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ranjana singh

asked On 20 December 2010 at 00:27

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legality of a new order

my friend joined a national carrier as a pilot. upon joining he was asked to sign a bond with the company for a period of 5 years,and was also required to give post dated cheques worth 25lakhs,which the company was to encash in the event of him not completing the 5 year term period.other then giving the postdated cheques,he was not to pay any money towards his training its has been 1 1/2 years,and the company has suddenly decided to recover the cost of his training which they claim is 25 lakhs,to be deducted every month from his question is-- the company authorised to change its policy after 1 1/2 years of joining, had they been clear on this issue my friend would have joined some other company. friend is still not confirmed,which would happen after he completes a 2 year service with the company, now only 6 months are left. so can he still go to the court, without fearing for his job?

Madhukar Bhatt

asked On 19 December 2010 at 21:21

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How to search Guj HC Judgement of particular H'nable Judge

I need to find one judgment given by H'Nable Gujarat HC Judge Mr.B.C.Patel few 6/8 years back on Ahmedabad City Talavadi [Pond]]encroached by slums & vested interest to be vacated & to make that places of Talavadis of Ahmedabad filled with water & surrounding garden. The same judgement was approved & upheld in Supremene Court also.
According to this judgement some of such Talavadis are changed to pond & garden but few still remains with slums.I want to go for cotempt of court to AMC / Urban Land Developement Authroity / also to inform H'nable Chief Justice of Gujarat why few talavadis not changed to pond & garden as still slums & encroachment is there due to political vested interest. shall be thankful if you will guide me to search this above judgement from any website / AIR online. Your help appreciated.


asked On 18 December 2010 at 17:41

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Legible claim of an employee working in a private ltd. company under Company Law

An employee named 'A' was working as Assistant Officer in a reputed Private Limited Company which will be named as 'B'in this query onwards, at their work site .A was working in 'B' since July2008 till 25/11/2009.

'A 'was travelling in vehicle( Bolaro Jeep) ,now onward this will be referred as 'C' which was private one & hired by the 'B' for their official work,towards Allahabad, met with an accident as the right front portion of said vehicle 'C' badly collided with a rear right portion of the halted truck at National Highway on the night of 25th & 26th November 2009.At that time beside 'A',two more persons were in 'C'including driver of the vehicle on driver seat & other person in rear seat.'A' was unfortunately sitting on the front right seat of the vehicle.Due to collision of the right front portion of 'C','A' was badly injured with severe had injury while remaining two including driver were too injured.'A ' had become unconscious at the accident spot and laterly gone to coma .These injured persons were brought to the Hospital by the local police for treatment .For better treatment 'A'was shifted to private hospital where he was treated till 2nd December 2009 & collapsed on 2nd December 2009 at about 03.00 PM.His dead body was brought to her native place after completing all legal formalities.All the medical & hospital expenses of 'A'for the period from 26/11/2009 to till his death on 2/12/2009 and transport expenses for transportation of 'A's dead body to his native place was incurred by the employer company 'B'.'B's representative visited the
said private Hospital daily to ascertain the condition of the victim & paid the medical & hospital expenses to the caretaker/parent of 'A' daily during the said period.They had also arranged transportation of his dead body to his ('A') native place after hearing from caretaker of 'A'about his death .
After completion of all ritual formalities and lapses of certain period ,the parents of the late 'A' visited the nearest authority of the 'B' for payment of legate-mate claims due to loss of their 30 year old son on account of his death in their ('B') duty.
The company ('B')'s authorities informed the parents verbally that 'A' had left the job on 25/11/2009 as such no claim is payable by the company.

Further written request were made frequently through email & through registered post to company ('B')'s M D & other authorities of 'B'but no response is yet received.

An legal action for lodging 3rd party claim has already been initiated but nothing is
achieved till yet.

My query is about the fact that('B') is not taking any notice of the requests made for payment of legitimate claim of ('A')'s death and verbally denied on the ground that ('A') left the job on 25/11/2010 in-spite of the following fact
(1)that the 'A' was travelling on company's
vehicle & met with fatal accident due to collision of company's vehicle,
(2)that all medical & hospital expenses were met by the company after accident till his death,
(3)that 'A' became unconscious immediate after accident & later in coma till his death so he was not in a position to communicate any thing to his parent or other nearer & dearer,
(4) that a document named 'Service Certificate'was found stating date of relieving 25/11/2009 & reasons for leaving -'on his own accord',
(5)that day before the accident he informed his mother that he was coming to his native
place to report the other work site of his company ('B') near has native place as he was transferred to that site,
and (6)the expenses towards the transportation of dead body of 'A'from the hospital to his native place too was met by the company 'B'.

In this matter all experts of the subject
are requested to examine it & give candid opinion & comments with suggestion for further course of action to be taken by the parents.


asked On 18 December 2010 at 12:16

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Fixation of pay under FR 27 Higher post to lower post on appointment


DOPT advised to fix my pay under FR 27 as I moved from Steno (4000-100-6000) to LDC (3050-75-4590) both in Central Govt. by accepting technical resignation. At the time of relieving my Basic pay in HIgher post is Rs.4,000/-.

Our Head of Dept. fixed my pay under FR 27 at Rs.3,050 only just preponed increment 4 months, instead of fixing Rs.4,000/- (i.e.3950+50PP) without considering the monitory loss to the candidate.

Is it correct. Can I appeal for the same. Can you please send your valuable suggetions in this regard and If any any special orders/ provisions, fundamental rules, court orders, websites for getting material are available kindly send to my email ( or Cell No.099084 27272) for which act of kindness I shall be very much grateful to you.


asked On 16 December 2010 at 15:34

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asked On 15 December 2010 at 15:18

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Misrepresentation by MAX New York Life Insurance

Hi, I am from Mumbai. I have taken a home loan from Citi bank. They told me that they would give me the loan with which i will also have to take a life insurance policy of equivalent amount. They bought a policy from MAX New York Life Insurance which was unit linked. I took that policy and also home loan. Policy was for 3 years, unit linked, after which i will get amount after 5 years. However, they had misrepresented me the policy terms, charges, maturity amount, etc. which i got to knew from their customer care. The agents who sold me the policy has already left the company. Then i had been in contact with someone from max who told me that i will have to pay premium for 3 years otherwise the amount which i had paid till now (1.5 years) will be kept with MAX and policy will lapse. I want suggestion as to what i need to do now. Do i stop paying my home loan and then tell bank to dispute with MAX orelse any other option. Please assist...

What should i do. Any suggestions ... Should i stop paying my EMI's and let bank put a case on me so that i can explain everything to judge or should i put case on MAX. Also i would like to know how to case on Max. Any lawyer who deals with these types of cases ?



asked On 15 December 2010 at 10:46

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Personal loan

Hi ,

My query is regarding Personal loan and cc. I have some loans pending in banks like icici and hdfc . i have not paid the loan and has no monies also to pay it . its pending since two years . I have loans on my wife's name and now her passport is expired . will there be any action on her passport reissuance . I don know whether we have any summons pending in any court or not . we are from bangalore and loans are from delhi and bangalore both. please let me know /


asked On 13 December 2010 at 16:45

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Facilities for the Advocate

Is the any type of Aid, grant or any type of help or facility to Advocate.?? Plz provide the breif detail.


asked On 11 December 2010 at 14:49

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excisability of intermediate products

My friend is a manufacturer of Narrow woven fabric (CETH 5806) from Plastic granules/scrap. Narrow woven fabric is exempted under Central Excise Tariff. During the manufacture process, an intermediate product namely synthetic multi-filament yarn(CETH 5402) is obtained.We use this yarn wound on bobbin in the manufacture of narrow woven tape. He does not sell this yarn. This yarn is a complete product in itself except coning. This yarn is available in the market wound on paper cone (packing) .Without paper cone, yarn can not be sold. However this yarn has a life of few months and a complete product. Some of other units have sold this yarn in the market. If this yarn is to be sold in the market then, then a paper cone (packing) is to be used and if used captively then no paper cone is used instead a bobbin is used on needle looms to use yarn in the manufacture of narrow woven fabric.On narrow woven fabric and PP Multi filament yarn SSI exemption under Notf No 08/2003 dated 01.03.2003 is not applicable. My question is whether we will have to pay excise duty on synthetic filament yarn captive consumed without use of paper cone(packing material) captively used in the manufacture of narrow woven tape and we will have to seek excise registration. Please tell some relevant judgments/circulars. Please reply quickly as excise officers are pressing hard.
Thanks and regards ,

Nitesh Agarwal

asked On 10 December 2010 at 15:11

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Right Issue Exemption under Takeover Code REGULATIONS


As we know that Allotment pursuant to an application made by the share holders for Right Issues is exempted under Regulation 3 of SEBI (SAST) Regulations, 1997.

My doubt is in case the company go for rights issue with a clause of renounciation and the person(nominee) who acquires such shares on renounciation rights, will that attract the takeover code ??

Nitesh Agarwal

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