I have filed complaint of maladministration against Commissioner(corporation) in case of illegal Construction (affecting me) with out permission/sanctioned plan in Karnatak.The hearing has started on his order under321 of KMC act1976 for demolition.
Now, at this stage I have come to know the person has constructed new well in his premises again by violation of the above act, mud & debris of whicxh are dumped in the existing well(live with potable water) in the same compound in which I am given the right to draw water to the extent of 1'-11" joint owner. & there is one more RCC structure without permission in the setback area, these two things I want to complain to lokayukta.
Please guide.

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19 January 2011 at 17:36


what are the books of accounts to be maintaine for a condiminimum?
which act apply to condimnimum?

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17 January 2011 at 12:56

Saurashtra Felling of Trees act 1951

Respected experts,

Can anyone of you give me the PDF virsion of Saurashtra Felling of trees act 1951?

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1. Currently I am working as Full Time University approved Assistant Professor in Private Un-aided Engg. college in Maharashtra. 2. We governed under Service rule of AICTE / UGC / State Govt. of Maharashtra. 3. I have applied study leave for Ph.D. work. As per AICTE / UGC Norms, before availing of such leave I should execute a bond of Undertaking to College that will contains after completing Ph.D. work, I should serve min. 3 yerars to that college But College asking me for 5 years and if I breach the undertaking, I shall be liable to pay Rs. 5.0 Lakh as compensation. From 3 to 5 year is breaking the rule of AICTE and second during study leave as per rule I should get full pay But College is not going to give any pay during this period.

So Query is that if I execute such bond and later on if I want to breach it, what care I need to be taken ?

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this case was presented before the bench comprising J A.K. Ganguly and J ibrahim.kindly tell me the name and citation of this case..

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12 January 2011 at 11:37

service record

how to obtain service record of a third person who served central govt. Can we get from under RTI ? or whats the way out

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11 January 2011 at 20:16


Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to know your opinion on the following:
1.Rishta in a muslim family was proposed by girl father/mother/paternal uncle/ maternal uncle/maternal brother at boy home on june 2010 with some sweets and cash gift.
paternal uncle of girl is also a paternal uncle of boy and he is a mediator.
boy told this mediator that fix the date of marriage after i get leave from the job and this i will confrim you 10-15 days before, as boy works abroad. july 2010 brother/mother/paternal uncle/paternal aunty/paternal brother/maternal uncle went to girl house to confirm the rishta with some sweets and cash gift.
there the girls family put a small get together with some common relatives and fix the date then and there , the mediator hide the fact/request of boy told to him.
unaware of the fact the boy mother also give consent as all are relatives.
date of marriage was agree for the month of dec 2010.
some sweets and cash gifts are exchange there. nov brother of boy booked 29 railway tickects for marriage in dec 2010. nov girl father and mediator came to boy house to give invitation of girl's brother marriage in dec 2010.
and gift some cash. dec boy inform about his leave and return to his brother which is on very short notice ,unfortunately the return journey is on the date of marriage. brother of boy inform this to mediator
mediator confirm this with the boy through isd call.
mediator then told this to girl father, in return girl father along with girl maternal brother denied/reject/cancel the marriage by phone call even on the request/plea of boy mother to find out some other solution and do not reject/cancel the marriage proposal as preparation are going on and it also hurt all relatives, family and social circle.
the girl father and mediator ask boy mother to re exchange/settle cash gift which is accepted by boy mother and asked girl father to give his bank account number on this girl father threaten boy mother to sue in court and ask her to talk to mediator.
on asking bank account number from mediator he further threaten and put false allegations/blames and loose talks with boy’s mother on phone.

6.after hearing all this boy bother asked the mediator who is also his paternal uncle to come over to his/boy house to take back cash gift of girl father or provide girls father bank account number for cash gift settlement and please do not threat to his and boy's mother.

what are the possibilities of legal sue/case from boy's family side and from girl's family side?

Please provide your good suggestion/opinion on this matter.
Best Regards

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10 January 2011 at 15:56

Memorandum of Entry_Charge Matter

Earlier the Company had secured loan worth of Rs. 52 Cr [From X Bank-Lead Bank Rs. 25 Cr, From B Bank (mentioned below) Rs. 15 Cr and From A Bank (mentioned below) Rs. 12 Cr]. and the MOE has been executed by the Company for depositing the title deeds of immovable property with Lead Bank X and paid Rs. 10,40,000/- as Stamp Duty.(0.2% on Rs. 52 Cr.)

Now the Company has fully repaid the Secured Loan to Lead Bank X except Rs. 5 Cr which has been taken over by A Bank and now the A Bank has become a Lead Bank.

The Present Consortium Finance Involved worth Rs. 114 Crore as below:

From A Bank Rs. 54 Cr
From B Bank Rs. 15 Cr
From C Bank Rs. 20 Cr
From D Bank Rs. 25 Cr
Total Rs. 114 Cr

Now due to Change in Lead Chargeholder new MOE has to be executed depositing titles of the properties with "A Bank" on behalf of Consortium.

the Query is the now the Lead Bank is "A Bank" and MOE has to be created in favour of A Bank Bcoz it is now Lead Chargeholder. Amount of MOE will or not exclude the Rs. 5 Cr takeover from X Bank to A Bank & 15 Cr of B Bank while calculating the Loan Amount. Bcoz the Stamp Duty is already paid on the Rs. 5 Cr & Rs. 15 Cr earlier in earlier MOE Or Fresh MOE to be executed with A Bank for Rs. 114 Crore as rights of Consortium is now Changed from X Bank to A Bank.

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10 January 2011 at 10:14

Transfer of Shares_BIFR

Can Shareholders of Company which the application pending before BIFR, transfer shares to another person below the Face Value? Also there is or not any further procedure to be follow like approval from the BIFR Board, etc.

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09 January 2011 at 15:50


i would certainly like to know the statutory provisions regulating the establishment of law firms in india.. secondly, can an individual without having any legal degree run a law firm in india ?. thirdly, can a law firm in india be registerd as a pvt. ltd. ?
thanks and regards..

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