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Law Commission floats Consultation Paper on Family Law Reform

This consultation on family law reforms in India, discusses a range of provisions within all family laws, secular or personal, and suggests a number of changes to in the form of potential amendments and fresh enactments. As general suggestions to ref

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Desertion As A Ground Of Divorce

In laymen words, desertion merely means run away. Desertion means not to withdraw from a place but to withdraw from a state of things. It doesn’

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A Muslim woman's right to maintenance

In a multicultural country like India, there have been conflicts between gender equality and claims of religious minority rights .The Indian Constitut

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is violence or any type of abuse done by one person against the other person when they are in domestic relationship. The domestic vi

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Regarding review petition

Posted by Umesh Pandurang Jadhav

Name -leena -plaintiff.( Female)
Name -manish - respondent. (Male)
Plaintiff Filled 12-1a (HMA 1955) against respondent.
Judge: dissmiss the plantifs petition.
Court -pune

Leena found some medical evidences of respondant after 3days of jugment,

Possible leena to put this new medical evidence to submit same court (pune court)via review petition, or for review petition she has to take permission from high court mumbai

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Updated on : 23/01/2019 19:12:09


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