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Violation of Rights of Women and Children

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has reported 2404, 3281, 3340 and 2270 cases of violation of child rights in 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 (till 30.06.2015) respectively. The National Commission for Women has registered

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Posted by Raju

Dear sir , I filled an divourse petition in dist court in oct 2010 and final order was given in july 2015 after trail , evidence , counceling etc Petition allowed and Family court given order i.e dissolving marrg and beir thier own costs .

But My exwife wantedly to harrass me and she was filled an false cases in April 2015 on me i.e 498a & DVC .

Both cases are running and in last month in DVC case ,court has been given final Exparte order i.e to pay 25000/- monthly from filling date & 300000/- complisation .

I was not attended to court hearing due to , already i went to high court on interim maintaiannce and got an 50% i.e 5k pm maintainance with stay for all further proceedings and submitted in DVC case in the year of 2015 .

12 months i paid 5k pm and after that For payment she is not attending to court hearing and i also not attended court hearings due to judge has been transfered and giving dates by bench clerk .

Now new judge has been came in oct 2016 and given exparte order with out mentioning the stay which was pending in high court now ,

no notice served to me that to attend court hearings for to file evidences , already i filled an written counter in 2015 as deneying all things which was msde in main siut of Dvc .

How can i challenge this order and what releif i can get it pls share your valuable sugesstion

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Spouse leveling false accusations against the other spouse is a ground for divorce

Apex Court: Conduct of a spouse leveling false accusations against the other spouse would be an act of cruelty and ground for divorce. If it is fou

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Family law in France

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Updated on : 29/04/2017 02:16:00

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