25 September 2018 at 20:01


Sir.. could you please tell us the procedure according to the special marriage act... actually some are saying that marrying second cousin (comes under prohibeted degree as her grandfather and my grandfather are sibilings) is not valid even though you got marriage there is a chance for obligations...sir.. is it valid if any one of us change the religion and get marraige.. r is there any other procedure for that..sir.. we really need it sir.. as i can't let my wife suffering i want to do anything for her..please sir if possible please tell us in detail.. as no one is ready to hear it at all am requesting you this much...please sir don't consider us as that much cheap as i was abused by someone in previous replies i request if u can advice with concern of our situation we will be happy.. but please stop abusing.. we are not like animals if we are like animals we will cheat others.. but we don't want to cheat any one.. we want us together for rest of our lives... Kindly suggest sir.. i will do any thing for her.. is it possible if i go for adoption? Am 30 and she is 24 sir..

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24 September 2018 at 08:30

Curious about jugment

I filed petition under section 12-1-A(impotency of wife )of HMA1955,In month of 20/04/2014.
On 13/11/2014 my wife declared unmarried status on general affidavit in public .......this false affidavit i submit
to court.. on 20/5/2015 she submitted W.S to family ,and denied all me allegation of petition...

I filled IPC 420 & 406 in criminal
court (under reason that being married she declared unmarried in public and on otherside she sbumitt w.s against me in court
with all false allegation ) Its totally cheating and breach of trust of me ....

In addition I filled RP act 125A & IPC 181 in her hometown court - becase she declared unmarried,no property in affidavit
form no 26. (though she is being married) ,,,so she has to show unmarried status in homwtown court.
(even SC court jugment is typograpic error not accpeted on afffidavit form no 26. it will be as a false
declaration which is offence .)

Family court put exibit no on all documents (My Petition and affidavit ,Her W.S, Her public issued false affidavit too)
Family court took lots of time and judge pass no cross order in favour of husband .... she didnt file affidavit
,and accepted guilty,agreed that she is impotent in front of judge without cross examination...

Even she accepted all my allegations ....

now i want to know that:-

1)In jugment will the court write that she accepted all my allegation and about false affidavit ?, because I want to submit copy of jugment to criminal
courts ...

2)My marriage will be voidable from which date ,from the date of marriage or from the date of court order/jugment?,,
I am curious to know that

3)She withdraw her W.S allegation and accepted all my allegation ,this will also come in jugment ?

4) which charges I can file against her in criminal court ?

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19 September 2018 at 07:26

Stay status

stay order:
The petitioner submits that the respondent has sold his properties and he may be restrained from selling the matrimonial house where both parties are residing. In given facts and circumstances till NDOH both parties are directed not to create third-party interest in the home.

Now after the said order many dates have passed and case has proceeded further. However, Respondent never moved for vacation of stay nor did petitioner apply for an extension.

Q)Is the stay subsisting today or it was lifted on the NDOH ?

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18 September 2018 at 13:00

Be-peshi complaint

Hello Experts,

I would like to know What is "Be-Peshi" complaint against wife?


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16 September 2018 at 09:22


dear sir
i got married in 1995 under Sikh rites at chandigarh-- due to some problems now i have taken up a case for mutual divorce ---my inlaws have not replied but as a counter have sent a letter to GOC Southern Command Pune to deduct maintenance allowance and give it to there daughter---- i have contacted a chandigarh lawyer rajesh khurana to advise---- the lawyer says marriage comes under prohibition since my mother and mother in law are real sisters -------the lawyer has advised to draft letter to army authorities accordingly--------------- the lawyer has suggested an amount of 3lacs total for the divorce in full and 1.25 lacs as advance-------------
please advise --------------
also kindly let me know the name of any good advocate in chandigarh dealing with such cases--is rajesh khurana a good advocate--i have also been advised the name of one more advocate babban maan at chandigarh-------------------
regards ------

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14 September 2018 at 10:40

Family membership certificate


i am shilpa, my father pvt employee has expired in 2009, when inquired for family membership certificate they told it is given only to govt employees. Now after bifercation of telangana and ap state, ap govt has issued a GO and started issuing the same for general public. I need information whether the same is issued in telangana state or not for the general public. Plz do the needful.

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08 September 2018 at 14:56


My case was posted for orders after final arguments in the merits of the case . But unfortunately the PO was transferred. Now the Court is vacant from nearing two months. Now when new PO comes do we need to do the final Arguments once again? Is there any citation available to proceed to order??

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25 August 2018 at 12:08

hanafi law of inheritance

Share of Widow and 2 daughters in Husband or fathers inherited property..

A person died leaving behind a widow and 2 daughters he is entitled for some1/3rd share in inherited property from his Grandmother through his died mother .

what will the share of widow and 2 daughters, Is there any residue will be left or widow and daughters are entitled completely to the property inherited by their father or husband.

Thanks and Regards

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24 August 2018 at 09:43

Ipc threating to life

My wife filed a case under ipc 506 . I got bail . My wife is not willing to run a case . Also she is not ready to withdraw the case. She simply ignore it after filing.
How can i close this case without her presence.

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