18 January 2018 at 23:42

marriage with secound cousin

My friend want to marry his second cousin.
That mean she is the grand daughter of his grandfather brother.
Is he able to marry with her and his marriage is valid.
If his and the girl families will agreed with there marriage.
He is from uttar Pradesh India from a Hindu family.

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18 January 2018 at 23:23

Caste certificate

Basically I belong to agamudayar caste of tamil nadu but do my parents are born and brought up in karnataka and they don't have the proof of caste certificate but my relatives(anut family) do.
Now how can I get my obc certificate? As now I reside in Andra Pradesh.
Please help I need certificate for application process.

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18 January 2018 at 17:02

Marry with second cousin

My friend want to marry his second cousin.
That mean she is the grand daughter of his grandfather brother.
Is he able to marry with her and his marriage is valid.
He is a from uttar Pradesh India a Hindu family.

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I worked as Examiner of Patents and Designs at Indian Patent Office, New Delhi under the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry. I appointed by president of India on 13th March, 2016.
I applied for technical resignation on 25th September, 2017 and a consequence competent Authority accepted my Technical resignation on 13th Nov., 2017. I got relieved of my duties from the post of Examiner of Patents & Designs on 22th Nov., 2017 to join Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) for one year probation period.
There are several difficulties I am facing here at IOCL and due to same I am not able to support my family. I am the eldest son in my family and have multiple responsibilities. Nature of duties in IOCL is completely different form the Patent office.

I was applied for repatriation request to the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion on 4th December, 2017 (after 10 days) (Annexure-I). In continuation of my previous request again I request on 1st January, 2018 to department give me some relief in this matter.
Department followed the guideline of the DOP&T and according the Rule 26 ccs pension rule 1972 is.

The procedure for withdrawal of resignation after it has become effective and the Government servant had relinquished the charge of his earlier post, are governed by the following statutory provisions in sub-rules (4) to (6) of Rule 26 of the CCS(Pension) Rules,1972. This corresponds to Art. 418(b) of the Civil Service Regulations:-
(4) The appointing authority may permit a person to withdraw his resignation in the public interest on the following conditions, namely:-
(i) that the resignation was tendered by the Government servant for some compelling reasons which did not involve any reflection on his integrity, efficiency or conduct and the request of a material change in the circumstances which originally compelled him to tender the resignation;
(ii) that during the period intervening between the date on which the resignation became effective and the date from which the request for withdrawal was made, the conduct of the person concerned was in no way improper.
(iii) that the period of absence from duty, between the date on which the resignation became effective and the date on which the person is allowed to resume duty as a result of permission to withdraw the resignation is not more than ninety days;
(iv) that the post, which was vacated by the. Government servant on the acceptance of his resignation or any other comparable post is available.
5) Request for withdrawal of a resignation shall not be accepted by the appointing authority where a Government servant resigns his service or post with a view to taking up an appointment in or under a private commercial company or in or under a corporation or company wholly or substantially owned or controlled by the Government or in or under a body” controlled or financed by the Government.
(6) When an order is passed by the appointing authority allowing a person to withdraw his resignation and to resume duty, the order’ shall be deemed to include the con-donation of interruption in service but the period of interruption shall not count as qualifying service ;”
6. Since the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 are applicable only to holders of permanent posts, the above provisions would apply only in the case of a permanent Government servant who had resigned his post. The cases of withdrawal of resignation of permanent Government servants which involve relaxation of any of the provisions of the above rules will need the concurrence of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, as per Rule 88 of the CCS(Pension) Rules,1972.

Rule number 26(5) not allowed for the withdrawal of resignation of a person to join the Corporation. I have Joined IOCL with the proper permission of the department. My resignation is a technical resignation means my past service is not forfeit. RTI request number is
“DP&PW/R/2018/50032” clearly mention that ccs pension rule no. 26 is not applicable in my case.

Any relief available in my case. or How to go back in my parent office.

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18 January 2018 at 13:26


Sir.if there are two different accused in a case.One has full control over certain things and other has not,in such circumstances is there any principal of equity decided by Indian High or Supreme court,Once I found a citation in a book but lost it now.That was a City Bank case.One employee had full control to save the customer interest and the other had not.It was observed that a person who had the full control would be punished and the other not.Can any one find this citation.

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13 January 2018 at 14:22

Consumer protection act

1. The dismissal of the Complaint by this Forum and subsequently by Appellate Forums: The Applicant submits that the Hon’ble District Forum did not grant any relief to the Applicant and disposed of the Complaint by a common Order dated 25.05.2010. The Applicant had preferred Appeal before Hon’ble State Commission which was also disposed of by an Order dated 04.05.2011. The Applicant had preferred Revision before Hon’ble National Commission which also came to be disposed of by an Order dated 19.01.2012. The Applicant had preferred SLP before Hon’ble Apex Court which was also not allowed and came to be dismissed by an Order dated 05.07.2012. The Applicant had preferred Review Petition for the Order passed in SLP, and which also came to be rejected by an Order dated 20.02.2013.

2. After som time Information obtained under Right to Information: The Applicant submits that the Applicant and Applicant’s brother has obtained various information / documents from concerned public authorities under Right to Information Act, 2005, and these documents overwhelmingly establish that Respondent Nos.1 and 2 have knowingly used false evidence and documents before the Hon’ble Consumer Forum, and have misled the Hon’ble Forum, and have thus secured Orders from the Hon’ble Forum on the basis of false and fabricated evidence; and on the same premise of falsehood, the Appeal and revision also came to be in Respondent No.1’s favour. The Applicant further submits that although some of the documents relied upon in this Application were before this Hon’ble Forum at the time of passing of Order, the real effect of all those documents could be appreciated in the presence of all other documents which are relied upon herein.

The Registrar of the Consumer District Forum Mumbai is not accepting my following application.hence your advise on this &if
you can take up my case .
3. The nature of Misc. Application: The Applicant is taking out this Perjury / Misc. Application under Regulation 23 of the Consumer Protection Regulations 2005 r/w Section 13(5) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, against Respondent No1. The Applicant submits that Respondent No.1 has knowingly relied upon false and fabricated evidence tendered by Respondent No.2, and has thus committed the offence u/ss 192, 193 and 196 of IPC, 1860.
4. The reason for initiating this Application: The Applicant submits that, had the true state of affairs being known to the Hon’ble Forum, the Hon’ble Forum must have granted reliefs to the Applicant. In this backdrop, the Applicant is filing this Misc. Application, praying the Hon’ble Forum to initiate perjury proceeding against the Respondent No.1 herein.
Your advise is needed totake up thye matter with Consumer court

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filing of slp through by regd. post.Is it acceptable method or not?Because the document pdf file is not uploading through the given website of supremecourt.It is showing as an error while clicking complete button.I have been tried to upload my Pdf file in 2 parts.The file is also below 50MB.
Pl. reply the query.

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Filing of SLP through by regd.post is an acceptable method?Because, to file slp through electronic filing documents which are not uploading through the given web.

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12 January 2018 at 06:13

Supremecourt e filing

Presently,the supremecourt e filing website is not working to file a fresh case and the index documents pdf file is not uploading.Kindly,let me know is there any option to file fresh case in the supremecourt without going to the section-1B,filing counter.

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I work in a Private Engineering College in Pune as Asst. Professor since One year. Recently our management is denying Casual Leaves for the staff. They tell openly that if you want a leave take 'LWP' (Leave Without Pay). As I believe Casual Leave is a right of an employee, whether any action can be taken against the Principal or management?

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