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Under Special Marriage Act, No Limitation to nullify Void Marriages, Supreme Court

Section 24 deals with void marriages. As per this section, if any of the pre-conditions laid down in Section 4 are violated, the marriage would be void. Any aggrieved party may also present a petition to declare such a marriage a nullity.In a judgmen

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The Laws on Marital Rape: Much Needed Reform in India

The wife's role has traditionally been understood as submissive, docile and that of a homemaker. Sex has been treated as obligatory in a marriage and

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Are Hindu Wife and her child entitled to get Muslim Husband's property?

Introduction: Under Muslim Law  if the marriage is Sahih (Valid marriage), then the wife and her child are entitled to get husband’s proper

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Desertion As A Ground Of Divorce

In laymen words, desertion merely means run away. Desertion means not to withdraw from a place but to withdraw from a state of things. It doesn’

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