17 February 2019 at 19:54

Motor vehicle compensation

A B.Tech student got a TCS employment offer and accepted the offer while he was studying final year. Before joining in TCS employment he died in a bus accident. the bus driver was negligent in driving and the insurance coverage is there. insurance counsel says that since he did not join TCS and died before joining, his acceptance of TCS offer can not be considered for calculation of compensation. Experts pl advise.

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17 February 2019 at 17:46

Religion conversion

I need the form which is to be filled before changing the religion

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16 February 2019 at 23:07

Forgery signatures

Hello Law experts...

One person did Forge my signatures twice in some Forms. And It is very important for my case to prove that these Signatures are forged.

Should I send the signatures to a forensic lab? I am 100% sure that my signatures are forged but it looks like mine, They are well forged.

Dear Law Experts...

According to your experience, Are forensic labs and signature or handwriting experts, so skilled that they can catch almost every forgery of signature?

Because it decides my case.

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16 February 2019 at 09:00

Succession certificate

I have been told that succession application should accompany an affidavit and undertaking. I have not been able to get hold of their formats. Shall be grateful if some expert makes them available.

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12 February 2019 at 23:22


I am resident of UP currently living in DELHI i have applied and GOT the caste certificate from. Hometown BUT I GAVE PERMANENT AND PRESENT ADDRESS BOTH OF HOME TOWN AT THE TIME OF APPLING OF CERTIFICATE Now i worried that i wrote the my permanent address in both column present and permanent address column. Didnot write the my current address where i am working. Would it make any conflict sir? Or no issue.

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11 February 2019 at 20:57


We filed civil suit ( 1997 ) of land which we have possession from ancestors but respondent forcefully takes possession by making wall in 1997 so we filed suit based on promulgation report of city survey which made by respondents during our minority ( 1980 ) which mention document of our ancestor of samavat 1960 and respondent did not mentioned about acceptance of this documents in their written statement and chief examination but produced WILL of year 1990. Judgement given against us and based on wholly on document which we produced which not accepted by respondents. Judgment based only our side chief examination when opposite side chief examination mentioned about false statement which not considered. Now at appeal stage we found the document produced by us based on promulgation report which made by respondents are fraud not of this land documents. So we filled application for accept original documents and document of forgery by findings it by us as additional evidence but it was rejected by district court. So is it exparte decree based on one side fact ? Can I filled writ of mandamus before high court or filled civil revision ?

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09 February 2019 at 20:04

How to file writ petition in high court.

I should file writ petition because I did not get relief under RTI Act for 11 RTI applications. 6 at Kerala. 5 at Karnataka.

Now my questions are,

Should I file 11 writ applications? or can I put all the matter into one writ application?

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I have been to Kerala Information Commission, Karnataka Information Commission,for second appeal hearings. I had total of 6 at Kerala and 5 at Karnataka. The information commissoin did not want to take any action on false information provided and closed all my appeals and asked me to go to High Court.

I asked there too which I am asking here. If I have to go to High Court for everything what is RTI actually for? Has RTI become so corrupt?

Why are state information commissioners reluctant to punish PIO, FAA for not providing information at all?

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07 February 2019 at 11:46

Purchase of agriculture land

Can a pvt Ltd co. Pay consideration and purchase agriculture land in agents name Maharashtra

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In a property dispute with builder we had filed a consumer forum complaint in consumer forum.

The case was not decided in our favor and we had to go for appeal.

When we got the order sheet there were glaring mistakes in names of parties in cause title, which made it look like the parties were not us and someone else as addresses also were typed wrongly.

Hence I being one of the complainant given a request letter to the President of the Consumer Forum to correct and give the names in cause title.

I gave but I did not get any reply from the forum, hence to know what action taken on my complaint regarding changing names of parties in cause title as per original complaint cause title, I filed RTI application.

Reply came stating that my request letter was rejected and that I can file First Appeal if information provided ws un satisfactory.

Hence I filed First Appeal to FAA who is that president itself. He rejected my first appeal and stated that the RTI application along with my intitial request letter requesting him to change and give the names of parties in cause title of order sheet is also rejected.

Thereafter I filed second appeal at State Information Commission. This ws in last year. June.

Now the State Informatoin Commissoin raise certain objections stating that I had filed FAA letter under 7(1) of RTI Act but where as I had to file under 19(1) and asked me to resubmit the FAA letter under 19(1) again. So I re-submitted it again. Sent a copy of the 19(1) FAA letter again to the FAA.

The FAA passed order asking me to pay 10000 rupees for filing the same FAA letter again once again for wasting his time.

I wrote the problem here and Sh. Kumar DOAB asked me to write to CIC. I wrote to CIC and NCDRC, and they in turn wrote to this arrogant president to change and give the names in the cause title of the order sheet.

I got a copy of the same order sheet where 1 party name ws stricken off and changed whereas other parties names and adddress were not corrected. This order sheet copy came along with the order where he asked me to pay 10000 rupees as fine.

I had again written to CIC, NCDRC stating the above and the CIC wrote back that I should contact the High Court.


I want to know shall I file writ petition in High Court? What is the remedy for this?

It appears as if the FAA/President is purppsefully doing this to harass me as he may have taken bribe from builder to dismiss our complaint.

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