Top Reasons Why BBA LLB Is Important For Building A Career In Law

Studying for a law degree today is nothing like the old times. Most educational institutes have reinvented their courses per the fast-changing trends

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Application for execution

The term execution of a decree refers to the process for enforcing or giving effect to the judgment, decree or order of the court.  The execution

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Why e-learning is the future of legal education

The way education is delivered has been forever changed by Technology. Classrooms no longer are restricted to physical locations and students have

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Mpokket loan

Posted by Naveen

Sir, i've loan from mpokket of the amount of 10000rs they provided me the loan but the agreement links was thrown as an error they doesn't shown any agreement but making us to accept that agreement for money urgency after im accepting then they are sending loan agreement to the mail sir im in with some severe health issues i payed as much as i can but my condition physically, mentally, financially so bad to repay the amount but after reading that agreement it was making so tensed please help us i cannot pay that amount in the present situation
Now they are sending legal notices from Delhi high court i aksing me to pay 15500 immediately

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