General Information on Patent Agent Exam in India

Indian patent office conducts patent agent exam yearly twice in the month of May and November. For new comers, they have doubts on how to appear the exam and what are procedure to attend the exam. Here, you can find the relevant information, which will be useful for all who wish to appear patent agent exam.

1. Qualifications for registration as patent agents :- (1) A person shall be qualified to have his name entered in the register of patent agents in he fulfills the following conditions, namely :-

(a) he is a citizen of India;
(b) he has completed the age of 21 years
(c) he has obtained a [degree in science , engineering or technology from any university established under law for the time being the force] in the territory of India or possesses such other equivalent qualifications as the Central Government may specify in this behalf , and, in addition,-
(d) he has paid such fee as may be prescribed.

2. A person desirous to appear in the qualifying examination under rule 110 shall make a request to the Controller along with the fee as specified in the first schedule. i.e., Along with application, you will have to provide fee [Rs.1000/- DD or Cheque], 1+1 Passport size photo, attested education certificate and Character certificate and submit to the following patent office where you would like to appear exam.

You can get the address from the following link.

a. Culcutta
b. New Delhi
c. Mumbai
d. Chennai

3. The qualifying examination shall consist of the following papers and marks, namely:-

Paper I – Patent Act and Rules 100
Paper II- Drafting and interpretation of
Patent specification and other documents 100
viva voice 100

4. The qualifying marks for each written paper and for the viva voice examination shall be fifty per cent each , of total marks and a candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination only if he obtains an aggregate of sixty per cent of total marks.

5. The materials for the exam are Patent Act 1970, Manual of Patent Practice and Procedure and patent drafting & Interpretation of patent specification.

6. Registration of patent agents :- After a candidate passes the qualifying examination specified in Rule 110 and after obtaining any further information which the controller considers necessary he shall, on receipt of the fee specified therefore in the first schedule, enter the candidate’s name in the register of patent agents and issue to him a certificate of registration as a patent agent.

7. Details to be included in an application for the registration of a patent agent :-An application by a person entitled to be registered as a patent agent under sub-section (2) of section 126 shall also be made in Form 22. [Following link shows Form 23 - please ignore]

8. On receipt of an application for the registration of a person as a patent agent under rule 112, the Controller may if he is satisfied that the said person fulfils the conditions specified in sub-section (2) of section 126 enter his name in the register of patent agents.

Now you have become a Patent Agent!!


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