Does really India need Lokpal?

In these days, The Political and Civil society is undergoing in a very hot and revolutionary debate regarding corruption. Anna and his associates have made the compulsion upon Govt. of India to frame a Bill as Lokpal to tackle the problem of Corruption. Due to public pressure Govt. of India has taken some step & Framed a Bill which got passed in Lok Sabha but hanged in Rajya Sabha.

Now, Here, Question arise that India really needs a Lokpal or Not? Think, India has so many Regulatory Bodies in different field of governance. But still dragon of Corruption is running in parallel to governance. Why?

Even Constitutional Bodies like Supreme Court, Different High Courts have, also, allegations. Advocate Shashi Bhusan has said about Corruption in Supreme Court. A Supreme Court Judge have said that there was something rotten in Allahabad High Court. Other examples are Dinakaran, Ramaswamy, Sabbarwal etc.We have seen case regarding District Courts for example Noida in case of Land Scam etc.

Our many Representative have got punishment in different cases as Murder, Rape other type of Scams. Raja, Kalmani , Sukhram like other MPs & MLA have already punished. Many are under Trail. Our Representative are corrupt because of People of India. In 21st century , Our India is living under the banner of  Caste ism  & Racism like evils .

Our Executive is corrupt because of mainly Politicians & lake of public awareness. There are different cases when  Bureaucrats are jailed for corruption with our politicians. Bureaucrats have got power to make scam only due to our Corrupt Politicians, lake of public awareness and corrupt top governance.

Our Governance System have too many regulatory bodies in Different fields. For example CBI, CVC,  NIA, SEBI, TRAI, NHRC, NCW etc. These are Constitutional & Statuary like bodies. But , Think, Are these working fairly?

Why are these bodies not effective and efficient? If so many Constitutional Bodies are not able to tackle the corruption then How can You imagine that Lokpal will become effective?

Team Anna want to make a political game? Team Anna want to enter in Jurisdiction of Parliament. What type of Constitutional Right have Anna Team to frame a Law. They can suggest to Govt. but not Frame a Law. Anna is running a Parallel Govt. which is the violation of Constitution. People of India have sent their Representative to frame Law. If Anna is so concern about all that then he should join politics. But he is not doing so. Why?

Anna just want to became Second Gandhi of India by using the weapon of Fasting. He want to do every thing without any Accountability , Answerability and Transparency. Some days before there was case filed in Bombay High Court regarding regulation of Fund donated by People to Anna’s Association. If Anna & his Team is so Neat & Clean, then why, these type of cases are coming before court.

The creation of Lokpal is not going to reduce corruption at any point . Because Corruption will  find an other way? If Anna is really want to tackle the Corruption then he must leave the Weapon of Fast & Start to Make Awareness among People of India, Regarding RTE Act RTI Act etc, with his associates.

Corruption is a real Problem which has in root of System and in Mind of People . Govt. should not go for too many Regulatory Bodies rather Govt. of India must overhaul the System. Too Many Regulatory Bodies will create only Complexity. Governance Must be Easy and Convenient rather Complex. Govt. of India should go for some Modification according to Need of Good Governance as like.

(1) CVC & CBI like bodies must be made like ECI & CAG.

(2) Enlargement of ECI Jurisdiction & Power.

(3) Electoral Reform.

(4) Awareness about RTI among people.

(5) Citizen Charter.

(6) Judicial Reform.

(7) More attention over ethical & moral education.

(8) Establishment of Selection Commission of India, like ECI, to select the top Authorities of Different wings of Administration, Supreme Court & High Court Judges, ECI, CVC, CBI , CAG etc.

(9) Selection Commission in States to appoint top authorities of States and Transfer and Promotion of State Administrative Officers etc.

In crowd of so many regulatory bodies, Lokpal is not going make any type of reform in system. If Govt. of India will make above reform then surely corruption will get reduced. I do not think that Lokpal is going to make any difference. In reality, There is no need of any new regulatory body but reform in existing bodies.


Rajani Kant Indra 
on 26 December 2012
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