Where to get expert opinion regarding car, bike, watch, cooker, stove?

I have filed cases in consumer forum as these are defective. Inspite of lodging complaint with company and writing to them they have not responded to any letter.

Repair works also were not carried out.

1. Car. Car gives low mileage of 12 kms per liter Suzuki ciaz - brought 2017 June.
2. Bike. Bike stops due to overheating just at 100 kms - brought 2017 January.
3. Stove and Cooker. Both Butterfly company. Cooker 12 liters burst due to defective lid and nozzle. Stove knobs get stuck and were not repaird. Coooker did not get replaced as they tell fault is mine.

These above cases got dismissed. Now I want ot appeal in State Commmision.

Forum has said in all the above cases that expert opinion is needed to prove all the products are defective. This was not told by the judge earlier. Now where should I get the expert?

I asked to judge but judge told dont talk in open forum.

Proofs submitted:
Videos of car mileage check,
Videos of cooker burst.
Videos of stove knob not working.
Videos of bike stoppping due to overheating.

Judge did not see anything.

No replies from any manufacturer.

All the manufacturer lawyers accepted that the products are defective. 1. Bike. 2. Cars poor mileage. 3. Defective safety nozzle of cooker lid. 4. Defective knobs. The opposite party laweyrs told they are ready for out of court settlement. I asked what is out of court settlement. They said they will repair and give. But i told now repair not possible, now only replacement, even judge told like that. But judge backtracked in his own statement.


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15 July 2018 at 00:05

Expert opinion on motar car

Myself Vinay Kumar Rastogi. I had purchased a alto car from Varanasi Maruti during December 2017. The motar car had few defects such as stopping problem above 100 kmph and came with defective headlights.

The same was mentioned to the service center at 1000 kms service. The service people wrote it down as general checkup but failed to resolve the problem.

I had met with accident due to light not working properly as an oncoming truck just missed me and I rode into a ditch. Car was severely damaged. The truck did not stop. I explained all this and claimed insurance. But insurance played game with car dealer and gave statement that there was no fault in the light.

I tried to trace the truck but could not. Poilce complaint was not useful as they could not trace the truck. The truck was the only witness who could see that suddenly the cars lights stopped working.

I filed a case in consumer court and the consumer court dismissed my complaint stating only one reason that I did not providde expert opinion.

The judge did not tell this when he took up the case or where the expert is avaialble .

If I he had told where expert is avaialble. I would have seeken his opinion.

WIthout telling whre such expert is how can the judge dismiss my case. He did not read my complaint at all.

To tell whether light is working or not eyes are required. The judge did not even see the motar car.

Where to find expert that also he has not told in the judgement.

In this csae how to go about expert opinion?

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14 July 2018 at 18:14

Tenant in business premises.

sir , i am from chennai. In 1998 my father entered into an legal rental agreement with subbulakshmi who is the owner of the Property. subbulakshmi doesn't have childrens.so, she adopted a son prakash as son as per law. In 2007 she tranfer the property to prakash as settlement . in 2007 my father again entered an rental agreement with Prakash. Prakash has two childrens one son and one daughter ...his son come and collects the rent every month..After property Transfer Prakash not taking care of Subbulakshmi...Due to no proper care she left to relations house. There she died...Even Prakash not attended the funeral or Buried the Dead body....In 2015 Prakash died. His son and daughter without asking us sold the property to somebody else. we are paying the rent every month regularly. we have not received any receipt for the rent paid. but last time we paid rent by dd and cheque only...Now we are Running business there we don't have any other business. My family's only income source is from the Textile showroom there. The Purchased person asked as to vacate the premises. What can we do?..We have filed a case in court. We are running business for 20 years .. How can we leave?...is court evict as immediately? or how long it takes court to evict as from the premises?...help me ....Is there is any law to Protect as tenant from the new landlord.

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13 July 2018 at 16:37

Property issue

one of the property situated at bangalore, in Civil court declared as 75% to us & 25% to opposite party. We had filed suit for decleration & pocession. The suit is pending In high court . IF order comes as 100% us & nothing to opposite party. 1) Whether we can occupy the position next day with the copy of the High court order. 2) In case if high court orders as 75% to us & 25% to opposite party, What will be the our stand whether we can occupy 75% of pocession or not on the next day of the order.

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11 July 2018 at 21:53


I APPLIED FOR A SITE ON BDA IN MY FATHERS NAME.. HE HAD APPLIED TO BDA PREVIOUSLY But did not get.... those days it was 100 rs regn fee... after that he left it... now recently i found this card and applied ... i will be bearing all the costs which will run > 25 lakhs... we are two brothers notbin good terms... is it posible to take allotted site as a gift deed in my name... bda normally 10 years lease and no selling... how to go about rhis... mother will agree.. brother may not

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RTI Application of mine did not get dismissed. On the contrary. The judge who took reply from OP after 90 days told that he will transfer my case as I pointed finger at him through RTI query.
He said that if he transfers the case to some other court, nobody will decide my case.
He took from me forcibly in writing a letter of apology.

Later two goons took me and my wife forcibly to the registrar DCDRF room where I was made to sign forcibly that I am withdrawing my RTI application. They not only took my sign and also took my wife sign and gave back my IPO.

Now what to do?

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sir, if a officer filed a OA in CAT for his grievances against department and appeared in person on hearing date. whether the day is required to sanctioned leave or will considered on duty for his grievances before court. how it will be considered. department is harassing him by spending leave which will be encased after retirement. department moto is only to financial harassment. what will be situation and how to deal. please.

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08 July 2018 at 20:08

Order 4 rule 1 - institution of suit

Dear Veterans and Experts,

Greetings from Sreejit,

Can anybody pls explain if a suit instituted with infirmity as described under O 4 R 1, it., if O 6 and/or O 7 not duly complied with, it is said in O 4 R 1 (3) that the 'The plaint shall not be deemed to be duly instituted unless it complies with the requirements specified in sub-rules (1) and (2)'

Does this mean the suit is liable to be dismissed and the infirm Plaint 'In-Limine' liable to be rejeected/dismissed ?

By any measure, the impositions under O 4 R 1 r/w compliance to runes under O 6 & O 7 amounts to the effect of REJECTION OF PLAINT O 7 R 11 (d) which states 'where the suit appears from the statement in the plaint to be barred by any law;' [whereas, law, here include CPC O 6 & 7 too]

Any clarification required is welcome.

One request to experts, please avoid comment as 'I GO WITH THE EXPERTS' it is so awful one.



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08 July 2018 at 18:20

How claim expenses of dimissal suit





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06 July 2018 at 14:18

Regarding dubious sale deed

sir /madam, the baikhatijabai haji ebrahim tayyabji trust was gave the permission of their property to sell by joint charity commissioner was 620 sq.ft.But the said trust sold the property upto 1087 sq.ft.including the common lane between the two property.when my father registered the case in joint charity commissioner,the officer told that now the trust is under wakf board maharastra.when we complaint in the wakf board ,the wakf ceo cancelled the sale deed.The trust said it is not register with the wakf hence the order of wakf is not applicable to them.what to do.

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