In a routine autopsy the usual practice is to open a body with a chin to downwards. However, in a criminal abortion, it is necessary to follow a different order if evidence of air embolism- the commonest cause

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Raushan Tara Jaswal is an Incoming Candidate, Masters of Law (LL.M), University of Cambridge & a Commonwealth Shared Cambridge Scholar, 2019-2020. Law students in India who aspire to pursue their masters from foreign universities often struggle t

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NEGLIGENCENegligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care;The three ingredients of negligence are as follows: The Defendant owes a duty of care to the Plaintiff. The Defendan

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AUDIT QUALITY SHOULD NOT BE COMPROMISED � BY RENDERING NON-AUDIT SERVICESWhen a Company fails, the standard of the audit is often called into question. The Auditors are then called into question that they allowed inappropriate accounting treatm

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It is most heartening and most satisfying to learn that in a daring and diligent initiative, the Youth Bar Association of India has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court praying for issuance of writ in nature of mandamus, appropriate order or

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Why is it that under our Indian law only lawyers are held liable for accepting foreign funding and not politicians? Why politicians are mostly never held accountable for accepting foreign funding? Why Centre does not care even for the views of Electi

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The Mudaliar Committee has recommended the creation of a separate cadre of specially trained medical jurists to look after the medico-legal work of the State. The Mudaliar Committee Repor

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ATTENTION:Form NFRA - 1 is Available for filing purpose and last date of filing is 31st July 2019. Form is uploaded on NFRA website.Link of NFRA Website: Link of notification:

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It has to be remarked right at the outset that in a latest, landmark and laudable judgment titled Sanjiv Sharma @ Sanjeev Sharma Vs State of Haryana in CRM-M No. 21859 of 2019 delivered by the Punjab and Haryana High Court on July 3, 2019, it has be

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When the entire country was engulfed in the hugely important MeToo Movement, 25-year-old lawyer Aparajita Amar was gearing up to launch her startup - Sexual Harassment Law Compliance (SHLC). She aspires to make workplaces safer for women, and POSH (p

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Medical evidence is a very important piece of the puzzle of the Judicial System. It is noteworthy that the Hon�ble Court of Law decides the final verdict regarding the manner of death and the various opi

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In the investigation of Rape Murders, a complete autopsy should be done. Special attention should be paid to: Visit the scene of crime Confirm sexual activity Determine physical violence Determine cause of death O

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Forensic ScienceThe construct of rhetorical science is not a replacement one. In ancient Asian nation, medical opinion was oftentimes applied to the requirements of the Law, Sir William Herschel

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Labour law issues are in the Concurrent List contained in the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India. This means that both Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies have the power to legislate with respect to labour issues. Consequently, the

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What has changed in the RTI Act?The Bill amends Sections 13 and 16 of the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005. Section 13 of the original Act sets the term of the central Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioners at five years (or

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Toxico Legal Testimony

  Navin Kumar Jaggi    22 July 2019 at 13:01

Role of Clinical Toxicologist in the Court of LawThe Clinical toxicologist may play a very crucial role in the Court of Law when issue arise concerning therapeutic drug monitoring, drug abuse, environmental chemicals, or toxic

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Forced marriages in England

  Sukhvinder Nara    22 July 2019 at 13:00

Forced Marriages in England & Wales and INDIA: A brief discussion about their validity and remedies available to the victims of such marriagesMarriage under the English law, as defined in Hyde Vs. Hyde (1866) is ‘the voluntary union for li

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It cannot be missed out that in a latest, landmark and extremely laudable judgment titled SG Vs RKG in MAT.APP.(F.C.) 5/2018 delivered on July 8, 2019 and authored by Justice Jyoti Singh for herself and Justice GS Sistani of Delhi High Court, it has

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IntroductionThe term burden of proof, which is not defined in the Indian Evidence Act, 1882, essentially refers to the legal responsibility of a party in a case to prove the existence of any fact as true in a judicial proceeding.The burden of proof c

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Outsourcing contracts are, to a great extent, executed between the overseas subsidiary of the Indian outsourcing service provider and the overseas client. Where the contract is between the companies belonging to separate Nations, the first issue is t

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