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Status quo - order-violation and relevant legal moves

Posted by SOORAJ

Respected sir;

With your valuable experience and expertise kindly guide me in the problem explained hereby
Presently a stay order has been issued for a joint property by Munsiff court against the unlawful construction ;encroaching into our share ,fixation of boundaries etc. ie; TO MAINTAIN STATUS QUO TILL THE FINAL ORDER FROM HIGH COURT IN THE REGULAR SECONDS APPEAL FOR THE SAME ISSUE; OR UNTIL THE JUDGEMENT FOR THE OBJECTION SUIT ITSELF.

Munsiff has issued the order since the suit was filed by us ignorant of the seconds appeal; prior to the knowledge about the RSA at highcourt filed by the other one.

But the opponent disregarding the stay; has constantly been making great nuisance and damage ,causing immense losses for our house in we have been living for the past 20 years in the same joint plot.

He has encroached into our share far into the front of our house, building boundary bunds,mud walls etc.He has purposefully broken the overhead water tank ,breaking sewerage lines,drainage etc of our own house;.causing the life difficult for us.

The party being politically influential and the luxury of resources .the complaints filed at the local police station has been ineffective.

Kindly guide me in this issue
1. Since it has been the violation of order,wont that be a criminal offense like contempt to the court.

2. Since the damage has been done to the basic necessities the sections relevant in this scenario

3. Where is it more effective to present the issue;ie at munsiff court which has issued the stay or the high court itself.

4. Would the lokayukta or any other enterprises like human rights commission be helpful for us.

Yours faithfully

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