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Law Commission of India submits its report on Leprosy Laws

Proposes legislation to eliminate discrimination against persons affected by Leprosy The Law Commission of India has submitted its Report No. 256 on “Eliminating Discrimination Against Persons Affected by Leprosy” to the Union Ministe

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Tips on preparing Written Arguments

A civil case essentially is all about claim of some legal right by one party and the denial of it by the other party, resulting in a judgement by a di

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Persuasive Legal Analysis - Important for Legal Writing

Jenny Mollen quoted: - 'I think the power of persuasion would be the greatest superpower of all time.' Writing well is an influential tool in th

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Police Can't Invoked IPC if Offence Squarely Falls Under IT Act, 2000

“The provision of Indian Panel Code (IPC) cannot be invoked if the offences are squarely covered under the IT Act, 2000 as the IT Act, 2000 is a

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Posted by Sushil Kumar

My sister in UK wishes to transfer a residential plot in gated society in Dera Bassi, Punjab. I am living in Panchkula for past 18 years. Our parents were living in Faridabad town and have deceased. Non of us has ever lived in Dera Bassi. Can you please advise as to who will issue the Kursinama?

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