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Intellectual Property System

India continues to be placed on the Priority Watch List under the US Special 301 on account of USA’s assessment of Indian IPR protection being inadequate. The Special 301 Report issued by the United States under their Trade Act of 1974 is a un

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Posted by Shr

What protection can be given to the following and what are the rights, if any, attached to them?

A)"Law Reporter Publications" publishes the Reports containing the judgments of the Supreme Court, High Courts and Tribunals, While reporting the Judgments, the Law Reporters Publications have edited the judgment by adding Head Notes, Editorial Notes, details about dissenting Judgment concurring, overruling etc. They also have modified paragraphs and paragraph numbers, corrected the apparent grammatical errors, punctuation marks. Law Reporter publications claims copyrights over the Judgment as well as the Law Report.

B)Folklore Museum of University of Jharkhand has collected from the houses of various Tribes artistic works. The same has been displayed in its museum. The Tribes desire to grant license for mass production of the product they crated. Museum Authorities object. What are the rights of the Museum Authorities and Tribes, if any?

C)Police Department of Mumbai organizes a fancy show inviting celebrities from Bollywood and Indian Cricket. The teams of celebrities perform on the stage and give varieties of programs. Cricket celebrities also join the program on stage.

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