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Intellectual Property System

India continues to be placed on the Priority Watch List under the US Special 301 on account of USA’s assessment of Indian IPR protection being inadequate. The Special 301 Report issued by the United States under their Trade Act of 1974 is a un

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A Guide to Trademark Public Search Process in India

Trademark is referred to the signs, designs, expressions or texts which identifies a particular product or service rendered by the particular source.

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Intellectual Property Rights

INTRODUCTION: The article gives an overview of the various laws dealing with innovation and intellectual property rights in India. The article

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Catching unidentified Counterfeiters and John Doe Order

Trademark and Copyright infringement has been rampant throughout the world including in India. The Right Holders are supposed to be vigilant in taking

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Posted by Murali

Hello Sir/Madam,

in the year 1965, my father had purchased 1.80 cents from SC AD land unknowingly the law, till then we are doing agriculture on that land in the year 1984 we had got the UDR patta for the same. in the year 2006, my father had transferred this property to me and I have got patta & all other documents in my name.

now, Grandson's son had come back claiming this is AD land, shouldn't be purchased and they have claiming is their land after almost 52+ years. can you please suggest what is the legal we can fight with him. any advice will help me to save my property, please suggest at the earliest.

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Updated on : 18/07/2019 02:00:07


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