19 November 2017 at 22:51

Consumer affair

learned Experts
I've purchased 2 Sims of idea cellular ltd on June 2016 attracted by their advertisement which self declared 4GLTE service provided flawlessly and confirmed with their CCC whether my area is covered under 4G LTE network i got positive reply but actually happened is i never granted 4GLTE services till today but all recharged amounts for data card gone in vain without data connectivity in the meantime I've lodged several complaints with their CCC and repeatedly i received same reply that your data balance is nil please recharge and your complaint will be rectified soon the process are in progress but no fruitful service provided my entire business depends on mobile communication and Internet services only hence having customers throughout country the poor network of the service provider caused my business customers are parted from me due to lack of service and communication gap
because of the service providers misleading,false offers fetched me to the end of my business life and my daily bread now my age is 55 my livelihood stands derelict even i can't earn money for my daily needs these all are happened due to communication gap hence i decided to approach consumer forum and claim for a compensation of ₹20,00,000/- from the network operator who gave false promise to me and grabbed my money without giving proper service
I've no evidence except their sim boxes which declared itself eligibles for 4GLTE service n enjoy our 4G service in the meantime one of their technician came to my area where the sim utilized and conducted network test and orally agreed that there is no tower hence 4G service can not be provided unless tower installation done

I humbly request to experts to guide me i decided to represent the case myself in consumer forum since I've no source of income to pay fees

I apologize if any mistake founded and I'm not an expert in English language

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Dear Sirs,

I have filed Writ Petition before the Madras High Court, for removal of illegal encroachment made by the Panchayat into a Private/Patta land. We have submitted, Photos of the encroachment, Sale Deed, Field Map Book Record with Sketch, Patta, Chitta, A Register and the Tax Paid Receipt to the Court to prove the land in dispute is a Private/Patta land.

In spite of submitting these solid documentary evidences, the Special Government Pleaders who appeared for the Respondents, made a false submission to the honorable court stating that "the property in dispute belongs to the Panchayat and the Petitioner has no right over the same". This was intentionally done to see that, the W.P is dismissed at the admission stage itself, so that the Petitioner can be pushed to approach the Civil Court.

However the honorable court passed its order directing the Respondent1 (District Collector cum Inspect of Panchayats) to inquire the matter and pass orders on the Petitioners application in accordance with the law.

Now the question is, whether the Government Pleader can make a false submission to the honorable court by virtue of his position?

Whether the Petitioner is entitled to get a copy of the relevant Documents supplied by the Respondents, to the Government Pleader for opposing the petitioner's plea?

If the High Court is not providing those document copies under the provisions of RTI Act, what is the alternative process?.

Kindly provide your valuable advice and comments.

Thanks and Regards.

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17 November 2017 at 19:09

In bankes spouse ground transfer

Hi sir, Iam working as a clerk in one psu telangana,My husband is asst.manager in another psu,.on 17th may 2017 he got posting in gujrath.17th may 2017 is our wedding day.with his higer officials permission , he take 10days permission to join in bank.then he joined in bank, I don't have leaves to go there and he is in probition period.we are planning to apply for spouse grounds request transfer.but we don't know about the transfer policy in PSU's.kindly suggest me.

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I m using my maiden surname after marriage. In fact in all my ID proofs viz. Voter Id, PAN, Aadhaar and Passport my maiden surname is there. In the marriage certificate my maiden surname is there also. The problem is in the Birth Information of my baby(age 11yrs) issued by the Nursing Home the mother's surname is given as the surname after my marriage which I don't use anywhere. As a result in the Birth Certificate of my baby issued by the Municipality the Mother's surname is the same (after marriage) as that in the Birth Information.
As per the local Municipality once the Birth Information issued by the Nursing home gets changed they would be able to change the Birth Certificate. I have already applied to the Nursing Home authority for the change of the Mother's surname in the Birth Information along with all the necessary documents including ID proof of myself and an Affidavit. But they refused to do the same stating that they have destroyed the records as it is beyond 10 yrs and as per MCI regulations Nursing home authority is supposed to keep the records only for 6 yrs. Even they are not willing to give any written document in this regard.
Under these circumstances I am at a loss what to do next for the change of my surname in the Birth Certificate of my baby.
Please help...

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13 November 2017 at 21:07

Surety in 2 cases but 441a not declared

I act as surety in 2 cases both property case but at the time of taking surety I don't know anything about surety,I was called by my uncle to bring driving license and vehicle paper. But second time he don't declare that I act as surety in another case also so is it violation under law 441a not declared?and is this case come under section 193 or 199.
I want to remove as surety, how can I remove surety in 2nd case how I made application to court for removal of surety and whether court ask any question why I am removing my surety bond.

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11 November 2017 at 21:54

Land extent

I have agriculture land it's came from my grandfather's.
In my village 24 th suvery number 5 acres of land belongs to me(only me), No other person in that suvery number .
In land records 1942 to 2017 I have a 5 acres patta in passbook and tittle deed. but am cultivating 2 acres of land only ,remaining 3 acres of land not there in suvery number ( remaining land where it's gone I don't know).
1942 sethwar record land extent 5 acres.
1953 P.T register record extent 5 acres
1954 Kasara pahani land extent 5 acres.
1974 38-E certificate extent 5 acres.
Till date 2017 in passbook land extent 5 acres.
In 2009 govt surveyor has measured my land .and he said that "you got more patta extent"
According to tippan 2 acres only surveyor said .

It's possible to come like that more extent.
Or I can apply some other suveryor

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05 November 2017 at 13:39

Society registration

I am a member of the housing society regd under Tamilnadu societies Act 1975
I have a query.
Byelaws approved on 23-12-2016
Returning officers appointed on 23-12-2016 to conduct elections on 29-01-17
Elections held, voting by members done, results announced, EC appointed and two EC meetings conducted in Feb and Mar 17 and 4 EC meetings conducted after 03-04-17
In Feb 17, First EC meeting authorised president & secretary to register Assn
Secretary filed papers for regn on 12-05-2017
Regn certificate issued on 14-06-2017
Later it was found out by one member, that the formation date was given as 03-04-2017
Form VI -member register shows all members joined on 03-04-2017
All EC meetings, authorisation given by EC in Feb 17 are invalid in the eye of Law because formation date
is declared as 03-04-17. Assn cannot exist prior to formation
All members including EC members as per records submitted joined only on 03-04-2017 and therefore prior to 03-04-2017 they are all rank outsiders and non members.
Election conducted in Jan 17 is nullified by wrongfully declaring the date of formation as 03-04-17
Therefore EC is invalid
Secretary cannot file papers as no valid authorisation given
Regn is invalid
Bank Account is opened on 14-03-17
Pls clarify my doubt whether EC is valid, regn is valid
All members paid member fee of Rs 10/- in Jan 17 and exercised their vote in Jan 17 election
Subscription of Rs 100 collected only from 03-04-17
Entire EC resigned Ad-hoc committee formed to conduct fresh elections.
In the circumstances whether regn is valid
if not can we correct the records as mistake
or can we go for fresh regn
Thanks in advance

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It has been clearly detected that my signatures are forged on policy proposal forms of life insurance policy which I bought in 2009. I bought this to the notice of my insurer and the insurer is maintaining absolute silence about signature forgery. It is clearly evident that my signatures are forged at 2 places. I have filed a case in district consumer forum. I guess consumer forums don't decide on cases on signature forgery. There is one more ground of tampering the proposal form without authentication (absence of counter-signature) on which my case in consumer forum may stand. Regarding signature forgery, what action can I take ? Can I get a forensic test done at my cost for forged signatures and then submit the forensic report in court ? In future, if the insurer wants to settle the matter out of court, can I withdraw my case ? Against whom I should file a case in court ? The insurance agent who sold me the policy in 2009 is no more employed with my insurer.

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03 October 2017 at 20:51

Sec 138

dear sir
I am from Nashik.
I am running business in name of Dinesh agencies. I came in to agreements with a company for selgling there led bulbs.
blank cheques given them on agreement.
I had also given them bank guarantee of rs. 3 lakhs to them..
some times later dispute started with company.
when I stopped business total outstanding due with company was almost 14 lakhs on 15.8.2017
..on 1.9 .2017they used my blank cheque and put amount of rs. 8 Lak and bounced which was stopped Payment done by me and informed them by legal notice on 22.8 17
..on 22.8.17 I had send them stock return of rs.4 lakhs
and on 26.8 they encashed my bank guarantee rs.3 lakhs

now seen is that I received a legall notice that .. after so call reminders I had issued that cheque .. which was already blank signed when given..
2. actual due was14 Lakh but company send me notice of 8 lakhs..they used words in notice that .... total outstanding due towards company was 8 laks and after so called reminders I had issued them cheque towards legal debts cheque dates 21.8.2017 ...

and after 21.8 2017 they received my bank guarantee and stock also ... that is.. total 7 Lakhs...
now please guide me .. whether they can use future transaction in advance .and use blank cheque ..

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22 September 2017 at 13:56

Refusal to take 50 paise coin

I experienced a strange situation recently in a south Indian state. When I offered Rs 4.50 to a shopkeeper for buying a newspaper, he refused the money, which is the actual price of the newspaper, and asked me to pay Rs 5 or leave. Mercifully only one man of the town does this but my newspaper is available only with him.

While I tried to reason with him, he maintains that nobody wants a 50 paise coin. It is not correct because buses, shops etc accept coins of Rs 10, Rs 5 and lower denominations up to 50 paise. Banks too accept coins here.

I know that since RBI has not withdrawn it, the coin is still a valid tender. The RBI says action will be taken against anybody who refuses legal tender. Many sites and pundits say refusal to accept legal tender is illegal. But nobody, even the RBI, has clarified so far how to proceed legally in the matter. The common man is in a quandary.

There is always the District Consumer Court. Before approaching them, can I go to a police station and lodge a complaint? Is only the RBI authorized to take action against those who refuse the coins? Who is the authority to be approached for redressal?

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