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National Policy on Domestic Workers

No such data is maintained at the Central level. However as per the National Sample Survey(NSSO Statsitics-2011-2012,68th round) according to which estimated 39 lakhs people are employed as domestic workers by private households, of which 26 lakhs

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What Amounts To Sexual Harassment: An Analysis

Being one of the most influential cases in time, the Vishakha vs State of Rajasthan case has been the driving force in moulding the employment laws wh

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Off days, holidays are counted in service period for the Payment of Gratuity !

For the payment of Gratuity; In computing 240/190 days, as the case may be, in last year of service, the number of holidays whether Sundays or pub

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Employee is Entitled to Interest if Payment of Salary is Delayed !

{A} Even in absence of statutory rules, administrative instructions or guidelines, an employee can claim interest under Part III of the Constitution r

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Mental harassment

Posted by Ruby

I'm a clerk working in a public sector Bank. My organisation threatening employees to buy their shares under employee stock purchase plan. I'm a low level clerk they asking me to buy shares up to 1lakh rupees.. if not they threatening me for immediate transfer from my home town. This their any law is their for employee mental harassment.

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