My neighbouring builder had put fencing on my compound wall.
What shall I do?

Just for Clarification Purpose I am Posting this Query. Dr, J.C. Vashista had Posted in his Profile that " I have acquired Ph.d -- M B A-- L.LB -- MA - B.COM during my Service in Army." L.LB can not be done with out regular Attendance.Any Law degree obtained thro ' Correspondence will not make them eligible to Practice in Courts.. Whether he would clarify please

20 July 2019 at 16:34

Sarfaesi act

what are the remedies available to borrower after issue of sales notice by the bank under sarfaesi act.,where the borrower has already applied for OTS to the bank

Sir, there is one original seniority list of all clerical cadre employees as on 31st March, 1991. My institution had given promotion as senior clerks (within same clerical cadre) to some of the SC/ST clerks placed junior to me and fixed their seniority above me and notified the Revised seniority list. Later on being senior to me they were given promotions as officers and now they reached at very senior level as GMs.
Although I also appeared in the same test at par with above employees but due to higher in seniority, above employees were selected. I challenged the Revised seniority list in High court which quashed the Revised seniority list and maintained the original seniority list in which I was senior.
Now my query is whether I can claim the promotion at par with my junior clerical colleagues as I was denied opportunities alongwith now promoted junior persons during the period.

Dear Sir,
I fail to understand that while Supreme Court of India is promptly taking up petitions having political and religious issues but ignoring the issues concerning physically handicapped persons or other weaker sections of the society.
A glaring example is frequent postponement and delaying of SLP (Civil) 24994 of 2016 involving Review by Larger Bench of SCI of the judgement giving 3% Reservation in Promotions to Physically Handicapped Employees. Although the issue had been decided by SCI long back in Rajeev Kumar Gupta vs. Union of India case and was upheld once during Review of the same by a Bench headed by Sh. Ranjan Gogoi, our present Chief Justice of SCI.
Sir, the captioned SLP is being delayed on one pretext or other and since 29.04.2019 it has not been taken up and appears to be sidelined.
The non-decision of captioned SLP has its bearing on many similar petitions lying pending in various High Courts thus adversely affecting the career prospects of many disabled employees. Moreover injustice is being done to PH employees by denying them their rightful due.
I request you to please take up the above issue at appropriate level and help PH employees in getting the justice from SCI.
Thanking you,

(A. K. Gupta)


Our society is registered in Pune . Builder has submitted fraud z form at the time of society registration in deputy registrar office ...society was registered in Jan 2017 after this builder has done the conveyance deed, when society committee submitted property card documents that time land owner and builder has send legal notice that society committee has done the society registration illegally now please help us what we should do?

16 July 2019 at 11:47

Invoice query

What is the difference between tax invoice and retail invoice, is shopkeeper looted customers by giving only tax invoice. Warranty is applicable on which invoice

16 July 2019 at 07:39

Housing society likage repair

There is likage problem and 2 years before as per society instruction we repair our bathroom by using assigned contarctor from society. After repir also likage not sttoped and later it stooped because it was from our neighbouring flat. Now again there is likage and society is behind us to repair base on their assumption. My flat is not on likage spot and down of our flat there is parking and no house. What is law says about this who is responsible to pay for the same.

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12 July 2019 at 21:22

Name changing

I want to change my name totally different. Is it possible ?

12 July 2019 at 09:30

Transfer of employee



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