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Ritesh Sharma

asked On 07 November 2010 at 20:36

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Mediclaim Policy

i had a medi claim policy from United India insurance for the year 2005-2006,2006-2007 and then for next 2 year 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 from New India insurance... there was no lapse of policy in these 4 years. i got operated in 2009 for some ailment to which my current insurer i.e New India insurance co. is saying that this ailment is not covered in the second year of medi claim policy so they will not reimburse the treatment for same. my submission is that although it is my second year with the current insurer i.e NIA but it is my continuous 4th year of mediclaim policy...first 2 yrs from United India n next 2 yrs from NIA(current insurer).
both of these insurance co. are GIC Companies ( public sector ). the case is pending in consumer forum and i am in dire need of some relevant citations of apex courts to prove my point..that when a consumer is insured in past from some co. and then he shifted from is past insurer to a new insurer and the policies were never lapsed and the continuity is never broken then the second insurer should give the weightage to the policies of the earlier insurer and the current insurer cannot deny the claim mere on this fact that the consumer is a new consumer to the current insurance co. therefore he will be treated as a fresh consumer.


asked On 29 October 2010 at 18:50

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Prevantion of corruption Act

In a case of P.C.Act,upto what limit special police estasblishment Act and M.P. lokayukta evam uplokayukta adhiniyam 1981, are concerned and applicable and what is the relation between them.


asked On 29 October 2010 at 07:58

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ESI and PF act..

A simple and basic question..

Pl. advise the amount of contribution is to be charged for PF and ESI

I would like to know and confirm the following is correct or not..

for ESI
a) Total Gross Earnings..
for PF
a) Total nett earnings.


asked On 04 October 2010 at 12:41

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Case filed in Mahsul sachiv Amdavad

A Farming Land was converted in Non agriculture and permitted for construction. I filed a case against that order done by DDO Anand that there was elegal steps were taken to pass that order. The case was filed in April 2010 but not any date come out even after 5 months time. I also heard that they take long long time to run the case. I am NRI and how long can I wait. Plus when I will be back home it may come to run thwe cAse so this is very critical issue for me. Pl. help me. what to do and how.


asked On 24 September 2010 at 23:55

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The term Advocate, Lawyer and Solicitor

Who can use the designation "Advocate" and/or "Lawyer" and/or "Solicitor" ? What qualification he must have ? Any Registration required ? In India, which law defines this particular issue ? Please add any supporting documents/articles if available. (Please explain beyond Advocates Act and BCI Rules for Advocates to practice in court)


asked On 15 September 2010 at 10:09

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Legal Audit

I have to conduct legal audit for my regional offices in India , our head office is at Delhi , we are an insecticide company, which particular Acts should i look into for compliance, in addition to shops and estblishment Act,and what are the specific sections for the same. These are not manufacturing units. Let me know what are the tax compliances i have to see like payment of professional tax etc. Please help.


asked On 25 August 2010 at 18:23

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Adjourned SGM

Please clarify what is the procedure to reconvene and adjourned SGM of a Public Trust. The SGM adjourned in want of a reply to some quiries.
Only the members attended for the adjourned meeting are allowed to attend the reconvened meeting? Or should the Trustees call up all the members of the organisation?

This meeting was adjourned for another day, but to reconvene within 2 months time.

I am looking for a reply from experts about this sine die adjourned SGM....

Tarun Goyal

asked On 25 August 2010 at 18:11

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do you have any clauses/ solution to track drawback amount . Actually we export readymade garment in march 2010 to spain, but the drawback amount is not credited in our a/c till now, so what should we do now.


asked On 25 August 2010 at 07:28

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Work Permit

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a citizen of bangladeshi, i married in India and my wife is indian and i applied of indian citizenship and permanent resident now i am staying in india permanently.


asked On 24 August 2010 at 12:39

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Could you please help me with some citations where SEBI interferes under section 11(c) of SEBI Act 1992 particularly into merger of companies whereby fraud has been alleged in the merger by way of unmindfully fixing the share swap ratio and purposefully manipulating the share trade.
I would be greatful if some one provides me with similar case laws or throw some light in this subject.

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