Nothing else is more crucial for an advocate for his professional success than his command of language. In fact the command of language is the key to success in any profession in which words count. Advocacy is a profession where command of language -

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Legal Drafting

  Prof V Narayana Swamy    21 May 2018 at 16:48

Drafting is an art of writing. It is the skill of joining words in a chain to make it a tasty reading creating curiosity to red more and more and improves the talent in writing an article, essay, prose or composing a poem. The self inspired curiosity

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Coming straight to the core issue, let me begin at the very beginning by first and foremost expressing my utmost satisfaction to note that the Supreme Court just recently on May 7, 2018 in the landmark case of Lok Prahari Through Its General Secretar

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Introduction It is not uncommon for the parties to a contract to, upon agreeing into principal/broad terms of their agreement, reduce the same into writing and call the same as Letter of Intent (LoI), Term Sheet or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

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LOC document has standard proforma which gives identification parameters of criminals (i.e. Photo, passport no, name, father name, address, nationality, etc). More importantly it contains instructions what immigration authorities should do when accus

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Introduction The law governing Companies globally and in India recognises a company to be a personality, distinct from its shareholders. In the celebrated case of Salomon v. Salomon & Co. Ltd.[1] Lord Halsbury LC, stated:�[a company] must

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Coming straight to the nub of the matter, let me begin at the very beginning by first and foremost expressing my full and firm support to the growing perfectly justified demand that seeks chemical castration for child rapists. It must be done as ea

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Summary of Changes to SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015-Implications of Changes.Vide Circular dated May 10, 2018, SEBI have notified changes to the above Regulations, in partial acceptance of the some of the r

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1.What is LLP Annual Filing?Limited liability partnership is a partnership with limited liability. Every LLP which are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs have to file the Annual Returns and Statement of Accounts every year.2.What are t

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It has to be pointed out at the beginning itself that with over 30,000 cases of child sexual assault under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012 pending at the trial stage in Uttar Pradesh alone which is notorious as the

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Sappadi before burning agarbattis

  rajeev sharma    16 May 2018 at 12:18

Sec & 0f Hindu Marriage Act 1955 defines the ceremonies required for solemnizing the Hindu marriage. It state that marriage may be solemnized in accordance with the customary rites of either of the party. Where ceremonies include Saptpadi i.e tak

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Technology is not only assisting the state in speedy disposal of cases but is also helping the common man to access justice.Justice delayed is justice denied. But the Indian Judiciary is plagued with perennial litigation and long legal battles. Data

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Gift is the gratuitous transfer of certain existing moveable or immoveable property, made voluntarily and without consideration by one person to another person and accepted by or on behalf of the latter. The transfer must be based on free will and n

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Coming straight to the crux of the matter, it must be candidly acknowledged that there have been long standing demand for making BCCI a public body from various quarters. The Law Commission of India recommended to the government on April 18 in its 2

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The Prevention of Corruption of Act, 1988 all you need to knowByAdvocate Biswaranjan Panda (M.B.A.LL.M.)brpandaadv@gmail.com9438632339 "If we cannot make India corruption-free, then the vision of making the nation develop by 2020 would remain as

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INTRODUCTION:India is a welfare state. The welfare state is that which cannot be measure in terms of money or profit making, but it is beyond that. In order to execute the welfare state, the Police force plays a very important role. The police have b

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Protest Petiton

  Biswaranjan Panda    09 May 2018 at 12:21

The term 'Protest Petition' is nowhere defined under the Criminal Law in India but when the aggrieved person or complainant is not satisfied with the police report which filed before the Concerned Court; the Complainant

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Coming straight to the core issue, a Jodhpur court on April 25 convicted self-styled godman Asaram of raping a teenager in August 2013 and sentenced him to life in prison until death. It is the maximum punishment prescribed by the law for the offence

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INTRODUCTION"Justice delayed is justice denied." This line was written by William Ewart Gladstone (1809 - 1898). He was one of the greatest of English Politicians and also former British Pri

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The frightful incident of Nirbhaya rape case raised many debates. And the prime issue among these was the involvement of the juvenile perpetrator, who was only six months short from becoming adult.

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