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Wrote on 05 July 2017  

Adv.B.P.Shukla High Court, Lucknow



Wrote on 28 June 2017  

My patriotic, conscious, fellow-Indhians/voters ! Awake !! We Are going to foot the big bill for the exercise of ECP(Electoral College for Presidency), though the expenditure is not apparently needed at all, but is imposed on us by the supposedly "alternative ruling pArties", in the name of democracy, actually an unnecessary luxury for us, a poor nation, at least in this case. Now, being helpless to stop this drain on our resources, let us use it for whAt is a crying need of the nation, namely, to make our BhArath's AUM*-Judiciary, to be like any competitive service-provider, in competition with alternative mechanisms, for resolution of disputes between citizens, including the BArrister-GAndhian-reconciliation-way, he ably demonstrated in South AfricA. AUM* above stands for All-Mighty, Unquestionable, and Mightier than Combined PArliament and 15 State Legislatures. Let us force the ECP to vote on rejection of NJAC by AUM*-J, if AUM*-J cannot be humble enough like the King-Judge, whose statue graces the Chennai HC, to seek ECP for its opinion, by itself. On the ills of the AUM*-J, my personal example/sathyAgrahA, with AUM*-J, may be an eye-opener. In an accidental dispute between two strangers, me and my once-complainant, who wAs also the only eye-witness, of 4/12/13, both pArties filed in writing to Court, that we had reconciled in the GAndhian way, mentioned above, on 8/1/15, and wAnted the AUM*-J to be out of our lives, but whAt followed wAs an atrocious & cruel "dhAmAyan", inflicted on this poor dhAm/JatAyu, aged 69, from which I could get out just a few days back, after sufferings like in RAmAyaN, being kidnapped like SeethA, in April, 2015, for my asking an IDLER-BLUFFER-SharmA-Dy.RegistrAr, (not peacock-SharmA), Jaipur HC, for my "crime" of asking him in GAndhian peaceful way, why HC wAs sleeping like KumbhkarN on my HC petition (to enforce the bi-pArtite GAndhian rAjinAmA, summarily rejected/ignored by the middle-man pArty, namely, the anti-GAndhian ACJM, Ajaya Meru), but instead wAs wakefully and regularly posting white lies in the HC website, between pointless "hearings", at ridiculously short intervals, as if the HC wAs doing something! The HC did not even ask my explanation before kidnap, providing me ahead, with a copy of the complaint against me! I take full responsibility for publication of the above truth of just one episode of my sathyAgrahA with AUM*-J! The public will have countless stories on the mismanagement going on in the Courts, without, in my opinion, even an accounts/management Audit on how the AUM*-J used the funds and resources, like any other public service provider

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