Law and Spirituality

Law as we know is the command of political sovereign to political inferiors. It is the certain set of rules that govern our society. Because i believe in practicality i one day thought that there are so many things which are common in law and spirituality. In this regard the first question which had come in my l.l.b examination was “whether vedas are devoid of law?”. Many teachers, students, lawyers and judges are of the view that the english law is the basis of our laws. But i don’t ever agree to this point. Even one of my teacher told that if we just go deep into shrutis and smritis it will not help us in the long term. I differing in this view. I think that law and spirituality command us in consonance with each other.

As i have write above “law is the command of political sovereign to political inferiors”. It means there is someone who is just above all of us in both in physical world and also in spiritual world. One century ago famous dictator was famous for his brutualities and was superior and thus he dominate over the rest. God, the supreme father is above all of us. Our saints have such a communion with god that they can hear god. When these saints put these “mahavakyas” into written form, it becomes shrutis and smritis later. God, the one who is greater to all also inspire us to follow him. But there is difference between dictator and alutruist. God, the sweet father’s words are absoluely beneficial for us in the long term as well as in the short term.

Our government has three organs- legislature, executive  and judiciary. God father is also known as trimurti. Our government form a body of peoples to protect public peace, law and order. In ramayan also lord krishna form sena to protect sita from the clutches of ravan.

Due to our corrupt minds because of corruption everywhere we people have forget god. In bhagvad gita it is written that a man have three gunas:- satogun, rajogun and tamogun. During current scenario we all are tamopradhan because of corruption. There was a time when subash chander bose said-“tum mujhe khoon do main tumhe aazadi dunga”and in today’s scenario it becomes “tum mujhe bribe do main tumhara kaam karunga”.

Law says not to break contract, promises and agreements unreasonably and same things is in the blood of indians “jaan jaaye par vaachan na jaaye”. In other words our constitution of india is full of moral values framed by moralistic people at that time.

Our god- father says “protect yourself from anger, greed and ego”. Law also instruct us to be prudent and reasonable at all times. There are topics like theft, dacoity and robbery litle bit difference in which there is use of force and in other there is not. In other words both law and spirituality says we should have control on our senses. Let us we control our mind rather than ou mind control us.

Spirituality says one should not have so many desires and same equation also applies in our day to day life. One who has unlimited desires of collecting money from unfair means are usually unhappy persons, unsucessful in personal and professional lives and finally die in repentment

God says to forget and forgive everyone who say something or have done something unreasonable for you. Law also encourages compromise between aggrieved parties so that their time and well-being becomes safe.

At last friends the main motive was to rewind our memory to these little little things. Please tell me how was this article and suggest me for further improvement.


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