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Decisive decision and its controversy

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N.K.Assumi Wrote on 22 June 2009

Thank you for posting such interesting and informative legal news.Keeping our finger crossed of the out come. Once again thank you.

Inclusion in select list - No right to appointment

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N.K.Assumi Wrote on 22 June 2009

Very good works.

Eviction of tenants

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Ramesh N Wrote on 20 June 2009

Whether the mortgagee of the property had powers to evict a tenant in the process of recovery of his dues from the mortgagor without the intervention of the court or District magistrate. What is the position particularly under securitisation Act and Sec.29 of SFC's Act.

Tips for students for the Preparation for Exams

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Raman Wrote on 16 June 2009

Good points ... except 1.7 which I am not really convinced. One should not prepare to simply pass the exam but to really understand the subject and give a best shot. Why not !

Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 Empowering Women

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sahadev k Wrote on 15 June 2009

in (2006) 8 SCC 581 = (2007) 1 MLJ 797 (SC)[SHEELA DEVI AND OTHERS v. LAL CHAND AND ANOTHER), the court decided that partition opens up on the date of the hindu women's father. Thus a 'birthright' as per the act depends upon the death date of the hindu woman's father !! If the woman is from Andhra pradesh, her father should have died after 1985, if she is from Maharastra ,her father should have died afte 1994 and so on for AP and TN . If she is from rest of India, her father should have died after 9.9.2005. It appears to be a convoluted logic that is being applied by various courts in India. For all the women who lost their father before 9.9.2005, this amendmend has no meaning at all

Everything about Company Secretary (CS)

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Raman Wrote on 14 June 2009

Hello Mr.Prakash, My name is Raman, from the USA. I read your article and found it very informative. I noticed that you have mentioned in your 'Q1' paragraph about the paid up share capital ... Is it 5 crores or 50 lakhs ? Also, please refer the following website. Please clarify if I misunderstood the numbers ! regards, Raman

What is Six Sigma?

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Broken_down Wrote on 11 June 2009

Thank you Mr.Aadrit for blindly copying this entire article from CAClubIndia ( which was in turn copied from ) and pasting it here!!! At least you could have just given the link?


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Carlisle Collins Wrote on 08 June 2009

The "unabridged" version of this article is available (for the un-prudish readership) at

Compliance With Labour & Retrenchment Laws in India

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Deena .J. Wrote on 18 May 2009

i would like to check - I employed a person as a permanent employee and has worked with us for over 2 years. In the appt letter there is a clause saying termination without notice for negligence, indiscipline. The person kept absenting himself from work on several occassions, was not present even on the day the HOD asked him to be there. We verbally asked him to stop coming to work on that day . And we issued a termination order in writing 15 days later. The total strength of blue collar workers is 62 and permanent workers 10. This is in Vizag. The company has branches in mumbai as well. The total strength of permanent and temp doesnt exceed 180 employees. Temp workers are under 100.


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jayaveladvocate Wrote on 18 May 2009

The Hindu Marriage Act secrion 23 (a) is eschewed from consideration in case of claim by woman for alimony by the cours under the color of benign interpretation leading many male suicides. Moreoften women act with cruelty and drive the man out of wedlock and they extract money in name of alimony this important aspect should have been addressed

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