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dr g balakrishnan

dr g balakrishnan

Wrote on 10 September 2017  

my humble suggestion is that the systems working every where not wholesome, as every kind of political interest is interfering, so I do not support SP Gupta position, but AOR case is sensible, but I would appreciate if the judiciary merit based work naturally reservation idea can never work at all, today every political party compromises on caste considerations hanging merit system, so Executive cannot be one to interfere in appointments of judges that way accept the NJAC Act is rightly declared invalid, we need to ensure only really merited judgements based judges only can fit in I say like justice Krishna iyer , us Mathew to mention a few, such kinds can be advisory body to the CJI and his collegium to take right call , similarly in high court collegium need to have similar kind of living but retired judges can be advisory body, executive cannot interfere but governor and president need go by the advisory body of the CJs And CJI, then some wholesome effect is possible besides we need to safeguard judiciary under clear separation of powers, ...

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