Child is taken by father without inform or permition of mother at the time of spration

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22 June 2018 at 08:01

Dv,498,section 9

respected counsels, i have got married 4 years back,my marriage has never consummated due to willful refusal of my husband,my husband and inlaws has tortured me in every way.very cleverly my husband took a rented flat and taken me from my matrimonial home to that rented flat and after some time he left me alone in that flat. meanwhile he didnt give any single penny for my basic things.i was continuously living in the same flat and waited for him 2 years but now i have stopped paying rent .now i have decided to take some action as i have already suffered that i came to my parental place nd filed maintanence case.. sir i have filed domestic violence also. mene suna hai ki domestic violence 1 saal ke sepration ke baad nahi fule kar sakte sir is that true.mere husband ko mujhe desert kiye hue 2 saal hone wale hain..pls suggest me what should i do. my secong question is my advocate suggest me for 498a and section 9 also.can i file 498,dv and section 9..kya ye contradiction nahi hoga.if i file section 9 and 498 a and dv all together,.kindly suggest me what should i marriage has noit consummtade that s y advocate is saying for section 9 and they have taken a huge dowry in wedding thats y they are saying for 498 a too. kindly suggest what cases i can file.should i file 498,dv and section 9.can i file dv for after ssepration of 2 years. pls suggest

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21 June 2018 at 22:44


When i came to know that my wife had relationship with somebody, quarrel started. She asked me to vacate the house. i asked for divorce. She filed a a case against me (498,506). She gave money to police to arrest me. My name and address everything they mentioned wrongly in the FIR. I got i bail. I vacated the house and city 8 years ago. she lied to my relatives that She withdrew the case. After some years we had discussion and she visited me few times. I also came to know that she didn’t withdrew the case. I asked to live with me But she refused. She is ready to visit me occasionally but not ready to live together. We had quarrel. So i decided to file a divorce case. I visited her address where she was staying but i came to know that she vacated the house. I phoned her she was not ready to tell her address then stopped picking up call Meanwhile court has ordered to place the divorce notice advertisement in the paper. I dont know where she has been living for the last 8 years. Now lawyer say i will get ex-Partee divorce. My questions are: After getting divorce, i am planning to marry. Will i face any issue in the future because of ex-Partee divorce? if yes, please let me know what i need to do now? Once i get divorce, how and who will notify my wife. Note: we have a son living with her.

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21 June 2018 at 21:45

About 125 crpc

respected sir,

i have filed 125 crpc for maintenence from my parental place .sir my husband is a businessman who imports the machines from abroad and supply these machines in the time of marriage he told us that he earns more than 4 lacs in a month.but now he has shown in his companie's balance sheets that his company is running in loss and he is not getting anything..but sir its not true .he is enjoying his lavish life.he has shown that he is dependent on his father.sir how can i prove his income.after marriage he has hidden everything from me.he stays in a renetd accomodation .rent agreement unke naam par 15000 per month hai.kya isse unki income show ho sakti can i proov his income.he is saying ki rent wo apne father se lekar deta hai.

secondly sir he is saying that i m a educated lady and i have worked before marriage and i will not get any that so.sir meri shadi 2015 main hui hai nd mene last job 2007 main ki thi.and 2007 se ab tak mene mene koi job nahi ki.kya mujhe maintanence nahi milega ,sir kya mujhe high court and supreme court ke aap kuch judgements show kar sakte hain jisme educated wife ko maintanence grant kia gaya ho.
sir how can i show his income as i dont have any evidence.he is showing himself as a begger.
kindly help me as i have already lost my parents before will i survive i dont understand.

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my divorce case is settled ,but one thing remained that is how lawyer obtained my address,can I send notice to lawyer asking for proof or any action against lawyer as she and my wife harrsed me with false allegations

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12 June 2018 at 21:37

Sunni hanafi law of inheritance

In our partition Suit still pending..

Grandmother survived by only 2 daughters, who are also dead, one daughter survived by a Son and other daughter's son also died and survived by 2 daughters and only son predeceased her with predeceased sons Son and daughter.. Please determine the shares of Grandson, Grandson's 2 daughters and predeceased sons children as per Sunnni hanafi law

As per Hanafi law 2 daughters are entitled for 2/3rd share jointly as sharers and predceased Sons and daughter are entitle as residuaries for remaining 1/3rd.

Question: One of the daughter Son also died and he is survived by only 2 daughters and no Male child, Since Sunni law is male dominant, How the share allotment changes ?

For example..A grand mother Mubeen since dead survived by 2 daughters Afreen and samreen , Afreen since dead and survived by her heir a son Afsar and Samreen survived by son Rafeeq who also died and survived by 2 daughters simran and Kamran and Children of predeceased Son namely Azhar and sameena

Thanks and Regards

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11 June 2018 at 11:36

Advice regarding dv case

My mother filed a DV case against my father in 2016 after continued mental and physical torture,till this day no protection order of any sort has been passed by any judge presiding over this case but now the judge is going to pass an order to force my mother to do an inventory of her belongings as requested by my father through his lawyer,meanwhile my father is still slapping and punching my mother and harassing her.
Edit:My father left the shared household in 2015 and then came back and started staying on the first floor of the house which we have no access to and he has no access to the ground floor either.The property is jointly owned by both of them.The lawyer that we have been assigned to,through free legal aid is not co-operating with us either.We have made several police complaints but to no avail.

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10 June 2018 at 21:10

Harassment by my husband

i am a married woman, we have no kids, i and my husband co-own a property, since my husband is paying EMI alone he is harassing me to work so that the financial burden can be equally husband is taking care of my in-laws. what to do ? please advise. is my husband correct in forcing me to work.

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My in laws are threatening me with very abusive language and are saying they will file dv and 498a.

This is my 2nd marriage and I have already fought 498a up to supreme Court at the time of 1st marriage.

My wife had went to her mother's house and now they are not sending her back. She wants to return but she is scared of her mother.

I do not want divorce as I have a 20 month very cute son.

What are my options to protect my self and also not go for divorce?

I don't want to go with RCR as the moment I will file a civil case they will file criminal cases on me.

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An Insurance Policy can be taken by a breadwinner of the family under MWP Act for the benefit of the family/wife and children. Whether a Pension Policy can also be taken under MWP Act for the benefit of wife and children. The proceeds under MWP Act can not be attached and as such pension policy under MWP Act can become a property for the wife and children in case of any unforeseen circumstances. I request the legal experts to throw some light on the issuance of Pension Policy under MWP Act from the point of legal position and any judgement from the Courts and IT Tribunals on the matter.

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