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Abdul Rub Shaikh

Abdul Rub Shaikh

Wrote on 12 September 2017  

Muslims in India does not need UCL but it's d majority Hindus who need a lot of reforms in their religion. No wonder every other day Sadhu or a religious head of Hindu is born and is found a dubious one and a cheater. The Britishers intervened to introduce Sati. There are so many laws dat need to be amended or re written. Whereas Muslims of India or from any part in d world are bound by the tenets of Quran. The Quran is d word of AlmightyAllah and is d Final word. The triple talaq which d so called progressive Muslims women fought for was already a Non-Issue and not valid as per Quran. It's only because a small group of Muslims due to their wrong understanding and/or interpretation were following this. The correct procedure is very much laid down in Quran more than 1400 years ago. The government of d day has failed to keep up a number of promises and just to keep up their anti-Muslims stand are showing great concern for d Muslim women, where as there are so many atrocities and I justice's being done against Hindu women they have closed their eyes and have no concern whatsoever!



Wrote on 08 September 2017  

Your article says that the rate of divorce is less in Muslim community which is wrong. The divorcees again get remarried and donot call them as divorcees. If the rate of divorce in Muslim community is really less where is the problem to ban triple talaq and adopt a modern, civilised method of divorce. You have not mentioned about the practices of Nikahalala and Polygamy which is really archaic and goes entirely against the modern day concepts of husband and wife relationship. Hon'ble Supreme Court has given six months time to Parliament to frame lass. Parliament should frame laws on Nikahalala and Polygamy as well.

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