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Burden of Providing Evidence: Part III of Indian Evidence Act

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Prasad Gondela Wrote on 21 March 2018

nice explanation sir

How police can help you even if no FIR is registered?

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Mir Yaqoob Wrote on 20 March 2018

how to write memorandum of emergency

Hindu daughters rights to seek partition in ancestral property

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rohit verma Wrote on 19 March 2018

what about unregistered child girl or it a coparcenar or heir in a joint hindu family.plz suggest.

Remedies For Defamation - All You Need To Know

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ALKA RAWAT Wrote on 19 March 2018

Very helpful article

Summoning of Accused in Criminal Case

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Srinivad Wrote on 19 March 2018

sir my friend was summoned under Sec138 NI Act but the case was for 500 506 IPC. The magistrate has entered in order sheet that 500 506 IPC as non bailable offence can he file complaint against magistrate to Registrar General High court

Personal Branding for Lawyers. 3-Step Guide to Brand Yourself

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Yogenera Kumar Tyagi Wrote on 18 March 2018

Nice ideas

Property's Document(s) Verification

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Atul S Wrote on 17 March 2018

Good article.

All you ever wanted to know about "The Will"

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Atul S Wrote on 17 March 2018

Nice article....

The problem with Rape legislation

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TGK REDDI Wrote on 17 March 2018

A surprisingly vast majority of law makers and law givers suffer from jealousy. They hate man.

Companies Amendment Act-2017 - Analysis of provisions relating to Directors

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Mohan Wrote on 17 March 2018

Does the amendment for remuneration mean less income for those directors whose personal income is low?

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