Domestic Violence


Countries or Nations which don’t respect women have never became great nor will even be in future so said swami Vivekananda. Now even after 70-years of independence women are still exploited and harassed by the man dominated society which is the shameful side of the country . in one hand people regard women as Devi (goddess) on the other hand they physically ,emotionally, economically, sexually abuse them ,it is not expected from a civilised society. It is undeniable that domestic violence is the most challenging issue in the society. Domestic violence is the curse to our society and crime against humanity. A significant numbers of  suicides are taking place on daily basis as a result of domestic violence.


In order to understand the problems of domestic violence we need to first understand the meaning of domestic violence under protection of women from domestic violence act.

The act says Any kind of abusive behavior by your husband or male partner or their relatives (includes male and female relatives). It need not be physical abuse. It could also be verbal, emotional, sexual or economic abuse.

Under the PWDV Act, 2005 an aggrieved personget the following reliefs/orders -

  • Protection order u/s 18
  • Residence order u/s 19
  • Monetary relief u/s 20
  • Custody order u/s-21
  • Compensation order u/s-22
  • Ex-parte or interim order u/s-23


There is a dire need to sensitize the women, children, youth and various other communities of the people to spread about human rights  and different ways to break its shackles. finally it should be noted that a Women  commission is not a prerequisite for a government to uphold the human rights of its citizens. Other state institution such as an independent of judiciary ,or a representative legislation ,can equally provided oversight to ensure recourse and redress to domestic violence abuses.


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