Politicization of Bharat Ratna

"India has shown full immaturity to recognize her intellects ever since her Independence. Indian political parties , irrespective of any particular political party & ideology , all have used opportunities , whenever is possible, only for either their own people or only for their own political benefits & mileage. Bharat Ratna, having eminence honour & fame, is the highest honour of the Nation. But to award it , there is no written , impartial & rational procedure. This provides political party in power to use Bharat Ratna only for political advantages rather than to recognize the National Personalities in the spirit of the Bharat Ratna. This is very much visible from history of Bharat Batna itself. Here I am NOT raising the question over awarded personalities. But the way in which it has been awarded and the time when it has been awarded or announced are very significant for politics. And, all these has compelled me to think about it.

Bharat Ratna, instituted in 1954 and amended in 1966 & 2011, is awarded by His Excellency The President of India on the recommendation of Honorable Prime Minister. But there is no clarification regarding the criteria on which Honorable Prime Minister recommends the Name. This provides a way to utilize Bharat Ratna by political parties for their own purpose & political mileage.

First & Foremost noticeable point is - How can Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru be awarded Bharat Ratna during his own Prime Ministership in 1955 ? Second , Nehru's daughter & third Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi , She also got Bharat Ratna during her own Prime Ministership in 1971? Is it Fair ? Is it logical ? Is it stand of the Scrutiny of Natural Justices? How a PM can recommend his / her own name for Bharat Ratna or any award ? But this unfortunate has happened in India!

Third, The Greatest Scholar, The Greatest Indian, Economist, Jurist, Social Reformer, Historian, Social Scientist, Anthropologist, Economist, Educationist, Democrat, Human Right Activist & Expert , Constitutionalist and over all one of the The Greatest Human Being Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ramji Ambedakar was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1990. Why so late? Are Govt. of India , Congress & other political parties has any rational reason behind this ? He is regarded as Father of World's Finest Constitution , Symbol of Knowledge , Equality & Humanity and Father of Mordern India . But Why India was too late to recognize HIM as Bharat Ratna? Why?

Fourth , Shri Rajiv Gandhi was awarded just after his death in 1991. Why too fast ? Is not because of politics & congress being in corridors of power?

Fifth, There is any need to talk about the nationalism of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. But he was awarded in 1993 (but taken back due to legality about his death) , why is India so late to recognize him as Bharat Ratna? Why ?

Sixth, The Nobel laureate Prof. (Dr.) Amartya Sen was recognized in India only after Nobel Award in 1998. Then , Govt. of India awarded him Bharat Ratna in 1999. This shows , The ignorance of talents in Indian Soil. Why Govt. of India fails to recognize its own talent? And, Amartya Sen was recognized by the world first but not by India , Why ? Was India waiting for seal & warrant of Nobel Committee ? There is any logic for all these ?

Seventh, Manyawar Kanshiram Ji , The Person who spent his whole life to ignite Dalits & other marginalised section of society regarding their rights. He is still ignored ? Have Govt. of India & Political Parties any justification regarding this ignorance? Is people , in corridors of power , waiting that when any Dalit will hold PM post then He will award & recognize Manayawar Kanshiram Ji as Nationalist , Human Right Activist & Expert , Social Reformer and Heritage of Mother India? What is the justification for this blunder? Is there any answer for this?

Eighth , The living legend & one of the Finest Prime Minister & Leader and Secular Personality Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee , who deserve Bharat Ratna but ignored. Why ? If govt. of India award him in his life time then it is wonderful & beautiful respect to this Hero. Is congress waiting that when BJP will come in power then Atal Ji will be awarded? Now , Atal Bihari Bajpayee is not an BJP memebr. He has taken sanyas from BJP & Politics. Now,  he is just an Asset & Heritage of India. But Govt. has ignored him. Why?

There must not be any dispute regarding the recognition of personalities irrespective of political party & ideology or anything other. Talent & Intellects must be recognize without any discrimination. At the same point of time, Talent & Intellects must not be politicized also. All the talents and intellects are the Asset & Heritage of Mother India.

Ninth, In games, Major Dhyanchand & his legacy is like The Sun in our solar system. We do not want to say anything more about his legacy & greatness. We want to know - why was he ignored , ever since  the amendment made in Bharat Ratna eligibility criteria?

Tenth, Every cricketer & cricket fan knows about Shri Kapil Dev. He is the man who won World Cup for India in 1983 for the first time. That is the biggest achievement for the cricket of India. Shri Sunil Gavaskar & Shri Milikha Singh are also in same category . But why these people are ignored?

Eleventh , India has witnessed the historic & wonderful cricketer and more than that the Greatest Leader & Captain in the Form of Shri Saurav Ganguly. Everyone know , He is the man behind the success of World Cup 2011. He was the founder of Indian cricket team for world Cup 2011. He is the man who brought the Captain Activsm in cricket world. Irrespective of saurav's controversy , he has given a lot to Indian cricket which will continue forever in the form of Captain Activism , hunt for new players & opportunity for youngers . His haunt for younger players like Zaheer , Sehwag , Dhoni , Bhajji etc is well known. Ganguly has no major political affiliation. Is it the mistake ? Why is he ignored ?

Twelfth , Apart from these , there are several other legend who has contributed a lot to India. But people do not know even their name. Why Govt. of India not searching , hunting and recognizing their contribution to nation ? For example , Shri C N R Rao , an eminent Scientist , Why govt. recognize him so late ? Why Govt. has forgot about Shri Satish Dhawan, Shri Vikram Sarabhai, Shri Homi Bhabha and so on? Why? Is popularity in mind of people is the criteria for Bharat Ratna ? If yes , then why not Shri Dilip Kumar , Shri Raj Kapoor , Shri Manoj Kumar etc?

Thirteenth, As for as Shri Sachin Tendulakar is concern , He has given a lot to Indian Cricket. There is no doubt about his contribution. He may deserves Bharat Ratna. During the time of his 100th century, many expert has recommended his name for Bharat Ratna. But , even after amendment in eligibility criteria , Why was Tendulakar not awarded Bharat Ratna at that time ? Why was Sachin awarded Bharat Ratna just before of 14th Lok Sabha Election? Is it not a political game on the name of this Cricket Hero? And, if Sachin then why NOT Dhyachand at same time? What I think - because now days hockey , being National Game, is in dim light. And , most importantly the name Dhyanchand has no fan in general & vote bank in particular in present time.

People , Experts & Govt. of India must think , debate & then rationalize the nomination process for Bharat Ratna. Their is a need for impartial , fair , unbiased , justice spirited & knowledgeable committee like Nobel Committee to search , hunt and to recommend the name for Bharat ratna every year with help of a well established procedure made by Honorable Executive and authorized by Honorable Parliament. There must not be any political game with Bharat Ratna as done in several cases in general and recently Sachin Tendulakar case in particular as announced just before 14th Lok Sabha Election. Because Pride , Name , Constitutional & Democratic Spirit of India is much more important than any particular personality & political party in each & every situation & circumstance."

"Jai Hind"


Rajani Kant Indra 
on 26 December 2013
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