Whether any amendments done to this land ceiling act 1973?whether the limit of agricultural land in acres is for a person or family?kindly suggest us

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I had a property deal with owner and we had registered sale aggrement at sub registrar office. After 2 week owner family members are died. Now owners mother and sister are their legal heir and they are ready to support and finish the deal.
Now what are the steps to execute sale deed in favour of me. I have consulted some laywers but every one have different opinions.
Let me know if any one are providing the same service in Ahmedabad so I can connect and discuss everything in details.

Step by step guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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18 September 2018 at 15:06

Forged Property Documents

Hello Sir,

My dad owns a property at Delhi belonging to DDA. His brother has stolen the property documents and is now claiming that he has managed to forge all the documents and transferred the property on his name.
And is now trying to sell off the property.

1) Is it possible to forge the documents after stealing like this ?
2) What case can we file on my uncle ?
3) what is the punishment for this kind of offence ?

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18 September 2018 at 14:23

Muslim property selling

Can a Muslim sell his self earned property(building) to other person when his family members objecting him to sell.and after selling the property can the family members go to court for the property?

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18 September 2018 at 11:38

Red stamp in case of regularised property

I purchased a property in Rohini Delhi upper ground floor three months back. I checked all the papers, it was okay.

But when i saw the registry, red stamp was there. I was shocked.

Again i checked all the documents, Regularisation charges were paid by the seller in 2013 under self assessment scheme.

I approached MCD, they are asking bribe. What is the appropriate solution.

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18 September 2018 at 03:13

Need new electricity connection

A landlord had given rights to develop his property to the developer..Developer developed the property n sold to 3rd party..Now 3rd party needs electricity..a new connection which got denied by the energy suppliers...coz the landlord has sent a legal notice to the energy suppliers to not give the connection...3rd party doesn't knws what's wrong(dispute) between the landlord and the developer but 3rd party has the true copy of the agreement (which between landlord & developer) which says that the landlord has no issues regarding water supply,ration card,electricity taken on the property by developer and 3rd party also have the sale agreement of the property (which between developer & 3rd party) which says same that the developer has no issues regarding water supply,ration card,electricity taken on the property by 3rd party..Tata power has already given cable connection but is not giving the meter...despite showing the true copy to the energy suppliers What should 3rd party do to get a new connection on his purchased land..?

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I had property deal (house) with owners based on title clearance. As per mutually defined terms and conditions, I paid token amount by cheque and hire a lawyer for title records. After 3 weeks, I got a title clearence report and we did registered sale aggrement then paid 2nd installment of payment as per defined terms in cash mode(not mentioned in sale aggrement but have a proof). After 15 days rest of the payment was ready from my side and informed owner to execute sale deed but at that time I came to know that owner and their family were no more(all died). Also, I heard that now owners legal heir not available and their relatives will not support to finish the deal.
I paid many years of my earning which was saved to purchase house.

Any expert advise to conclude this case will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards, Thanks in advance.

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14 September 2018 at 16:34

Registry through gpa

I'm buying a property in Greenfield, Faridabad from 3 partners who are registered GPA holders of that property along with GPA they hold Will and Registered Agreement to sale also carried out between 3 people and the person they took the property from.Registered GPA and agreement was done in SUB Registrar pancham office in Ghaziabad. They said that sale deed can be carried out on the basis of GPA, is it true?. None of the banks are giving home loan on GPA basis. Only NBFC might give loan. I want to know what are the risks involved with buying a property from a GPA holder. ? Can the previous seller who has sale deed on her name can she create any trouble in the future after the registry is done on my name ? The current sellers are holding the original documents of Property chain along with registered GPA, WIll and Agreement to sale for that property. Please guide.

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14 September 2018 at 10:47

Property purchesed from mother

my grndmother is alive he is not in our fevor he want a share in my death fathers self aquired property so what can we do???

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Hi Team,
I would like to inform you that I have seen a flat and finalized without even site visit and given token amount of 16K on the basis of pics.
Flat condition was like Flat was going to vacate on 23rd September 2018.
After 2-3 days due to financial medical emergency in my family i said to my owner that i think i can not go with deal or you have to give me some flexibility to submit deposit amount.
Like 20K i will deposit once i move in and rest 30K would give in 3 months as an EMI. 10K each month.
I have given token amount on 4th Sep 2018 via Netbanking. and family emergency i have informed him on 11th Sep 2018. Please take a note previous tenant is still in his flat.
So he said he would discuss to his wife and come back to me. Meanwhile i was in urgent need of money i applied for personal loan and thought to pay deposit at once once i move in.
He discussed with his wife and on 12th he is saying to me that he can not give me flat.
So he would deduct the money till how many days he has hold that flat for me.
it means from 4th September to 11th September but my point his tenant is yet to vacate that flat on 22nd September what he has hold for me.
And also now I am ready to pay entire amount because my personal loan got sanctioned. However he is not willing to give me flat and also trying to deduct my money what is my fault. Why my money should be deducted.
I am willing to pay the said amount at his terms. Now he is declining to give me flat.

Please suggest what i can do to either get my money without deduction or to get flat on rent.


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