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asked On 11 December 2010 at 14:49

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excisability of intermediate products

My friend is a manufacturer of Narrow woven fabric (CETH 5806) from Plastic granules/scrap. Narrow woven fabric is exempted under Central Excise Tariff. During the manufacture process, an intermediate product namely synthetic multi-filament yarn(CETH 5402) is obtained.We use this yarn wound on bobbin in the manufacture of narrow woven tape. He does not sell this yarn. This yarn is a complete product in itself except coning. This yarn is available in the market wound on paper cone (packing) .Without paper cone, yarn can not be sold. However this yarn has a life of few months and a complete product. Some of other units have sold this yarn in the market. If this yarn is to be sold in the market then, then a paper cone (packing) is to be used and if used captively then no paper cone is used instead a bobbin is used on needle looms to use yarn in the manufacture of narrow woven fabric.On narrow woven fabric and PP Multi filament yarn SSI exemption under Notf No 08/2003 dated 01.03.2003 is not applicable. My question is whether we will have to pay excise duty on synthetic filament yarn captive consumed without use of paper cone(packing material) captively used in the manufacture of narrow woven tape and we will have to seek excise registration. Please tell some relevant judgments/circulars. Please reply quickly as excise officers are pressing hard.
Thanks and regards ,

Nitesh Agarwal

asked On 10 December 2010 at 15:11

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Right Issue Exemption under Takeover Code REGULATIONS


As we know that Allotment pursuant to an application made by the share holders for Right Issues is exempted under Regulation 3 of SEBI (SAST) Regulations, 1997.

My doubt is in case the company go for rights issue with a clause of renounciation and the person(nominee) who acquires such shares on renounciation rights, will that attract the takeover code ??

Nitesh Agarwal


asked On 06 December 2010 at 22:26

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court orders

Dear Members,
Can some of you advise the case number for the following as they are needed to cite in a case of mine

1. M/s.Scooter India Ltd. V/s. Mr.Pradeep Kumar, reported in 1986-2002 NC National consumer Commission
2.SC on Consumer Cases (Part IV) Page 6298
3. Supreme Court in the case of Jyotsna Shah v/s. Bombay Hospital reported in (1999) 4 SCC Page 325


Kishor Makwana

asked On 06 December 2010 at 16:07

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Losses caused by Managing Committee and lying to Court

Respected Sir,

When I was Secretary of a Housing Society at Nerul in 1995, the managing committee had slapped a case u/s 138 against a member who had misappropriated funds and Mr KS Subash, Chairman representing the case for years. When he had developed health complications due to diabetes and related heart ailments, He requested the Society to appoint someone else to take the case forward which was granted by the Society and the same was noted in the Committee minutes of July 2008 and a resolution was passed relieving him of his duties in the subsequent AGM and appointed 4 members to represent the case for Society. Hiding these facts, the Society kept on asking future dates at the Court for more than two years citing reason as he was not available to attend the case. When finally the Court reprimanded the Society, the Secretary thru Advocate lied to the Court that he refuse to attend the case. Recently the Secretary got a resolution passed at the AGM to withdraw the case and another resolution stating that the Managing Committee is not accountable for any of their actions. By not discharging the duties as a Secretary (Secretary for more than 3 years), the Society lost a sizeable amount of money. Is there any provision to recover the amount for dereliction of duty from the Managing Committee and whether we can initiate action for their lying to the Court for more than 2 years? The Committee is passing the blame on us. Please advice.

With warm regards,

Kishor Makwana

Satish Krishnaraj

asked On 06 December 2010 at 11:31

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Starting a C.B.S.E school


We are a group of friends wanting to start a CBSE school in Bangalore, India. We have already procured a small piece of land for the same.

My questions are as follows:
1) I would like to understand all the licenses / permissions (from various agencies) that I need obtain to start the school.

2) I am looking for a blueprint for the agreements of various entities (trusts, MOU amongst friends, land regulations, etc.,) concerned and with all the parties involved.


asked On 05 December 2010 at 20:08

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Rules and regulations applicable with MSEDCL

Dear Experts,

Which is the particular "Act" applicable to Maharashtra State Electricity Distibution
Company Limited?

What is the "Rules and Regulations" for granting Electrity connection as prescribed under the Act?.

In which "provisions of law the Rules and Rules and Regulations" are prescribed for new Electrity Connections to various establishment?

Kindly provide the above information as this is urgently required.

Many thanks in advance.


asked On 04 December 2010 at 17:58

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Grace Marks in competitive exams.

sir is there any reported case, regarding ,to what extent grace marks can be awarded in a competitive exams.

sir also is there any reported case saying arbitrarily awarding grace marks to one subject & not awarding to other subjects in a competitive exam(like state PSC) violates Art. 14 & Art. 16(1) of constitution.

Avdhesh Tiwari

asked On 02 December 2010 at 22:51

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Reservation to Persons with disabilities in employment-Service Matter.

There is provision for reservation (not less than 3 percent) in govt. employment to persons with disabilities in terms of Persons with disabilities Act, 1995 and Office Memorandum issued in the December, 2005 and in the year 1996 (available on the official website of the Chief Commissioner for persons with disabilities). Most of the departments are not implementing the provisions in this regard and interpreting the Act and OMs differently.

I need clarification whether a person with disability, who is selected for a post on his own merit (without relaxed standard)can be denied the benefits admissible to persons with disabilities. Will such candidate be treated as 'General Candidate' for placement in seniority list and promotion purpose?

Kindly clarify and provide the rules/court order/s in this regard.



asked On 25 November 2010 at 13:16

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Study for PCS J for UP and other State

Dear All,

I am law graduate from Agra University, Agra

I have done in Hindi Medium, I want to give the Examination for PCS(J.

I want to no the study Metarial and Its related best book for this competation exam.

I want to sucessful at any rate .

Kinldy help me for the same

I have no career at this time.

But I am working as a Accountant in Gurgoan.

There are lots of vacancies come for law graduate but i don't have better knowledge of law and drafting.

Ritesh Sharma

asked On 07 November 2010 at 20:36

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Mediclaim Policy

i had a medi claim policy from United India insurance for the year 2005-2006,2006-2007 and then for next 2 year 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 from New India insurance... there was no lapse of policy in these 4 years. i got operated in 2009 for some ailment to which my current insurer i.e New India insurance co. is saying that this ailment is not covered in the second year of medi claim policy so they will not reimburse the treatment for same. my submission is that although it is my second year with the current insurer i.e NIA but it is my continuous 4th year of mediclaim policy...first 2 yrs from United India n next 2 yrs from NIA(current insurer).
both of these insurance co. are GIC Companies ( public sector ). the case is pending in consumer forum and i am in dire need of some relevant citations of apex courts to prove my point..that when a consumer is insured in past from some co. and then he shifted from is past insurer to a new insurer and the policies were never lapsed and the continuity is never broken then the second insurer should give the weightage to the policies of the earlier insurer and the current insurer cannot deny the claim mere on this fact that the consumer is a new consumer to the current insurance co. therefore he will be treated as a fresh consumer.

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