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Investigation of Cases Related to Coal Block Allocations

In 20 cases, CBI has obtained files from PMO pertaining to approval of allocation of Coal Block by the then Prime Minister who acted in the capacity of Minister of Coal. CBI has examined officers of PMO in this regard who has dealt the files of alloc

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Personal Branding for Lawyers. 3-Step Guide to Brand Yourself

Law is considered a noble profession, and most lawyers tend to shy away from promoting themselves. First, let's define personal branding. I believe

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All you ever wanted to know about "The Will"

A 'Will' or 'Testament' is a legal document by which a person, the testator, expresses wishes as to how his/her property (movable or i

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LawSikho's Workshop on Joint Venture Contracts

Did you know McDonald's was running a joint venture between Connaught Plaza Restaurants Ltd? Have you ever wondered what went wrong between these two

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