06 November 2017 at 23:16

Sla & non compete

So, I have been working at a small technology company since two years now.
For the 1st year i received training(Cost from my Salary 1.5lacs) and worked at the same company..
For the 2nd year i was outsourced to a bigger company.
The SLA is of 3 years and consequences are an amount of 1.5 lacs.
The non compete states that i cannot join their client.
Will it be against the companies agreement if i leave to join the bigger company (although i am paying the service agreement amount and i have no trade secrets of the company).

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29 September 2017 at 15:56

What are special forces of state

What are the special forces of State government in Uttar pradesh?
1. What is defination of special forces ?
2.Special investigation team(SIT) of up police is special state forces or not?
3. How can I get the list of State special forces? RTi filled to Up home department but no rpy

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27 September 2017 at 14:43

Salary revision & pf

Hi all,

I started my career just 9 months before. I am working as a HR in a startup company. The company is registered in 2014. Need your advice on the below mentioned query.

Situation: Recently one of my employee gross salary got revised from 50000/month to 30000/month because of performance issue. Instead of terminating him management offered the reduced package and the employee accepted the reduced package. His Basic salary was 17500 for 50000/month. Now I have to give the new salary break up?

Query: As per law can I reduce his basic salary from 17500 to 10500?
- If no please explain why is it not possible with supporting law or Act.
- If yes, how it will affect the PF?

Thanks in advance

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02 September 2017 at 21:45

Partnership of ngos

Can 2 different NGOs registered as society, form a Partnership togather to run a school, whereby the management will be handled by the jointly by the partnership.
Case is:-
There is a school named*********** and 2 different NGOs are AWEWS and Aurora, which are registered as society with the concerned authority, have jointly founded the school and are willing to form a single entity which will be jointly owned by these 2 NGOs and a team of academic and administrative has been put in place and the management is to be controlled by any single entity, which in turn is be jointly owned by these 2 NGOs. Hope I made my point clear. Looking forward for your response.
Kindly enlighten with your wit.
Thank you.

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I want to start selling spy camera items , how would it is a crime if I give proper bill to the consumer and take his Id proof for our reference ,

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16 August 2017 at 20:50

Closure of limits

Sir My bank closed and released me no dues certificate on 25th july 2017 And On 14th aug 2017 has marked lein on some amount from my account as closure charges for that limit Is it legal in banking ?

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Insolvency Resolution Process has been initiated against ABC Limited by NCLT by appointment of Mr.Shah , Resolution professional. The period within which the IRP process is to be completed by Mr. Shah is in 180 days.
During this period the powers of Board are dispensed and all the powers of Board and Management vests in the Interim Resolution Professional as per Section 17 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code,2016.
Mr. Jain who is the Company Secretary of ABC Limited resigns during this process and intimates his resignation to Mr. Shah.
Now the Question is that who will be filing the e-form DIR-12 for the resignation of Mr. Jain with ROC.
As there is no option in the e-forms provided by MCA for affixing the Digital Signatures of Insolvency Resolution Professional.
Whether the Directors can File the e-form by affixing Digital Signature of any of the Directors. During the continuation of this process?

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My wife wants to start an online education business. The courses will be like-
financial planning,Investment management etc.

We don't know the legal process before launching the online business.

Please provide advice regarding the following-

1. Can she start her business from her parents' home address in West Bengal? Is NOC from parents or commercial power connection or any other documents required then?

2. She wants easy to manage paperwork for her business. Which type of business structure should she form- partnership/LLP/PVT LTD?

3. What licenses should she get - Municipal Trade license,VAT,CST, GST?

Please advise us. Thanks in advance.

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Please any one provide ANDHRA PRADESH NON-TRADING COMPANIES ACT, 1962.i want to know Fees,penalities, compounding offence

Please paste the fees, penalities here or if there any publication (ANDHRA PRADESH NON-TRADING COMPANIES ACT, 1962) is there tell me the publication name,which place to available the publication

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What happens to the assets of the Subsidiary company when the Holding company goes into liquidation?

Are the assets of the subsidiary company affected?

Any case law that provides knowledge on this legal proposition?

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