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Wrote on 10 October 2017  

Hi All, The article is very good and neatly explained. I have few questions Aged father and Mother 1.Need to go for scan 2.Medicines 3.Autos as sick cannot ask them to sit in Two wheeler 4.Emergency Admmisssion 5.If in case death occurrence From Taking the body to hospital to till getting the death certificate and at the end food to be served as customs. The same repeats again . 6.He him self need to maintain food,medicines. he is not money Machine to work continuesly and in case he want to get married as got divorced expenses on that too. 7.Divorced: Any MAN expects as a wife next to him during good and bad times.2nd wife maintenance and children. 8.Lawyer fees :Both during taking up the case ,middle and in final stage 9.Travel expenses for court IN OTHER HAND 1st wife :: If I am NOT wrong Working women cases are more then NON working womens. When they can maintain them self and have confidence only they will go for a case. I am earning ,educated and live with out husband.In other hand will get maintenance and top of that salary, father and mother property and etc. NO responsibility for taking care of parents as son will take care incase of a single child . When she is stepping out of the house she would have taken advice from lawyer /advisors. My suggestion If both parents agreed to take care of the child then during the stay with father he will take care of child same applyes to mother too. Maintenance should be awarded only if due to real genuine health issues. They are young can work and sustain them self. Wtih Regards P.Sanjay

Subba Reddy

Subba Reddy

Wrote on 06 October 2017  

good artical

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