24 February 2018 at 11:20

FIR U/S 379

Hi Experts, Some one theft my Wagner tyre in 2016 and for done by police in Delhi, u/s 379. 2 dates gone but yet no action, case in state and untraceable, wt should I do

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09 February 2018 at 14:35


whether disinheriting and disowning a transgender on exclusionary grounds of being a transgender is legal ? please reply from both the sides means from the side of transgender and also from the side of the parents

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11 January 2018 at 09:05


applied for trb job case and mark was awarded but after final hearing too magistrate postponded the case for 5 days but more than one month over judgement is not issued and no date is given about the case. How long a case can be postponed for judgement alone

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03 December 2017 at 11:01

Complaint not accepted by police

Respected sir,
I am V Aravind Resident of MIG 2126, R.C Puram, medak, Telangana 502032,
I was suffering from a skin disease on scalp called psoriasis hence i had to go for a cosmetic solution to cover my skin disease,
I am trying to file a complaint of Harassment on Wells Fargo PVT limited with the evidence of mass harassment based on my skin disease & Marital status, on me trying to file a complaint, With help from the GOVT my family has been placed under social isolation and have hacked my system till date & my emails & photos supporting my diseased state were deleted where no lawyer is helping me get a writ mandamus against police to help me file FIR , I have approached High court Legal service committee,Bar council of high court of judiciary, at hyderabd, written to DCP, Commissioner, DGP, CM, Chief secretary, Home secretary, PMO, HM-India,ministry of home affairs, I have been trying from past 4 months to register my complaint but the police are
1) given false identities
2) told hacking, destroying evidence so that i can't present in court are not offences,
3) Incited local community & had staged physical assault on us pouring beer, my mother is being harassed. & every possible attempt is being made by locals to pick up a fight with us under frivolous charges, we are being followed & police surveillance is on us where based on whom i am approaching they are advised not to help us out
my computer is under US Ip location & my twitter tweets have been suppressed from getting retweets
Goods & services are sold to us either defective or at in appropriate prices
4) No help is being extended from any quarter i have written to 7 letters to CJI with evidence didn't get any reply, I am trying to get a writ / PIL filed so My family can get justice where the police, state & Judicial bodies i have contacted are in support of a private firm, not allowing me to file a Legal complaint.

My request to you is can you help me get a Writ or file a PIL on my families miseries, I have absolute evidence of all my charges where the police have out rightly rejected to File an FIR & have been sent a police vehicle blaring siren in front of my home.

Please help us

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Dear Members the recent decision of suprem court 15 dec 2016 stated that all liquire serving and selling outlets should be closed which come in the radius of 500 meter of state / national highway ....does this order includes the roads running inside out the city and if yes are there any remedied or chances to be saved by this decision also what option does the government have to turn the table around also the honurable court has issued the order under article 142 ....what does it mean kindly clarify

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08 February 2017 at 11:41

Catagory converts obc (ncl) to ur

Hello sir/madam,
My name is mahesh and I am qualify SSC junior engineer 2015 under OBC non creamy layer category. I have a OBC non creamy layer certificate which is issued between 10 January 2017. my certificate is not issued as per date prescribed date in notification. (According to notification certificate should be issued between August 2012 to February 2016).During the document verification Sscnr convert my category OBC non creamy layer to UR due to this obc certificate prescribed date issue.I
want to tell you sir,DOPT O.M. F.No. 36036/2/2013 Estt. (Res-1) published on 31 march 2016 in which clearly mention the validity of non creamy layer certificate issued during any month of the financial year 2016-17 covering 3 preceding financial years 2013-14,2014-15,2015-16 be accepted by the concerned authorities for any appointment or recruitments which would be valid during the period April 2016 to March 2017.
Guide me sir,what can I do for my job?
Thank you.

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16 February 2016 at 11:06

Querry about letter petition

I want to seek advise advise about letter petition. Is affidavit necessary in it, what should a laymen do when his affidavit is refused to be attested by oath stating absence of lawyer. Do such petition can be submitted by hand or are required to be send through post only.

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18 November 2015 at 12:30

Oc and cc

1. One of the builders which we have visited is confirming that apartment building which does not have any floors above G+ 5 Floors and are small buildings do not need OC and CC.

This will be cleared once akrama sakrama is passed.

Is this TRUE.

2. Also If the property has A-Karta and do not have oc CC and have small deviations.Can we buy those apartments? Will there be any legal issues in future?

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