Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005 — A Recipe For Broken Marriages And Relationships The Domestic Violence Act, 2005 giving protection to women from domestic violence is a step in right direction. By including the unmarried sisters,

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Contempt of the Court...

  Sandeep Jalan    20 April 2008 at 09:29

I start with the presumption of the supremacy of the People of India who have given the Constitution of India to themselves and the State organs comprising The Representatives of the People, The Ministers, The Commissioners and The Judges- Owe their

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Encounter Killings

  Sathya Babu    17 April 2008 at 13:06

Encounter killings: Truth commissions neededby Upneet LalliWHAT is done without any punishment, can be repeated without fear.” Impunity without doubt is a grave problem affecting the state and leads to more and more human rights violations. The encou

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~ How to be a Successful Advocate ~

  Shree.    17 April 2008 at 12:19

How to be a Successful Advocate It will be appropriate for us to first define the term "Successful Lawyer" as we are accustomed to defining the terms in the beginning itself. While defining the term we should keep in mind that our vocation is called

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Before you file a case

  Rajendran Nallusamy    10 April 2008 at 20:06

Before you file a caseThere are a few essentials that help the process of filing a court case, easier. Here, a lawyer gives some tips on how to prepare for the final application to the court. * Make all complaints in written form. * Photocopy every

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Law, Courts And The ConstitutionIndia has one of the oldest legal systems in the world. Its law and jurisprudence stretches back into the centuries, forming a living tradition that has grown and evolved with the lives of its diverse people. India's c

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Who is perpetuating reservation in jobs?Sharad Yadav - The Hindu Friday, Jul 07, 2006In a bizarre turn, the Union Public Service Commission and the Department of Personnel and Training have transformed the policy of reservation into a policy of commu

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF WOMEN IN THE WORK PLACE CAESAR ROY, LL.MADVOCATE For centuries, the women have been subjected to various forms of exploitation, harassment and torture both in physical and sexual capacities. Women in the workplace experience a

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Foreign Exchange Turnover Data

  Prakash Yedhula    04 April 2008 at 13:35

The Reserve Bank of India today released the data showing daily merchant and inter-bank transactions in foreign exchange for the period March 10, 2008 to March 14, 2008.All Figures are in USD MillionsMERCHANTINTER BANKPositionDateSpotFCY/INRForwardFo

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The Indian Economy and the Reserve Bank of India: Random Thoughts(Shri Yeshwantrao Chavan Memorial Lecture 2007-08 delivered by Dr. Y V Reddy, Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, Maharashtra Branch, Mumb

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I Acquisition of Immovable Property in IndiaQ.1 Who can purchase immovable property in India?A.1 Under the general permission available, the following categories can freely purchase immovable property in India:i) Non-Resident Indian (NRI)- that is

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Foreign Investments in India

  Prakash Yedhula    04 April 2008 at 10:58

Foreign Investments in India(As on April 1, 2007)The FAQs cover broadly the following areas :I. Foreign Direct InvestmentII. Foreign Technical CollaborationIII. Foreign Portfolio InvestmentIV. Investment in Government Securities and Corporate debtV.

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Introduction:The legal framework for administration of foreign exchange transactions in India is provided by the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. Under the Act, freedom has been granted for buying and selling of foreign exchange for undertaking

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I. DOMESTIC DEPOSITS1. Whether banks can accept interest free deposits?Banks cannot accept interest free deposits other than in current account.2. Whether banks can pay interest on savings bank accounts quarterly? Banks can pay interest on savings ba

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  J. P. Shah    01 April 2008 at 11:41


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A call for Legal shake-up

  Vinod Kuriakose    31 March 2008 at 20:16

Indian society is becoming complex. We have always believed that our legal system was next to none. When all other existing disciplines such as technology, science, medicine and education made changes and conversions, the discipline of law refused

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Terrorism Today

  Vinod Kuriakose    31 March 2008 at 20:16

Industrial and e conomic expansion has helped India to reduce its federal fiscal deficit. Ongoing disagreement with Pakistan over Kashmir, caste and religious issues, movement of extremist organizations, networks, and individuals has blemished our im

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India developed nuclear weapons of its own without outside support or help. Then it was giving a brave face for almost 30 years ignoring the world community by refusing to sign the NPT. In July 2005, The US administration declared its willingness f

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Mr. M.C. Mehta, who is a pioneer in the field of environmental law and one of the lawyers who has virtually dedicated himself to this cause, deserves to be commended for the persistence with which is admirable to say the least. Almost every environme

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Prabuddha Ganguli CEO Vision-Ipr The Indian Patent Act is on the verge of another long awaited welcome track change to ensure enhanced protection of inventions by the scrapping of Sectio

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