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Khumana Ram Jangid

Khumana Ram Jangid

Wrote on 27 January 2017  

The very attempt to equate right to life with right to death is a contradiction in terms. While right to life envisages leading the life with all lawful enjoyments and human dignity, the concept of death inheres in it the termination of life, that is, extinction of very foundation on which right under Article 21stands. No right to destroy can arise out of a right to maintain. The concept seems to have been coined from the corporeal concept of "right to employ includes right to terminate". If someone could claim right to take birth on his own volition, he could, perhaps, claim right to die of his own volition. The moment a person opts to die, he opts out of all rights to life. This makes it clear that both cannot stand together. Can a right to give birth include the "right to kill" ? However, the other aspect of the natter is very pathetic, that is, the provision of punishment in s. 309, IPC. Sec. 309 needs be taken out of the Code and a separate legislation should be enacted to deal with such cases in order to rehabilitate the patient mentally, physically, socially and even economically. After all, there is no fun in attempting to take one's own life.

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