Hi Sir/Madam,

I reserved a ticket from Pudukkottai to chennai on 21-april -2019. But the same seat numbers are given to another persons. The conductor also supported to those persons only.

I booked a tickets through online and my seats are also allocated but they told that was a server problem. But the same seat persons didn't have any online tickets, they had only ordinary tickets that issued by conductor, so my ticket was sold by conductor.

I need to take legal action because of me and my brother one day income was deducted because of him only and also he sold our e-tickets.

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10 April 2019 at 12:59

Offering various types of loans

We have investors who are interested in financing projects of large volume. We also give out loans to individuals and companies. The procedures are as follows:-
1-The client need to send a brief summary of the project. This must include the total amount required for the project, estimated return on investment.
2- The interest rate will be 3% annually.
3- Repayment duration will be 1-30 Years.
4- Funding will take approximately 10 banking days from the day you present your application.
If you need a loan or an investor, Reply us for more information (etmoney.limited@gmail.com)

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01 April 2019 at 21:14

Gratuity issue

Dear Sirs/Madams,


I have worked in a Private company for a duration of 4 years 11 months and 20 days. During my notice Period I came to know that a Person who completes 4 yrs 8 months is eligible for the Gratuity so I asked (Written Communication on 6th Feb 2019 ) my Employer about the same and he replied (on 15th Feb 2019) that I have not completed the full 5 years that's why I am not eligible then I told him about my finding regarding the eligibility criteria.
After that, he replied (on 19th Feb 2019) that he will confirm the same from his CA and get back to me. Then After asking twice, I finally got the response today that I am not eligible for Gratuity as per their CA's assessment and no reason provided, I have asked them to provide the reason also.

Also, In the Relieving Letter it was mentioned that I joined the company as an Intern but intern/internship was neither mentioned in Offer letter nor in the Confirmation Letter, then and upon asking My employer replies that - "As you were Paid Stipend for the Training Period, the initial period was Internship and For us interns are also trainee/temporary employees, who have the job offer from our company but they are initially doing the internship with us."

Here are some Other Facts:
- I have Joined the company as Software Engineer Trainee on 27th Feb 2014 and relieved on 15th Feb 2019 as Software Engineer.
- Intern, Internship or Period of Internship was NEVER mentioned in Offer letter NOR in the Confirmation Letter.
- As per the Offer Letter, the initial Period (6 Months) was Training/Probation Period.
- In the Offer Letter, it was also mentioned that appropriate Tax will be also deducted from the Salary and Paid to the Central Government, but at that time my Salary was low and Tax was not deducted.
- Designation - Software Engineer Trainee was also mentioned in the Salary slips (along with the Offer Letter) & I was Paid Stipend for the Training/Probation Period.
- At the Time of Joining, PF was not deducted from the Salary as the company's strength was less than 20 people at that time.
- PF deduction started (Oct 2014) one month after the confirmation (Sep 2014).
- I NEVER submitted any document/application to the company during my joining for Internship for a fixed tenure.
- I was not registered under the Apprenticeship act during my training/probation period.

Someone please help/Suggest how to proceed further to claim for Gratuity.


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23 March 2019 at 14:19

Payment of commission on termination

Can someone please help with the below scenario?

I am part of a software startup where my sales commissions are paid in 3 phases. A percentage on order booking, a percentage on invoicing and a larger percentage on realising the revenue. After order booking, we invoice our clients on a monthly basis for usage of software (SaaS). Offer letter doesn't mention the duration for which I am liable to receive commission and the order can run into years until terminated.

I have recently have recently resigned from the company after receiving the purchase order for a large value. The company has said I am only liable to receive the commission percentage on the booking of this order. The percentages on invoicing and revenue for this order and earlier orders will be forfeited is what they conveyed. There is no mention of this clause in the offer letter or company policies.

What does the law say about this? Do I have a legal stand here?

Thanks for the help.

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Sir in judicial posts
Advertisement comes with 3 posts for ESP I.e Eligible sports person
Eligibility as per definition of ESP was sports person to be played at national level for state and Sports Gradation of Grade A and Grade B is shown in advertisement by saying that it comes under state policy of 2018
But the policy of 2018 has 4 grades A B C D( All grades level on decreased order I.e Olympics (A) to National school games (D) )
In the advertisement the eligible sports tournaments shown in 9 categories deals with Grade A and B
But in the state sports policy there are 13 categories ....9 to 13 deal with grade C and D which was not shown in advertisement
Also the sports policy says Grade A person can apply for Group A posts but Grade B can only apply for posts other than Group A
Now a person who is ESP as per definition of ESP having Grade D is not eligible for appearing in main exam by saying that your gradation is not as per advertisement I.e where C and D are not discussed
Note: No where in Advertisement it is written that Grade A and Grade B are allowed
No where in Advertisement it is written Grade C and Grade D are not allowed
It is mere presumption that A and B are allowed because Grade A and B are discussed in advertisement and only 9 categories of sports are discussed which only deals with Grade A and B


Now is not this discrimination with Grade C and D candidates who are not eligible but Grade B is allowed for ESP
And whether advertisement for recruitment in judicial posts can surpass the sports policy as the facts itself shows that by allowing Grade B eligible for Group A posts along with Grade A is pic and choose from the sports policy ( Also 9 categories of sports tournaments shown and only Grade A and B is discussed besides the fact that there are 13 categories and grade C and D are also there)
Whether the state can form there own eligibility for ESP by getting some part from the state sports policy And ignore the other

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19 February 2019 at 10:52

2 days overlap in it job - india

Please help me. I have 2 days overlap in my job. 1st company - Date of exit 26th July 2018 2nd company - Date of Joining 25th July 2018. I am unable to transfer my PF. I requested me previous company to help me out but they said they cannot do anything and this can be done by new company.

So i requested new company and the HR tried her best and initiated the process and sent mail to management for approval. Now, the legal team of my current company is saying that as per the policy of this company it is fine and let it be as is. I do not have any employment issue in my current company which they have confirmed. They will help me in rectifying PF either by giving declaration or withdrawing the amount.

I wanted to know this can be the issue with my future career turns. How should i be relaxed with this situation. What would be my future implications?
How do i tackle the Background verification process? I din't know that time that this can become so big issue.

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18 February 2019 at 10:55

Pay protection

Sir plz give a right sussion. Presently I m working in uttarakhand transport corporation my basic pay after increments is 71100.
Last year I m apply for higher grade pay job assistant professor Govt Degree college Uttarakhand and i m finally selected. Sir Started grade pay is 57700. Sir according to fundamental rule 22 I am eligible for pay protection yes or no.
I apply through proper permission and take NOC for new job.
Selection through state commission UKPSC.

Plz give.......complete information. ..

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09 February 2019 at 16:44

Pay protection

Sir I am working in uttarakhand transport corporation last 9 year my salary 71100rs present basic pay after increments . Now I am finally select in assistant professor in Govt Degree college Uttarakhand higher scale of my previous job rs 57700 rs. I apply through proper permission and take NOC for new job.
Sir I m eligible for pay protection rules yes or no. Because I go to uttarakhand transport corporation to uttarakhand Govt Degree college .

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16 January 2019 at 15:09

Waiving of notice period

Hi Team,

I am really confused what to do with my company policy as I have resigned and serving my notice period for 90 days
according to my company policy for sepration states this clause

" Mandatory serving of notice period :- A minimum of 60 calendar days’ notice must be served by an employee in personal level 4 & above. Adjustment of notice period through accrued leave, waiver and notice pay will be allowed only up to 30 calendar days for personal level 4 & above. " with subject to approval from my current manager, I wrote an mail to my HR asking to consider this clause but they denied stating , they will not be able to help on the above clause. as we need to go with the company rules .

I have got an 40 and above percentage hike with better position , but need to know how can I get this waived off for 30 days according their document, I am ready to give the knowledge transfer to the new replacement and it is more than 20 days and still they have not found an replacement for my position and they are deneying my request.

please help I would like to file an case against the company for this .

please help contact me on my mobile ...

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06 December 2018 at 21:44

NOC for applying in other departments

Respected experts,

I am working in a PSU on contract of 3 yr. I have signed a agreement for 3 yr which bound me with 2 condition like if wants to leave organization then i have to serve 3 month notice and also have to pay 3 monts of sallry.

Now i have completed 2 yr. Now i wants to change job. But if i applied in other PSU then is it compulsory to take NOC from present employer because i am a contractual employee. So if i directly attend interview in other PSU or govt org so is any NOC or through PC procedure required for me.

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