We live in the Age of Information, where the effect of the internet is profound, particularly with the growth of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. These Social networking websites allow

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Neutral Seat is a globally recognized concept that allows both the parties to the contract to choose a third country as the seat of arbitration. Such a neutral seat is selected, avoiding the countries to which parties to the contract belong to, as th

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Normally, parties do not realize the importance of negotiating dispute resolution clauses, while signing the contract since the commercial team which negotiates contracts would be focusing only on the commercial terms. But, the dispute resolution cla

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Dharani, the much-awaited website of the Telangana Revenue department, The website, which will be live now, will put in place a new system for land registration across the State. the new system of registration will mitigate the risk of corruption, p

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In the recent landmark judgement by the Hon�ble Bombay High Court, in the case of SBI Cards & Payments Services Pvt. Ltd. v. Rohidas Jadhav.F

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The tomorrow trapped in today's bar

  Navin Kumar Jaggi    01 September 2018 at 13:18

1. Introduction:Crime has a deep root in our society and so; the offences are committed by the youth of the State. It is a well-settled principle that�Crime shakes the conscience and punishment restra

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PREFACE:Over the last ten years, the way of buying and selling of goods and services has been changed by the Internet. E-commerce is transforming the shop

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PREFACE:The development of the World Wide Web has significantly led to the evolution of the Internet from a mere technological infrastructure to a network linking people, and ultimately to the fore runner of the

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INTRODUCTION: The European Community treats Agriculture as one of the main Community Policy. However, the Treaty doesn�t give any authentic definition of �Agriculture�.

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IntroductionCelebrity Athletes have always been one of the top choices for the advertisers and companies for endorsing their brand or products. The advertisers pay millions of dollars in order to associate themselves with a Premiere Athlete and the a

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EFFECTS OF TRIAL BY MEDIA BEFORE COURT Media is regarded as one of the pillars of democracy apart from the Legislature, the Executive , the Judiciary. Media has a wide ranging role in the society. Media play wide range in molding the opinion of the

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Plea Bargaining

  Navin Kumar Jaggi    27 August 2018 at 16:33

There is a very famous quote: �Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.� Keeping this in mind, the right to speedy trial has been declared as a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution. Unfortunately, this Fundamen

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It has to be said right at the outset that in a landmark judgment with far reaching consequences, the Supreme Court in its latest landmark judgment titled The State of Rajasthan v Mohan Lal & Another in Criminal Appeal No. 959 of 2018 [Arising o

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I feel very much concerned to find the illogical functioning of Courts in more than one way. In brief, I draw kind attention of the Authorities to the following lapses observed in our Judicial system. 1. The no. of cases posted on each day is absurdl

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PREFACE:In the recent years there has been tremendous increase in the penetration and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in all spheres activities including commerce. New cellular technolog

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Coming straight to the core issue, it has to be noted right at the outset that in a landmark judgment delivered on July 6, 2018 with far reaching consequences, the Uttarakhand High Court in Chandra Shekhar Joshi v State of Uttarakhand & others in

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IntroductionIt would be a travesty to state that the Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter �the Act�) has stabilized in its operation since it received the stamp

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Unorganized sector, the most providing yet the most tormented sector of India is a less broached subject in our legal lobbies. Comprising 395 million of the total 458 million strong workforce of India, the unorganized sector contributes to about 50%

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Servitudes and Rights of Way

  Navin Kumar Jaggi    27 August 2018 at 16:29

A servitude is a right that a person has over the immovable property of another. It allows holder of the servitude to do something with the other person�s property, which may infringe upon the rights of the owner of the property. An example is

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�Though it is the responsibility of the state to bring the accused to law but in such process the actual sufferer of crime cannot be permitted to stay outside the law and to watch the proceedings from hindsight. It will be travesty of justice i

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