Comments on Bengaluru Mass Molestation of Women and an insight into Safety of women, moral policing and the laws of India

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Wrote on 02 February 2017  

It is not right to say that molesters were not rounded up prior or after women started making an issue of it. Police did pick up some before and many more later from cctv footage but extracted as much and explicit more wild guys huge amounts in many cases with threats of cases and further fake cases etc; which is why Commissioner of Police refused action. We should know Karnataka state & especially Bengaluru is having many such incidents of police collection as Chief Minister has set them huge targets to send to its party HO and quite a lot into his pockets. CM has turned police into Mafia and many have succumbed else they will be transferred, so they are good only to criminals to make money and turn away genuine complainants. A change at top will change all but people look for milder other reasons as shy to face truth.

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