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Rajani Kant Indra

Rajani Kant Indra

Wrote on 29 January 2014  

Mr. Nitin , First understand the Purpose of British Govt. of India and our own Govt. of India ... then Make any comparison ... If you will make it then You will come to know much more about System , Governance and many more. Thanks



Wrote on 27 December 2012  

See, Brother, There are two types of government! One is under political supervision and another stands for Intelligence Intervention. Starting from the independence of India, India is under the control of political supervison and has been continued to controlled under the same. Another example of Intelligence Intervention was rule under the British Rules. British by their nature used to execute every task under some rules, laws and bye laws framed by them. Today also, no. of rules, laws and bye laws prevailing right now are framed by the British of that time and British had been successful in ruling india for 100 years. So, Keeping the history of india in view, It is the fact that a single robust selection process of Lokpal will lead to end the corruption forever. Hope, If anybody is ready to have a arguments on the same.

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