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Domestic Violence Act

As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data a total number of 12036, 9873 and 4567 cases have been filed under the Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act, 2005 in the year 2010, 2011 and 2012. The number of cases filed under the

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saturation of patience

Posted by santosh kumari

Dear experts.
I am moving as per your kind advice since 10 December 2013.
let me of marine engineer,mother of 2.5 yr old baby girl,from rajasthan,yet not filed any case anywhere,leaving with my parents since 1 yr.survival of domestic voilence n dowery hrashment,female baby birth abusing)
In january 2014, as per ur advice..u suggestd me
1.wait till husband come bk from ship ..then go for mutual divorce.
2.take lump sum money..aaproximstely 50 lakhs for ur self n baby.if given by inlaws in single payment.
3.that time father in law came from manglore n without talking he ran bk(he is real vilian in my case..behinding making my husband behave in this way)

Now, husband was bk from ship on 15 march(i called company office.mgmt didnt disclose first to me.but latter they just told that he has signedoff)
My father in law came on leave on 22 march 2014.
I myself called husband but his no coming switched off.but is visible on g-talk n facebook.
I called(on 13.3.2013) father in law..once he picked up my call...n spoke like most melodious person in yhis world.i said...that i would like to celebraye holi with u (17.3.2014).
Again i called..father in law didnt pick up my call.husband
28 .3.2014 mediator told us that they have come to rajasthan.
We said...ok..lets meet .before 30.3.2014.
next day...mediator said...better u talk.we switched off
On2.4.2014...their mediator called...said ...lets me meet.
We said....3,4,5 april not available.had interview.aftr that any day.we can do. they will go bk on 6 april.
We said ..ok(although no good person was available ..who can negotiate)
When we asked venue....they called us in some hills like....chambaal ki ghaati.
We said...come to my place...or else we will come to ur place.
They main
We said...ok...time ???
They..4 pm
We called our good speaker relativw.
Reached venue...on time...
They didnt come till 6.30 pm
We abt to go..they came..
(Husband n father in law+ their 20 men)
They asked money ...we said 1.25 crore
(Let me mention husband's salary is 3.5 lakhs per month..already we discussed this)
They said...10 lakhs
(I moved away from venue with my good speaker uncle at 7.30pm)
Others too sat in jeep.
i reached home.when i called others.they said negotiation has reached on 25 lakhs(15 lakhs for daughter as fixed deposit...dat she eill not ask when she is 18 old for her marraige n 20 lakhs for me).n streedhan they will not give.
My blood boiled.lost control.i went bk to venue at was very unsafe place.i dont know how got courage.i went n said....u have penalised.tortured me for 4 .5 yrs.not only me but my family.i dont accept this.
My relayive(all budhee baba logg) scolded me before them.said...tu jyada pafhi liiikhi h iis liiye bool rahi h.chup ho ja.tallak de de.aahe badh...jane de salllon ko.
I cried...n shouted ...telling that ...nowvi will not hear society can stop me.i will not give divorce.n will file case against u for all u did to me.
On that night society boycotted me.i felt like moving away with my daughter.main bhut roiii puri raat.

All pressurized to accept 25 lakhs .but i didnt agree.
Someone said....we will tslk to them to adjust to 40 lakhs .almost 15 days passsed.
No response from in society n parents r saying...better sue the case
Dear pateince has ripen now.please light my path.!!
All time i weep.what shall i do now.( my parents shows they r in support but actually they r simple person..who dont know anything abt police action n laws)
Need ur advice now.

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