My friend Mr. Rajagopal owns a flat in a co-operative housing society in Mumbai. His father purchased the flat in 1959. He died in 1965. The flat was allotted to Mr. Rajagopal in 1965 as the nominee of his father. There was no registration or stamp duty during those days for the purchase-sale or transfer of co-operative society shares and flats. Everything was done within the society only and whatever records are in Society's office only. Now my friend wants to sell the flat. From where and how shall he obtain non-encumbrance certificate? For obvious reasons there is no record of transfer of the flat in the sub-registrar's office.

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Hi All the experts,

Need advise on a property that i am about to buy.
I am planning to buy a plot (with house) which is situated in Bangalore, while verifying the documents i found that the boundary details are wrong for East, West and North. Is it possible for me to correct it in my Sale deed (that i am about to do) or should i ask the original party to correct it and then proceed with the deal.
The vendor cannot do a rectification deed as the original party from whom my vendor has got plot is not traceable and the original sale deed was done 30 years back

Any help is appreciated

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01 September 2019 at 17:24

Recent SC orders on property.

Is it true that Supreme Court order that the property of ours will be given to any person who is residing in our land for 12 yrs?

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5 friends are buying 8160sqft. Land owner will do the sub division and get cmda approval as 5 plots and registered to us. 16ft road is shown as approach road for all 5 plots(16ft road is with in the 8160sqft land). If the road is not gift deed to corporation, will it be under land owner name? 5 plot owners can gift deed the road to corporation in future? Or only land owner has the right to gift deed it?

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we got allocation of land near Bangalore from KIABD. have paid 1st installament.
but now we want to share the land to our associate companies also based in bangalore (60% holded
by our parent company in USA).
whether we can change the name in the agreement to our associate company or can we share both the company name in Agreement (not yet signed).

Whether any thing mentioned specifically to this case in KIABD rule book or any case reference, please advise.

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13 July 2019 at 14:33

Noc from bank for lease registration

We have taken home loan from the bank in 2012, there are three applicants for the loan and property also owned by three persons one third of the property each. I am the primary applicant for the loan. In the year 2018, I became the full owner of the property and it is registered in my name after obtaining NOC from the bank.
Now I want to lease lease the property to a business entity and by registering the lease agreement, for which I have been asking NOC from the bank. Lease term is 9 yeras and the loan remaining terms 8 years.
Bank is not doing any action.
Is there any law which restricts the lease registartion of the mortgaged property?
Apprecaite your advice

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As per my Fathers WILL i have 50% share of the property ,now I have decided to give my share of property to my brother,willingly.

Query 01/-
can it be written on a plain paper? & what would be the document called in Legal terms .

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16 June 2019 at 08:24

Legal heir of a property

My wife had two brothers and three sisters. Two sisters and both brothers died. One of the brother have three female and one male children. All are married and settled. The other brother did not marry. He own an house in his name. He has not written any WILL. I want to know who will be the leagal heir of that house.

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a have a flat in housing society in chandigarh
as per allotment letter the roof rights are with the top unit.
Now as per government orders we have to get sub conveyance deed executed.
We have asked management to write this in conveyance deed but they are not incorporating the same.

Please intimate will I have the same right as per terms of allotment letter or it will infringe upon my that right ?
please advise me

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16 May 2019 at 07:05

Terms 7 conditions in a mou

Experts kindly explain in plain English for a lay man to understand the following--

"'The terms of 1st, 2nd, 3rd,& 4th party shall all include their , representative heirs, representatives, assignee's & administrator-in -interest.'

thanking you

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