15 December 2018 at 09:08

Sec 406 IPC

Respected Lawyers,

My ex-wife filed a case against me in 2012 complaining that my family members and me did not return her stridhan and other items she demanded for at our main house. She has retained her words in her cross also.

She has produced a paper on which details are that some of the items she is taking with her to her parental house and some of them like jewellery given by us and furniture items are lying with us in our main house. This paper is signed by 6 people, three of us and three of them including she and me on 23.5.2010

When she moved to a rental house with me in July 2010 she and me signed a paper on which it is written that all the items except 2 suits and a briefcase have been received in the rental house on 27.7.2010. She and me both signed it.

Then in April 2011 during her cross examination in the case u/s 125 she accepted before the court that " मैंने अपने वाद पत्र व शपथ पत्र में नहीं छुपाया है कि मैंने मई 2010 के बाद अपना सारा सामान प्राप्त करके अपने पति के साथ अलग रहना शुरू कर दिया था। ये सभी बातें मेरे वाद व शपथ पत्र में शामिल हैं।

In original complaint in 2012 she wrote that she demanded her materials from all of us at our main house which we refused to return.

Can you please throw some light on the possible outcome of the case keeping in view the above points. In fact this is a false case on me just to blackmail me and snatch money from me.

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My divorce case is pending in Family court jaipur and I have filed a case for child custody and interim access to child under sec 26 HMA 1955 and it has been registered as seperate and independent case. Now opposite party Adv has opposed by Appl under order 7 rule 11 that it can only be filed in divorce case as a simple Application. Kindly provide citation or suggestions to support of this.
I have heard that it can be run independent in family court.

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26 October 2018 at 15:34

Sure name change

Respected sir/madam... Iam Balakrishna chirra , i have a problem with my sure name....Actually my Real name is Balakrishna Yallavula, but from the childhood , i studied at my Uncles home his name is Kondaiah Chirra, then in my school days my Teacher written his name as father, then my name changed as balakrishna chirra, S/O kondaiah chirra,in 10th class to PG , Ration card,aadhar card, in passport also, then i got married , now i want change my childrens sure name as yallavula, please sugges me how to proceed ....

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Hi , am a house wife. I have no details about my husband salary and expensedetails as I am staying with in-laws.
He is giving his salary to my mother in law . Am taking care of my self and my kid with money which I have saved earlier while working.
I have stopped doing job due to some health issues. Now am asking my husband to take care of me and my baby.

But he is not listening my words and just ignored and said that he has no money. Please do let me know can I ask for his salary details and expenses.

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04 October 2018 at 18:15

My wife wants to leave me

my wife and I married in may 2018. On the second day of marriage, she shares her feelings about her heartbreaking past. she told me that she is forcefully married by her parents and now she is not happy with this marriage. I asked her why u not tell me this before marriage. She said that at that time her parents make a lot of pressure on her that if u don't say yes to do marriage with someone we will stop your studies and keep you inside the home. No job nothing actually she loves someone and her parents don't want to marry him. She doesn't want to live with me also. She wants a divorce from me. what should I do plz suggest? I can't see her like this. she is very upset and looks very depressed nowadays. She still love him. Her family also not support her.

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19 September 2018 at 07:26

Stay status

stay order:
The petitioner submits that the respondent has sold his properties and he may be restrained from selling the matrimonial house where both parties are residing. In given facts and circumstances till NDOH both parties are directed not to create third-party interest in the home.

Now after the said order many dates have passed and case has proceeded further. However, Respondent never moved for vacation of stay nor did petitioner apply for an extension.

Q)Is the stay subsisting today or it was lifted on the NDOH ?

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A property of two houses jointly constructed stands in my mother’s name. She died during the year 1996, well before the enactment of amendcd Act, 2005. The legal heirs are as follows.
1. My father – Widower - died during 2012, ie after the enactment of amendcd Act, 2005
2. Myself - only Son
3.Ist daughter – married before the death of my mother i.e., during the year 1979
4. IInd daughter – married before the death of my mother i.e., during the year 1983

My father while he was alive, released his 1/4th UDS share of one house (among two) by registerd deed to one of my sister and also made a open in the centre wall between two houses and kept open to the other house which is under my occupation and enjoyment. Through the new opening door, my sister who enjoyed the other house and IInd sister (she was allotted a house by my father in her name by regd.deed) blocked my kitchen, bath room, latrine and stair to upstair threatening that equal share should be abortioned and partitioned.
I have not yet approached any court to seek remedy.
Now, shall this issue will attract sec 23 of hindu succession Act 1956.
Please kindly inform the legality over this issue to proceed further.

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18 September 2018 at 13:00

Be-peshi complaint

Hello Experts,

I would like to know What is "Be-Peshi" complaint against wife?


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16 September 2018 at 09:22


dear sir
i got married in 1995 under Sikh rites at chandigarh-- due to some problems now i have taken up a case for mutual divorce ---my inlaws have not replied but as a counter have sent a letter to GOC Southern Command Pune to deduct maintenance allowance and give it to there daughter---- i have contacted a chandigarh lawyer rajesh khurana to advise---- the lawyer says marriage comes under prohibition since my mother and mother in law are real sisters -------the lawyer has advised to draft letter to army authorities accordingly--------------- the lawyer has suggested an amount of 3lacs total for the divorce in full and 1.25 lacs as advance-------------
please advise --------------
also kindly let me know the name of any good advocate in chandigarh dealing with such cases--is rajesh khurana a good advocate--i have also been advised the name of one more advocate babban maan at chandigarh-------------------
regards ------

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14 September 2018 at 10:40

Family membership certificate


i am shilpa, my father pvt employee has expired in 2009, when inquired for family membership certificate they told it is given only to govt employees. Now after bifercation of telangana and ap state, ap govt has issued a GO and started issuing the same for general public. I need information whether the same is issued in telangana state or not for the general public. Plz do the needful.

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