No one can touch a woman without her consent: Delhi court

It is rightfully to be agreed upon the version that the touching of a woman, even during her fast sleep, is and being recognized by her sixth sense even BY more senses, she reacts to the touch with utmost care and caution before awarding any type of activity, jerks off the bandit, tactful or with force of anything she came into contact. This is a born quality of the woman, age is not a factor.       

At adolescent, girls and women have more consciousness and even other person's looks, like that of lusty wanting, shall attract more attention, even from far distance. Further matters, dependents upon the situations.

Woman in general, shall have touching hearts sensation even while in while in conscious position or in sleep, unless otherwise they, the other person (s) have poured with some dose of contraband addictive nature drugs, meals, drink , injection etc, a customary weapon usage by another person(s) to bring her reality into slumbering mode and unaware of what they... others... doing and thus, she, even if wants to reject or prevent undo things on her physical body, she will be in  unacceptable situations. (Due to unusual usage of foreign material) with the body and soul, arose from the matter, non movable or movingly unable to protect herself...thus, she becomes the victim.

This is why differently adopted mindset persons in circumstanced situations, make the woman to the clutches of fear, threat, blackmail, make her to run to get herself tired of physical fatigue, make a run-shift fight etc.

Unless (the woman, submit and surrender),  in normal conditions, to a person, other than husband, her body's natural senses shall make her to realize what is going on and what she should do to get rid of the person, bounce upon, she will do it with her full power and vigour, as it is said that the body of the woman is made so strong that can with hold any unauthorized power used upon her unless and until, she is made to submit or surrender with no other option.

Here, in the second SITUATIONS, it is said that she was....with her willingness... made the other person's work easy without any comprehensive range of matter... She might be interested in the situation resolved in body and mind towards the person.

LATER, actions and decisions are not for DISCUSSION here ,in this Article... She may make hue and cry, bringing the matter to books, etc... the other person may get PUNISHMENT...!? Or as the case may be, ADULTERY CASE...

The stories in the epics and scriptures, etc, and discourses do not discard that everything goes smoothly as possible as only when the time slot was set in and that the other person, even believing to be her husband, under guise of same physical conditions and dressing, behaviour, talk, etc, submitting herself is mixed-up up with human psychological factors of wanting or dislike.

If legal analysis is to be made on such group of stories, one can also read... the NOVEL.. FIRST LADY... and as to how the INTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION and even their ... systems penetrate into the MATTERS which the other person cannot know or adopt in man and woman physical activity, but that's is what the INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM TRAIN AND POUR THE PEOPLE INTO THE FIELDS OF THEIR CHOICE SELECTIVES, NATIONS... the story behind the CIA and KGB.

How one nation can do the other, in addition to mock trial team working skills show, which includes atomic energy, GOVT shutdown... all without any problems to the citizens, they do with care and utmost secrecy... within the preview of the LAWS of the Land...or International Laws...

In this study/ story legal analysis with special reference was highlighted in just replacement of the first lady of USA in USSR while attending to a conference, concerning to USA and USSR. It depicts intelligence and its duties.

This recent judgment orders of the Hon'ble court of justice on woman...may a fit subject ....debatable in the law forums, institutions, legal aspect concerns."


seshadri vikrala 
on 01 February 2018
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