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Urgent: need advice in h4 visa application hold

Posted by Sameer Goyal

My sister is getting married as per rituals on 5th March. Groom works in US and shall be coming for marriage purpose and soon will leave for us. We wanted sister also to go along with him. Guy came in January wherein our families met and fixed marriage. In order to fasten H4 dependent visa application process we had planned a small arya samaj marriage, only without actual rituals just to snap some pics. We got marriage certified in local Nagar Nigam/Municipality administration, and got a album & wedding card printed for proof purpose. They had applied for H4 application and yesterday she was called for interview at Delhi embassy. She produced all required docs along with photo album for H4 stamping. However, US Interviewer didn't find pics convincing of marriage ceremony. She grilled her for 45 mins with different kind of personal questions as in, how many people attended marriage, why groom is dressed simply, why no ritual photos, why groom coming in March for 10 days (they already had this info) etc etc. Sister did answer to all her in best possible way. Finally, they gave her 221g yellow letter, returned passport and all docs asking her to submit more photos of marriage rituals asap, even though she presented marriage certificate and some photos of marriage ceremony. Copy of Letter attached here:

Kindly advise:
1. Does this yellow letter mean something serious?
2. What should be our next course of action?

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Updated on : 18/02/2018 02:16:03


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