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Satish Mishra

Satish Mishra

Wrote on 23 July 2017  

The rationale behind having marriages registered is to keep a record just like we do it Sub-Registrar's office for any documentation work. Just like a registered document has more authenticity, the registered marriage is atleast recorded and can be verified too. 2nd part- what if we sell the plot where there were earlier registered documents . We don't cancel the old one, rather get the new one registered. Law doesn't permit registrar to annul marriages so he can't. We as an advocate have to interpretate the law not question it. The questions work goes to legislature not to us. We as citizens can question our local MLA or working groups and they can take our thoughts forward.

dr g balakrishnan

dr g balakrishnan

Wrote on 22 July 2017  

my view is who is the government? how it got powers to register your marriage? it does not investigate how true the marriage has taken place? why you fellows question the government extra constitutional functions. Man and woman decides to marry how a registrar can interfere in privacy , is he acting as some service agent obviously 'No'. these days every time divorce takes place whether you go to the registrar to annul the marriage? what logic or rationale the registration has? i wonder . if marriage is not annuled how a divorce can be treated other than a widow remarriage. all humbuck.

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