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One of the Deeds which seems to escape the axe of section 17(2) of the registration Act is the Family Settlement. In Halsbury's Laws of England a F

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Whether plea of adverse possession is only a shield and not a sword?

Introduction Under Indian Limitation Act, 1963 a suit instituted after the period prescribed, is not maintainable and shall be dismissed.[1] Art

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The Right to Coparcenary property of Women - Settled yet Unsettled?

The Right to Property of a woman witnessed unprecedented changes from the days of uncodified Hindu Law till date.  A woman was entitled to only a

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Procedure- transfer flat to nomine aftr 6 month owner death

Posted by Vijay S

As per by law 34, transfer of flat to nominee on death of the owner must be done within 6 months. However what happens If nominee approaches society to transfer the flat after 6 months due to some challenges.

Require guidance as society mgmt committee has insisted that If nominee submits the document after 6 months then transfer has to be performed via registrar / legal proceeding would have to follow. Also other members who are not part of hier/but distinct relatives they too can then claim share in the property.

request to guide on the procedure of transfer of flat to nominee after 6 months of owner's death. Also insuch situation can other members who are not part of heir / but distinct relatives can they claim share in the property?


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Updated on : 17/08/2018 02:28:08


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