminal Complaint
(b) Civil / Summary Suits etc.

Company Details:
Type: Private Limited Company
Registered at Andhra Pradesh
Working Office at Bangalore
Business Type: IT - Software Desing & Development
Directors: 3 (No.s) All belongs to the same family

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My wife is selected in a govt job.Exam when conducted she was with paternal surname, now she is married with my surname and all her identity like Pan Epic voter changed. Now, for final appointment and posting, police verification report and medical report forms are sought before they issue final appointment. What surname should we write in the forms, as they issued letter in paternal surname but we have pan epic aadhar and marriage certificate with different surname, how to solve this problem?

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Is there any exemption for departmental test (executive officers - paper 141) under central government (UGC scale) for teachers and doctors in medical field (in partucular in Andhra Pradesh)

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I am attaching the final page of the order issued by hon high court of karnataka . can the members advise me the meaning of the judgement.

12. Therefore keeping these aspects in view, the endorsement at Annexure-A is quashed. A direction
is issued to the respondents to consider the promotion granted to the petitioner to SMG-IV with
effect from 19.02.2004 and grant all other consequential benefits to the petitioner by reckoning the
said date.

the mistake of omitting my name at the appropriate time of interview was done by the bank.( internal correspondence obtained through RTI) because of their mistake of not giving me retrospective promotion in 2005 ( wef 19.2.2004) i missed the oppurtunity of participating in the promotion exercise of 2006, 2008, 2009.

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