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1. Wages which is to be paid to workers by contractor is included CGST.or Not
2.The overhead charges and Profit of contractor is to be paid by Employer should be calculated with GST or not.
3.During consideration of work contracts or payment to contractor whether GST to be included for Wages of Mandays and Overhead and Profit of contractor exclusively.. or Overall onetime GST to be calculated for Material supplied and manpower by Contractor.

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As per Income Tax provisions I Tax is to be paid on House Property Income. Barring one property chosen as self occupied, on other properties even if they are not rented income tax is payable on deemed rent income.
However for vacant commercial properties (in addition to one self occupied property) there is confusion. One view is that even if such properties are earning no rental income, Income tax is payable on deemed rental income. Another view supported by Tribunal judgement says the intention to let out commercial property is to be considered. If such property is put up for let out but tenants are not found house property income in this case would be nil and no income tax on account of house property income on such cases is payable.
Experts can you please clarify whether house property income tax liability in such additional vacant commercial properties arises, assuming there is already one self occupied residential property.

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Dear sirs,
Like a company name M/s "abc" /Prop. firm sold on 31march2017 and new prop. submitted all the documents which required for change the constitution in business (1st prop. name Rp - Pan 1234XXX) to (new prop./requester name Sp- Pan 1234XXXxxx) was not ammended/update successfully coz of department issue any how. the request executed by the requester on 18may2017.

ISSUE: Bcoz of nag of department request denied and auto migrated to old first owner/name/pan.
we have many issues now like:
how we get the TIN: with new owner/pan?

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21 May 2017 at 21:45

Taxation of insurance policy

What is the tax liability of a pension policy surrender value sum assured on which is zero as per Section 194DA ?

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30 March 2017 at 09:28


Dear Sir/Madam

We are filing return and there is one problem that our client has received consultant fee from International Labour Organisation (UN Agencies) is taxable or exempted.

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Dear All Concerned,
I want to know about the procedure for filing complaint in Central Bureau of Investigation and Income Tax Deptt. against culprit for prompt and strict action. Is complainant name remains confidential in this regard?

Waiting for your advice eagerly.
Thank You

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One of My Client is indian origin and having NRI Status.He has an Business Income in India.Will he have to file IT Return in India? What No. of ITR will he have to fill?Please reply any body.

Thanks & Regards

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My friend is a distributor for a MNC Company products, wherein certain discount to the tune of 40 % needed to be given to some customers regularly thereby creating an Under sale situation.

And the company would provide additional stocks to the tune of discounted amount at zero value. This is creating a VAT calculation problems.

Kindly advise what precautions needs to be taken to continue to be in this business.

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15 February 2017 at 10:53

Mavt -set off in case of truck & tractor

Dear Sir

Please guide me as to whether vat credit is available on tractor & truck.The use is for business & not as passenger motar car.

This is because no vat credit is generally available on purchase on motar car.

Please quote any case law ,notification etc,


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10 February 2017 at 19:04

Service tax on reimbursement of rent

Hi All,

One of my client has used a place for rent to shoot a serial for a channel. Rent is paid along with service tax from my client. Channel has reimbursed only the rent part. Since, my client has bonafide paid the service tax, has claimed input on those rent expenses. Now, the department is of view that:
01. My client cannot claim input on rent paid by him.
02. All reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of channel, later reimbursed by channel are to offered for service tax.
03. Even special / promotional episodes are also treated as income, where my client has made a expenditure on behalf of channel and later got reimbursed.

Whether the point of view of department is correct? Can this be litigated? All these expenses are prior to March 2015.

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