Thanks For your guidance. The Will is Challenged in it's original state. And the Party is failed to produce the evidences. They are not attending the court for last 3 yrs. They are escaping themself by receiving the summons or the call letters from the courts even with the registers posts.on other side the party has changed all property into their names in other state without no objection certificates from other legal heirs. What should I can do now ?

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18 February 2018 at 01:33

Name in father's property documents.

I have following queries please answer.

1. My father has recently got his share of land but still 7/12 shows it as joint property. Talati said it will take 3 months. Does it take such time? What is exact process?

2. In family list, they have not mentioned my mother's name or my name in my father's family. Is it required that my father get his name in 7/12 as independent owner and then only we can include my name in his property?

3. Still it is joint property in 7/12 but partition has been done. My cousin is not leaving our land and sow wheat in our part. What can be the legal step?

4. My father is aged and I'm only daughter living far away what if my father die before my name get included in my father's land documents provided such slow legal process?


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16 February 2018 at 11:00

Guntewari land


I am referring to below link detail . Construction on guntewari land is legal now? I am planning to construct house ( following FSI and construction guidelines) on 3R land in Jambe,Pune ( PMRDA Area). The current land status is agriculture no development .

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13 February 2018 at 19:57

Tenant of a Pagdi system flat

I live in mumbai.
We live in a building which is a pagdi system based.
Our building Landlord is very mean, selfish, harsh, basically atyachaari in hindi!
Since 17 yrs we live here, he has always done something that will create a problem to us.
Following are the issues regarding which i need advice and help, what to do further:
Not letting the children play.
Not paying for the building gate, or paint etc.
Not letting vehicles park.
No functions in the bldg.
No watchman.
We (all tenants) installed cctv system own for our safety.
Criticising everyone all the time. Complaining all the time.
Talking bullshit to children, ladies, and others.
We divide and pay for the electricity, water, etc.
There is no contribution from his side. He will rather make sure we receive the bills late so that penalty is charged to us.
We contributed to paint the building, for the plaster it needed, the tree cutting, and cctv cameras.
He later agreed only scooter parking but charges money and does not give in writing that parking is allotted or given by him. No receipt of the payment of parking is given by him. He denies it sometimes.
He parks his two cars inside the building and also lives in one flat.
He now challenged me that he will cut my bmc water line and do every possible bad thing to us.
He keeps on increasing the rents constantly.
Need help

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13 February 2018 at 19:15


Dear sir, I am from jammu.I am residing with my family.we are 5 family members in family.we have three shops, one custodian house and one house where we live.My father was expired three months before.We have a dispute in our land which is custodian land and My father gave it to my aunt and also gave one shop to her.My grandfather had four sons and three dughters.I know there is no right of daughters in maternal property and three of my grandfather's sons has died included my fatger,only one is alive and he is mentally retarded.we are taking care of him.According to my grandfather's vasiyatnama,it is clearly mentioned that the whole movable and immovable property goes to my son who is my father and if he wish to give any land to other son or daughter he can give.Since he is no more the property goes to my mother.My father has given one custodian house and one shop to my aunt but not in written but verbally.Now you tell me it is possible to possess that property where my aunt is staying because she is not loyal with us.I want to get her out from the house and she has only right to get one shop and we will give that to her.Kindly guide me how can I take possession to all property which my grandfather gave to my father and we have will also and it is clearly written in it that the whole property after my grandfather death goes to my father.kindly help me.

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13 February 2018 at 15:03

Joint land partition case

Sir, my father with 5 other family members have a joint agricultural land.this land is approx 16 biga in roorkee nagar nigam. We have filed a partition case in the sdm court.3 of the land holder is opposing partition.They are saying since one of my father's brother has sold some part of the land recently,now the land is a aabadi land. They are pleading the court to declare the entire land as aabadi land. We have taken stay on the land and also 143 is not done for this land. I want to ask if part of a land(which include 2 numbers from the total 6 numbers and a area less than 3 %) is sold by one land holder will it cease to be agriculture land . And thus the partition will not be done in sdm court. Pls suggest

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I am unable to pay EMI and had Tri Party Agreement with HDFC for Home Loan.
As per the agreement, in case of any default by myself, Builder should inform the HDFC and surrender the flat to HDFC.
I am really now helpless and dont have any money to pay EMI , as i had taken the flat under sub-vention scheme and now I am in big serious financial trouble.
Please experts, Help me and advice on the correct solution as I am not having any wrong intention of defaulter against the bank.

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If a Builder has neglected to pay his Professional Tax, can that cause any impediment for the formation of society? What could be the remedy? Thank you.

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For a vacant approved plot purchased in Chennai, the approach road to reach the plot is, to pass through 30feet road, 24feet road and then through 20feet. All these roads/passages are appearing in the approved layout. When construction plan was applied to CMDA, the officials stated that 20feet road is considered as a passage, but 24feet road has to be handed over through gift deed to corporation by the land owner. This was not done by land owner at the time when this land was divided into plots and approved. Now the land owner is hesitant to reach out to concerned officials (plot approval was done by councillor) to perform this gift deed process. As CMDA not approving on construction plan, is there a way out to move forward to overcome this issue.

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12 February 2018 at 12:35


I have bought a 3 bhk flat in my name under home loan from LICHFL. Now I want to add co-owner(my wife) to the said property.1)Is it possibe? If yes how?
2)can I gift 50% by hibanama.
3)Is there any way I can make my wife legal possessor of the property?

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