The Corporate Insolvency Procedure in India

Insolvency refers to the circumstances when a company or an individual cannot meet financial obligations or repay any outstanding financial loan owed

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Understanding the concept of Significant Beneficial Owners

Preface of the Rules: Financial Action Task Force (FATF)an inter-governmental body established in 1989 formed with the objective to set standards a

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The Law relating to significant beneficial ownership in Shares - Some perspectives

Introduction It would be a travesty to state that the Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter “the Act”) has stabilized in its operation since

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Mentally Harassed By Employer

Posted by Sourav Taneja

Dear Sir/ Mam,

This issue is regards to my wife who was mentally harassed by employer and would seek guidance for the problem.

My wife was working with X company from last 9 months and suddenly her boss (Company Director) told her that your salary has been kept on hold and you are on probation and she being tensed thought to resign and she left the job in next 7 days.

She didn't received her F&F after following up for more than 2 months and her boss blocked her on WhatsApp and messages. After calling from multiple numbers , finally she asked to come office and gave commitment of paying salary next day but she didn't paid and after I jumped in between and finally after long follow up she paid the same after 1 month.

But angrily my wife wrote a message to her about her unprofessional behaviour and using few personal comment.

She immediately received a message from her Boss husband saying that he will send a legal notice on her name and now she is so much tensed.

I would need you advice and way ahead to get rid of this problem, even knowing my wife was somehow right . Pls help!

Sourav Taneja

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Updated on : 20/09/2018 03:00:04


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