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Intellectual Property System

India continues to be placed on the Priority Watch List under the US Special 301 on account of USA’s assessment of Indian IPR protection being inadequate. The Special 301 Report issued by the United States under their Trade Act of 1974 is a un

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Concept of well known trademark

Introduction In the regime of Trade Mark, attaining the status of a “well known mark” is a milestone because the protection of well kno

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How to Register Trademark for your brand in India?

A brand is the unique sign, design, symbol or name that can be used to differentiate the goods and services of one person from other. A well-establish

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Trademark Pill for pharmaceutical industry

India has become a pharmaceutical capital of the world and is helping many countries with affordable drugs and vaccines. Our industry should be positi

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Posted by anurag mishra

Dear sir;
Iwant ask that i have a garmanjarua jamin. in which year of 2008 .i built a house and font of my house i left some land. but in react react time my nighbour is saying that it is his land because it is in fort of his house. he captured our land. we have paper of sarvey of 1982-83 according to which the land was showed as illegal capture of my grandfather . now, tell me what can i do.

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Updated on : 20/07/2018 15:28:08


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