Property's Document(s) Verification

It is very necessary to verify property documents before going to purchase any immovable property anywhere in India including Bengaluru. Both the titl

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Hindu woman's right in ancestral property: An endless saga of twists and turns

In our great nation, often while one issue is resolved, yet another is born. We have such a situation in the very beginning of 2018 -- thanks to lates

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What To Check Before Buying A Property In India?

"Ignorance is no excuse, especially when you are buying a property in India!" Buying a property is very different from buying a stock. Fi

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Registered will ....

Posted by Parag aggarwal

I live in delhi i have querry related to the will and probate kindly answer me. I live with my father who has other 2 brothers and 2 sisters..we have a property in delhi where we all live except two sisters of my father who are grandmother left a registered will in favour of three brothers including my father. My garndmother died last month and now we wish to get the will probated .we are nlt in good terms with the sisters of my father but there are good relations with the brothers of my father's now can the sisters of my father could be a hinderance of any kind in will getting probated ??? Do we require NOC from them or not please tell...

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