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Measures to check cyber crimes in Banking System

As per data reported by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the number of cyber crime pertaining to credit card, ATM, debit card and Internet banking shows a marginal increase of 4.4% from 13,083 in 2014-15, to 13,653 in 2016-17.RBI has issued Cyber Sec

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Sign Forgery

Posted by VIREN

My uncle is a lawyer.He has to take Rs 25000 from client whose case he was fighting.There was 1 more case on the client.So my uncle asked him to sign the bank transfer voucher.He signed that.AFTER That he was jailed.So my uncle asked my father to transfer that money into your account.So my father asked me to transfer that money as I am working in a bank.So I took that voucher And using that voucher I transferred 15000 &10000 in 2 transactions from non home branch of client.After that his son went to the home branch bank and asked how they can transfer money when he is in jail.So manager of that branch asked me to return his money with the consent of ur i returned that money on 4th day .now the party has withdrawn his money and now they are threatening me that they are filling a case that ur uncle has signed that forgely.they r saying u will also lose your job.kindly suggest me what to do

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Principles of bail, criminal trial and trial by media - An insight

CONSIDERATION OF BAIL Denial of bail is an exception and the grant of bail is the rule. Liberty of an individual, accused of a crime is restricted

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Laws in IPC that could do with Amendment - Part II

In part 1 of the article, which you can read by clicking here; Laws in IPC that could do with Amendment [Part-II/II]; I discussed two such laws which

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Restraining the Arrest of the Accused in 498A Cases

Enough laws exist in India to protect women from domestic, matrimonial and sexual violence. They, according to women activists, are good only in paper

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