21 November 2017 at 17:34

Infant child custody

Hi as per leagal advice as stated earlier I have filed for RCR and child custody at my residential place. After that I tried to contact my wife through what's app then she started making allegation like she did house hold work cooked food and used derogaterory words for me and my mom. To make her understand I told her that your parents too used bad words to me I don't say anything then she threatened me of suicide and abused me saying that (tere pass he Kya beee jaaaa tu apne armaannn pureeee Kar )After that I stopped her texting and not contacting any more. should I take it seriously to claim custody of my infant daughter as I am scared that she might be under mental disorder and I am in better position to look after my infant baby as I have my mother permanent residance and joint family. She has taken transfer from our matrimonial home to her parental place and infant baby is being looked after maid as wife and her father working in bank and her mother living with her elder sister in Delhi

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21 November 2017 at 15:58


Dear experts, Good day, As we are gong on in Court under 13 -B against our arrange marriage, But my wife has been married to a another boy with whom she was having an affair before our marriage. She has withdrawn other cases ( 125-c, and 498- A) as per mediation center settlement, and I have paid her for 8,00,000/- Rs through some family sources. which has been documented in medication settlement too. But now without divorce, She marry a Guy in Feb 2017 with whom she was having affair earlier, We were staying separate since last 04 years . But regarding her marriage I do not have any proof in hand, but have whole information regarding the same verbally. I am aware about the person and his family and their residence to whom she did marriage as per Hindu Rituals and staying with him. In this situation what should I do, I want to take every possible action against the case, as It is very insulating and harassing for me face this. kindly advice for the same. What to do ??

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Both me and my wife are in govt service. Shortly after marriage she conceded that she had an affair in college, but I let it go because that was past. But after few years I noted she would keep her phone very guarded. So I got suspect that she might be seeing somebody. When probed or confronted about being secretive, she would get violent or threaten suicide saying doubting her fidelity was demeaning to her. But now I have clinching proof that she is currently sleeping with somebody. Now I want to prosecute my wife for causing intense mental agony to me and my old parents by her violent behavior for last many years. I also want to put her lover behind bars (he is married with a son).
For first six yrs of marriage, we used to live alone. After this, when our first kid was born, my parents moved in to look after us. After three years, she demanded that my old parents move out (another kid had been born in between). When asked as to who would look after the toddler kids, she said that they could be kept in a creche. When I resisted her formula, she created a huge scene, tried calling police, and her parents came and took her away with both kids who were intensely attached with me and grand parents. Me and my parents were distraught. She returned after two years, on the condition that my parents live separately. So we are together for last few months again, with my parents living separately in vicinity and looking after kids till we return from our offices. But she still keeps saying that she wants to get away from me and my family because we all are morose. Now, with clinching evidence of her affair, I want to divorce her. Foremost, I want custody of two minor daughters (5 nd 7). She will definitely blackmail us with our emotional attachment with kids. She is in the habit of saying that law & society are on her side. I am ready to let her go if she leaves the kids, but I am afraid of discussing any mutual course of action because as soon as she gets to know that I have nailed her affair, she will again create huge uproar and will again run away with kids. What legal actions are available with me against her infidelity and causing intense mental agony to me and my family for last over seven years?(hari_pratap @ hotmail . com; Greater Noida, U.P).

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03 November 2017 at 21:02

Second marriage done

Hi just wanted to know how is the verification done for court marriage in catholic also wanna know if a married person having an affair and wanna get married can it be done in Mantralaya how do you people come to know if he is married earlier need help immediately plz

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31 October 2017 at 13:31

Query on RCR

Dear Experts

Wife has filed false case 498A. I have filed RCR
On 1st notice she has received and appear in court with her advocate.
After 6months she has not submit her statement. Court has passed the xpart order against her.
Now what is the net steps for creating pressure on her.

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03 October 2017 at 10:59

Next appelent of mc

Dear Experts,

My wife filed MC against me in Local Court.,concern court given judgement as i have pay @5000 PM.,

I would like to go to appeal this judgement in Higher Court.,where shall i go.,whether it is District Court or High Court of Andra Pradesh.,

Judgement Copy As follows:

In the result, this petition is partly allowed directing the Respondent to pay
a sum of Rs.3,000/per
month to the 1st petitioner and Rs.2,000/per
month to
the 2nd petitioner towards their monthly maintenance. The Respondent is further
directed to pay the said maintenance amount to the petitioners on or before 5th
day of every succeeding month. No costs. This order shall come into effect from
the date of filing of the petition.

Plz suggest me this case.,



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Respected sirs,
I am not able to categorized exactly my query comes under which category. it is related to Family matter, Property issue and Civil related.

My query as follows.
My uncle(my wife's father)had so many agricultural lands(more than 70 Acres) and got a notice on 05-05-2010 from Revenue Divisional Office for seeking explanation regarding lands he owned as per Andhra Pradesh Land Ceiling Act 1973. Then on 07-05-2010 he executed a will(fourth and final will) and registered it on his third wife's(first and second wives passed away) children (two sons)and first wife's son. After this process he appointed an advocate and submitted his property details to the said RDO on 15-05-2010.

In that declaration My Uncle mentioned as a family unit and included all the children of three wives total 7(2(D&S)+3(D,D&S)+2(Sons)) and his third wife names by stating that "the said property is not comes under AP land ceiling Act 1973, where all family members are with him and no excess land"

On 11-09-2010 My uncle passed away and later the RDO tribunal inquiries continuing till date.

Recently after 7 years, the first two wives children received notices from RDO and came to know (first time) that the complete case study which i mentioned above.

Now my questions and doubts are as follows:
1. The Will executed and registered is valid or not.?
2.Can we have a right on the said property where our names included and declared as a family member and Family Unit?
3. The third wife selling properties which are in my Uncle's name and pending a Case at RDO Tribunal by showing the registered Will. Is SHE and her sons(one Major & One Minor) have right to dispose those properties.?
4. What is our right and Stand in this Case?

Kindly suggest me to proceed with a proper right.

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08 September 2017 at 11:24


This is case of my brother.
In 2008 his wife left the house and went to her parents home. She is very-very cruel and cleaver lady. We did 3-4 attempts to settle matter and call her back. Her parents were in her support as usually happen. After 3 year we filled divorce case, which run 2.5 years. Almost the case was in our favour. But when she comes to know that the case is going in our favour, she put application for compromise. Then court make the pressure on my brother to settle down the matter. But my brother refused stating that she is very cruel and go to any extent, I can not live with her. Eventually our lawyer take U turn as well and put pressure on my brother to settle the matter to take her home. But my brother refused. Our lawyer thrown file of documents to my brother and said go to heal and fight your case own. All this incident happened in the court room front of Judge. Finally they made him agree and court sent her back with him.
She remain 5-6 month like sati savitri and after she come to her real face. One day she called police allegation my brother that he beaten her. After that day my brother decided to not to live with her. Now more that 3 years has over they are living separate.
In June 2017 she agreed for mutual divorce with total alimony 15 Lacs and 5 lacs in advance. In first motion we paid her 5 Lacs advance and balance 10 lacs to be pay in 2nd motion in November 2017. Now after 2 month of 1st motion she has taken U turn and refusing to give divorce and saying to adjust the 5 Lacs payment with maintenance already granted to her 5000/- per month granted by the court. She is very mischief and cruel. We don't know what to do now.

Is there any way to get rid my brother? Looking forward valuable advise of experts.

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30 August 2017 at 21:16

cast issue in marriage

Im a girl,

boy nd me dated from 2 yrs we also extended to physical relation but after that

he was gave me promise of marriage

i have proofs regarding that

now when time to marry he refused said that parents not accepting u because u r belong to lower cast his nd my family also knows about our physical relation

his family come to meet us also but come with politicians of our area and he is from rich family

also his family offer money to close this all matter what should i do now ?

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26 August 2017 at 16:41

marriage validity

I married a widow who had a son nd registered the same. After that the girl which I had seen before forced me to marry her or she will commit suicide along with her parents . Not knowing what to do, I tied the knot, I've not registered that Marriage. till date I've not touched her, nor I stayed with her.Its 9 months now.. ..
I've not told her about my earlier registered marriage.
Pl help me. What I can do to get rid of her.. .

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